tagNonHumanThe Lost Lord Ch. 13

The Lost Lord Ch. 13


Aureal and Rainer made it back two hours early. Rainer attempted to apologize to Caetorum for making him worry, though Caetorum dismissed it saying, "It is my fault for not paying attention. Mine and the fault of that vixen, Asmodea. A man of your stature should not find the need to apologize to me, young lord." Caetorum ushered Rainer and Aureal back to his bedroom at Rainer's request. He had yet to take a bath that morning, and from the walking they both did in the city, sweat came from their skin. They both entered the bath, neither Lauren, Nerissa, or Asmodea was in sight, so the two of them were all alone. They both realized that but silently agreed to finish the bath in order to be clean for the meeting. However, they were both so aroused from seeing each other naked in the bath, as well as touching each other when they had an area they could not clean with the contortions of their arms. Even though they were finished cleaning, they found a comfortable area in the warm bath.

"I don't think I've properly fucked you yet, think you're still pure down there?"

"Not likely, Master. Nerissa informed me that I did not have a hymen. Whether out of a biological process or something else, I do not know why."

"Well, that just make it easier on you." Rainer made the initiative and got the first move on Aureal. He forcefully kissed her while fondling her bust. Rainer snaked his tongue, which was longer than Aureal's own tongue, into her mouth, entangling with the angel's tongue. Aureal relented and allowed herself to be led. Rainer pinched Aureal's nipples with both hands, while still making sure the kiss kept on. Aureal grabbed Rainer's butt and back, pulling him closer, trying to get as much bodily contact with Rainer as possible.

Rainer removed one of his hands from Aureal's breasts and moved it to her own butt. He groped and massaged her, causing a slight moan to escape from between their kiss. He teased Aureal's butt under the water, playing with her tight ring. He slipped a finger into her tight hole, it was very tight despite being lubricated from the water. Aureal whimpered, she couldn't place the sensation she got from Rainer's action. She got more passive in the kiss, practically melting herself into Rainer's body. Even though it was only a single finger, her ass felt filled. She had yet to feel that particular sensation, though as Rainer wiggled his finger in her butt and induced an odd sense of pleasure, Aureal learned to like that feeling.

Aureal almost buckled under the sensations she was feeling from three areas of her body, her mouth, breasts, and ass. A minute passed as they both explored each other's body with increasing lust, which eventually overcame them. Rainer couldn't resist anymore and his demonic appendages erupted from his back, it didn't hurt, though it felt like they slimed their way out of his body. Aureal also gave in to lust, as her black gray wings also ruptured from her back, sending water back in a spray. (Out of convenience, Aureal's feather wings are waterproof, I'm the author here, not you... Author, ha)

Out of pure, forceful lust, Rainer pushed Aureal down to her knees. He sat down on a ledge, his shaft was rock hard, upright, and ready for something wet. Aureal, only focused on Rainer's cock, wrapped her lips around the shaft without any hesitation. She wet the shaft with her lips, going as far as she could. She could only go a bit below halfway, though that produce more than enough sensation for Rainer to feel pleasure from. Acting on pure, lustful instinct, Aureal licked every part of Rainer's shaft while she blew him. She removed the shaft from her wet mouth, albeit reluctantly. Then, in a swift motion, she enveloped her breasts with her hands. She squeezed them together to entice Rainer before putting them to use. She wrapped her breasts around Rainer's cock, enveloping him in soft, warm flesh. In Rainer's 'harem' she had the third largest bust size, though that didn't mean they weren't big. A soft pair of large and natural tits that even a porn star would envy, which had beautifully smooth, pale skin wrapped around a large dick, aroused the two of them greatly.

Aureal felt pleased at the fact that Rainer's cock fit perfectly between her boobs, nestled affectionately in her cleavage. She squeezed the breasts together on Rainer's shaft, eliciting a wordless moan. Rainer was one of the types to not make much noise during sex, Aureal noticed. It was completely different from her and the other girls, who practically moaned and squealed with every thrust of their partner's (Rainer) shaft. Aureal then began rubbing Rainer's shaft with her breasts, performing the continuous up and down motions required. Soon, Aureal's bust got wet from the warm bath they were in, making her pale skin shine and glimmer. It lubricated her breasts, allowing for smoother movement and a slippery, but still pleasing, feeling. Rainer made the comparison that her breasts almost felt like another wet mouth. He couldn't help but feel turned to the tit-fuck he was receiving from his angelic lover.

Unable to resist temptation, Rainer placed a hand on the top of Aureal's golden haired head. Aureal looked up, with moist eyes, unable to grasp Rainer's intentions with her mind, she was still quite new to shameless acts like these.

With lascivious intent, Rainer forced Aureal's head down onto the top of the shaft's head. Aureal was quite flexible, it was required in order to fight among the angelic armies. Her neck wasn't strained in the slightest at Rainer's lecherous act; in fact, she actually slightly enjoyed being used by her Master like that. She got even more turned on as Rainer forced her mouth onto the head of his cock. With the shaft being deeply massaged with smooth skin by two large breasts, Rainer's head got enveloped between two wet lips. Aureal sucked on the head with vigor, teasing and tickling the tip of the head with her tongue. She danced her tongue around the head, coating the head with her saliva.

Out of more lustful instinct, Aureal began to hum slightly due to the pleasure she felt from Rainer's cock sliding between her breasts. The vibrations from her lips and tongue Rainer felt, gave him a different feeling of pleasure. Rainer couldn't tell, but whatever she was doing, it felt good. After a small while, Aureal made an aggressive move. She held her breasts still, at the base of Rainer shaft. She took in some air, then thanks to her trained and flexible neck, she went down as far as she could until she hit her bust. Her nose was nestled in her cleavage, with her lips pressing against the top of her bust.

Rainer widened his eyes at the sight, he never imagined that Aureal would go for such a peculiar, libidinous act. Though he didn't complain one bit, ropes of cum shot into Aureal's mouth, pasting her insides white with his seed. Aureal kept still with her lips around his shaft, not wanting to waste a single drop of her Master's sperm. She removed herself from her Master's cock, opened her mouth in an arousing way to show that she had his seed in her mouth, and swallowed. While she didn't know what other men's seed tasted like, she never wanted to find out, she savored every bit of Rainer's 'essence'.

Rainer was still hard, being a Lord of Lust had its perks, and remaining hard even after such a powerful orgasm was one of them. Aureal was plenty wet, and she had yet to cum. "Master, may I request my turn?"

Rainer could barely refuse Aureal's pleading eyes as she made her request. "I'm sure as heck not gonna say no to that face. Here, sit on me." Rainer ordered Aureal to climb into his arms, and sit facing him. Once she got into position, Rainer latched his hands onto her ass, feeling the soft fullness of her backside. Aureal captured a kiss from the one she loved, while sitting on his lap. She faced his head, and they made another lustful kiss, which incorporated plenty of tongue, saliva, and roaming of the lips. Aureal raised her hips while Rainer held his shaft. He pointed it at her wet entrance, before winking at Aureal. In one swift movement, Aureal plopped herself onto the thick shaft. She immediately felt completely filled. Her walls constricted around the invader, milking Rainer for his seed. Thanks to his length, he already had reached Aureal's womb.

"Oh fuuuuuck... Maaasterrrr, that was way too quick. I need to adjust, it feels completely filled down there, like I'm complete. Aureal wasn't lying, it was as if Rainer's shaft was made to fit her pussy. Like a missing piece of a puzzle, Aureal felt completed.

Without warning, Rainer began to buck his hips, thrusting his shaft out and in the angelic pussy (<---- Oxymoron). If he had to rate each girl's best assets, Aureal had to have the tightest pussy and adorably innocent qualities. Nerissa had superior mouth and tongue skills while also being aggressively affectionate. Asmodea had the largest breasts, she was also the maturest and most experienced out of all of them. Lauren was quite open, willing to try anything and willing to do anything to make her partner orgasm, her gothic personality also aroused Rainer.

Aureal buckled under the rough thrusts Rainer sent her way, waves of pleasure hit her brain as she began to orgasm immediately and powerfully. She held on to Rainer's shoulders with her arms, while also wrapping her legs around Rainer's back. Her pussy came around Rainer's cock, lubricating not only the entire shaft, but also his base and balls. Rainer didn't let up, he continued his ruthless assault on Aureal's pussy, pounding his shaft mercilessly away. Even though Aureal had just came, she felt herself building up to another rapid orgasm.

Several minutes passed while they fucked in the bath, both groping and rubbing each other to increase the pleasurable friction between them. Aureal, while holding on tightly, kissed Rainer from his shoulder to up his neck, until she reached his ear. She nibbled on the lobe, almost biting down as Rainer hit a particularly pleasing spot deep in her pussy. Both of them knew that if they kept this up, neither of them would be able to last very much longer. Aureal made this point vocal, "I ca-can't last much longer, M-Master... Ayahn!"

"Don't worry, just sit there and let me make you cum again." Aureal's sudden movements confirmed Rainer's confidence. She shuddered, clearly showing her next orgasm. Her pussy pulsed and her juices flowed around Rainer's shaft. Aureal's orgasm caused a reaction in Rainer, which forced his seed out for the second time. They both came on each other's genitals. Rainer shot his white seed deep in Aureal's pussy, making it into her womb. Neither were worried about possible pregnancy, they only cared about the pleasurable sensations they received from each other. Another bout of lustful kissing resumed between the two, until they were finished with their respective climaxes. Aureal panted heavily as she lifted herself off her Master's cock. While the feeling of being filled felt great, the feeling as Rainer's shaft leaving her wet entrance also felt great.

"Hah, that was good." Rainer was also out of breath, he panted to catch up along with Aureal.

Once their breath came back to them, Aureal said, "We should finish up here, at least forty-five minutes have passed since we entered the bath. It would be best to use the remaining time to get ourselves ready." Rainer nodded, agreeing with Aureal's logic. The two cleaned up themselves again, quickly, and headed to the bedroom. Nerissa, Lauren, and Asmodea were there, each of them recognized the fact that the two had sex and smiled... Except for Nerissa. Each of the girls then began choosing out clothes for the meeting in the assemblage, showing off arousing and elegant clothes to Rainer in a miniature fashion show.

"Ah, Caetorum. There you are! I needed to ask you something."

The incubus named Caetorum replied, not turning away from the current object of interest, "Ask away, Nivenah, I am currently busy with arrangements for the meeting. I'm adept with multitasking, thankfully."

The succubus named Nivenah paused to collect herself, then continued, "Yes well, we are having trouble between two of our guests."

"Let me guess, Iris and Katiyana?"

Nivenah nodded, "Yea, I don't see why though..."

"Mmm, where are they at the moment?"

"They are just outside of the Southeast wing of the palace, with their courtiers and retainers."

"No need to worry yourself about them. It's just a petty argument between them from awhile back. I'll go speak to them, they should at least know not to squabble in front of the new lord. Ah, before you go, please assist the young lord, I'm sure he would like some help in deciding proper garments for this occasion. Though he can wear what he wishes, just offer some advice."

"Ah, of course, Maturity. Then I'll head to the Lord's room immediately." Nivenah bowed, and turned around, heading down a hall that led to the Lord of Lust's main bedroom.

"Now to find them... Why do they have to be in the Southeast wing? I won't forgive them if they embarrass themselves in front of the young Lord." Caetorum then dashed down a hall heading south. He nearly ran into a servant carrying food for the larder, sensing the servant's Sin, he calmly sidestepped the servant and continued. Neither him nor the servant were hindered, both were used to such obstacles in this palace. Caetorum, running between two female servants, gave a debonair smile towards one he had a fling with at one time. Despite being blind, he could differentiate the Sin of every demon he had come across; no demon's Sin felt the same to his trained mind. He found what he was looking for in the form of an open archway. The archway was just in front of a bridge leading off to another section of the palace. The arch gave a beautiful view that focused on a particular waterfall coming from the mountains the city was located next to. He jumped onto the archway and then leapt off into the air. Caetorum took pride in his extraordinary agility and speed, it suited a swordsman like him. Instead of falling straight to the ground, like any normal object under the influence of gravity, he floated through the air until he hit a palace wall. Latching himself onto ledges and footholds on the wall, he scampered up, climbing like a monkey. He eventually reached the top of a spire, it was the third highest point of the palace. From there, he tossed out his consciousness, in an attempt to find Iris and Katiyana. Those two women were not demons, so he couldn't sense them with Sin, instead he had to find the emotions of their soul and that is how he would recognize people other than demons. He reached the top of the spire after several seconds of fast paced climbing. He gripped the tip of the spire and wrapped his legs around it to hold himself in place.

"And what might you be up here for, Maturity? Have you given in to your lust for inanimate objects yet?" The voice came from a succubus who just seemed to randomly be sitting on a window ledge next to the spire.

"Doing the job all of you people should be doing, taking care of any problems for the meeting soon. Since you are obviously not doing anything important at the moment, Teras, would you mind telling me if you have seen Iris or Katiyana?"

"Oh, well, I haven't been paying much attention to the ground. I'll have you know I am not completely apathetic, as I am the only one who is even paying attention to any possible attacks from the air. Other than that, I am enjoying some tea... Do you want some? It's mint!"

"Maybe next year." Caetorum didn't want to admit it, but she was right. He had neglected possible interference from the sky, he relied on the city guards too much on that front. Besides, Teras would be the best choice at taking down enemies from the air, due to her powerful projectile magic. While being careful was ok, an intruder from the sky was highly doubtful.

He remembered a time when he was talking to Teras. She told him that she was actually rather weak, as far as physical strength goes. Her muscle structure wouldn't allow her much use of her wings, it would be impossible for her to fly on her own. In order to fight that detriment, she began to carry an umbrella. Just like Mary Poppins, she used it to stabilize herself and glide through the air, with her wings giving what little acceleration they could. She also used wind magic to gain speed or elevation when needed.

"Well, you can't see it, obviously, but there is some ice over there where there should be none. I assume Katiyana will be there, and Iris too if they are in another squabble."

"Mmm, then I shall head there. I do feel an unnaturally cold temperature for that area, and I do believe I sense Katiyana and Iris's presence over there." Caetorum pushed himself off the spire into the air, towards the direction of the cold spot.

"One day, Rouge and I will get him to throw a tantrum... Maybe I should spank him? That sounds fun." Teras spoke to herself like an insane lunatic, though she wasn't an insane lunatic despite her disposition. Caetorum always felt that about her, sadism is not a fetish for the sane, at least for him.

Caetorum jumped from the spire, to the wall of the palace opposite to him. He latched on to the side of the wall and jumped off, propelling him downwards and again, towards the wall holding the spire. Acrobatic moves that even a professional circus performer would be jealous of (even a demon circus performer), Caetorum was able to go from the third highest point of the palace, all the way to the ground in about eleven seconds. Thanks to his sturdy legs, he received no sprains or fractures. Recovering himself, Caetorum leaned against a wall to regain his wits and focus on the direction of the cold spot. After he was satisfied on the exact location of the cold spot, he headed for it.

Soon enough, his expectations were correct. Upon reaching the cold spot, he could feel the presence of the ones named Iris, Katiyana, and their retainers. "I don't see what your problem is. I clearly am going to remain the way I always have so far."

"No good! You know there is a choice you have to make, whether it is the right or wrong one, you've got to make that choice!"

"Why is it with you that there never is a choice that leads out both doors?"

"I don't give one because there ISN'T one. Duh!"

"So unrefined. We would get along so much better if you just learned the basic of the basics of all manners. Winged whores really should not be allowed in the presence of such esteemed people like me."

"If I may interject... You two can freely voice your positions at the correct time, in front of the young lord. I would very much prefer if you take your conflicts outside of the palace... Outside of the city, no, outside of this circle would be even more preferable. The young lord should not see such immaturity, so please don't embarrass yourselves in the meeting." Caetorum spoke with a mature tone, his silver tongue was ruthless and was able to calm down even the Warmaster of Wrath at one point.

"Tch, fine. I wouldn't want to tell my niece that I embarrassed myself in front of the Lord of Lust now, would I?" The harsh and quick voice came from a woman named Iris.

"As you wish, Maturity. You always know how to deal with situations like this. I will see for myself what this new lord is like. After all, the previous one ruled for so long, nobody even knows how to deal with succession in this land." This particular voice had a cold yet sublime sweet feeling. As if it was honed under decades of speaking properly and courteously, it came from a woman named Katiyana.

The two women went off in opposite directions, retainers close at hand, in an obvious attempt to put as much distance between the two as possible. Their animosity towards each other could be described as rivalry. Caetorum remembered when the previous lord was alive, that the two were quite smitten with him. Though because of that, neither of them had ever actually spent a night with the lord. Despite being denizens of the Land of Lust, they were rather afraid to act on their lust more so than most. "Asmodeus himself would have trouble with those two... I wonder how the young lord will take their eccentricity?" Caetorum sighed and went back towards the main part of the palace.

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