tagMatureThe Lottery Company Ch. 02

The Lottery Company Ch. 02


I waited for a week and a half before Leslie brought Katy to my house. She and I had been together once before Katy made her grand entrance but I didn't say one word about the meeting. I can tell you that I was on pins and needles until they both arrived at my door.

Since Leslie and I had made arrangements for this night to be a sort of dinner date, I was surprised that she had brought her friend along. With the introductions made, I ushered them in to my living room and seated them while we made small talk.

Katy was shorter than Leslie by about two inches, had short black hair and like Leslie had that olive complexion. Either that or she had a great suntan for this early in the spring. Her sharp brown eyes looked at me with interest and she sported a slight smile that showed bright white teeth that had benefited from an orthodontist. I immediately liked this young woman. Although I didn't want to seem like a lecherous old man, I had gotten a quick look at her body and I liked what I saw.

Our conversation soon drifted to dinner and I told them that I hadn't made any preparations so we'd all have to chip in and prepare the meal together.

"Yeah, that sounds nice", Katy said. "What are we going to have?"

"I haven't gotten that far but if you two want to follow me, we can look and decide." I smiled as I set the rules. I knew that we would get better acquainted if they were involved in making the dinner with me.

"Ok, but can I have a glass of wine while we do the preparations?" Leslie inquired.

Katy's eyes rose in a subtle question. She didn't have to ask so I told them that they could have one and MAYBE one with dinner, if they were good girls and ate their vegetables. This state's drinking age was 21 years old and I didn't want to get arrested. Katy got the joke immediately and pretended to pout as she said, "But I hate vegetables, I'd rather just eat meat."

We all just giggled at her and went to the kitchen to hunt up our meal. Leslie opened the fridge and both she and Katy surveyed the interior. I opened a cabinet and started rattling off the contents. "Cereal, crackers, peanut butter, cookies, cake mix."

Leslie laughed and said, "Maybe we can domesticate him and get a decent meal before he makes us gain forty pounds, Kate."

Katy also laughed and started rambling off the contents of the fridge, "Salad, dressing, fruit, pasta sauce oh look there's two big steaks, some leftover chicken and summer squash in the bottom. Do we need more?"

"I forgot about those steaks. They'll work out just fine. Tell you what; I'll put the steaks on after I slice up the squash. We can bake them with some olive oil. How's that sound?"

Leslie chimed in, "Great, we'll make up a salad, while you do that. Where's that wine, Mark?"

"Next to the fridge. You know where the glasses are."

I rationed the wine while we made and ate our dinner. Afterwards, we settled into a cozy seat in the living room. Leslie sat next to me on the sofa while Katy relaxed in my easy chair. Leslie snuggled up to me and we had a nice warm conversation. During our talking, Leslie started to get frisky and planted small kisses on my neck while Katy smirked and watched. When she moved her hand to my nipples, I got awkward with Katy looking on.

"Les, you aren't being a gracious host, here. I'm feeling self-conscious and I know that Katy's probably feeling the same way."

"Oh, no I'm not. I want to see how far she'll go with an audience" was her quick reply.

Then Leslie piped in, while snickering, "I was wondering how far she'll let me go before she joins in."

All I could do was stare open mouthed at Leslie. This was the first time that I'd seen her be so...forward was the only word that came to mind. My reverie was broken when Katy sidled over and sat on my other side. Her hand came up next to Leslie's and they both began to tweak my nipples. I was dumbfounded and just let them continue to caress me. My nipples weren't the only area that began to get hard, though. Katy leaned in and pecked me on the lips. Then she settled in to a great kiss. Her tongue wasn't idle, either. She kissed like she was experienced, too and I got harder where it counted because of her ...um skill.

I don't know when Leslie moved to my cock and I really didn't care because I was by now harder than Chinese hieroglyphics. Leslie was really caressing my turgid rod while I moved my arms around each woman in encouragement. I looked at Leslie and asked her, "Are you ok with this?"

She nodded her approval and began to open my jeans. When she had them opened, I grabbed Katy by the nape of her neck and lightly pushed her towards my groin. She was somewhat reluctant until Leslie fished out my cock and waved it in her face. Katy seemed to be enthralled with my meat until her lips met the helmet. Gently she placed a kiss right on the slit and laved it with her tongue. Watching her lips, I couldn't help but surrender to the excruciating pleasure. I glanced at Leslie to make sure that she was, indeed, ok with this porn show. She was so into it that she grabbed my cock and fed Katy. Leslie's face was flushed with eroticism.

Katy bobbed on my knob and Leslie followed her lips with her fist. I was getting a blowjob and a handjob at the same time. I'd never been in a threeway before and I was enjoying this to the depths of my balls.

All too soon I felt the tingles that warned me that my orgasm was imminent. I thought that Leslie knew how close I was, and then I wondered if I should let Katy know. I didn't get the chance, though because Leslie whispered, "Cum in her mouth, Mark. Make her swallow that load." My last thought was that I'd never seen Leslie this aggressive before and I kind of liked it. Leslie put her hand on the back of Katy's head to make sure that she didn't pull away.

I don't think she had to do that because Katy went down as far as she could without swallowing my rod. Then I let loose with a rope of cum deep into Katy's mouth. I throbbed the first shot almost into her throat and she almost choked because of the strength of my shot. I knew that one blast was massive. I knew that I was in the throes of an enormous orgasm. I was so connected with my orgasm that I didn't care what happened. This was one of the most intense peaks of pleasure that I'd ever experienced. And I knew that Katy would have a hell of a time handling what I was giving her.

When I was able to get my head back from the deep cosmos I felt Leslie massaging my balls although I didn't know when she began to do that. As I looked down at Katy, she still had me in her pretty little mouth and was tickling my cock with her tongue.

It was Leslie that broke the ice. "I don't think that you've ever cum that much before, Mark."

I didn't answer her, though. I was looking at Katy. I had a premonition that Katy hadn't swallowed my load. When she lifted her head away from my cock, I saw that she had a thin film of cum where her lips joined together. She seemed to be playing with my cum in her mouth while Leslie and I looked on. Then she opened her mouth and that film on her lips stretched into lines of cum between those rosy pink pillows. We both had an unobstructed view into her mouth and we saw that Katy had collected my load onto her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and made a show of swallowing everything. It took her a couple of swallows to clean her mouth to her satisfaction and opened wide, again. Gone. It was all gone except for what had clung to her lips. She closed her mouth and licked her lips clean and gulped one more time.

Leslie laughed and said, "Kate, that was so nasty."

As I handed Katy the last of her dinner wine, she said, "Oh shut up. Bud had me do that every time I got a mouthful and I liked being nasty. I still do. Nasty really got him off and it gets me really hot. Because it's nasty is part of the reason I like giving blowjobs. The other part is that I really like to suck cock. I love to feel a cock in my mouth. I like it when he cums all over the inside of my mouth, all over my tongue and all over my teeth. I love everything about sucking cock, the taste the texture and the aftertaste. It makes me hot even hours after swallowing his load. It makes me feel nasty and sexy even hours afterwards when I can still taste cum in my mouth."

Katy took a sip, swished it around her mouth and swallowed one last time. I didn't waste the moment. I leaned in to kiss Katy and she retreated. With a shocked look she said, "Are you gonna kiss me? My old boyfriend wouldn't ever do that after I blew him!"

"Yeah, he was a dickhead, too", giggled Leslie. "Mark doesn't worry about that Kate. He's very cool about this whole sex thing. I told you that."

"Yeah, you did but I thought that guys wouldn't ever kiss a girl after getting a blowjob."

"Well, Katy, that load came from me and while I don't like to eat cum, I'm not really squeamish about kissing a woman after she swallows my load. It's not my favorite thing to do but I figure that if she can do it, I can reward her for her efforts. Speaking of which, Leslie and I usually trade places after one of us has just gotten off. That means it's your turn...as long as Leslie doesn't have any objections."

"Nope, but I want to watch that, too", was Leslie's reply.

"Oh, you can watch." I said. "In fact you're gonna help me."

"Help? What do you mean?"

"Well, you told me that you two have some ...um, experience with each other. So, what I want to do is for you to play with her a little bit while I bring her off. You won't have to do anything that you two haven't done already", I lied.

"Kate, you're gonna love this" Leslie told her friend.

"You mean you're gonna eat my pussy?" Katy asked. "My ex wouldn't do that either. He thought it was really gross."

"I told you that we've done that' Leslie chimed in.

"Yeah but I kind of didn't think you were being totally honest" Katy iterated.

"Just relax and if something makes you uncomfortable, just tell me and we'll stop, ok?" I said while looking her in the eye and leaning in for a kiss.

"Yeah, cool. I was really hoping for this" Katy stated.

I reached her lips and made sure that she was, indeed, kissed properly. During our kiss I made sure that I probed her mouth while running my hands lightly over her face and neck. Moving slowly to her neck, I began to explore her torso and then to her breasts. Kate then lowered herself to recline while I maintained contact with the hollow of her neck. You know the area, the one that makes women give entertaining little murmurs of pleasure. Her breathing began to get quicker and deeper. Leslie hadn't been idle in all of this, either. She was lightly massaging Kate's belly through her shirt. I began to unbutton her shirt to allow us both unfettered access to Katy. When I had it totally unbuttoned I asked her to sit up for a minute so that we could slip her shirt off. She sat up and Leslie moved it off her shoulders and down off of her arms. I reached around her back and deftly undid the catch to her bra. Leslie also did the honors and removed the garment from he body. I was enthralled with her little boobs and I made sure that she saw the look of appreciation on my face.

"They're kind of small" Katy bashfully stated.

"No, they're perfect" I said while I smiled. "I prefer small boobs to the larger variety. Itty bitty titties turn me on far more that big tits. You've never heard that anything more than a mouthful is wasted?"

"God, you're nothing like any guy I've ever been with!"

When I looked down again, Leslie was pinching and massaging Kate's nipples. I leaned in and kissed her right nipple, which allowed Leslie to have access to the left nipple. I guided Katy to lie down again while keeping contact with her nipple. I lightly flicked my tongue across her nipple and sucked on it. I did this in turn because it was turning her on immensely. Then I wondered whether it was me or Leslie or the combination that was getting her so hot this fast. Then I mused that it didn't matter, because it was the effect that was important.

Katy's titties were different than Leslie's. Leslie's areola was tiny brown spots and her nipple was proportionally small to the surrounding areola. Katy's areola were just as small but her nipple was slightly larger when erect. That didn't detract from either of our enjoyment, though. They also seemed to be more sensitive than Leslie's when they were excited. I have to be honest, here...I liked Katy and I loved bringing her to the heights of passion. I loved the thought that I was enjoying her body as much as she was enjoying me bringing her to those heights. It just seemed that the more inflamed her lust became, the more I floated along with that lust. In other words, my lust fed on hers and hers on mine. Ah yes, the classic quid pro quid of physical pleasure.

Realizing that Katy was heating up faster than I had anticipated, I began to move downwards. While I saw that Leslie continued to play with Katy, I lifted away from her and watched for a short while. I noticed that Leslie wasn't immune to what was happening, either. She was flushed with lust, too, so I reached out and lightly guided her head towards Katy's faultless breast. I knew that these two beauties had only touched each other through their clothing, so I wasn't sure if this was too much for them. Leslie didn't hesitate, though. She just leaned in and replaced her fingers with her tongue. I knew that if she performed her typical oral magic on Katy's tit like she did to my cock, Katy was in for a real treat.

Leslie whimpered her pleasure from suckling on Katy's flesh. I soon began to plant butterfly kisses on her stomach and reached her navel where I lingered and rimmed her belly button. When I reached the top of her jeans, I moved to unbutton and unzip her pants. Katy then began to run her fingers through my hair in anticipation of things to come. When the pants were open, I began to slide both her jeans and panties down her freshly shaven legs. When she was nude, I ran my hands along those soft, pretty and sensuous sticks. I moved back to her navel while massaging the sensitive skin of her upper thighs. This elicited soft moans from Katy so I slowly moved my kisses south towards the juncture of her legs and her torso.

I noticed that Leslie continued to tease Kate's titties. I had by now reached her pubes and I began to massage her mound. I just played with her mound, though. I wanted to prolong the sweet torture. I hadn't touched the lips of her pussy because I had an idea. I wanted Leslie to touch the treasure before I did. To that end, I reached for Leslie's hand and whispered, "Keep kissing her tits, Les." She glanced at me as I brought her hand to Katy's pussy. As before, she let me lead her. Reaching her aromatic treasure, I stroked Katy's pubic hair with Leslie's fingers. Not long after that, I began to feed those fingertips into Katy's gash. Katy responded with little flutters through her belly. I didn't say anything right away. I moved my hands to her thighs and spread her legs so that her outer lips began to open. On my word, I saw the moisture gathering at the inner lips of that charming little grotto. I saw Leslie's fingers sliding effortlessly though the collecting moisture. I inhaled the stimulating perfume of that little thing and it exponentially elevated my own desire.

Here, again, I couldn't help but compare the differences between these two women. Although endowed with the same equipment, they were vastly different, as well. The first thing that I noticed was that Katy's slit was smaller. Her inner lips, appropriately had less mass, were thinner and didn't protrude as far from her pussy as did Leslie's. Where Leslie's natural lubricant was gooey, for lack of a better term, Katy's seemed thinner. Katy's fragrance was different, too. Leslie had a slight tang to her aroma but Katy seemed more musky. Now, understand that neither trait was more desirable than the other. It was just the difference between the two. And I thank the gods for that difference; I revel in that difference; I adore that difference.

These thoughts race through my brain at the speed of light. It's like all those thoughts and observances are one coalesced pinpoint of an idea and shoot through the gray matter with the fury and speed of atoms colliding. My lust soared accordingly. I muttered to Leslie so that Katy could hear me, "Push your fingers into her, Les."

Katy apparently thought that I was probing at the entrance to her little cunt. Her head bolts up and sees that I'm holding her legs spread and Leslie is pleasuring her pussy. She makes no mention, though. She goes with the flow. I see Leslie push two fingers into that little mouse and begin to saw them into and back out, all the while fluttering her fingers. Katy and Leslie both heaved a sigh. I let Leslie continue to fuck her for a while before I grasped Leslie's wrist and removed her fingers from Katy. I moved her scented digits to my mouth while I held Leslie's gaze and inhaled the aroma deep into my nasal cavity. Then I slipped the fingers into my mouth and sucked on her fingers. All this time I held Leslie's gaze. I saw Leslie become more agitated. I licked her fingers clean and restored her fingertips to Katy's clit. I moved my tongue to Kate's pussy and began to feast on her arousal. I held Leslie's gaze as I ate Katy. Both of us could feel Katy tense up. We both knew that her orgasm was imminent. I licked and Leslie teased and Katy huffed until her body went rigid and her legs almost crushed my head while her hips lifted off of the sofa until the orgasmic spring burst. Katy flopped down in a heap with both of us in contact with her pussy and clit. Katy reached down and covered Leslie's fingers and my head in separate hands. When she became too sensitive, she gently pushed us away from her treasure. I saw Leslie's fingers had another coat of moisture.

I wanted to push the boundaries, so I pushed her hand towards her mouth. Leslie looked first at her hand, then at me. Looking deeply into my eyes, I heard her sniff at the offered digits. I held her hand just at the brink of her lips and looked at Katy to make sure that she was also seeing the action. When I looked back to Leslie, I saw the look of fear, but also the look of lust beginning to awaken in those pools of desire. She was realizing that what she was about to do was something that we hadn't talked about. It was something that I think she and Katy both wanted but were afraid to explore.

The moment seemed to last a lifetime. It also seemed that nobody took a breath until she slowly parted her lips and without me nudging her, slid the two fingers into her mouth and took a taste of her friend. Still looking me in the eyes she made a low moan. I don't think that Katy was able to hear her, but as she sucked and licked her fingers clean she turned to Katy and continued to lick her fingers clean. Katy and Leslie exchanged a look that told me volumes. I knew that from this moment on we would all enjoy each other in a very intimate way.

With Katy naked, Leslie fully clothed and me half dressed, I spoke to no one in particular. "It seems that somebody else needs to get her cookies crumbled." Katy glanced my way, as did Leslie. I moved closer to Leslie and leaned over Katy to kiss her. While we dueled tongues that gave both girls the needed information about what I meant, I was able to taste Katy in the kiss. Breaking the kiss I wanted to reinforce the forbidden act so I said "Kate, I love the way you taste" while looking Leslie in the eyes. "Doesn't she taste like musky honey, Les?"

Leslie only nodded her head. But while she started to turn shades of embarrassment Katy said, "God, that was hot. Was it ok, Les?"

Leslie turned to her and mumbled, "It was kind of nasty but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I mean, I never even thought about tasting your coochie but when I did it, it made me as hot as I've ever been."

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