tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDream Lovers Ch. 01

Dream Lovers Ch. 01


Chapter 01 (edited)

An Accidental meeting

Doctor Matt Dillon treated scores of accident victims coming thru the Emergency Room. Cool under pressure, quick and aggressive, his record of successful treatment is impressive. His natural caring heart constantly battled the cool detachment necessary for the concentration needed in treating the ill or injured.

The day Christine Johnson arrived; she won his heart and changed his life forever. She arrived semiconscious after a drunk driver plowed into her motorcycle. Only her helmet kept her from dying. She suffered several bumps and bruises and a mild concussion.

Her incredible beauty captivated Matt from the minute she arrived.

She groggily asked, "Where am I?"

"You are in the emergency room." Matt replied. "Don't worry you are going to be fine."

"Thank you," she said grabbing Matt's arm. "What about my bike?"

Matt looked at the paramedic. "It's totaled. Sorry miss."

"What about the driver who hit me?"

"He is in jail. His record should keep him there for a long time."

As she was taken to a private room, a jumble of conflicting emotions crashed on Christine. Her doctor said she would be fine. However, her body ached. Her head throbbed. She lost her beloved Harley. She did not have health or bike insurance. It took months of tending bar just to make the down payment. It was too much to handle at one time and she cried uncontrollably.

Matt wiped away her tears. "Please try to be calm. I need to check you for injuries. The nurses will remove your clothing."

Christine shook her head "No."

"Don't be shy. She will only remove your outer garments. OK?"

She seemed relived and nodded "Yes."

As Matt checked her over, he could not help but admire her long auburn hair, deep green eyes, perfect 38" breasts, firmly formed abdominal muscles, 22" waist, gorgeous plump 36" ass and nicely toned legs. She is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.


Matt's parents owned one of the few renaming family farms in rural Indiana. He grew up with two sisters and a brother, all born at home. Matt played on his high school football team good enough to receive an athletic scholarship. He majored in pre-med and spent four years in medical school. In his time away from home, he grew into a muscular 6'2", 215 lbs, with large pecs, six pack abs, powerful arms and sturdy legs. Long straight blond hair, blue eyes and a prominent square jaw aroused lust from women eager to get in his pants.

He is currently fulfilling the required residency.

Matt is not gay and is not exactly straight. He had little problem meeting beautiful and intelligent women. Several intimate affairs never progressed to the commitment stage. There always seemed to be something missing.


He discovered the missing need at an AMA convention in Las Vegas. He met Sheila Waters at a cocktail party. They talked, danced and developed a strong desire for each other. They sat close to each other and kissed passionately. He fondled her breasts and ass. She deflected his attempts to slide his hands in her panties.

"We need more privacy," She pleaded.

They walked hand in hand to the elevator and kissed fervently on the ride to Matt's floor. They entered his room and hurriedly removed each other's clothing.

Matt removed her bra exposing her beautiful 38" breasts. She fell to her knees, took his 9" cock in her soft hands and licked the head, drawing out and swallowing a generous stream of pre-cum.

She swirled her tongue around his nicely veined cock and sucked his balls one at a time.

"I love your cock! So large! So hard!" she moaned. She bobbed relentlessly sending Matt into orbit. She gave him by far the best blowjob of his life. She took his cock down her throat holding for long moments. She tickled his asshole and inserted a long finger rubbing his prostate. He could hold back no longer and shot long streams of hot creamy cum into her mouth.

Sheila swallowed his cum as fast as it came. She saved the last mouth full and rose to kiss Matt sharing his cum. He was mildly surprised and kissed back hard, enjoying the texture and taste.

Sheila asked if he liked cum. Matt smiled licking his lips.

"Oh my, I have a big surprise for my little cum whore," she laughed.

She sexily walked away from Matt, swaying her luscious ass. She turned and removed her thong revealing a hard 7" dick.

Stunned speechless, he could not believe his eyes. There standing before him is a gorgeous woman with a long circumcised cock, her pubic area and balls shaved clean.

"You must like what you see," Sheila teased.

Matt thought back to all the women he dated and the feeling there was something lacking. Could this be the answer? Could he fall in love with a she male? Was this woman the answer to his dreams?

"I love what I see. It seems strange in a good way that you are so beautiful and have a cock." Matt replied.

"What are you waiting for? Make love to me Matt," she demanded.

He took Sheila in his muscular arms kissing her passionately. He caressed her marvelous breasts, tweaking her nipples. Sheila moaned as she ran her hands over his muscular chest.

Falling to the bed facing each other they hugged tightly. Her breasts smashed into his chest. Their rock hard cocks touched like dueling swords.

Matt placed Sheila on her back and straddled her body. While fondling her breasts, he licked her ears and kissed her cheeks, nose and chin. He slowly licked her lips, down her chin to her neck.

Holding her breasts, he alternated sucking and tweaking her nipples.

Sheila spoke lovingly urging him onward. "I love your touch. Your tongue is so hot. Your lips feel so soft. You are building a fire in my soul. I love feeling your taught muscular body."

Matt reached her cock holding it softly. He felt it lurch harder. Sheila gasped. She panted, breathing rapidly.

Matt kissed the head and licked her pee hole. A small stream of per cum emerged and he licked it up,tasting another person's cum for the first time. It was creamy, warm and sweet. He wanted more.

He licked her cock down to her balls. He swirled his tongue over her sack and ventured a kiss on her asshole. Sheila purred like a kitten, speaking again. "Do you like my cock? Kiss my nuts! My ass is made for fucking. My cock is made for sucking,"

Both laughed at the nonsensical rhyme.

Matt drew Sheila to the edge of bed and knelt between her spread legs. Taking her cock in his mouth, he slowly moved down. He loved her taste and the feel of her smooth skin. He was surprised her cock slid easily into his throat. He continually took her deep with every thrust. He wanted to give Sheila as muck pleasure as she gave nim. He gently caressed her balls feeling the heat and prepared for her orgasm.

Sheila was amazed and very aroused. Matt's first blowjob moved her beyond hot to a burning fire in her balls. The familiar pre-orgasmic sensation grew in her cock. She lurched forward, latched onto her tits, and threw her head back in ecstasy.

Her cock grew larger and hotter as long streams of cum repeatedly blasted into Matt's mouth. He swallowed hard but could not keep up with the flow. Cum covered his face and dripped to his chest.

Sheila's cock finally softened and slid from Matt's mouth. She licked her cum from Matt's face and body sharing each mouth full with Matt..

She peered into his eyes and knew without asking that Matt truly enjoyed his first time with a transsexual.

Matt was in a quandary. "I cannot thank you enough for showing me the joy of transsexual love. You have opened a new world and I know for sure I could fall in love with a special woman like you. I could never feel the same way with a man. So, am I gay or bi?"

"Since hormones and other treatments have allowed men to become the women trapped in their bodies, scholars and nonprofessionals have debated your question. I once asked that question of myself.

"I love sex with men and women. I have given up casting myself as gay or bi. In all honesty, does is really matter? The trick is to avoid labels and stereotypes. Just simple enjoy all that life has to offer."

"You have an amazing attitude." Matt offered. "I leave tomorrow and would love to see you again."

I would like that." Sheila replied. Handing him a card she said, "Be sure to call me to make sure I am free."

The card read, "If you are adventurous and looking for a woman with something more, call Sheila." It listed her phone and email.

A hand written note on the back read, "No charge lover."


Born a male named Chris, it soon became apparent to his mother,Janet, that Chris was not like all the other boys in the neighborhood. He played with the girls instead isad of guys. He joined their silly games and let them tie his long hair in ponytails. Janet caught him wearing her panties, using her perfume and lipstick. He hated haircuts begging his parents tot let it grow long like his girl friends.

His feminine behavior grew even stronger at puberty and caused bitter arguments between his parents often driving Chris to tears. They divorced and his father gladly gave custody to his mother.

Janet immediately sought counseling for Chris. After several sessions, the counselor reported what Janet suspected, Chris was a female trapped in a male body.

Chris enjoyed playing with his cock and masturbated often,drinking is com. He would have nothing to do with a complete sex change. She told Janet clearly that she wanted to become a pre op transsexual, a woman with a dick. She relented and sought a specialist.

Chris beame Christine. She started hormone treatments at age 14. At 18, she realized her fondest dream and became a strikingly beautiful 5'8" tall transsexual, blessed with a 9" fully functional cock. She disliked her 32-22-36" body and purchased implants increasing her bust to 38".

She rented a small apartment with her long time best friend, Jeri a lovely bisexual who fully supported Christine's transformation. Jeri, a 5'4", 36-23-37" blond and Christine were inseparable. They frequented lesbian nightclubs. The beautiful pair attracted adventuresome lesbians and bisexuals enthralled with the idea of making it with a transsexual.

Christine enjoyed fucking lesbians as they ate out her lover. Her favorite was fucking both their asses while they engaged in a hot 69.

Jeri's boyfriend, Greg, is bi. Jeri and Greg had frequent threesomes with Christine. She quickly grew to love cock. The lovers knew the time would come when they found a permanent partner and agreed they would always remain close fiends.

Jeri visited Christine every day. It was obvious from the way they talked and casually touched each other they were more the just friends. She noticed the way Christine looked at Matt and kindly asked if she was falling for her Doctor.

"Yes my dear," Christine replied, "He is so nice. If he likes a woman like me I could easily fall in love."

They looked at each other and realizing it would lead to living apart, burst into tears of happiness and sadness.

Christine's mom and her lesbian partner visited often and also noticed the obvious attraction Matt and Christine shared


Christine looked forward to Matt's daily visits. On slow days he extended his visits. They discovered much in common. Both are caring, good hearted people who share many of the same values. Eventually they broached the subject of sex.

They readily admit a strong lust for each other. They talked in generalities about the type of people they liked, their favorite hang outs, and parking spots.

"You are so handsome; you must have a girl friend." Christine ventured.

Matt honestly told her he had not found someone special but was looking. "You are so beautiful you must have men calling you all them time."

"I guess I have not found that special person either." she admitted. "Tell me what your look for in the special person you seek."

Matt thought long and hard before responding.

"Don't be shy Matt. You know you can trust me." Christine urged.

"I do trust you. I have fallen in love with you."

"I love you too. But, I have a secret which may make our love for each other impossible," she said, beginning to cry, not knowing where her admission will lead.

Matt held her close resting her head on his shoulder. Christine calmed and told Matt her life's story. He listened intently and almost jumped for joy when she revealed she was a pre-op transsexual.

"I am sorry if my body turns you off and understands if you never want to see me again." Christine finished, her soft green eyes tearing again.

"Please do not cry Christine. You are the woman of my dreams.I want to be a part of your life. It was fate that brought us together. I only wish it been under better circumstances."

"Until now I never believed in fate. You are the man of my dreams. I think about you all the time. I love you madly."

Matt locked the door to her room. They kissed hard and passionately. They undressed quickly and stepped back to admire each other. Matt fondled Christine's perfectly formed 38" breasts.

She rubbed and squeezed his large pictorial muscles and rubbed his hard nipples.

Matt gently pushed Christine flat on her bed. Her beautiful cock stood hard and straight. He stroked it softly as he sucked and tweaked her nipples. Her hands gripped the bed sheets and she rocked her head from side to side.

Matt licked a zigzag pattern down her flat stomach. Christine bit into a pillow to keep from screaming,

Matt held her cock as he licked down her perfectly toned left leg. He kissed her feet and sucked her toes. Christine went out of her mind, using all her control to hold back her orgasm.

Matt kissed and licked up her right leg. He cupped his hands on her perfect 36" ass and took the head of her cock in his mouth. He swabbed her head and stabbed at her pee hole. Pre-cum oozed out and he lapped it down.

He moved down her cock easily taking it deep in his throat. He held her deep and made munching motions. She never experienced anything like the incredible sensations Matt lavished on her cock.

She lost control. Her cock hardened as her balls drew tighter. Matt realized she was reaching orgasm and held just the head of her cock in his mouth. Christine arched her back and launched long steady streams of cum into Matt's throat. Her cum was thick, slimy and creamy. He could not swallow fast enough to keep up with her flow.

He removed her still spurting cock and took shots to his face. More landed on Christine's belly and breasts.

"You are a mess," Christine giggled as she cleaned her cum from Matt's face sharing it several times in creamy kisses. The kissing continued as Matt lapped her cum from her breasts and belly.

They quickly showered allowing the aroma of hot sex to dissipate. Christine retuned to bed and Matt contoured his rounds.

To be continued...

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