tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lottery Ch. 03

The Lottery Ch. 03


The door slammed behind Olivia trapping her in the room. She steps back but slammed into the hard, unyielding door. Trapped and naked in front of the three men, she threw her hands in front of her. The men yelled at Olivia, each trying to shout over the other.

"I asked first."

"She's mine. Get in line."

Olivia quivered, one arm folded across her tits and the other held over her pussy.

The shouting increased until the receptionist yelled. "Enough." She pointed at Olivia. "Girl, you'll end up in the forced breeding programme by the end of the week with an attitude like that."

"Sorry ... I don't..."

"You read the letter, didn't you?"

Olivia nodded.

"Then what does it say about refusing a breeding partner?"

Olivia looked at the three men in front of her. They were a mixture of chubby, ordinary and smelly. It was like a kick in the guts as she realized they wanted to fuck her. Right now.

"All three of them?"

"Yes. All three of them. And, move your hand. Covering you pussy from a breeder is used as evidence of denying access. That behaviour can get a breeding bitch like you committed to the forced breeding programme."

Olivia moved her hand away from her pussy and folded her arms across her chest, her shoulders hunched. She wished she could crawl inside herself.

"And the tits, breeding studs gotta see the tits too."

Olivia moved her hands down to her sides. Naked and fully exposed, her face burned with shame even as her pussy, also on fire, dripped. Her nipples stiffened like bullets.

"See," the receptionist said, "you're ready for it."

"What do I do now?"

"What? Are you stupid girl? The guy does most of the work, you gotta lie back and take it."

"Um. Which guy?"

The receptionist sighed. "The way it works are if a guy is working on a breeding bitch, then any other guy needs to wait until the first guy is finished. Now if the first guy is taking his time, the second guy can issue a hurry up request. This means that the first guy is required to initiate vaginal intercourse until he comes and then you become available for breeding with the second guy. Does that make sense to your little breeding bitch brain?"

"I'm not a bitch."

"You are now. And not acknowledging your place on the breeding programme is also used as evidence in any forceable breeding hearing. So far, you got two strikes. Covering your pussy and denial of being a breeder."

Olivia quickly interjected. "That's not what I said."

"You denying that you rejected being called a breeding bitch because that's what you are." The receptionist paused. "Tell you what, you tell me what you are and if you get it right, I'll remove that last strike. So, what are you?"

Gears streamed down Olivia's face and she closed her eyes. "A breeding ... bitcb," she muttered.

"Louder or its two strikes."

Olivia puffed up her chest, and said, "I am a breeding bitch." Then she looked away.

"Don't you forget it. You're in the programme so at least show a little pride." The receptionist leaned back in her chair. "Now you have some studs to service, bitch.'

The three men in front of Olivia waited.

"What do I do?'

"If there's multiple studs who ask at the same time, you need to choose."

"I choose?"

"Yes. You decide."

Olivia stares at the three men in front of her. One wore grey track pants and a hoodie. An evil expression on his face accompanied the evil smell of too few showers. That was an easy choice for Olivia. She turned to the next card holder who was bearded and chubby, with a strip of pale belly showing at the bottom of his tee shirt. The third man wore jeans and apart from being a bit bald, was unremarkable.

Olivia pointed at the third man. "You, what's your name?"

Without a word, and ignoring Olivia's question, the man grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the main part of the waiting room and pushed her to a chair. "Kneel and bend over, bitch. I like to fuck my bitches from behind."

"Hey," Olivia protested.

He pushed her hard and she stumbled against the chair. "Get into position. People are waiting."

Olivia, numbed by the reaction, moved like an automation. She put one knee up on the chair and lean over, resting her arms on the back of the chair. Her other knee followed so she was kneeling, bent over, ass out. She had an unobstructed view into the rest of the waiting men. Her face was on fire and her heart hammered. She felt dirty and aroused and ashamed and terrified all at the same time.

A hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and, almost immediately, the head of a cock pressed against her sex, forcing its way in. There was no build-up, it was urgent primal fucking as the man thrust into her. All eyes in the room were focused on her.

She closed her eyes and tried to block it out but the near constant noises from the spectators reminded her of where she was. The guy didn't take long. His thrusts became faster and more urgent as he fucked her harder and harder. Then he yanked her head back hard as he grunted and came in her pussy.

He withdrew and stepped back leaving Olivia kneeling with a small droplet of cum sliding down he thigh. She felt like she'd been used. She let loose a sob.

"Don't waste time," the receptionist called out. "You're not finished."

"But I chose a guy."

"You chose who went first. There's two to go."

Olivia turned her head to see chubby and smelly. She nodded at chubby who dutifully pulled out his cock and mounted Olivia. For the third time in less than an hour, a man who's name she didn't know entered her pussy. The chubby man took longer than the first and almost in spite of herself, she felt her pleasure building. Her moans started to match his grunts as he pumped away. After a few minutes, he too was done more warm droplets flowed from her cum drenched cunt.

He bowed her head down in shame.

With no decision to be made, the last guy simply grabbed her hair and pulled her off the chair and pushed her down into her knees. He undid his pants and slapped his foul-smelling cock against her face.

"Hey," she said. "You don't..."

"Shut up and suck bitch," he said pressing his cock against her lips. "There's no one in line so I get to use you how I want. So, make me hard."

Olivia looked up, then across at the receptionist.

"Do it or it's a strike for non-compliance," she said to Olivia.

Olivia's shoulder slumped and her eyes watered as she slowly and reluctantly opened her mouth and let the hideous cock slide inside. She gagged on the taste.

"If you don't like it you've got no one else to blame. I'm last in line so no one's telling me to hurry up." He placed a hand on the back of her head and crushed her face up against his crotch.

She gagged again as the head pressed against her throat and the hairs on his balls tickled her chin. He held her there until her lungs burned and her hands hammered his thighs. Then he released and she heaved in a huge breath. Drool and mucus dripped out from her mouth. She glanced to the side, straight into the eyes of one of the other men in the waiting room. He was rubbing his crotch.

She only had a few moments respite until the hard shaft invaded her mouth again. Her world shrunk as she struggled to breathe. Her heartbeat hammered in her ears as she struggled against his relentless grip. He released her again, this time almost seeming to forget about her.

She looked over. The blonde stood, naked, with a single man, holding a red card, in front of her. He grabbed the lithe naked blonde and pressed her to her knees. She looked up for a moment before the man, grabbing fistfuls of the blonde's hair, shoved his cock inside her mouth. The blonde gargled as the man face-fucked her. He hands coming up instinctively to grab his thighs.

After a few moments watching, Olivia's man asked, "do you like that, bitch?" Then he face-fucked her. Together, the rhythmic sound of the two women gurgling around the cocks thrust deep into their throat filled the waiting area. The remaining men looked on intently, some stroking their cocks as they watched.

Then the thrusting increased in power and the strokes becoming longer then more erratic. The cock twitched in her mouth for the briefest of moments before an explosion of hot saltiness hit her in the back of her throat. She struggled not to gag or choke as jet after jet pumped into the back of her mouth. Then he withdrew, throwing her to the floor. He simply walked off leaving her on the floor like used trash.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/05/19

Where the fuck did the "blond girl" come from?
An earlier edit?

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by Anonymous10/16/18

If the point here is to be become pregnant, the last guy should have been punished for cumming down her throat

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by Anonymous09/30/18

Great so far

Ignore the comments about it being too rough etc. this is non-consent, and as a female reader, I think your story is great.

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by Anonymous09/29/18


god this is hot. hope there will be more

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by GenesisBurke09/27/18

Update underway

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I'm rechecking this story to make sure that it's ok. It'll be a few days but there will be a newer, better version! Check out my Wordpress page for updates about whatmore...

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