tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Love of a Stalker Ch. 03

The Love of a Stalker Ch. 03


This story was edited by akpamela an editor of Literotica. Thank you!

“It’s alright Destiny, I won’t hurt you,” the man said.

“W-w-who are you?” Destiny asked shakily. Backing away from him heading towards the back door. Seeing her movement, he ran across the room and grabbed her across the waist as she spun around to grab the back door handle.

“Where do you think your going beautiful?” he asked “And dressed like that in such freezing cold” “Tsk tsk.” He said.

Destiny immediately began to struggle against this man. She scratched at his arms and began to scream on the top of her lungs. Bending close to her ear he said, “No one can hear you.”

Realizing that he was right she stopped screaming and asked “What do you want asshole?” She began to kick and scratch and pinch at his arm to so that he would release her.

“Ah a feisty one we have here huh?” he asked to no one, laughing at her struggles.

Her mind whirling, she stomped on his feet and brought her head back fast to hit him in the face with it like she had done to the other man that tried to grab her.

“Oh no darling that won’t work again” he whispered in her ear.

Going suddenly still, Destiny realized this man was the same person that tried to grab her before. “Who are you and what do you want?” she asked her voice trembling

“All in good time my dear, all in good time,” he told her.

Bringing her leg all the way forward, she forced it back with all her might and swung her foot into his upper thigh, almost reaching his crotch where she wanted to aim.

Grunting he released her long enough for her to take off briskly for the back door once more. She felt triumph as she reached it and threw the door open wide, and ran to her car. Thanking the God’s that she left her night bag in the car with her spare set of car keys in it, she rummaged through the purse and withdrawing her keys, and started the engine.

Nothing. With sweat pouring down her back and face, Destiny tried to think of something she could do to get away. Looking around frantically she got out of the car and closing the door softly, looked around to see if the man was following her. Not seeing him she took off into the woods as fast as her legs could take her.

Destiny’s slippers quickly became wet and cold from the snow covered ground. Running as fast as she could, she headed what she thought would be the direction of the main road she knew was somewhere nearby. It was getting dark , and she thought she heard someone else’s footsteps crunching in the snow somewhere behind her. Taking off again at a run, she hoped she was headed in the right direction. Stopping after what felt like a mile of running and Destiny’s lungs burning as if on fire from the bitter cold air, she stopped to rest.

Trying to quite her breathing as much as she could, she stopped to listen if there were any sounds of pursuit. All she heard was the pounding of her heart banging in her head. Feeling her feet turn to ice, she knew she needed to keep going just to keep warm. As she turned to start running again, she ran right smack into the man who she thought she left far behind.

“Going somewhere my love?” he said sarcastically. It was still somewhat light enough to see his face clearly. He was taller than her by at least a foot, with dark brown eyes that seemed to bore right through her, he had slightly long jet black hair cropped neatly at his neck and ears, he had no visible facial hair that she could see.

Breaking into a wide smile into her wide frightened eyes, picking her up effortlessly, and throwing her over his wide shoulder, he began walking briskly back to the cabin. Destiny started to scream as loud as she could while kicking her feet and pounding his back in earnest. His hand came up and swatted at her butt in effort to stop her screaming and squirming. Momentarily stunned by the sharp blow she did stop. Looking around her to see if there was anything that she could grab onto to stop him that she noticed she wasn’t far from the cabin at all. This making her all the more angrier and desperate to get away from this boorish man; began to kick again and scream.

The man reached her back door that was left wide open, he kicked it closed with his foot and strode across the living room and deposited her onto the couch. Destiny jumped up immediately, and backing away from him until she tripped over the end table and fell to the floor.

“My love, would you stop putting yourself in danger and stop trying to run from me?” he replied. “You can’t get away from me.”

“Oh you sorry excuse for a man! You don’t think I won’t, but I will, and can!” Destiny screamed at him as she got to her feet.

“Alright darling, considering your making this much, much more difficult, I’m afraid of you causing some real damage, I will simply have to do this the hard way,” he said as he began walking to her in wide strides.

Destiny scrambling to get away from him yet again ran for the front door. This time throwing things into his path to delay his pursuit. It didn’t work. He reached her before she could reach the door, covering her mouth with a small rag as she tried to scream again. Smelling a foul smell, her scalp began to tingle and her body began to relax as she fell into the dark. The man picked the limp body of the women, cradled her into his arms and carried her into the opposite bedroom that she chose for herself. Laying her carefully down onto the bed that he had made earlier that day. He took off her sodden cold slippers and threw then into the corner of the room.

He undid the belt of her bathroom and moving her around a bit got it out from under her and pulled her arms free. Gazing down at her limp form he studied her perfection. The color high in her cheeks from the affects of running and from the drugs he used to put her asleep with. The nightgown she wore clung to her body like a glove, it being wrapped around her legs and the top being soaked in sweat. Slowly running his eyes down from her slender neck to her rising and falling chest, to her pert breasts, down to her flat stomach, to her round hips to her long shapely legs. Sighing to himself, he lifted her still form into the middle of the mattress.

Grabbing one of her hands he brought it to the headboard where he had fastened the silky rope to the headboard making sure that it was out of eyesight should she have walked into the room. He secured her right wrist to the headboard and spacing them apart he tied her left in the same fashion. Making sure it was tight enough to hold her there but not so tight that it would cut off her circulation, he pulled the blankets over her, and tucked them around her body. He fluffed the pillow under her head, trying to make her as comfortable as possible.

He crossed the room to sit in a chair and wait for her to stir from the drugs. As he waited he thought of the first time he saw her. She had just moved in across the street from him, and she was such a sight. She had on a blue turtleneck with a light blue printed sweater that was thin enough to see her proud nipples poking through the material from the cold, with a pair of jeans that just hugged her round bottom. He knew then that if he asked her she wouldn’t have gone out with him anywhere.

So he was contended to just watching her. He knew every where she went. He knew she worked at the hospital and was a nurse there who just moved from Virginia. He watched her all the time; fascinated by her movements, by her musical laughter, by the light in her eyes when she was with someone she liked. He would sit outside her house and watch her, as much as possible without getting caught in the act. Destiny was so beautiful. He doubted that she even knew just how much of an effect she had on the people around her. He sat in the café when she would take her lunch. This was convenient for him because he had his lunch break as well around her lunch hour.

Since the day he had watched her take a swim in her swimming pool, he knew he had to have her for his own. She had worn a little bikini that almost covered the right spots. As she rose from the water, the sun glistened in her wet slicked back hair. The water trailed down her pert breasts, down to cascade in a river to her little belly button, her calf muscles rounding as she climbed the ladder out of the pool, and her round butt sticking out, as she climbed the last step to stand. The cool water raining from her trim body as she walked to her towel and hide her curves beneath a soft towel.

He almost came, he was so hard from watching her, he reminisced with a grin.

Destiny began to awaken from her drugged sleep. Stretching her long legs out under the blanket, she thought it all a terrible dream until she tried to move her arms. Her eyes flew open as she looked around and began to scream again. Feeling the bed lower where he sat down next to her, she turned her head in his direction and yelled, “What the hell do you think your doing?” “You are aware that this is a crime?” she asked snidely

“Why do you have my hands tied and what do you want from me?” she said rising to near hysterics.

He leaned over her, and seeing she was about to scream again at his nearness, he covered her full mouth with his wide hand to silence her. “I will not hurt you love, I just want you for my own” he said as he planted kisses across her little nose and forehead. Destiny mumbled something under his hand. Guessing it was some kind of curses he didn’t let her speak.

Moving her head from side to side to remove his hand and to get air into her burning lungs she finally managed to remove his imposing hand from her mouth. Taking a full breath, she said “ You self-centered asshole!” “Who in the hell are you and what the fuck are you talking about!” she said her voice getting to a high pitch.

“Well I see my little minx has a mouth on her, I see.” Destiny kicked out from the blankets, and kicked him square in his chest to shove his smiling face away from her.

He stumbled backwards off of the bed, but caught himself quickly from being deposited on the hardwood floor.

Standing straight, he stood at the end of the bed glaring at her. Destiny, seeing the dark glare he was sending her, squirmed under his stare. He walked over to the side of the bed where she lay and started to straddle her petite body. Seeing what he was about to do, she began kicking again, and yelling on the top of her lungs for him to stay away from her. All she succeeded in doing was riding her nightgown up to her hips to expose all of her legs and most of her red thong she had put on earlier.

Sidestepping her first kick and standing back for the second, he just stood back and laughed at her frustrated look on her perspiring oval face. Destinies, hearing the loud boisterous laughter come from the man, stopped and stared. He stopped suddenly, noticing her bare legs and heaving chest from her exertions, he got a different light in his eyes. One that made Destiny terrified of getting eaten alive by this tall bulk of a man, she started squirming and yelling at him saying “Don’t you come near me you sick bastard!”

Not hearing a word of what she said with her foul language, he straddled her struggling form and bent to kiss her openly on her full mouth. It being open from her previous screaming, he softly plunged his warm tongue into her inviting cavern. He explored as much as Destiny let him, momentarily stunned by the sudden heat that spread like wildfire from her mouth down to her toes and back again to rest in between her legs.

He felt the heat as well, centering on his groan and making him all the more heated for Destiny. He caressed her mouth with his tongue, leaving no area uncharted, as he reveled in such a sweet warm haven.

Grabbing a hold of her senses she thrashed her body from side to side in effort to throw his heavy form from her body. Breaking the kiss, he braced himself on his arms still straddling her across her waist, he looked down into her startling blue eyes.

“I think you liked that kiss as well little one.” “For I felt you kiss me back,” he said smiling at her.

“You’re a disgusting you brute, if you think I remotely enjoyed that slobbering thing you call a kiss!” she fumed, turning red at the fact that she had unknowingly kissed him back.

“My, my you do have a mouth, and what a delectable mouth that it is” he said with a double meaning. “Now my darling, are you going to make me wash that mouth of yours out with soap, or are you going to behave like a good girl? He asked her. “I do have a lot planned for you, and I don’t want precious time wasted on profanity.”

Destiny, getting all the more heated at his condescending tone, she said “You are a---“

She didn’t get to finish what she had begun to say. Knowing what she was going to say, was just a string of obscenities, he took a piece of the white sheet that was underneath her and ripped. Taking the piece of cloth in his hands he tied it around her head, all the while her muffled outrage could still be heard through the affective gag he made.

“There, now my love we can have a silent moment at last,” he said mockingly.

Destiny kicked out with her feet and began to pull at her ties on her useless arms.

Feeling that they were bound tight, she ceased kicking and her thrashing for it made her tire quickly. All during this time, the man just stood by her side of the bed and watched her movements. “Good, I’m glad you came to your senses, although I did love that display you gave me.” “Now that I see that you’re ready to listen to what I have to say, I will tell you who I am.”

“My name is Jason Ramsley, JR to my friends and just Jay to my family.”

“I’ve been watching you from sometime my love, long enough to get well acquainted with who you are and what you’re about.”

“I just needed to see you in person to get all the deep down things, and to taste those wonderful lips, and sample that sexy body you have.”

“I will not hurt you,” he said as he heard her scream beneath the gag.

“Although I plan to keep you for sometime, either here in this wonderful paradise that you have or to my fathers’ homeland in Ireland.” “It really is a beautiful place and I’d think that you’d quite enjoy all it has to offer if I can guess anything in your taste from this place,” he told her.

“I tied your wrists because of the escape that you tried, in the snow at that.”

“Now if you promise to not scream or use anymore of that dirty language I will untie your gag,” he said “Swearing really doesn’t become you.”

Destiny nodded her agreement with wide eyes. The gag was too tight around her mouth and she was sure that her lips were going to be numb forever. Jason walked to where Destiny lay and untied the gag that was tied behind her head.

“Now be a good girl,” he said

Destiny moved around her jaw, restoring the circulation and licking her dry lips.

“What do you want of me Jason or whoever you are?”

“And who do you think you are doing this to me?” Destiny fired one question after another in her outrage.

He watched her flushed face, staring into her blue-sky eyes, with his velvety brown ones.

“Well, I am the person who is in control of your fate, while you’re in my possession” “What I want of you, is many things, but all of those things will come in time and of your acceptance of me,” he replied nonchalantly.

Destiny was so aghast that she didn’t have a reply to what he just said to her. She said the only thing that passed through her mind repeatedly “You’re out of your mind.”

“Oh no my dear I’m with sound mind and body. And the last is what Destiny was beginning to notice. He really wasn’t all that bad to look at, if she was only in a different situation.

He moved to sit by her on the bed. Watching her face for any reaction, when he say none he figured she just accepted what he was saying to her. He leaned over her to kiss her on the mouth. She turned her head to the side to avoid his lips. Taking her head in between his hands he still kissed her with all the pent up passion he felt inside. The kiss nearly took all of her breath from her. Destiny tried to push him away then realized that she could still not move her arms. She felt the passion in his kiss, and flicked her tongue out rubbing it against his own.

He felt like someone just had shocked his whole body to an electrical wire. Taking that as a signal, he moved his right hand from the side of her head and ran it down the side of her rib cage, to her ample breast. Feeling the underside then up to where her already hardening nipple was, he rubbed his big hand back on forth on the hard point. Breaking the kiss momentarily, he brought his mouth over her nightgown to place it over her awaiting breast. Destiny felt the heat from his mouth through the fabric, arching her back to meet his mouth as she groaned. He closed his mouth over her nipple, while the other hand came down to her other breast to play with that nipple as well. Wanting to be rid of the cloth that separated her skin from his hands and mouth, he grabbed a fist full of the thin material and ripped from her breasts down to her waist.

Destiny came out of her delirium from the start he gave her by ripping her garments away she shrieked “What the hell are you doing?” “Please get leave me be, at least untie me.”

“Love, I am going to make love to you, and you are still tied because I don’t want to chance you running from me again.”

He brought his mouth back down to her now revealed breast, exquisite with its beauty. He took his time as he traced her areola with the tip of his warm tongue. Taking her nipple deep into his mouth and sucking, he fondled her other breast, almost like he was guessing its weight. Destiny was lost in the world of sensations he was sending throughout her body. Her breath came in gasps, while her body writhed under his mouth.

Doing the same to her other breast, he took his right hand, still leaning over her, he ran his hand slowly down her stomach to her navel, and stopped at the waistband to her thong.

Destiny, knowing what he was about to do, and realizing that she liked what he was doing, she flew her eyes wide saying “ Please stop this, I can’t think when you do that, I don’t want you to do this.” “Get off me.”

“Ah darling, but your body tells me otherwise, and I can see your passion in those wonderful eyes of yours.” “So stop fighting me and enjoy what I’m doing.”

With that said he pulled her thong down and off her body, moving too quickly for her to react to it. Destiny began to kick again, saying, “No, no, please no don’t.”

Pulling her legs, and grabbing her hips, he threw her legs over his shoulders when he moved in between her legs. Destiny kicking her hardest felt his hot breath in the place that only one other person had seen. Not caring of her kicking, he lapped at her folds, tasting the honey that was coming out of her protesting body. Feeling her stiffen and close her legs around his head like a vise grip, he licked and sucked at her little button that was beginning to grow underneath its hood. His mind began to swim with the scent of her, the taste of her, the feel of her, invading his every sense, he heard her low moan.

Lifting her hips up off the bed to meet his mouth, she was lost once more in a world of her own. He took advantage of her splayed legs and moved one hand down to her dripping love hole and slowly entered the tight entrance. Continuing the assault on her now hard throbbing button he moved his fingers in and out of her. Gasping and thrashing on the bed she felt her orgasm coming closer and closer with every movement of his fingers and wet tongue. Knowing she was close to her culmination, he lapped at her at a fast speed feeling her juices run down his hand, her vagina squeezed his fingers. She yelled out “I’m coming!” she arched her back feeling as though her whole body was engulfed in flames and stars burst beneath her tightly closed eyelids.

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