tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Lost Boy Ch. 17

The Lost Boy Ch. 17


A.N. And we're back with the fantastical saga of The Lost Boy!

Let's jump right back in and pick up where we left off shall we :33 thank you guys for being patient with me.

The Following Contains: Mommy and son/dickgirl and femboy butt fucking. And actually some action/violence in this chapter. Hold your butt tight.


He was asleep.

So peaceful. So serene. So beautiful.

Her child. Her baby boy Shakar'i.

Sin leaned against the doorway of his bedroom. Her head gently resting on the frame, brown locks of wavy long hair flowing down and around her shoulders. Her body very minimally covered, she wore her black silk robe but didn't have it tied at all. And the smooth material just hung open showing off the valley between her breasts and her dangling thirteen-inch cock down below. Not even the slightest desire to cover up anymore now that everything was revealed between them. Covering up now couldn't have been further back in her mind.

Ian was taking a mid-afternoon nap since he apparently had been awake the entire night with Melody. She didn't bring him back until long after the sunrise.

Melody was actually still here as well, standing directly behind Sin and resting a chin on her shoulder. Also staring down at Ian, watching his chest slowly rise and fall with steady breaths. The two women looked at him both longingly, and worriedly. Just minutes before, Melody gave the details of her night with Ian to Sin. She told her of how different he was, not necessarily in a bad way...at least not until his powers seemed to shift in the middle of their lovemaking.

How his aura seemed to be draining Melody, much more so than Melody had the ability to drain him. And how he took such charge over her in those few moments, it just felt like...like she was nothing to him. Just something to use for his own pleasure.

It was only for a moment that she felt that way, but even a single moment is a moment too long where she was concerned.

The reason Melody came to Sin and told her immediately was because she knew that nobody knew better than her what a heartless animal Ian's father was. Of all the Succubi, she suffered the most to his awful desires and tortures. The beatings and the torment, combined with the long time separated from her child was what unhinged her mind for so long. Only recently having put the pieces of herself back together, but things would never be fully normal again for Sin.

She was his favorite. And therefore, she suffered a literal Hell.

"I wish that the spell had lasted longer. Maybe I could've found a way to prevent this." Melody softly whispered, mainly to herself but since she was so close to the taller Succubus, she heard her too. "I know Ian's heart, and I know he would never hurt anyone but...it's not his heart I'm worried about."

Sin shook her head, "He is not...him..." She replied quietly then moved away from the wall and Melody. Carefully drifting closer to Ian's bed and himself.

Her robe blew open a bit in the soft breeze she generated with her movement and the silk parted just enough to show off her nipples now. She studied him from above, looking over his nude form. When Melody brought him home, both of them were naked, walking with a 'Well fucked' look on each of their faces. So Ian collapsed in his bed not bothering with pjs. Besides, he wasn't exactly very bashful anymore.

So that gave Sin the ability to scan his body, every single inch of it. His porcelain baby doll flesh looked so soft, vulnerable, very sensitive to even the slightest touch. Not a single body hair over his limbs, and gorgeous supple curves that made her heart quake. Her cock pulsed upon staring at his nude form, remembering what it was like to bounce that body on her hardness all day, and night.

'AHH! Momma! Mommy! OOHH, please!'

Sin lay on her side with Ian directly in front of her, their bodies connected and nestled tightly together in a spooning position as her hips plunged forward, slapping Ian's behind hard before drawing back out and doing it again.

One of his legs was being held up by Sin's arm, she held it underneath his knee and keeping his ass spread for her while his other leg was laid straight out. Sin's other arm was hooked around Ian's front, holding his chest so that he was hugged as closely to his mother as their bodies would allow. This also gave her free reign to play with his nipples and grab his throat if she felt like being dirty and choking him.

Her baseball sized balls clapped into Ian's, jostling his testicles forward with her thrusts while his tiny girly cock spewed forth an unlimited supply of precum. Forming a clear glistening river down the side of his leg.

Sin leaned closer to him and bit down onto his ear lobe, 'Nnnnnnf...oh baaaaabyyyyyyy...miiiiine! My Shakar'i! MINE!" She shouted, shoving her pelvis in hard with the last word.

"OHHHHhhhhhh..." Ian cried out at first then transferred the volume into a long moan. "Mom...it's...so...deep...ahhh..." He groaned, feeling his tummy bulge with her cock head pressing up into his poor belly. "Sooo...deeeep..." His voice went a little raspy, guttural even. The intense stretching feeling sending tingles throughout his abdomen.

She loved doing this, fucking him senseless as often as she could. He would often complain, saying things like 'this isn't right, you're my mother! Oh it hurts, it's too much! Please pull it out!' blah, blah, blah. But the more she fed him her dick, the more the begging turned to babbling, and the pleas turned to moans of bliss. Accepting her just took a little effort on her part, but she was happy to provide the needed fucking for her baby boy.

Whatever it took for him to accept her love. Every single drop of it.

She leaned even further into him, causing them to turn over a bit so his right leg was set down on the bed but bent at a ninety degree angle while the other was still pointed straight down. His chest turned to lay on the mattress and his cheek went into the pillow. His mother braced her hands on his upper back and practically mounted him from behind, straddling the one leg under her and gyrating her hips hard. Railing into her young son, tilting her head back as the waves of pleasure blew through her body.

"Oooohhhh...Mine...My baby! UGN!" She spanked him, Ian cried out again and bit down on the pillow. "MINE!" Again, she spanked him. The slap echoing in her large bedroom. "MINE! MINE! MINE!"

With each word came another spank while she rode her son. Eventually creating a deep red hand print on his bubbly ass cheek and causing him to scream out. "AAAHHH PLEEEEASE MOM! AAHHH I'M GONNA CUM!"

Sin reached down and snatched up Ian's black hair, yanking it up so that his torso lifted off the bed. But then rather than hold onto it, she moved her fingers around to clutch onto the sides of Ian's face and head. Hooking several of her digits into both sides of his mouth and pulling his lips apart. Forcing his mouth to form a wide-open grin while she fucked him from behind.

"Cum for me Shakar'i! Cum for Mommy. Smile and cum for me you fucking cum slut! CUM AND SHOW ME THAT YOU'RE MINE!" She shouted beside him, the bed rocking from her vigorous rutting. The headboard slamming into the wall creating a song of lewd mother and son coitus.

Ian screamed, though it came out a little awkward from his mouth being held open with her fingers. But he couldn't take the building pressure anymore. Her cock pounded against his prostate and even further. Going deeply into places no other cock could reach, he could never hold in the orgasms that overtook him.

He blew his load into the mattress, squealing and screaming like a girl as his body gave into the forbidden pleasure of the incestuous fucking. His mom's cock crammed deep inside him, milking out another load despite how wrong he knew it was.

It was just too good.

Sin grinned wildly at his submissive climax, "YES!YES!YES!YES!" She repeated, her voice getting ragged as well, her rod swelling up as his anal muscles tightened around it. Ready to squeeze out her next nut. The heavy swinging orbs below her shaft still pummeled his own, seeming to be completely unaffected by the clapping of flesh on flesh. All it did was serve to stir up her cum. Her next boiling batch of unborn children ready to meet their new momma. "YES! TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL YOU COCK WHORE! AHH! YES! FEEL IT! OOOH! FEEL ME FILL YOU UP BABY! AAAAHHH YES!" She tilted her own head up now, arching her back and feeling her release pour out of her and into the hot young body of Ian.

She spilt her seed into his unprotected boy womb. She was so big Ian could distinctly feel her cock undulating as it deposited her seed into his belly. Plus, since he already had a slight bulge in his stomach from her size, as her cum shot forth it practically made his baby bump look bigger. His tummy having to expand in order to accommodate all the thick heated love juice his momma was feeding him.

For nearly a minute she pumped him full, her orgasms lasted a very long time, eventually though, it seemed her balls were empty enough to slow down the spurts of spunk. The streams of cum wavering into a calmer drizzle, leaking into his bowels.

Crimson red glowing eyes lit up the room from behind him as her own wild open-mouthed grin stayed, unwavering. "Heehee..." She giggled, "Mmmmm...so good baby...hmmm...ready for round four?"

Ian's eyes began to roll back. The pleasure overwhelming his exhausted body, and the mental anguish from the nature of the situation becoming too much for him to stand anymore.

Sin blinked. Coming back to reality as she gazed over Ian's sleeping form.

So much had changed since that day. She had calmed down in her insatiable lust for him, at least a bit, but also, he had changed too. He was showing signs of developing power that would make him crave pleasure from others. If he inherited anything from his father... then he might not care what it took to get that pleasure.

CRACK, she could feel her bones breaking. Her arm being snapped as it was forced behind her.

The memory of his horrible icy touch jolted her. She physically shook in fear just at the brief remembrance of it and had to dive down onto her knees directly by Ian's side in order just to feel safe again.

At this point, Melody too had entered the room, joining Sin in inspecting her sleeping lover from last night.

"You would never hurt us...would you dear?" Barely above a breath Sin whispered and gently reached out to stroke along Ian's face. Continuing down to trail her fingertips around his body in as careful of a gesture she could manage.

One thing she relished in was that Ian looked absolutely NOTHING like his father. Her husband, and his other sons all were worlds different from Ian in both personality and appearance. They all looked to be carved from bronze, chiseled out in forms of masculine perfection. While Ian was tender, and soft. Her fingers traced over the contours of his skin, skating by the very faded scars left by his adoptive father. Sin had to bite her tongue in anger at seeing them, how could anyone hurt him so bad? The marks were barely there anymore but still they served as a reminder. Only someone with nothing but brutality in their blood could do such a thing to a pure soul like Ian.

And he was a pure soul! He was...she knew it.

"Mmmm..." There was a soft mumble from the petite boy in front of her. Both Sin and Melody flinched and froze, suddenly worried about waking him up. He'd only gotten to sleep maybe an hour ago, so he was probably still tired. However, to their surprise, as he stirred and began to shift around on the sheets, his adorable body and small boy breasts rolling about in the covers, a small smile pulled on his lips. Slowly the baby blue eyes of Ian peaked open and he lifted his arms above his head to stretch out. "Mmmmmmhmmmm..." He cooed and let his arms go limp above his head on the pillow. Glancing between his mother at his side and Melody. "Hmm...hi Momma...Hi Auntie..." He playfully called Melody by the fake title they gave her when he was under the spell.

Even though he had just woken up, he was already feeling playful. And a bit...mischievous at the sight of them...

Look what we have here? Breakfast in bed?

His still half lidded eyes drooped down to Sin and Melody's lower half's, picturing the gooey, yummy, meals they could already have stewing in those balls. Sin was practically naked, so that made only Melody the one who needed undressing.

Better get to it then, time to slurp up all the protein they've got in them. Most important meal of the day after all.

He started to prop himself up, lifting his upper torso and supporting himself on his elbows and was about to speak again. Ready to ask if they were going to be providing him some mommy and auntie milk out of the fuck sticks in their pockets, but before he could ask there was suddenly a loud 'BANG'! Coming from the bedroom window at his side, all three of them jumped up and away from the noise.

Ian suddenly very awake as the sound of an impact on the glass completely tore him out of his freshly awoken haze. Sin stood completely upright and Melody let out a high pitch girly yelp in shock, quickly covering up her mouth afterwards.

What followed up after the bang, was a loud piercing squawk.

A crow, sat perched perfectly in the middle of the window sill just beyond the glass. It's black beady eyes staring intently into the room, it didn't look hurt or ruffled at all. Despite the fact that it sounded like it slammed into the glass in a fast unseen blur of motion.

The three inside just stared at it for a while, absolutely confused at first and waiting for something to happen. For it to maybe fly away or make another squawk sound. But neither of those things occurred, instead; the crow took a few steps over to the side. Walking along the edge of the window so that it would be perfectly lined up with the still laying in bed, Ian.

"Holy shit that scared me." Melody said releasing a breath after the thirty second long pause between them all.

Ian smiled, "I never took you for the jumpy type Auntie." He poked fun at her before sitting upright properly. Not removing his eye contact from the crow, for some reason as he watched it, it felt like he wasn't looking into the crows' eyes. He couldn't explain it but, those big black ocular orbs just didn't feel like it's natural gaze, he tilted his head and looked closer. Leaning in towards the window.

The crow looked up at him. Unblinking, unmoving...

"Ian? Sweetie?" Sin started.

"Hang on." Ian said, reaching out to the bottom lip of his window, and lifting it up.

Sin looked back and forth between the bird and her son, more confused than ever about what was going on here. But Ian appeared to know what he was doing.

It didn't take long for Melody to catch on either, after getting the bejesus scared out of her of course. But now that she was able to breathe normally again, she recognized this kind of magic.

Who else in Shelter took on the aspect of a dark crow?

Since there was no screen in between the glass and the outside, as Ian lifted the window up the crow was able to hop inside and approach the still naked half breed. It just approached him and continued to stare up into his face, with Ian looking back down at it. Melody and Sin both watched in silence, wondering what was going to happen.

After a moment of stillness passed, the crow suddenly lowered its head. And at first Sin initially thought that the bird was actually checking out her nude son. Thankfully that possibility quickly perished from her thoughts as its head lowered further, removing him from its line of sight.

It was bowing to him.

Still no noise came from it, aside from the first initial squawk, the bird was dead silent. At least according to the two Succubi in the room.

Ian however, was hearing something entirely different.

When it looked back up at him after bowing, again their eyes met. The eyes that didn't look like they belonged to the crow bore into him. And only a few seconds into this unspoken staring contest went by before he could hear her voice in his head.

The voice he heard once before about two months or so ago.

His brow furrowed and he listened to what she had to say in his mind, leaning in closely to the crow as their private conversation continued.

"Ian?" Melody gently spoke, noticing that he had gone suspiciously quiet and seemed to be intent on focusing on the bird in front of him. "Ian are you okay?"

He didn't reply, just kept listening. Much to the Succubi's disappointment and confusion.

This went on for several minutes, long enough for Melody to contemplate calling Liline out of work to come down here. She knew that Ian wasn't being possessed or anything dangerous, there was just a private conversation happening between them that only he could hear. And it made the two women very anxious, like the middle schooler who's left on the side lines of a high schoolers inside joke. But she held off for right now, waiting until Ian spoke again before she made any brash decisions.


Again, Melody and Sin flinched away, not realizing that the two of them had been slowly leaning closer and closer to Ian and the bird. Hoping that they might be able to catch a whisper of their silent conversation. Close enough so that when it released the terrific noise they both practically fell backwards and away from it.

In a flurry of flapping wings, the crow launched itself up off the window sill and circled the room once before diving out the window and then darting forth into the setting sunlight.

Ian now sitting upright watched it as it flew, still quiet and contemplating everything he was just told.

"What the Hell was that?" Sin asked blatantly.

While Melody tried a gentler approach, "Ian, honey what just happened? What was it doing here? What did it tell you?"

Rather than explain right away though, Ian remained quiet for longer than the two girls had the patience for, this was quickly becoming a waiting game to see which of the two girls could hold off on snapping first.

Thankfully it didn't last forever, and he turned to them, "We need Liline to come home, now."

Outskirts of The Carnival: Sundown

Ronnie shivered a bit from the chilly breeze blowing around him. The nights were getting colder as the seasons turned, fall was here and it was showing it with light vapors after each breath the human teen took. "I'm...I'm sorry." He said sheepishly.

Ahead of him, the petite Chessa walked, leading him to the spot her family agreed to meet Agrat. She looked over her shoulder at him, pale skin as pretty as ever in the dark night and her black garments a stark contrast to her flesh and dyed hair. "For what?"

His shoulders slumped, after they were attacked a few days ago he had been feeling guilty as heck. Knowing that he had played a part in all of this, this gigantic confrontation brewing in the city he had been completely unaware of. There was so much he'd learned in the span of only a few weeks of living in Shelter. "I'm sorry for contributing to helping them. I broke into your home and...I gave them so much just by doing that..." Normally, Ronnie was quite peppy, but as of late he'd been feeling pretty down on his luck. Both for contributing to the 'Werewolves' side of this conflict, and for putting himself, Chessa and Gabrielle in danger. It weighed on him to the point where his attitude was taking a sullen shift. "I'm sorry I got you all into this."

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