tagFetishThe Love of Panties Ch. 04

The Love of Panties Ch. 04


This is the next line of my love for panties. I have looked in so many drawers that I have forgotten some, had a hard time to forget others and even got in trouble with some one I knew thinking I was trying to steal something from him by catching me in his bedroom once while visiting. I probably should have just told him I was wanting to look at his wife's panties and he might have taken it better. Probably not but might have been better than thinking I was trying to steal money or something else I would not mention. Like refer!

That is the biggest problem with having such a love for delicate, intimate, silky or soft cotton bikini female underwear that I think even the word, panties, is sexy and possibly get caught. All though someone from England said knickers were sexy to them but I think knickers can be both male and female underwear and panties are one thing and one thing only. The soft sexy material that can make a female, even a male butt look so hot.

Now a lot of us have had the thought of getting caught by the girl and she wanting to see us in her panties or making us do things for her for punishment but none the less allowing us to have what I have found out to be the best sex ever wearing her panties. I have a wife that we did this a few times and it was great, even for her but we slowly got away from it and that's why I still look for other women panties. It seems that ones from a woman that we have not been with is even better since we find out what this particular female wears under her tight jeans or sexy, cute skirt. This story comes from a time when I had a friend that needed someone to watch their animals and house when they went on a trip and they gave me a key to their house.

Now, she is no goddess or anything but she is not a total dog either. She is how ever a tall woman. At around 6' she is the closes I have come to of my own 6'3" height and the thought of getting to her things and actually having something that fit a taller woman as a very exciting thing for me because at this time I had started enjoying wearing their panties and clothes too. I didn't have the desire to be a woman or go out like one but to wear their clothes, especially something that they had taken off and had her body smells and perfume on it and have it close to my body was something that really got me hard.

It started with the trip they took. I was so excited and getting hard just driving to their house. Arriving I quickly fed the dogs and then turned my attention to the bedroom. I had all ready realized by now, panty drawers were usually one of the top drawers and a lot were to the left of the dresser if not a tall one. This varies but I went straight to her drawer the first time. On top I started getting a little discouraged as it was white, cotton bikinis. Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed that for a little bit but as I started looking through I felt my cock start to get extremely hard as a red satin pair came into view.

It doesn't happen a lot but this girl folded every pair so I had to take my time and with satin or silk pairs that are folded they tend to slip in your fingers as you touch them and that makes it a little harder to look through. Then it started getting better. A really thin, silky pair of black, stretchy sheer pair of Victoria Secrets panties came into view. I pulled those out and my clothes came off and I slowly stepped in and pulled them up. They tightly hugged my cock even though she was a little bit bigger than I was she wore a size 6 in some and 7 in others. They seemed to mold to my butt and I could feel my cock almost hurt it was getting so hard. I continued to look and found several pairs that were either satin or some form of microfiber type material that was silky and stretchy. Different colors and ones with lace or designs. I started looking into other drawers and found her bras. Some even matching pairs of panties she had. This was starting to get more and more exciting. Then I open a larger drawer and found something I wasn't expecting. She is not actually the sexier type woman in her outer clothes but I started to realize her under things were extremely exciting. I started thinking of what she might look like in the pairs I was holding and then this drawer really made a difference.

It was her night gown drawer. Almost entirely night gowns, a slip or two and and her swim suits. The one on top was a sexy black, soft as silk, long night gown with delicate lace on the outer edges. Yes, I immediately slipped it over my head and it felt like it flowed over my body as it slipped down and fell to the floor. The material was so silky and felt so good against my body that I realized immediately that I was leaking some pre cum into the front of the sexy panties I had on. I lifted the gown and confirmed I had a nice small spot that was wet at the tip if my cock on the front of her panties. I dropped the gown and started rubbing my cock through the two intimate pieces of her lingerie and it felt so good to take the larger amounts of material that allowed her tits to fill and act like I was cupping her tits and rubbing her nipples through it and quickly realized I needed something to catch my cum before it shot out of my cock. I quickly walk to the bathroom and there on the floor was a clothes basket with a towel I grabbed it just in time to lift the night gown, pull my cock out the side of her panties and shot my load across the towel and even across the floor it was so hard.

That's when I seen it. A white satin blouse laying in the clothes basket in the bathroom. I lifted it to nose and a sweet, fruity perfume filled my nose. This must have been the last thing she had worn before they left. It still had her perfume on the neck line of the blouse. Then below it was a beige pair of the same style of panties I had on. I lifted them and I could easily see she had worn them with the small spot in the cotton gusset. I smelled them and found that I was going to easily become hard again very fast and I quickly stripped and had the new pair of panties I had found on me. They were sheer and molded to the almost exact shape of my cock and I could easily see my hairs through it and knowing that I found hairs in another pair of panties that was in the hamper, I knew that if she had them on I would be looking at her cute, probably trimmed bush through them and I quickly rubbed my cock through them and rubbed the gusset against my balls and rubbed her, yes dried, but none the less her juice from her pussy against them. I then seen a white bra there so I fumble and soon had her bra on me. Then that satin blouse that I started buttoning up slowly. It wasn't as tight a fit as I had from some of the smaller women but none the less, the small, left handed buttons made it a little harder. After buttoning I found a black skirt that I figured had to be the outfit she had worn the day before they left. I could easily smell her perfume on the blouse and the fabric was starting to rub against my body and each other. The skirt had a satin lining and that was slipping across the panties and the satin material of the bra cup was slipping across the blouse.

As I rubbed my cock through her skirt and panties I could play with my nipples through her bra and blouse I had on and I am not sure about anyone else but as I stood there feeling her clothes and touching sensitive parts of my body and smelling her perfume it was getting real easy to think of what it would feel like having her in my arms wearing these clothes and I was getting so hard.

I went and laid an what looked like her side of the bed, which was not made up, and started rubbing my cock. With these being worn panties I had less worry of cumming in them but I didn't want to soak them knowing they would be hard by the time they dried and if she went through her things to separate them to wash, she might would notice the mess and start to wonder. It felt and smell so nice on her bed.

Not sure if other guys have tried this but I soon rolled over and was making the motion as if she was laying beneath me and I was fucking her and that made my cock start rubbing against the panties and then the panties against the skirt lining and was starting to bring my cock to another orgasm. Feeling the way the clothes fit me and the silkiness of the material and the smell of her body and perfume on the clothes I easily let my mind think of her laying under me with her legs spread and wrapped around me and having me pumping her. Of course some of my thoughts always seemed to think about her finding me like this and then thinking it was sexy that her clothes alone had made me this hard and excited that she wanted sex with me and we were having sex with me wearing her things but it didn't matter since it only took a minute to start to explode. Luckily I had brought the towel and barely rolled over and got the skirt up and my cock out of those tight fitting panties. I had brought another pair of red, soft cotton bikini panties with me from her drawer and wrapped them around my cock with the tip of my cock against the gusset that would eventually get pressed against her pussy when she wore them and quickly a dark spot formed through the double piece of material and I allowed a small amount of my cum to soak into the cotton and then my cock released my cum on the towel leaving only a small amount of my cum on her panties.

I laid there for at least a minute enjoying the way her clothes fit me. I could easily see how the way the clothes were shaped that it made a female look so good in them even more sexy and curved. I laid there and continued to smell her perfume and feel the silky material against my body and knew why it felt so good to hold women in your arms. I went through more of her things seeing just what all she had and was very surprised at the sexy, sheer, silky things she actually owned. I quickly realized she might not be the sexiest thing when I seen her in her clothes but in the bedroom, she was awesome.

I quickly placed everything back in place and took the beige pair that she had worn and another pair of cotton bikini panties with me knowing I would be back with them the next day and I could wear them and bring them back and try another pair the next day when I came and checked out the rest of her things. I had 2 weeks of going through her clothes and lingerie. I slipped the red pair I leaked a little cum in back in place in the drawer and almost got hard again thinking of when she wore them later and would have my cum pressed in against her pussy.

This will begin a couple stories of what I was able to wear and play with in her variety of lingerie and clothes even after they came back from their vacation and I kept the key and the one time she walked in a almost caught me. I still dream of the outfits I saw in her drawers and the lingerie and what she would have looked like in them. I am not sure what she would do if she had ever caught me but she is a strong willed woman and I could tell you a few things I believed she might have done with me and to me.

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