tagBDSMThe Love Boat

The Love Boat

bypanama trick©

This story is collaboration between Myself and My loving collared submissive fireinnereyes. It is a story, but the feelings and the emotions are very real to U/us. W/we hope you enjoy reading it as much as W/we enjoyed the back and forth that created it. Blessed be to all O/our F/friends and to those new O/ones that W/we meet together all the time.

"My first vacation in years and I'm going to enjoy it completely." He walked up the gangplank to the ship, looked back at the busy port and smiled, thinking to Himself, He had big plans for this trip. He was going to relax, swim, maybe shoot a little onboard skeet, eat good food, gamble a bit, and scuba in the Caymans. Mostly, he wanted just to get His head clear and enjoy some down time.

He walked to His stateroom, noticed His luggage was already there and then went up on deck for the mandatory lifeboat drill. He casually watched His fellow passengers. There was quite a mix of people: blue hairs, newlyweds, jet setters, young professionals, and families. There were some attractive women, but He expected most of them were married or 10 years older than Him.

"Good thing I'm not on the prowl," he thought, "it is going to be thin pickings on this trip." The ship set sail and He returned to His stateroom for a quick nap before dinner. He rose about 7 p.m. and headed down to the dining area to His table. Four were already seated at His six-person table: a couple in their 60's, and two newlyweds. She was cute as a button; he was dashing and attentive. They whispered to each other and touched a lot.

He sat down and looked at the menu.

"Fish or beef?" He wondered, when a sudden wave of delicious perfume swept behind Him. In a flurry of colorful skirt and blouse, she sat down next to Him. He pretended to look at the menu while glancing at her from the sides of His eyes.

"Hi I'm fire," she said to Him. She introduced herself to everyone at the table individually. He paused a moment, then let His eyes travel up her body, appraising her openly to her face.

"fire. That's an interesting name for an interesting woman. . My name is Tantrick." The slightly bemused smile on her face let Him know that she had seen His scan of her, but her face went a little flush when He had spoken. Her face told Him that she enjoyed being flirted with.

"That's an odd name for an interesting Man," she giggled as she looked at Him from under her long lashes, obviously sizing Him up. Her eyes locked to His and He was stunned by the appearance of flames in them ... His green eyes bright and watchful; her eyes dazzling and like a candle to a moth. Her voice was slightly husky, at times almost breathless, and her expression made others feel as if they were the only one to whom she was talking. The time passed much too quickly.

He excused Himself and headed down to His stateroom to sleep. Sleep eluded Him as He thought about that beautiful woman... fire.

"What's her story? Why is a woman like that alone on a cruise?" Giving up on sleep, He rose and headed for the casino, as He passed one of the small bar areas He noticed her sitting at the bar talking with the bartender and walked over to her.

"Do you mind if I join you?" He asked. She waved her hand at the stool next to her.

"Not at all. It would be nice to have some company. So Tantrick, where are You from?"

She glanced at Him with a flirtatious smile as she brought her drink to her sensuous lips and licked the salt from the rim of the glass before taking a sip.

"Oops," she giggled as the slice of lime that was perched on the rim accidentally fell down the front of her sundress landing deep in her cleavage. She retrieved it from between her breasts and lifted it to her mouth, sucking the juices from the bittersweet fruit, winking as she did. She took another sip, tossing her hair over her shoulder and batting her long, dark lashes as her eyes shined into His. She had such playfulness about her and He was captivated by her warm, smiling eyes.

"I'm from all over, fire. Born in Rhode Island, grew up in Panama, lived in Kansas, Washington, DC, Texas, and now I live in Florida ... I think you mentioned something about Pittsburgh at dinner when you were talking to that young bride at the table," He replied, smiling at her obvious flirtation and hoping she wasn't drunk

"So tell Me," he said glancing at her ring finger, "where's your husband? Is he ill? Or did he let you come on this cruise alone? I know that I wouldn't let a woman like you out of My sight for very long."

"Do you dance?" He grinned at her and spoke with a sexy tone in His voice. He looked up at the few people dancing under the dim lights.

He stepped forward and slid a hand around her waist and took her hand, spinning her out onto the floor. He held her close but not too tight. Her hips swayed with the Latin beat of Santana and He danced like He had when He was young in the salsa joints of Panama.

"Ok folks, last call and last dance." They laughed and twirled the time away until suddenly the DJ spoke.

He held her close and danced to an old blues standard, their bodies touching and pressing, and her breath fragrant in His face and her aroma warm and provocative. As the dance came to a close, He bent and kissed her softly on the lips. Her lips parted and pressed against His and He deepened the contact, His tongue slipping into her mouth and tipping against her tongue. A little moan escaped her lips. As the lights came up, she realized what had happened. A blush covered her beautiful face and she apologized to Him.

"For what?" He asked.

"Well, I am a married woman, Sir, and I wouldn't want to lead you on", she stammered.

Smiling at her obvious attempt to gather herself.

"I accept your apology under one condition".

"What's that?"

"Let Me escort you back to your stateroom. You never know who's running around these ships this time of the morning."

"Oh no, I really don't think that is necessary, but thank You very much for offering."

Just as she said these words to Him, her eyes fluttered, her body telling her to go for it. Her heart was beating so rapidly, she hoped He didn't hear it pounding out of her chest Her voice shook as she tried to walk confidently and strong across the floor to grab her purse. Her legs felt like rubber after that kiss.

"Thank you for your company, I had fun dancing and spending time with you Tantrick. I'll see You at breakfast. Good night, and thanks again " She turned quickly trying to disguise her obvious attraction to Him. She was too scared to take it any further, knowing she was drawn to Him but not wanting to admit it.

"Oh, my God," she thought to herself. "What would my husband say if he knew?"

As she turned away He stepped closer and took her arm.

"No fire, I insist. I'm serious about the people who walk around on these boats at this time of the morning and I want to make sure you get back to your room safely. I won't take no for an answer. Now, either I can follow you there, lurking in the halls behind you, or W/we can walk together and enjoy each other's company. Besides, it is a condition for Me to accept your apology—not that one was necessary—and I'm not the kind of Man who takes that kind of thing lightly. So fire, what'll it be? Do I shadow you back to your room or do W/we spend a few more moments together? You are delightful company by the way."

"What is your room number?" Without another word He took her elbow and led her out into the passageway.

"I'm in 203. Balcony level." She looked at Him fearfully for a second, but He looked so handsome and so serious she said.

"Nice room. If you get the chance I'll show you what the suites look like."

"Really Tantrick, I'll be alright. I can make it the rest of the way myself. Have a good evening, okay? And thanks again for a lovely evening." Sensing a bit of danger she glanced over at Him, her pulse raced as He gripped her elbow tighter.

"So, did I tell You that I've been married for 16 years...faithfully?" she said nervously.

Disregarding her protest, He continued to walk with her His hand on her elbow. As they rounded the corner to the ship elevator, a drunk staggered out of an adjoining passageway.

"Hey, Baby, why don't you get rid of that bum and let's go party in my stateroom. I got a full bar." The drunk glared at Tantrick thru bloodshot, bleary eyes and bucked up like he was looking for a fight.

"Back off asshole. The lady isn't looking for a party; she's looking for her room." Tantrick stepped between fire and the drunk and said in low voice with a touch of a feral growl.

The drunk shot forward in a spastic lurch and Tantrick grabbed Him by the throat with one big hand, closing it around his windpipe as he repeated the warning. The drunk turned blue and clawed at the powerful arm that held him pinned to the bulkhead.

"Listen buddy, just go back to your room get some sleep and don't come out again tonight. If I see you again tonight you're going to have a long swim and I'm going to wait till morning to tell the captain I saw someone fall overboard." Tantrick took fire's arm. Her eyes grew large and excited at the display of strength and the manner in which He had disposed of the problem.

"You see fire, that's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping you'd avoid by allowing Me to escort you. So I hope you'll reconsider." He looked at her with a bit of a twisted smile. His lips uncurled and returned to their former condition.

"I'm sorry Tantrick. You were right. I guess it is a bit dangerous. I had no idea. Thank you for taking care of that man for me. I appreciate You protecting me from that monster." Smiling with a bit of embarrassment as the blush filled her cheeks, she cast her eyes to the floor then slowly raised them to meet His.

She wrapped her arm around His arm tight, feeling as if He was now her knight in shining armor after that display. A soft smile graced her lovely face as they continued their walk to her stateroom. She was thinking silently to herself: What a Man So honorable and noble, gallant and so dreamy, too She was so turned on by His actions to protect her, so charmed by His manners. "Mmm, such a Gentleman," she thought. Her heart was going pitter-patter, and she felt a familiar tingling between her legs.

He glanced at her and smiled as He noticed her nipples were peeking through her dress

The adrenaline from the confrontation still rushed through His veins as T/they reached her stateroom. She pulled out her key pass and handed it to Him. He ran it through the door lock and opened the door.

Turning to her, He said, "Well fire, here you are. I'm a couple of decks up. Before I leave is there anything you need?"

She looked at Him with a glint in her eyes, her heart jumping out of her chest. "What do I need? Oh my lord, if you only knew what I need," she thought.

"I believe I'll be alright, Sir. Will I see you at breakfast in the morning?" she said smiling up at Him.

"Well, fire, I'm not certain, I have some business in Kingston and then I was going to stop out at the Falls before returning to the ship, but I'll probably grab a quick cup of coffee in town and a meat pie or something," He replied.

She looked at Him with sad eyes. She had been so looking forward to spending more time with Him. There was a feeling when she was with Him. Just thinking about it made her wet with anticipation and her nipples hardened even more, a slight blush crossing her face at the thoughts of what she wanted this powerful Man to do to her...

He reached out to shake her hand good night and something made her—something deep inside...a force, kismet, who could tell—made her say, Oh Tantrick, don't be silly. She reached up to draw His face down to hers for a quick sweet kiss.

As their lips touched for the second time that night, He pulled her tight against Him and prolonged it, his lips warm and sensuous against her soft and yielding ones. His tongue slipped past her lips and danced off of hers... Her body melted against Him as years of deprivation disappeared in that one single kiss and embrace. A little moan escaped her lips. He walked her backwards into her stateroom and kicked the door closed behind them.

He spun her around and kissed her up against the inside of the door. His hands lightly searched, but His lips burned against hers like a branding iron. He wanted this woman, and He could tell by her reaction that she wanted Him. He grabbed her buttocks in a soft squeeze and pulled her against Him as He finished the kiss. Looking down in her eyes, He saw the need, the hunger, the desire and the fear—the fear of giving in. She had made a point of mentioning her marriage, but He knew at this moment, and probably long before this moment, that she had dreamt of a situation like this: a time when her lust and longing would be answered by a Man who was willing to take her, to make her His if only for the moment.

"fire, are you okay?" He whispered.

She looked into His eyes and he saw the answer to her unspoken question. He wanted her, and He would have her whether she sought it or not. She was powerless before His gaze and His passion. Quietly she responded.

Suddenly, she fainted, losing consciousness, collapsing in His arms. The emotions that He evoked within her were so overwhelming and the blood rushed from her brain so fast she blacked out. He chuckled to Himself knowing that this was more than she had possibly ever dreamt of. He picked her limp body and with great ease placed her gently on the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed with a smile that relayed how charming and sweet she was...along with how much fun He was going to have with this little one once she came to. He didn't realize the effect He had on her until she actually fainted in His arms.

"Oh my," He thought to Himself. "It has been a long time, hasn't it you sweet thing?"

He stroked the hair from her eyes then, rising slowly, He went into the bathroom and got her a glass of water and a cold hand cloth to place on her face.

As he returned from the bathroom, He noticed the silk scarves on her dresser. A small smile twisted His lip as He picked up one, then the second. He returned to her bedside and looped the silk scarf loosely through her wrists with a knot carefully prepared that could be closed quickly to secure her wrists together. He placed her hands slightly above her head and then took the other scarf and looped it through the space between the wrists then secured it to the bed's headboard. With that, He began dabbing at her face with the wet cloth.

"fire? fire? Are you okay, fire?"

Her eyes fluttered, then burst open, a blush filling her face.

"Tantrick, what happened?"

"Where I come from you would say you had swooned." He smiled softly into her eyes.

He quickly pulled the knot tight on her wrists and pulled the other scarf taut through the bed frame, securing her arms above her head.

"I hope W/we aren't going to have anymore of that, it really takes away from the time W/we are going to be spending together."

A wild glint in His eye made her shudder clear through to her pussy and she gasped at the knowledge that she was tied and helpless. He looked down at her.

"Am I going to have to gag you, or are you going to be smart and not scream?"

The reality of what was about to happen rushed through her like a lightening bolt striking her mind and firing up her body. Her mind began reeling.

"Oh my God what am I going to do?" She cried out deep inside of herself. "I shouldn't have let Him walk me to my room. I knew something like this would happen. I should've known better than to trust and think that I could resist this Man I want Him but this is wrong. I'm married for Christ's sake "

"Please Tantrick. You're very handsome and I'm extremely attracted to You, Sir, but we can't do this. I'm married I'm married " She snapped at Him defiantly, struggling to be faithful, to remain monogamous, to keep the vows she recited before God at the altar to her husband. Her voice filled with fear as she tried to deny the need for Him that was screaming loud within her soul—the need that hasn't been fulfilled by her husband...the wanton lust and desire that she craved and yearned for demonstrated in this Man who has tied her to her bed making her wet. Squeezing her thighs together tight to try and relieve the ache, she turned her head away in embarrassment at her arousal. She hoped her expressive eyes wouldn't reveal her efforts to do what was right struggling to defeat her need to have Him

"Please untie me. Please. Please."

He noticed her scent and grinned. He knew her words were not in sync with what her body was telling Him. She bit her lip nervously.

"So little one, you wish to be set free? To just forget this ever happened? To deny the lust that is coursing through your veins and wetting your cunt right now?"

He reached out and ran His hand up her thigh to her sopped panties. She struggled a bit but her body reacted naturally to His touch and her legs spread enough for Him to run His hand over her. His fingers made her cry out in pleasure, when He slid His finger under her panty leg and into her wetness she sobbed with lust and abandon.

"Tantrick, please, please stop. You don't know what You are doing. You don't mean those terrible things You're saying."

He pulled His finger from her and held it up before her eyes. Her honey was obvious on his long lean finger. Lifting it to His lips as His eyes bored into hers He sucked the fragrant dew from His finger. She turned her head away and blushed.

Oh my God, look at this Man. He's an animal.

He grabbed her cheeks and turned her head back to Him.

"You're delicious slut, so tasty, so fresh. He leaded down and kissed her passionately, the flavor of her cunt on His tongue and lips."

She melted.

She moaned softly into His kiss, and then heard herself gasp as He sucked the air from her lungs. In a last ditch effort to resist, she bit His lip. He pulled away and grinned at her and slapped her tits roughly.

"Bad girl " he said, licking the blood from His lip and wiping it with His sleeve. His eyes turned from hazel to blue.

"Please let me go, Tantrick. You can't You can't." Fire kicked her legs struggling to free herself from the knotted scarves, her body twisting and turning as she thrashed upon the bed. Her pleading and struggling served only to arouse Him more.

He enjoyed a feisty girl and she didn't realize that her resistance was only serving to fuel His fire. He relished the moment and how she squirmed so delightfully on the bed before Him. Taming this little filly would be so enjoyable. He teased and taunted her.

"Aww, come on My pet. You can struggle harder than that, can't You sweetheart?" He grabbed her pussy hard in His hand and squeezed it tight. Then, He looked deep into her eyes and exclaimed,

"You will be Mine This pussy will belong to Me." His voice was thick with lust and determination. She never heard a Man talk to her like this before. Slowly, she began to give into the primal urges within. She knew she needed this but was fighting to maintain her ladylike composure. She knew she was losing the battle as she felt her juices seeping out of her starving cunt.

"HAHAHAHAHA," He roared with laughter. "Release you? Let you go? I've just started."

With a wicked grin, He reached up and grabbed her blouse, His fingers scooping right through to the middle of her bra. He reared back and tore the clothing from her, her breasts bounding into the light with a slight sheen from the emotions clouding her mind. Her nipples were stiff, erect, swollen—crying out for touch. Her face was red with embarrassment. No Man had seen her breasts but her husband since she was a young thing. He savored the view. He reached out and caressed her nipple, feeling her press against Him even though she was still protesting He gripped her nipple between thumb and forefinger and twisted till she cried out in a mixture of pain and lust. He noticed that her hips rose each time He tweaked her nipple. He alternated between the two until they were cherry red from His sweet torture.

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