The Love of Pain and Submission

byPlayer One©

The pain in my nipples was approaching the point of being unbearable. I could look down at my tits and see how much they were being forced upward every time I raised my head just a tiny bit further. Tears were flowing down my cheeks and an extraordinary orgasm was getting ready to explode out of my pussy. As the clock passed the four minute mark, I was amazed at how much the pain and the intense clit arousal was beginning to combine into one single physical and sexual response. The power of the mind was incredible. Just before the five minute mark, I begged Master to allow me to cum and he reminded me that I had already been told when to cum. At exactly the five minute mark, I straightened my head perfectly upright and looked directly into Master's eyes as my one finger became two fingers that were absolutely flying in a flurry, like a Hummingbird's wings, over my fully erect clit. The orgasmic explosion that engulfed my pussy and spread out over the rest of my body in a steady wave ecstasy was joined by one of the most intense pain responses from my tits that I had ever experienced. Both the pain and the orgasmic explosions met head on, combined with each other, and my body went nuclear.

Master moved behind me very quickly and put his arms around me just under my tits and held me there until the most intense, mind blowing orgasm I had ever experienced in my entire life began to slowly come down from it's peak and I could actually stand there on my own without falling over due to the lack of ability to get my knees to do their proper job. My head came back down to my chest and both tits went back to their normal position. Master unclipped the alligator clamps one at a time, which caused another pain shock to each nipple and removed each of the sewing needles, which didn't hurt at all. Either that or my nips and tits were numb. He began slapping each tit and then squeezing them and did this for another minute or so until I started moaning in pain once again. I was allowed to sit down on the sofa and that was the end of an experience that has been repeated many times, but in different ways, over the past few years. I love doing that scenario more than any other we have done together, so I only get to do it as a special reward on a special occasion.

Master and I tried out another fun idea that I came up with just a few days ago. He says he enjoys listening to the ideas I come up with every once in awhile. Our activities are not all pain oriented by any stretch of the imagination. Many are oriented toward humiliation and extreme embarrassment, both privately and publically. Some are just plain oddball ideas that pop up out of the blue. This one was one of those.

This idea of mine had been bouncing around inside of my brain all afternoon and, when Master came home from work, I asked him if I could tell him about it after I had finished sucking his cock and drinking down his wonderfully tasty cum cream. He gave me his approval and I proceeded to give him one of my best blowjobs that included sucking on his balls and sticking my tongue into his ass hole. When I had successfully drained him dry, I began telling him of my newest idea.

I would position myself in front of the couch with my head on the floor and my back against the front of the sofa. My legs would be positioned so that both of them were angled back over my head with my feet touching the floor on either side of me. This would leave me bent almost completely in half with my ass and pussy aimed straight up in the air. In this position, my legs could be spread even wider. Wide enough to open everything up for complete access and open display. Master would be sitting on the sofa with his feet on the floor and my body between his legs so that he was sitting up against the lower part of my back and looking down on my asshole and cunt. What I wanted him to do, with his approval of course, was to insert ice cubes into my vagina and rectum until they were filled up completely. He asked me how many ice cubes would be needed and I told him that I didn't have the slightest idea.

He thought about it for a minute and said that I should go over to the store and buy a bag of ice and a couple of candles. I asked him why he wanted the candles and he told me that, after he had finished inserting the ice cubes, he was going to seal off my pussy and my anus with hot wax and use a vibrator on my clit until I had an orgasm. Now I was really getting excited. He told me to go to the store wearing a short skirt and no panties or bra. This was OK with me as I rarely wore them anyway. He told me to keep in mind that the candles were on the top shelf near the center front of the store and that once entering that aisle, I had a three minute time span in which I could pick out the candles and put them in my cart. What this amounted to was that my pussy and ass were going to be on complete and open display when I reached up to get the candles, which I must do in that three minute time span no matter how many people were in the aisle with me. I could choose what time to enter the aisle, and I could choose when to reach for the candles within the three minutes I was allowed. But, picking a moment when no one was in the aisle to get the free pussy and ass display, was going to be pure luck on my part. It was pretty much assured that someone was going to get a clear view of my hairless front crack or my rear ass crack.

I really get excited when Master has me performing in public. I'm a born exhibitionist. At least that's what my friends tell me. And my need for humiliation is something I have tried to understand for years. Without success, I might add. I've been told by many that I am a natural slave, submissive, masochist, cock sucker, cum drinker, pain slut, and a fuck whore who will perform any sexual act known to man. There are a few sexual acts that I won't perform, such as with four legged animals, but the rest is pretty much on the level of being accurate. My only true limit is that I am safe and protected from deliberate and permanent physical harm at all times.

Master doesn't have me doing all the weird things he can think up in public very often. My life outside the house and away from Master is no different than any other woman's life. I work. I have friends. I have a girl's night out. We go to parties that are normal more often than not. We belong to a group of Dom's and subs that meet on the first Saturday of every month at alternating homes. We meet at 12 noon and end at 6:00 p.m. the following day. The woman of the house we meet at automatically becomes the house slave for the entire time. The rest of us are still used as subs and slaves by our Master's. The "House Slave" can be used by any of the Masters or slaves at any time, for any reason, and in any manner, with the only limitations being those of safety and each of our 'will not do under any circumstance' list that all of us have on file.

My trip to the store was mostly uneventful, unless you count the really old guy who was in the aisle when I reached for the candles. He looked so appreciative that I faced toward him, reached up for a few more candles, and held that position for close to thirty seconds. It would have been longer but I saw the front end of a grocery cart appear at the end of the aisle and ended the sex show for the old guy before the person pushing that cart inadvertently entered our little personal game. As I walked past the old man, I reached out and squeezed his hand and he whispered "Thanks for the beautiful pussy show young lady." I got a five pound bag of clear round ice cubes. They weren't large ones at all. They would fit through an asshole without too much trouble. I paid for everything and headed back home. Master had told me that we were going to experiment with something we had never done before, so I was even more excited than usual. The upper inside of my thighs, and the area around my pussy, were getting pretty wet by this time.

I walked in the front door and stripped naked, as required, and handed Master my purchases. He patted me on the ass and told me to get into the position I had discussed earlier. My heart was beating three times normal as I got into position on the sofa. I was on my back with my legs going up over the back of the sofa and my head hanging over the front edge. I slowly slid down until my head was on the floor, as were my shoulders. This put my entire torso going straight up the front of the sofa. I brought my legs back so that my toes were touching the floor about a foot out from each side of my head. Once again I was in one of the most vulnerable positions a woman could possibly be in. My pussy, with lips spread, and my asshole wide open and aiming straight up toward the ceiling.

Master came over to me and knelt down next to my head facing toward my pussy. He was naked and his cock was hard. He had a vibrator in his hand. His cock slowly found its way into my mouth and I began sucking on it gently while using my tongue on the soft sensitive skin of the shaft. I paid particular attention to that special spot on the bottom edge of his mushroom head.

Master took the tip of the vibrator and began running it up and down the crack of my pussy. I was soaking wet and the petals of my hot pink flower opened up like a hibiscus bud at sun-up. Master ran the plastic deeper into my cunt channel and began pushing it slowly in and out of the entrance to my vagina. The vibrator was turned on low. He pushed it all the way into my pussy hole and left it there while he picked up the bag of ice he had laid on the sofa and opened it up at one end. With his cock in my mouth and the vibrator in my cunt, Master took a round ice cube out of the bag and put it against my wrinkled brown eye and began pushing. The cold cube didn't help my sphincter to relax, so Master had to push harder until my anus began to give up the fight and slowly began opening up. I finally felt the entire cube sort of pop into my rectum. At that moment, Master pulled the vibrator out of my cunt with one hand and pushed the tip lightly against my clitoris while pushing his index finger in and out of my asshole to give me a massive amount of pleasure arousal that completely counteracted the shock and growing ache of the frozen ice cube.

Master kept me on the verge of orgasm with that vibrator. He was an expert at knowing exactly what arousal level a woman was at during her trip up to the very edge of orgasmic bliss and knew exactly how to keep her from going over that edge until he wanted her to crash into her ultimate sexual release.

My Master told me to count the cubes out loud. I promptly announced that there was one ice cube melting in my ass. I had to use one hand to take his super hard cock out of my mouth to be able to say that. I jerked him off while updating the count and then put him back into my warm wet mouth for more tongue action and hard sucking.

He pushed another cube into my vagina. It went right in without any resistance at all, and his finger pushed it deeply into my love tunnel.

I yelled out that there was one ice cube in my cunt.

He put two more into my rectum and one more into my pussy. The vibrator never lost contact with my clit. Only the pressure applied to my clit head changed from barely touching to slightly less than barely touching. His cock never missed a stroke other than to stop for me to tongue that special spot again. I could taste his pre-cum. I love the taste of his crème so much I could drink it by the glassful.

I told the imaginary audience that there were now two more cubes in my ass and one more cube in my cunt.

The cold was mind blowing. It didn't hurt in a really painful manner. The ice caused an aching feeling that kept growing in intensity. A very uncomfortable aching, but I didn't care as long as my clit was being vibrated and his cock stayed in my mouth.

Master inserted one more in each hole and again I announced, in a very loud voice, that there was another ice cube in my pussy and one more in my rectum. There wasn't anybody there to hear any of this except Master. I guess he enjoyed hearing my announcements of the inventory and its exact location.

This scene continued on in this manner until there was a need to let some of these cubes melt. The aching was really getting intense and was spreading into my abdomen. Master continued fucking my mouth and touching my clit head with the plastic vibrator for several more minutes. I got two more cubes up my ass and into my poor frozen pussy when Master had begun to show strong signs that he was beginning to approach the point of no return.

The aching of the cold ice inside of me had finally reached its peak. It was such a strange sensation. I had never felt anything like that in my life.

Master was beginning to breathe heavily and moan, so I didn't put his shaft back into my mouth this time. I licked both of my hands and got as much saliva on them as I could, grabbed his cock, and began pumping it up and down. Every time my hand passed over the rim of his mushroom head, I squeezed it a lot harder. Pump and squeeze. Pump and squeeze. My clit suddenly came to life and I knew my own orgasm wasn't very far off either. I pumped his cock faster and faster and spit more saliva on his shaft and squeezed harder and harder.

Master's cock turned bright red and suddenly became as hard as a rock. The first jerk of his shaft only produced a tiny drip of white cum at the tip. My eyes were glued onto his little eyehole. I loved watching his white creamy cum shooting out of that eye because I knew I was the creator of that orgasm. What a feeling of pleasure it causes, throughout my entire body, while watching the wads of cum shooting one after another into the air and onto my face. The second jerk of his cock produced a huge load of crème. It just flew out of his cock and hit me straight on the tip of my nose and splashed outward in all directions. I had one hand on his shaft and the other squeezing his balls. I could feel his ball sack contract, then his shaft jerked, and then another wad of cum would shoot out with tremendous force. He sprayed my chin, my forehead, and sent another wet sloppy wad of cum into my hair.

And his dick still had more love juice to give me. One shot went directly into my left eye and, as I turned my head just momentarily, another shot went into my ear. Do any of you have any idea of what a wet creamy wad of thick warm cum sounds like? It's overwhelmingly erotic. I wasn't doing a very good job of aiming his cannon at all. The hard jerks became softer and softer and his cum was just slowly dripping out of his cock's little grinning eye. My tongue shot out and collected every drop that I could squeeze out of his shaft. Just as his orgasm came to an end, mine suddenly hit so hard that I lost all sense of reality and could only feel my body exploding and jerking, and then I could hear the loud screams of pure joy and ecstasy that were coming out of my mouth. Master shoved three fingers into my cunt and used his thumb to press down on my swollen clit and just rocket that little pink shaft into outer space.

When we had both finished with our cums, Master sat back on the floor and I brought myself around so that I was sitting also. We were covered with sweat. I had momentarily forgotten about the ice cubes and the melted water began to flow out of both my pussy and my asshole like a river flood. I made a huge wet spot on the carpet. Master asked me how I had enjoyed my taste treat for the day. All I could think of at that moment was a long dreamy MMMMmmmm.

Master told me to get back into the upside down position once again and inserted two more cubes in each hole, which I again loudly announced. He sat down on the sofa with his legs on each side of me. He had one of the candles in his hand and a lighter in the other hand. He told me to use my fingers to spread my cunt lips as far open and they would stretch. He had a small towel which he used to completely dry my pussy of the juices that were making it slippery and sloppy wet. When my entire inner pink was dried off as best as possible, Master lit the candle, turned it into a horizontal position directly over the entrance to my vagina, and let the drops of hot wax start dripping directly into my hole. The dripping wax burned, but the pain was bearable. Master began moving the candle all around my pussy and then up to my clit. He did this for quite a while. He finally stopped when everything inside of my vagina and my labia lips had been thickly coated with hardened wax. He later put a piece of duct tape across the solid mass of wax to keep it in place when I was allowed to move.

Next came my ass hole. Master told me to put one index finger from each hand into my asshole, which I did manage to accomplish, and to pull my hole as far open as possible. The sphincter is quite a strong muscle and pulling it open is not an easy project. It was much easier using a speculum to keep that particular hole open. Master moved the candle over to the opened entrance of my rectum and began dripping wax into that dark cavern at a very rapid rate. He ran out of candle and let a second one. The pain of the hot wax inside of my ass tunnel was strong, but not nearly as strong as it had been when he coated my entire pussy. Especially when he had let the drops of very hot was land directly on the top of my clit head. My ass opening eventually filled up and I was told to remove my fingers as the wax continued to completely coat and seal off my anus. He had successfully created form fitting pussy and butt plugs made of red wax. Master again applied duct tape over the improvised butt plug from my pussy to the top of my ass crack. The he put one long strip from several inches above my front crack all the way back to the top of my ass. These plugs weren't going anywhere.

Master informed me that I had to keep the wax plugs, which held in the melting ice cubes, in position for one hour, during which I was required to do some of my daily chores around the house. I was not to lose a single drop out of either hole. That was an impossible task, of course. Wax did not make a good seal and all the water drained out in less than a half hour no matter how tightly I squeezed both of my holes. I know now that Master knew that was going to happen as he now has a big, shit eating grin on his face as I tell you about this episode. My world seemed to fall to pieces because I couldn't hold the water inside of my pussy or my ass. I felt useless and I wanted to cry because I thought I had failed and that I would be discarded as an untrainable and disobedient slave. He took that opportunity as a good reason to turn my ass cheeks bright red with a long paddle and 20 strokes. I craved the punishment and hoped for a lot more. This was when he explained to me that I actually had done fairly well at holding the water for as long as I did. Master's shit eating grin has grown even larger while he has been writing all of this down.

I guess I can be a rather confusing person to many of my friends. I enjoy engaging in 'danger sex', bondage, submission, outdoor activities, any scenario in the woods, orgasm denial, being totally obedient to any order or command that I am given, pain at all levels and intensity, and controlled torture sessions. I am not overly receptive to engaging in much more than a small combination of a few of the above at any one time. I will do any of the above at any time. Master, somehow, seems to know instinctively exactly what I need to get into the most when we start our sessions.

I love fucking and playing, from romantically 'making love' to pile driving assaults that leave my pussy and my asshole raw and sore for days. One of my personal favorites is Master sitting of the edge or a bed or chair in total silence while I play with his cock, using my hands and some lube only. I make it last as long as possible and watching his cum shooting out of his cock is just absolutely mind blowing to me every time he allows me to jerk him off.

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