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The Love Letter


My love,

Each night I dream of you and of your words of love that haunt my every waking moment. The other night I dreamt that we met at cafe. We were just anxious about meeting each other. We chatted about our nervousness, our anxiety, and fear of rejection. The afternoon quickly passes and turns into evening. You have to leave because you have to work but I ask you to walk me to my car. Our hands touch and interlock. We look like a pair of high school sweethearts. As we get to my car, we face each other and kiss.

The kiss starts slowly but soon becomes passionate; the kiss begins to represent all of the dreams, desires that had to be suppressed. I begin to melt into your arms and our bodies are so close to each that I can feel your hardness and you can feel my heart increasingly beat faster. I ask you breathlessly if you can just follow me to my hotel room.

We get into our cars and drive to the hotel that is just five minutes away. We walk to my room still hand in hand and quickly enter it. We beginning to kiss passionately again, this time I can feel your hands caressing my body. First my back, then my side and slowly up the front of my blouse. My nipples react quickly to your touch and harden visibly through my blouse. A soft moan escapes from me as you caress my nipples. We continue to kiss and walk slowly to the bed. As you lay me down, you ask me if I am ready. I have never felt so ready for you....all these months of only imagining how your touch would feel have culminated at that moment.

You begin to unbutton my blouse, kissing each part that becomes exposed. Quickly my blouse comes off and not too soon after my bra. You stare at my breasts with a hunger that I have never seen before. Your mouth quickly engulfs my right breast as your other hand gently rubs the left breast. You swirl your tongue around my nipple..I can hardly contain my moans. You lay on top of me now...hold my hands over my head, and passionately kiss my mouth, neck and breasts.

I try to wiggle free from your grasp, but you tell me that you want to spend time more time on my breasts. You hungrily suck my breasts until I cry out. Finally, you allow me to take off your shirt and caress you body. I kiss your neck and nibble on your nipples. We begin to shed the rest of our cloths and finally are totally naked.

I am embarrassed as you look at me, my insecurity increases as you begin to kiss my breasts and you begin to kiss my belly. I try to hide my round belly but you push my hands away and continue to kiss and massage it. I can feel your mouth getting closer to my pussy. I am insecure that you will not like it because I did not shave it. Nevertheless, you continued downward and I felt your hot breath on my pussy. I felt your tongue gently caress my outer lips and then slowly part them to allow your tongue to reach my warm center. I quickly explode in your mouth as you lick in circles my clit.

My hands find your head and hair and I pull you up to me. I kiss your mouth tasting myself in the process. I instinctively part my legs and feel your hardness seek out my wet pussy. I tell you that you that I haven't been with anyone since we first declared our love. You enter me gently at first but then I feel a hard and deep thrust that makes me wince a little in pain. But the pain is quickly taken over by pleasure. You thrust into me at different paces, bringing me to a state of pleasurable insanity.

As your thrusts continue, I hold you close to me at time we kiss; at times, I hold your head next to my shoulder. Your hands holding mine the whole time. I feel my body release a pleasurable orgasm and my moans become increasingly loud. You kiss me to cover my mouth ---for I am making too much noise as I orgasm. I finally scream that I want you to cum inside me...I want your seed to be planted. I can feel your body release the seeds of love deep inside me. You thrust harder and harder into me until every drop has been left inside me. We stay that way for a long time. Our bodies had become one ---we continued to kiss until I felt your cock begin to harden inside me.

Without hesitation I begin to move my hips in with yours I raise them to meet your thrusts....by this time I am crying and begging you to fuck me....the words that came our of my mouth added fuel to your body. You raised your body away from mine and pushed my legs up and away from you....you thrust and pumped your body into me until I cried out in both pain and pleasure ---but begging you not to stop. My orgasms come one right after another....I can see you cock covered with my wetness and as you pump harder into me; I cry out one last time when I feel your thick load filling my womb.

At that moment you and I were the only two people on earth....we were the only ones that mattered ---- if for only that one moment. I hope that one day this dream will come true.

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