tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Lost World Pt. 02

The Lost World Pt. 02


Hey all! We're still in the stilted-language phase of this story, but we'll soon leave it. Also, some have rightly pointed out the many gaps in the science of it all... I don't defend my grasp of xenobiology, or even some of the more basic concepts that I don't convey correctly in these pages, but I hope you can suspend disbelief for the sake of narrative and, of course, countless sex scenes. Enjoy!


What followed was incomprehensible.

He started by walking up to the girls who had parted and were now kneeling side-by-side, backs arched a bit in some sort of presentation for him. He stood with his penis dangling down just between them and then he seized it by the base and swung it back and forth. It smacked audibly into the blonde's cheek and knocked her head to the side, and then was on the way to crash into the brunette. Was he punishing them? Flogging them? They seemed to feel the impact of it, yet each came back up to the center with a grin, bracing for another of these meaty slaps.

He dolled some more of these out and to my astonishment his penis began to visibly get larger. I was not a total stranger to the male process of erection, living in close quarters on a ship it was inevitable that sometimes

David would get one. It was my understanding that sleep somehow caused these, and sometimes he probably spaced his hormone inhibition shots out a bit too far and a little testosterone managed to be absorbed by his brain, but his erections were nothing like this.

His whole penis wasn't, really. Of all the many things that made no sense to me about what I was witnessing, the sizes were it. Even engorged with milk, breasts simply shouldn't be so large. And that organ of his! Human men's looked like buttons when they weren't erect, and tended to grow to perhaps four inches or so hard. This thing had started soft perhaps twice the size of that and was getting even larger. Why would it ever need to be so vast? The womb is not so deep a normal sized penis can't reach it! And the thickness seemed problematic too, the thought of such a thing trying to enter me caused thoughts of pain...and also that tingle again.

Impossible, there was no way I should be feeling even a hint of arousal at this point! What was happening to me?! I didn't want to hit inhibition shots again so quickly, so instead I turned my back to the spectacle (and act of extreme willpower at this point, I was proud I could) and closed my eyes for a quick meditation. My feelings were harder to wrestle than usual, but I managed to master them, then I turned back to take more notes.

I wasn't sure what I'd missed, but the male's penis was now obviously fully erect and rigid, the thing stuck out perhaps a foot or more, steel-hard and wrist-thick. It was glistening, which was no surprise given the efforts the Brunette was making to coat the whole thing in a lustrous coat of thick slobber, her tongue was everywhere on his shaft, her lips smearing more slobber around, her jaw working as she fought to accommodate the head of the gargantuan sex organ in her mouth.

The Blonde was not idle during all of this, her hands were toying and playing with the huge breasts of her female counterpart groping and tugging at them, her efforts so exhaustive I fairly thought she might be trying to encourage milk to come out. But if it had been, she couldn't have had a drink, her mouth was busy on the male's massive testes, she rolled the fat orbs around on her lips and let them drag their slobbery weight up and down her face, getting the mess in her eyes, letting it drip from her chin, something strikingly obscene about the whole scene made me tingle again.






I turned away again, this time burning through a quick five minute meditation. When I put my gaze back on the train-wreck of sexual presentation before me things had changed again, the male's face was serene and smug, his strong arms out to rest a big palm on each female's head, stroking them fondly as they attacked his penis from either size with their breasts, swallowing the huge organ in huge bosom-flesh, grinding and rubbing as one collective to pleasure him.

Finally they had a sort of contest, each woman taking turns sucking his lengthy penis as deep into her mouth as she could get it, one pulling back with a series of choking gagging noises, the next attempting and getting a bit further until rocketing backwards and spitting right on the head of the tremendous organ.

Then the first was on it again, and to my utter astonishment actually managed to work it not just into her mouth, but her throat, neck bulging with the meaty invasion of jumbo-sized genitalia. This seemed to make her the winner of sorts, he grabbed her head and tore her from his penis in a cloudy explosion of coughed-out slobber, then he lifted her up and abruptly mounted her onto his organ.

I grimaced in sympathetic pain as he stuffed that impossible length inside of her, the strain on her poor vagina visible even from a distance, the clit of it forced out in grotesque tension. With her still fully impaled onto him he walked out into the lake, letting her rest on the water in a penis-supported back-float, then his hands were locked firm to her hips to keep her still, and then he was thrusting. I bit my fist, not comprehending how she could withstand the pain she must be feeling as he fed her sex that titanic tool again and again and again, the thrusts picking up speed, the splash his testicles were making in the water getting louder and louder, her howls of what still sounded like mostly pleasure echoing off the rocky formations that surrounded the shore.

The brunette wandered out into the lake to join them, getting so deep her gargantuan breasts floated on the water, she stood behind the blonde and shoved those pontoon-like protrusions into her howling face, getting her bosoms hungrily sucked between the sobbing moans her counterpart was making. After she tired of this she dived below the surface, and I had to squint through the clear-blue water to see that she was positioning herself to suck and fondle the testicles as they swung around mid-coitus. I checked my chronometer and realized that they'd been at all this for a very long time now; my reading on human sex suggested it tended to last perhaps ten minutes on average, this elaborate display was something else altogether.

Finally the brutish male pulled the blonde from his penis, and lifted her all the way up so that her vagina was right in his face. The swollen, abused-looking orifice cut loose with a vast torrent of the substance I'd seen it shoot before; this was an even more impressive amount, something about the mammoth member that had been pounding away inside of her had done something to illicit a lot more juice than the licking and fingering had before. He seemed to be eagerly drinking the mess, letting it run down his cheeks and chin as he brought her close and aggressively sucked and lip-nibbled her vulva and clitoris.

Not to be ignored the brunette had surfaced and wrapped her legs around his muscular torso. My words could only fail to capture the insanity of what happened next. The dark-haired breast-monster was now fully impaled on his penis, bouncing herself up and down on it with the strength of her arms and thighs. As his lips nibbled the blonde's vagina from the front, the brunette buried her face right between the buttocks of the blonde from the other side, her jaw working as she clearly licked away at the rim inside. Sandwiched between licking, sucking hungry mouths the latter could only swoon in ecstasy, she stopped screaming and simply whimpered and moaned, collapsing forward against the male's head, her breasts resting on his luxurious jet-black hair-covered scalp.

Soon the brunette was doing the thing where liquid shot out of her as she rode the obelisk-esque organ, while she was doing so the blonde climbed down the sturdy body of the male and began to service him the way her counterpart had before, licking and sucking his pendulous testicles, and even forcing her face into his buttocks as had been done to her before. I had to admit; there was some sense of equality between these primitive creatures, even if they were as savage as they were sexual.

The brunette's body thrashed and bounced as whatever was overtaking it seemed to only get stronger and stronger, then all at once, she was still, seeming to have passed out. I froze; should I intervene? Was this carnal act truly harmful to these creatures even though they worked so hard to seek it out? It would be against all protocols, but maybe after I verified her safety I could give this madness a try for myse--WHAT WAS I THINKING!?

Vice gripped me like, well, a vice. I rolled a little ways down the hill so my vision was totally obscured, giving myself another shot of particularized hormone inhibitor and then forced myself to close my eyes, trying to let meditation carry me away from the madness that was attacking my enlightened mine. I did everything I could to ignore the tingle, everything I could to deny the stiffness of my nipples, and even more to tell myself that I definitely did not feel a trickle of moisture escaping my sex. Humans were past this. I was past this.

It was perhaps a half-hour later when I crept back up the hill and looked over to the lake. For a moment I thought the trio had gone until I heard a moan of pleasure and looked over to see them beneath the waterfall. As always; something extraordinary was happening. I adjusted my binoculars to zoom in on the now-farther spot.

The male was standing on one of the large rocks beneath the torrent, he held the brunette around her waist, she was upside-down, her jaws opened wide and her lips distended to wrap around his colossal penis, perhaps half of it held firmly in her mouth and what had to be some of her esophagus at his length. Nasty, thick streaks of drool and a pearlescent liquid would occasionally spill from the tight seal of her mouth or drip from the rim of her nostrils, only to be quickly washed away by the falls.

For his part, the male had curled his head down and was devouring her vagina yet again, it was like watching some apex predator eating after starving, his lewd grunts were audible all around the lake as he smeared her vulva around his face, tongue-lashed her clitoral region, and moved his head around like he was trying to cover every possible angle of attack for his ministrations.

The blonde was taking a more selfish tact, she sat on one of the other nearby rocks, watching intently what the other two were doing, her hands attacking her own sex relentlessly. I zoomed in more on this, studying her technique, mentally filing away the her hands danced on and near her clit, sometimes not touching it at all as she would jiggle her fingers with particular vigor. It stood to reason she could feel the indirect stimulation keenly and this was born out as more gouts of that liquid spurted from her.

The big man changed tactics again, finally pulling the over-stuffed throat of the dark-haired beauty from his phallus, he allowed her several moments of coughing and gagging, then spun her around, letting her put her hands on the blonde's rock, tilting her face right into the squirting mess of the blonde's lap. While she eagerly lapped and drank the fluids up, he spread her legs into a sort of uneven split, one higher than the other, the lower curled around his waist and fed that humongous tube of flesh into her yet again. Both the women cried out in pleasure that was audible even beneath the thudding splashes of the waterfall.

This new configuration seemed to be a big favorite for all involved, I watched them with fascination as they plowed and licked and moaned away. It was all so vigorous, like some unceasing mechanical engine that fed in motion from the male and brought about massive amounts of energy in the form of thrashing, howling, squirting and licking from the women. History had taught me in theory that sexual intercourse was something that simply felt good, (and oh but is it ever Vice to do something merely for the hedonistic joy of it,) but could it really feel so good to be worth this?

As if trying to answer the question my suppressors failed me enough to let a tingle start again and I broke away down the hill a third time. This was getting tough. I didn't want to overdo the hormone inhibitors, there was likely a point where their effects would grant diminishing returns or worse, make it so my body would no longer produce hormones on its own entirely.

While hormones might be the guides that ushered in Vice, they also had other purposes for the body that could not be so easily brushed aside.

Alternately, I couldn't seem to talk myself into simply leaving the display. That was likely Vice in and of itself; there was no rational reason I had to bear witness to the whole copulative act, even if this particular expression of reproductive ritual was rare or hard to see.

In the end I decided to take a longer meditation break and give one last viewing before forcing myself to go back to camp if I started to feel something again. That seemed like a reasonable compromise. It was perhaps forty-five minutes later when I found my way back up to the overlook. The trio was a bit closer to me now, their adventure of lust had carried them from the waterfall on the far side to the bank closest to me.

Now their voices were much more audible, and in addition to the howls, grunts and moans, I could sometimes catch little snatches of words.

The poor universal translator hadn't caught nearly enough complete speaking to make proper sense, but it did seem to have decoded a few terms here and there.

"(gibberish) (gibberish) (gibberish) (gibberish) Harder! (gibberish) (gibberish)!

"(gibberish) (gibberish) (gibberish) Hard! (gibberish)(gibberish)Huge! (gibberish) Breasts!"

I stared, captivated. At this point both the females seemed like they might be fairly exhausted, each was lying on her back, legs spread wide, pelvii tilted up. The male was anything but however, he would fully sheathe his massive member inside one, rake it out fast to a gasping thrash from the recipient, and then slam it right back into the other, sexually penetrating both women in rapid alternating strokes. He was fast, but I could sense a certain disappointment in the females at the interruption caused by alternating.

Finally, the brunette found a solution, rolling to the side as he was impaling the blonde she turned her rear to him and moved her flexible legs in a nearly split position, angling herself down so his pounding penis would grate along her clitoral region as it made its unrelenting round trip in and out of the other woman's vagina. I had to give these primates points for creativity, even knowing that sexual reproduction involved a great deal of complexity, I never would have guessed the extent to which physical positions would vary.

I watched them thrash and cry out, shuddering and squirting and sweating in the pleasantly warm sun for what seemed hours though it was probably less. My hand felt good on my own clitoris and as the action below intensified I used a pair of fingers to rub away at it faster and faster, my mouth falling open in lust as...


I slapped myself hard, not failing to note that my hand had the aroma of my sex even though I hadn't gone beneath my clothes. I could feel moisture there, I could feel tightness and throbbing and some part of me that was just begging for more. I had to be stopped. I slammed another full dose of inhibitors into my neck and ran down the hill so fast I fell and rolled for a dozen feet or so, bruising myself badly. Groggily I stood and limped my sore self back to camp.

The sun and my chronometer agreed, I'd spent most of the day watching the copulatory ritual. Even now I could distantly hear the moans and sobs of pleasure that had been ongoing throughout. I did my best to shut them out and went about rituals of my own, gathering tinder, harvesting more of the sweet fruits, and doing a little research on the sample I'd collected along the way.

There were curious results about the dozen or so samples of flower and leaf I gathered so far:

1. The plants, it seemed, shared structure with carnivorous variety I'd seen. While most plant life lacks the presence of meat entirely in its structure, you can find deposits of it in Venus Fly Traps or Pitcher Plants, every plant I came across had trace protein elements of the consumption of living tissue. I couldn't quite pin down the mechanism by which these were luring prey.

2. It was also curious that every single flower seemed to be in its peak pollen production. Of course, it was possible we'd landed in this world's spring and their cycle of bloom was just very uniform, but in every other environment I'd ever been in there would be far more variety. And speaking of which,

3. There was no evidence of pollinators like bees or butterflies having been anywhere near this flora. Were the plants somehow eating them? If not, where were they? If so, how were they reproducing at all? Salinth, it would seem, was a world of mystery.

My mind was abuzz with questions as I settled down to sleep for the night.

That was good, because for every moment I wasn't vigilantly pondering the scientific possibilities the sight of the trio who engaged in sexual intercourse flooded into my head and filled me with Vice, their taut muscles flexing in defiance of reason, their jiggling breasts bouncing all over logic, that humongous penis blasting through tranquility with frantic testical slapping strokes that haunted what I can only describe as my wet nightmares.

Personal Log

I awoke with something of a start the next morning. Nightmares are another thing relegated almost entirely to the past in the human species, but on rare occasion a brain may misfire or misinterpret and one must contend with that wave of unexplained emotions in the aftermath. I meditated, working hard to ignore the sheen of drying sweat that was coating my skin, whatever had hit me in the night was intense, and it almost undid my meditative efforts entirely when I reached under my single-suit to scratch an itch; my arm felt different.

Carefully I stripped the suit off and came to many shocking revelations. The first was that my clothing seemed to be filled with hair follicles. My hair follicles! I looked over my exposed flesh and found that something had more than decimated the hair on my arms and legs, I just had a few almost invisible strands left on any given patch. The most notable change was around my vagina, my purple-pink vulva shone in the morning son through a much thinned out patch of hair. The hair under my arms was nearly gone as well, and trembling with some permissible fear I reached up to feel my scalp.

Curiouser still! The hair on my head, if anything, was fuller! It was like it had grown noticeably over-night, and had more volume, my normally wispy strands felt more like actual small locks. I had barely come to accept this new impossibility when I noticed my breasts!

They ached less, yet seemed more swollen than ever. I reached my hands up to cup the two mounds, surprised at how heavy they seemed, like a pair of firm apples on my chest. I played with them for several long moments, testing how they moved and bounced and jiggled, finger and thumb brushing my engorged nipples that had also grown in size, almost like antique pencil erasers now. It wasn't until I felt the tingle between my legs that I realized this was Vice and forced myself into the med kit for another inhibitor.

This was bad. Normally I might need inhibition as little as once a month, yet here I was on my fourth pill in two days. If I was going to stave off vice and stay Enlightened I'd need to find natural sources of inhibition or reach a new layer of effective meditation or something. Wait, bad? Was I now making irrational, emotional judgments in my very thoughts? Part of me knew that I needed to drop all of this, return to David and the ship and work out a way to stay pure...

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