tagNonHumanThe Love of a Tentacle Ch. 03

The Love of a Tentacle Ch. 03


"Listen, Mr. Rox." The detective said, "If you just confess, things will go easier on you."

"But I didn't do it!" Rox whined.

The detective shook his head sadly and mulled through some papers on the table. He wore large black glasses and sipped from a coffee cup every thirty seconds or so. His demeanor was that of a teacher, with a bad student in his office.

"Let me ask you something Mr. Rox, how many tentacle monsters do you think live in Guilford County?"

"I want my lawyer!" shouted Rox.

"Well you know I have a man on the phone with a lawyer right now and he isn't sure we have to provide one with one. Actually we probably should have had you picked up by animal control, but they don't have the facilities to house a dangerous animal your size." The detective stared at Rox.

Rox didn't want to give up the location of his brother, but the only logical conclusion he could think of was that Coxathon had committed the assaults he was in jail for. Coxathon hated humans and had wanted to leave the forest to hunt them for years.

"I'm not the only tentacle monster!" He confessed.

"If that's so, tell us where the others are and I'll go bring them in. If your alibi checks out maybe I'll let you walk."

So Rox told him.


Susan awoke next to Coxathon and snuggled up closer to him. The other three slave girls were lying on the floor at the foot of her bed. After seeing the damp cave that Coxathon lived in Susan had wrinkled her nose.

"Oh I don't think so Mr!" She had told him.

Coxathon had growled at her, "You'll do what I say slave!"

"Yes, and that's great my beastly lover, but I can do what you say on the comfort of my own bed."

"I'm no weak human, I don't need pillows!" He told her.

"Well what about air conditioning?" She asked.

"What's air conditioning?"

"What about refrigerators?" She asked smiling, placing a hand on his back and rubbing his tentacle holes.

Shortly after she had led the other slaves to her car and they had driven to her house with Coxathon running after them. The other slaves were a pair of twig skinny Japanese twins in their early twenties, with matching red skirts and skin tight black t-shirts that were dirty and torn from living in the cave with Coxathon for the past week. Also there was an older dark haired woman named Janet that had serious curves. Susan thought she probably had E cups.

Susan crawled out of bed and went to the kitchen to put on some coffee. As she was finishing the pot one of the twins came in. Susan wasn't sure which one it was, they had told her their names on the drive but telling them apart was hard. This one was probably Bunko... Junko may have had more bruises.

"There's some coffee over here dear, and I've got cereal and Pop Tarts in the cabinet." Susan offered.

"Thanks." The girl said, rubbing her eyes and opening the cabinets.

Susan wondered what Coxathon would want. He seemed like a carnivore so he would probably want meat. She got all the ham and bacon she had and cooked it up.


Edward was pacing anxiously in his office when the phone rang.

He snatched it up and said, "Whataya want?"

"ED! It's me!" came Rox's voice.

"Jesus Crhist Rox I heard what happened on the news are you in the pen right now?"

"Yeah I didn't know who else to call. I need a lawyer!"

"You're gonna be fine Ed, I know guys who can beat this rap, I don't know why you needed to go bang three bitches when I got a dozen your keeping waiting right here, but when we are done these sluts are gonna be on trial, not you!" Ed exclaimed.

"I didn't do it Ed! It was my brother!" Rox said.

"Jesus, your own fucking brother making you catch his rap. That's fucking cold Rox."

After the call Edward told the girls the shoot was off for the day. Then he noticed Susan wasn't there.

"Anybody seen Susan?" He asked. None of them had.

"I better call her later and make sure she is okay." He thought, "But first I've got some other phone calls to make."


"So how much can you bench?" Luis asked.

"I don't know. How much do six human women weigh?"

"Bullshit homes! You cannot pick up six hundred plus pounds!" Al said.

Al was a short but muscular white man in his mid-thirties, while Luis was a forty something year old man from Costa Rica. They had been arrested breaking in to an old folk's home.

"Old people man." Luis had said, when asked what they were in for.

"They are the perfect ones to rob." Al agreed.

"Listen Rox, next time you gonna rape a girl go for an old lady." Luis recommended.

"Yeah they don't fight back so hard." Al agreed.

"And when you steal their shit they don't chase you."

"They don't even have cell phones most of the time." Al added.

"People think they are all friendly and stuff, "Luis explained, "But they are really mean!"

"Yeah they treat people like dirt." Al said, nodding.

Rox move his eye from one to the other. "Ah, thanks for the advice guys."

"No problem." Luis said.

"We gotta teach the younger generation." Al said. "It's us versus the fucking popo."

But now it was time for his visit.

"Rox!" said Charlene from the other side of the glass, her eyes tearful.

"It's okay Charlene! I'm here."

"That's not okay!" Charlene screamed. "Here is prison Rox! You're in prison!"

"I know but I'm innocent! I'll be out soon as they find Coxathon, or maybe the DNA test will prove me innocent."

"Your DNA is alien to us Rox! It could take months to come back assume they can even understand it well enough to use it like that."

"Oh..." Rox looked at the floor.

"We have to hope you have enough witnesses for your alibi. One of the rapes occurred last Tuesday, who were you with that night?"

"Well Charlene... that's good because I think I have about thirteen witnesses to where I was... and a video..."

Charlene gasped. "You were shooting a porno?"


"I thought you said you'd quit." Charlene's voice was quiet, she looked at the floor.

"I know... it's not that easy Charlene. I signed a contract. Besides I gotta earn a living!"

"Oh my god... you've had sex with me after fucking thirteen other girls!!!" Charlene realized.

"No my love! The thirteenth witness was my manager, he films it!"

Charlene stood up, threw the phone down, and turned away, storming out.

"CHARLENE!" Rox cried. He was then escorted back to his cell.


Susan knew it was time to play as soon as Coxathon started sniffing Bunko. The petite Asian girl lay on her stomach watching TV when Coxathon walked up behind her and pressed his nose to her butt. He pushed it under her skirt and sniffed vigorously. Bunko responded by arching her back and smiling at Coxathon.

Susan was sitting next to Junko and had been waiting eagerly for this moment. She knew from what the other girls had told her that Coxathon would fuck them on a daily basis, as well as hunt for new women, some of which eagerly followed him home after getting a taste of his cum. Coxathon did not need to guard them or forcibly restrain them, they were held in his thrall by the craving for his jizz.

Susan had been eyeing Junko's body for a while now, and as Coxathon pulled Bunko's underwear down with his teeth Susan put her right hand on Junko's leg and rubbed it slowly.

Junko's face took on a look of concern. "Umm, Miss..." She started.

"Shhhh." Susan put a finger to the girl's lips and then put her arm around the girl's shoulders.

"Miss, I am not like that." Junko pushed Susan's hand away.

"Come on, Coxathon will like it." Susan said, pushing her hand up Junko's skirt and pressing her lips to hers.

The girl took both of her hands and put them to Susan's breast, pushing straight out as hard as she could she sent Susan sprawling on the floor next to Coxathon, who had his tongue between Bunko's thighs and was licking her as she moaned, kicking her legs like she was swimming.

Janet laughed and looked at Susan, "I have what you want over here I think."

She lifted her legs and pulled her pants off, throwing them aside as she moved to the edge of the couch and spread herself for Susan to see her black lace panties. She motioned for Susan with one finger.

Susan turned towards Coxathon and leaned next to his head, she put her hand to his chin, stroking, and whispered to him. He grumbled with a deep laughter. Susan licked her lips and crawled toward Janet. Janet smiled and took hold of the back of Susan's head. She leaned down and kissed Susan deeply, their tongues pushing against each other.

Susan gathered that Janet was very experienced and she was turned on by the woman's aggression. Janet pulled her breast out and thrust them in Susan's face. She smacked Susan repeatedly and pulled her hair, showing her who was in charge. She drove Susan to the floor and put her foot in Susan's mouth, pushing in each toe, demanding every inch be licked. Susan moaned, loving it. But she still wanted that little Asian girl to eat her cunt.

Junko slunk from the couch, tugging on Coxathon's leg. Coxathon pulled his snout from Bunko's soaked crevice and licked Bunko's face. The girl lay back and spread her legs. Coxathon turned back to probing the depths of Bunko's ass with his tongue but didn't ignore Junko. His cocks emerged from his back and spread out around the room; two found Junko and the first pushed under her skirt, wiggling to get into her panties as she grabbed the other from the air with both hands and began hungrily licking at its tip.

Janet had mounted Susan's face. She turned herself so that she faced towards Susan's feet and Susan took in the sight of the woman's curvy ass while Janet was grinding her hairy pussy against Susan's willing mouth. Susan used her hands to play with Janet's tits from below, rolling her nipples between her fingers. Susan saw the tentacles coming and reached back, spreading Janet's ass cheeks.

Susan's pussy tingled at the sight of the long member pressing itself against Janet's asshole.

"Do me Coxathon! Fuck my ass!" Janet screamed.

Susan reached her tongue up and lapped at the rod as it went in, lubricated by the generous precum that these creatures always generated. Drops of it fell onto Susan's lips and she licked them off with relish. The stuff was warm, salty, and delicious, but most importantly it made her pussy catch fire and set her craving the fountain of cum Coxathon would produce.

A few feet away Bunko and Junko were holding each other as they received a hard pounding in both their lower holes from four hard cocks. Coxathon leaned over them and licked at their faces and breast.

"Fuck my slut sister harder Coxathon!" Bunko moaned.

"Drill her pussy till she cries!" Junko shouted.

Coxathon put a cock between their lips and they both went for it, but it wasn't a friendly sharing. They each pushed at the other with their arms though they couldn't get any leverage because they were on their sides shaking from the large members tearing into them. They pressed cheeks together as each tried to get as much of the dick into their mouth as they could. Precum ran down their necks. After a moment Bunko noticed all the fluid on Junko's face and started licking it off.

"Stop being gross!" Junko yelled.

Susan wondered then if Coxathon was going to do as she had suggested. He was surely going to cum from one of his poles any moment and just as she thought that Junko cried out in dismay and the tentacle in her pussy pulled out. It slithered around the room and into Susan's pussy. That attracted Janet's interest and she leaned down, licking where the large green head was probing Susan's pussy. The tentacle began fucking Susan with abandon and Coxathon shuddered when he erupted into Susan's pussy.

Susan sighed at the warm feeling. When the tentacle pulled out Janet tried to dive into Susan's cunt after the hot treasure but Susan closed her legs. An angry Janet started riding Susan's face harder while her own ass continue to receive it's fucking inches from Susan's face.

Coxathon now had Junko wrapped up in a few tentacles to hold her body down with her ass in the air. Her asshole was being pounded hard and the girl grunted like an animal. A look of horror crossed her face when that tentacle too pulled out and went over to Susan. The tentacles had pulled her away from her sister and she was forced to watch as the cock they had been competing for spewed onto Bunko's face, it's cum coating the drooling girl's lips. Bunko lapped it up eagerly.

Susan was deeply enjoying Janet's juicy snatch as the second cock pushed into her and, after a few strokes, emptied inside of her. Susan then reached up and pulled the cock out of Janet's asshole, pointing it toward her face and jerking. Janet turned around immediately and put her face next to Susan's as the cock sprayed its load into their waiting mouths. When it finished the horny women wrapped their arms around each other and kissed.

While their tongues fought over the cum from each other's faces Bunko whined as the cocks in her pussy and ass drew out and came over to Susan. They pushed inside her ass and pussy then immediately came, filling her ass and pussy with more hot jizz.

Susan then pushed Janet away and stood; the tentacles that had been holding Bunko and Junko down released them.

"That's not fair!" pouted Junko.

"Oh," Susan said. "Did you not get any?" Susan ran her hand down over her pussy and ass. "I'll share with you. I've got several loads... right here." Susan rubbed her clit as she stared at the girls conflicted faces. Coxathon lay on the couch; an unspent tentacle wrapped around Janet's neck and pulled her to him. She lay at his side, gently sucking the pulsing head as she watched the show.

Susan could see Junko clinching her thigh's together as the woman stepper toward her. Susan swayed her hips sensually, rubbing her clit as she moved inches from Junko's face. She took a deep breath, "What do you say?" Susan slipped a finger into her pussy and brought it out covered with spunk. She pressed it to the young woman's lips which parted, allowing Susan to rub the cum onto her tongue.

Then Susan felt a tongue the bottom of her asscheeks, and a trail of kisses as Bunko moved her face over Susan's soft behind. Susan looked back and down, putting her hand to the back of the girl's head she clasped a handful of hair and said, "You can have the back door." She pulled the girls face forward into her ass and looked forward at her sister.

"Ughh, your sister is good with that tongue... if you don't hurry up I might let her have the front too."

Junko swallowed and closed her eyes. "Yes..." Susan began to pant, unbelievably hot as she grabbed the other sister's head and pulled it into her pussy.

With two petite sisters on their knees in front and back Susan moaned and her knees shook.

"Eat my ass your little cunt! Ahhh yes! Suck that fucking pussy for all you're worth you little bitch!"

Bunko's lips were sealed over Susan's sphincter and her tongue was wiggling inside her rectum. Susan loved the sight of Bunko's face swallowed by her sweet ass. Junko was just as deep, with Susan's pussy lips covering her mouth and chin, her clit rubbing the cute girl's nose.

Coxathon was enjoying Junko's degradation as Janet used her considerable oral skills to pleasure him. "This Susan is the best human slave I've found." He thought. "More than a slave even..." Janet was a skilled lover, but he was impressed by how Susan was driven by need for his cum, but was still devious. Junko and Bunko on the other hand, were toys to be soon discarded.

"Oh yeah, dig in there with your tongue." Susan bucked her hips against Junko's face. She felt the sisters screaming into her crotch as they came themselves, their fingers working their own clits. Junko's eyes rolled back in her head as she struggled for air. Her own desire and Susan's insistence were pressing her nose and mouth into Susan's soaking wet cunt and as Susan had an orgasm that flooded Junko's mouth with cum the girl passed out, falling to the floor. Her opened her eyes after a moment and stared up at Susan, a looked of bewilderment and loathing on her face.

Then she took her fingers and scooped up some cum that had run down her chin, licking it up.

Coxathon went on the prowl that evening. He knew just where he would go tonight. He followed his brother's smell to a warehouse with a number of sets; it seemed to be a movie studio but Rox didn't sleep there. Then he followed another trail and found a two-story home which he entered. He didn't find Rox, but he found a human female that screamed at the sight of him. She smelled strongly of him.

"When did Rox have his way with you girl?" Coxathon asked.

She pulled the covers tight and looked at him, afraid.

"I'm... I'm his girlfriend."

Then Coxathon remembered her. "The girl from the forest..." He muttered.


When they brought Rox out to see his visitor he had just assumed it was Charlene, but he didn't know the girl on the other side of the glass. She was tall, with brown hair down to her waist and a white dress on. She seemed like a nice girl, and greeted Rox in a friendly way. He was impatient to know her story though.

"Who are you?" He asked, staring at the girl suspiciously.

"The girls sent me to speak for them." The women said. She played with her hair with one hand and smiled at him, her slender neck and pale skin looked beautiful; Rox had the urge to unleash his tentacles on her. "Crap," Rox thought, "I've been having so much sex lately I'm addicted!"

"What girls?" Rox asked, "The girls from tentacle sex for real dot com?"

"No! The girls you raped." She laughed as if it was silly.

"Is this legal?" Rox asked, confused.

"Shhhh I'm here to offer you a deal." She put a finger to her lips and glanced at the guard.

"What deal?"

"If you agree to have sex with them on a regular basis they will refuse to testify." The women said. "Oh, and me too." She blushed.

"THAT'S BULLSHIT!" shouted Rox.

"Shhhh, well you should have thought about that before you made them drink all that cum and left them in an alley. As for me well, I saw the website and..."

It was then that the officer interrupted them.

"Rox," the man said, "I have some bad news."


The police were extremely frustrated when they released Rox the next morning. They had received word from all three alleged victims that they would not testify, and there were no longer grounds for a case against Rox. Edward showed up in a Ford F-150 and Rox jumped in the back. He spoke to Edward through the window.

"I got three girls you gotta hire!" He shouted as they drove.

"What? I don't know what you got up to in there but we don't film prison bitches Rox! Ain't nobody wants to see that!" Edward said.

"Oh shut up and drive!" Rox yelled.

The door to his house had been torn off its hinges and Rox bounded up to it, sniffing the frame.

"So ah, somebody snatched your girl huh?" Edward asked.

"It was my brother." Rox said.

"That guy is a real piece of shit Rox. No offense."

"I gotta find him. He won't have stuck to the roads so the truck can't come. Should we call the cops?"

"The fuckin pigs Rox? Listen up, you find his ass; I'll bring the back up when you call me. We are gonna cut this dumb fuck's dicks off and shove um up his ass!" Edward said, climbing into the truck.


Charlene's hands were bound to a rope hanging from the ceiling in Susan's bedroom. Susan introduced her to each of the other slave girls casually, like she was a guest and not a captive. All were were naked, and Charlene tried to avoid staring at them. She cringed when Janet removed her own clothes, the women's hands wondering over her body to cop a feel as she did.

Susan approached Charlene slowly and reached out to put a palm on her cheek.

"So you're the reason I can't get Rox to myself, such beautiful dark skin." She said, eyeing Charlene up and down. She ran her hand down Charlene's neck, over her breast, stopped to pinch a nipple, and then tickled her stomach. Charlene twitched as the woman's fingers tickled her sides.

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