tagNonHumanThe Lost Lord Ch. 10

The Lost Lord Ch. 10


This one's shorter than usual, felt lazy. Just so ya'll know, I just finished chapter 16, and I'll get around to uploading all of them soon enough. Just bear with it. Also, sorry for the shitty formatting of the last chapter, I still haven't gotten used as to how Literotica uploads and formats everything with a space between each paragraph.


My first morning in a demonic world... No, scratch that. An oddly beautiful world that clearly does not resemble or portrays the word, "demon" in any way, shape, or form. I feel like I'm about to go on some fantastic journey to acquire some holy artifact that'll save the world. Ok, maybe not that, but I sure as heck know that it won't be peaceful here.

All these thoughts raced through Rainer's head. He had just woken up in a very large bed that put the term, "king-sized" to shame. He could feel soft flesh in all directions, most likely because there were four girls with large breasts clinging on to him in every direction. Even a sheik in its harem would be feeling jealous at the magnitude of the beauty of the girls sleeping next to him. Though Rainer wished he could have slept alone, he knew that was no longer an option in this world. It was, after all, the Land of Lust, home of Succubi, Incubi, and demons of desire. You would find no unattractive being in this entire world.

"You know, you have the most precious face while you are sleeping. It looks just so innocent and peaceful." A rather sultry voice spoke, a voice that happened to belong to a succubus named Asmodea. She was the first supernatural existence that Rainer had met. "I can tell you are awake, no need to keep your eyes closed."

Rainer, instead of complying with her wish, clamped his eyelids shut in a desperate attempt to get a couple more minutes of sleep. He had the deepest and longest sleep ever, and he refused to wake up.

"Now now... If you do not wake up, I will have to kiss you until you do, of course, I might unintentionally smother you unconscious if you really want to sleep some more."

That did it. "Ah, no need for that. I'm awake. No need for that. I'm seriously awake now. Hey! I said I'm awake, what're yo- Mphmmpfmfphfmphmmmfh" Rainer was cut off as Asmodea made good on her threat despite Rainer complying.

Asmodea closed her lips over Rainer's mouth, effectively blocking any airflow to his mouth and nose. She thrust her tongue, which was coated in her saliva, deep into Rainer's mouth. Rainer's own tongue was currently being strangled by the succubus. Rainer didn't mind being kissed, but he definitely preferred it when he was a compliant partner. Asmodea cupped Rainer's head in between her hands in order to gain a more stable position. She pushed her breasts into Rainer's body, despite being forcefully kissed, Rainer at least felt some pleasure from her soft and large breasts.

"I'm going to have to ask you to stop, Asmodea. You are currently making Master lose his breath and he will soon lose consciousness." A voice of reason! Rainer rejoiced as he saw Aureal sitting in an upright position, with her glorious chest bare for anyone to see.

"Oh, very well. But I have a better suggestion, come here for a second, angel."

"Hmmm? Ah, ok. But why?"

"Don't worry, just come here."

"Finally, are you done killing me here?" Complained Rainer, he was breathing heavily as he tried to regain his breath. Saliva coated the mouths of both Rainer and Asmodea. "There's no damn need to go killing me first thing in the morn-mpfhmfphfmmmfhphfmp." Rainer again had his mouth covered by a different set of lips.

Right when Aureal moved to Asmodea's position, the succubus forced Aureal's head onto Rainer, again suffocating him. "Hahaha! It is just so much fun to have such innocent people forced into such indecent acts! Hey, angel, he likes it when you get reaaally aggressive with your tongue, that way, he's forced to be aggressive on his own too!"

Clearly gaining some sort of thrill from this, Rainer hoped that Aureal would resist her honeyed words. Sadly, the submissive Fallen Angel fell prey under the older demon's influence. Aureal forced her tongue as far as it could go into Rainer's mouth. Rainer attempted to fight back the intrusion, because it felt weird when someone pushed their tongue that deep. Aureal was completely into the forced kiss, however, she too needed to breath. Asmodea relented, and Aureal went up, gasping for air.

"Now are you done trying to suffocate me for your weird sadistic thrills?" Asked Rainer who was very annoyed?

"Yes, I'm satisfied. You should know, however, that Teras is the sadistic one. And since you will be training with her to master your magic... Well, have fun!"

*Yawn* "Good morning, fiancée! I hope you aren't conducting any indecent acts behind my back?" A seemingly tired Nerissa had just woken up, most likely due to Rainer's thrashing against Asmodea and Aureal's aggressive moves.

"None willingly."

"Oh no, that's not good, here have a good morning kiss!"

"Wait? Another o-mpfhmfpmhmphf" And again the process repeats until Nerissa seemed satisfied.

Asmodea had left the bed and gotten herself dressed, "I have some matters to take care of. If you need anything, just pull any of the cords around this room, a servant will appear and comply with your requests. There is a bath over there should you wish to take one, clothes over there when you need them, and Tozomat should still be standing guard outside should you need me." Asmodea pointing to various doors and openings that led to the accommodations she mentioned. As soon as she finished speaking, she made her way towards the door that led to the rest of the palace.

"Ah, Asmodea, where's Lauren by the way? I don't see her here." He had noticed Lauren was anywhere to be seen.

"Oh her? She woke up first I assume, as she was not there when I woke up. Judging from her personality, she should be fine, but I will look out for her. She might have told Tozomat her destination, so I shall inquire, my lord."

Once Asmodea left, Nerissa got up and stretched. "Hey, why don't we take a bath together? I wanted to take one yesterday, but I abstained since I wanted to take one with you!"

"Ah... Ok, I feel dry, so a bath would do me good. Aureal? You want to come with us?"

"Yes, Master. It has been awhile since I have washed myself. Besides, I have yet to... Do it with you in normal reality."

"Okay... Wait what?"

"Rainer! What does she mean by, 'do it with you in normal reality? I did forget to question you about the actions you undertook when you turned her towards Sin!"

"Uh... I plead the fifth on that."

"The 'fifth', as you call it, has no authority here. Very well, I'll ignore the fact that you have acquired another lover. Though, know that I am your legal wife. Yes, Fallen Angel Aureal, is it?"

"Yes, that is my name, Mistress, however, please call me Aureal." The Fallen Angel made Nerissa blush slightly when she said, 'Mistress'. Though she used the term before, Nerissa only recognized her using it this time.

"Aureal it is then, as long as if you recognize that I am this man's legal wife, I will condone any acts you perform with him. He was the one to turn you after all, and that generally requires a special bond! I don't blame him, you are quite beautiful... (Though not as much as me) Powerful too!"

"I am happy to meet your standards Mistress." It was Aureal's turn to blush when Nerissa complimented her. Aureal was apparently weak to compliments; Rainer noted that down in case of an emergency.

The trio entered the bath area Asmodea mentioned. Steam poured from the doorway when it was opened. In came the view of an extremely luxurious bath. Rainer saw Romanesque style architecture and design, as well as traditional Japanese style decorations and layout. There were three separate bath areas. Rainer checked each bath and found that one was cold, very cold, despite the steam and heat from the rest of the bath area. One was warm and tepid. The third had a very hot temperature, it almost scalded his skin, it was a bath that required some getting used to the heat. There was a decorative island with several different types of plants growing on it in the middle of the largest bath, the warm bath.

"Eh, I'll just enter the warm bath, I really don't feel like bathing in the baths with temperatures of lava and liquid nitrogen." Said Rainer as he stripped himself of what clothes he had left. He didn't realize that his clothes from last night were missing and he was now in different clothing, meaning that someone changed him in his sleep.

"This is quite interesting... The baths in my palace was each just one large pool, which could be heated to the exact temperature you wished. But this! It just sets the tone for the perfect experience!" Nerissa explained the difference between the baths from her home to the baths here.

"That must've been convenient."

"Yes it was, though I must admit... I rather like the atmosphere of this one better!"

"Mmm, the temperature's just right, I could get used to taking a bath here every day. I guess since I'm a bloody lord now, I can savor this as long as I want." Just as Rainer lowered himself in, Aureal and Nerissa just finished removing their clothes. Rainer admired the view the two of them presented. Nerissa obviously didn't mind showing herself off to her supposed fiancée, Aureal, however, attempted to hide herself despite being in plain view. Aureal's breasts were larger than Nerissa, but that didn't matter to him. He liked both of the girls quite a bit, Aureal's pretty and innocent look, to Nerissa's cheerful and flamboyant personality, both had the looks, figure, and personality that Rainer found attractive.

"Um... Master, shall I massage your back?" Asked Aureal. Rainer didn't expect her to want to perform such a forward action.

"If that's the case, Angel Aureal, I'll wash my fiancée's front!"

"Uh... Don't I get any say in how I get washed? I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself." Protested Rainer, he brought up as much willpower as he could in order to resist the two beautiful women in front of him. He wanted to keep some semblance of normal reality with him. Fortunately (for us), his resistance was futile.

"Denied! It's the duty of one's lover to cater to your needs, especially in a bath. Right, Aureal?" Nerissa said this as she stepped into the warm bath.

Aureal herself was tiptoeing into the bath, her face flushed red, "I request that you allow me to do this for you Master. I'm your humble servant."

I'm doomed to this extremely pleasurable existence for all eternity. Damn this demonic immortality of mine. Oh well, nothing left to do but indulge and enjoy.

With all thoughts of resistance gone from his mind, Rainer relented, "You'll both never stop anyway, so do what you will."

Nerissa closed in from the front, she reached towards Rainer with an odd object Rainer assumed to be soap. It could've been something else, it was a different world after all; who knew what the procedures were when it came to bathing, Rainer sure didn't. Aureal closed in from behind. She placed her hands on Rainer's shoulders and began to massage them.

"You're rather stiff, Master. You need to stretch more before you fight next time."

"Uh, even if I wanted to, I couldn't stretch at all before that fight with those damned angels. I was being carried by you, after all."

The trio remained silent while they went about their business. Aureal massaged the shoulders and back while Nerissa washed Rainer. Rainer returned the favor to Nerissa by washing her when she was done. Soon enough the two girls switched sides, despite Rainer's protests. People repeated what they were doing, just in a different area. Both the girls slowly started getting aroused by the heavy amount of bodily contact they were giving and receiving from Rainer. Rainer, however, had already been aroused from stage one; he chose to ignore it so they could at least finish the cleaning part of the bath.

"Now that the boring part's been taken care of, let's a little more interesting." Said Nerissa as she reached her arms around Rainer in an embrace. She pushed forward so that Rainer could feel her breasts pushing into his back. Rainer could clearly make out her hard nipples poking at him.

All thoughts of foreplay had vanished with their constant touching of each other. Nerissa stroked Rainer's shaft several times before turning him around. Nerissa herself turned around and bent herself over the edge of the bath. Her legs were submerged in water, but her butt was just above the waterline. Rainer lined up his shaft with Nerissa's main entrance. He teased the entrance a couple times, eliciting a whimper from Nerissa each time.

"Please! Love, just shove it in! I want it rig-! Ahn!" Nerissa's pleading was interrupted as Rainer did as she asked; he shoved it in without remorse.

As she was already quite aroused, there was no need for lubrication. Rainer pounded away with hard thrusts. He looked downwards and admired his supposed fiancée's ass, round and luscious.

"Ahn! Ang-Angel, come h-here. I m-mustn't leave y-you all alone n-now!" Beckoned Nerissa, her words were sometimes interrupted by sharp spasms of pleasure each time her pussy was filled with her lover's cock.

"Uh, yes, Mistress." Aureal was still new to these sorts of indecent acts, but she made up for that by being willing to learn with her submissive nature. If it was that kind of relationship... And maybe it'll turn into that sometime in the future, Rainer noticed that Aureal would be the "submissive" to Nerissa's dominatrix."

Aureal made her towards Nerissa's head, which was moving back and forth due to the thorough fucking she was receiving. Nerissa had Aureal sit down with her pussy in front of Nerissa's mouth. Nerissa began to eat out the beautiful angel in front of her. Her long tongue enabled Nerissa to get everywhere she needed to please Aureal.

Nerissa would never admit it, but she actually liked eating out other girls. Since she was half succubus, she was forced to act on her desires in her home palace. However, she knew she was promised to another man and she wanted to keep herself "pure" for him, so she was at least able to satisfy herself with other women.

Aureal was at least versed in sex with a male, but with a female, she was curious. Now she got to find out what it would be like. Nerissa's long tongue expertly worked over most of the pleasure points within the outer part of Aureal's pussy. Nerissa worked her tongue into Aureal's folds, penetrating her depths. She thrust her tongue deep, poking at Aureal's walls, eliciting a cry of elation from the angel. Nerissa noted that despite Rainer only having sex with Aureal in her mind's soul, while helping her fall from grace, Aureal did not have a hymen to break, weird.

Rainer's lust was getting to him, as he was technically the Lord of Lust, it would be expected for him to be more immersed in lust than the rest of the land. He still had complete control of his mind, yet it felt altered by complete lust. He spanked Nerissa's ass, resulting in another moan. Like Rainer thought, Nerissa did like a little bit of pain, but not to the point of masochistic levels.

Aureal rubbed the top of her pussy, lavishing attention on her clit. She knew that there would no longer be a problem if she completely lost herself in Sin. She was, after all, a Fallen Angel. Her free hand went to one of her breasts. She roughly groped her own breasts, pinching and rubbing her nipples. Her legs flailed around. She, despite joining last, came first. It wasn't overwhelmingly powerful, like her first one with Rainer, but it still felt good... Very good.

Nerissa didn't stop her tongue. Telling herself, she'll stop when she and Rainer were done, she made it her goal to make Aureal cum at least once more, and more powerful than the first. Once a white demon of pride sets a goal, they accomplish it in any way possible, usually. However, this was a goal she would accomplish. With renewed vigor, Nerissa relentlessly assaulted Aureal's pussy with her tongue and lips. She thrust her tongue as far as possible into Aureal's depths. Her tongue managed to reach the womb, thanks to her tongues length. She licked around, savoring Aureal's taste. Aureal herself was unable to continue. The actions of Nerissa, compounded with her previous orgasm rendered her unable to move effectively. Practically paralyzed with paroxysms of pleasure, Aureal relinquished herself to Nerissa's whims. She laid her head onto the floor, spread her legs, and desisted from moving. Nerissa brought her hands to Aureal's pussy. She spread the lips of the pussy and rubbed the inside with her fingers. She located the clitoris and gave that the most attention. Aureal was well on the way to getting another orgasm, and she was surprisingly vocal about it. Moans of pleasure accompanied by the occasional scream rung throughout the private bath, more so from Aureal than Nerissa. While Nerissa was being diligent about making Aureal cum again, she was being vocal herself about the pounding she was receiving from behind.

Goosebumps formed along the akin of Nerissa, she could honestly say that nothing in all the worlds could make her feel better than the dick of her fiancée planted tightly in her. Tempo or roughness didn't matter that much to her, she felt incredibly aroused at the thought of the one she loved fucking her. Rainer slapped his hands down onto Nerissa's round ass. He spanked her every now and then, but not often enough to label him as a sadist. He held a firm grasp onto the soft backside of the pretty demon in front of him. He thrust his shaft deeply into her. He went deep enough to reach her womb with each hard thrust. The tight walls of Nerissa's pussy clamped down even tighter as she began to cum. Nerissa let out the loudest moan of pleasure of the tryst yet, if anyone was outside the bath, they would have heard her. Rainer knew it wasn't long for him either and debated with what to do.

Suddenly, Nerissa reluctantly removed herself from the shaft she was impaled on. She pulled Aureal into the bath with her and moved Rainer to sit down on the edge. Each girl took their place on one side of Rainer's shaft. Straight from the scenes of a pornographic movie, the two girls began licking around the shaft and fondling his balls. Nerissa licked the length from bottom to top with her tongue before going down on the shaft with her lips. Aureal acted on complete instinct and took one of his balls into her mouth. The two girls switched, Aureal brought her lips to the tip of the shaft and went down onto his cock, Nerissa sucked on one of his balls while licking the other with her tongue.

"Can't fucking take anymore..." Rainer forced out some words instead of gasps. The two girls licked the tip of the dick, sometimes coming into contact with each other's tongues. Rainer swiftly came, and ropes of cum shot out. Semen soon covered the faces of the two girls, with some landing in the water or on the girl's breasts. It was a truly erotic sight to see one's own cum on the two girl's faces.

"Mmmm, like last time, you taste delicious."

"Ah, yes... Master, your... It is to my liking."

Both Nerissa and Aureal spoke in turn as they licked their lips and the surrounding area clean from his cum. The girls and Rainer washed their faces and bodies once more and dried up with towels located next to the entrance of the bath.

"So, what's there to do now?" Asked Rainer, he wanted to clean himself before interacting with any new people. And now that was done with, he had no idea what to do.

"Well, since you are the Lord of Lust, you could technically do whatever you wanted. Might I suggest taking a look around the place, get familiar with your new home. I plan on doing that, since I'll be living here with you! Obviously!" Nerissa offered her advice to Rainer while dressing herself with new clothes that suspiciously appeared despite not having been there before.

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