tagFetishThe Love of Panties Ch. 05

The Love of Panties Ch. 05


I continued to go over to my friend's house. They worked so much and I had the opportunity to go over there during the day that I never really had much fear of anyone showing up.

She never was much of a sexy dresser on the outside but after a few visits and several times of going through her drawers I soon learned that underneath her skirts and pants was a vixen.

Now she had mostly white cotton high cut briefs and they were OK but it was the Victoria Secret and the Maidenform and Vanity Fair that made the real difference. The long nylon night gowns and the sheer baby doll short ones with matching panties. The matching nylon bikini panties and camisoles.

I loved to go through the laundry basket and find the tops that had her perfume on them the most. Find the outfits she had worn the day before. Sometimes I would put on the things she had worn the day before and get something out of her drawer that was clean, sometimes two or three pairs of panties and use them to jack off with so they would go back in the drawer and wait to be worn. I went over so many times that I would find the ones I had jacked off with in the laundry with her juices on them so I knew she wore them after me.

She was a tall woman and it was the first time with my height that I got to wear a dress that actually came down to my ankles like it fit her. Most of the time I wore things they would come to mid calf and I just had to imagine what it looked like on the girl since my favorite thing was to wear something of the female and imagine having sex with her.

The one time I was over I remember the most. It was a cute pair of sheer black Victoria Secret bikini panties. Not a nylon but a very silky microfiber type material. Real stretchy. It had just enough of her smell on the crotch to know what it might be like to have my nose between her legs and licking her pussy. They fit so tight and molded to my cock almost like a vacuum, size 6. Not only could you see the exact shape of my cock through them, but you could almost see my cock. The feel of me rubbing my cock through them was so soft and had me hard and leaking into the front of them almost immediately. A white, under wire soft cup bra was near them so I assumed it was what she had on. 36D was the size. The cups were completely collapsed on me so no look of me having tits like some of her formed bras but the silky cups made it feel so hot rubbing my nipples through the material. Once on I found a White, Satin, button up blouse, long sleeve so I put it on and smelled her perfume on it as I slipped my arms through the sleeves and buttoned it up. Then a black skirt.

I had all ready picked out two pairs of panties I was going to use and a pair from her laundry to have for any mistakes made and I wouldn't cum on any of her clean pair. Just enough to leave that barely noticeable spot at the point of the crotch that you knew would be against her pussy when she pulled them on. A towel from her bathroom that I believed to be hers rounded out the collection material. As I sat on the edge of her bed, rubbing my cock through her skirt and panties, rolling my nipples through the satin of both her blouse and bra and easily smelling her perfume in my nose I let my mind wonder. I could easily dream of her coming home. Driving up without me hearing her.

The garage was at the back of the house with a door from the bedroom to it. As I jacked off, I failed to here her drive up the drive and when I heard the car door slam I panicked. As I thought of what to do I had one main escape. The bathroom on the bedroom. Right past the door to the garage. Should be no trouble. As I made my easy escape I thought, the door opened and there she was. There I was too.

"What in the hell"!!!!! "What are you doing", she asked. Foot tapping the ground and her hands on her hips.

"I can....explain.....I was just....Ah...I mean I was going to"?? I had no idea what to say. I mean what could I say. I was standing there with her clothes on. Not to many girls would ever expect to see that in their life time.

"That doesn't sound like much of a explanation," saying with a wrinkled brow and a total shocked look on her face. Now most girls have very few thoughts at that moment. I can imagine most would feel their privacy invaded. Ready to grab the guys cock and rip it off. A few might think it funny after a few hours of thought. My hope would be a little bit of humor then some desire of control with in a short period of time. I would hope that wrinkled brow would turn into a smile then a giggle. Then the thought that her things were turning another guy on.

"I'm not sure what to think Chuck, but I can see that your wife won't like this. I assume either you enjoy looking like a girl and either want to be one or that turns you on to have their things on and either way, you are toast if I tell." She walks over, grabs the skirt and lifts it up and sees her panties. "Damn, they fit you perfect huh? I can't believe it how good a pair of my panties fit a guy." She reaches under her skirt and I feel her soft fingers rub over the material and my cock, almost limp now with all that scare of being caught has taken on me. It jumps slightly under the silky, tight material. "Ooooo...That looks so hot to see how it responds to just my touch. Do you like it, I mean, the feel of my panties on you?"

"Ah..I ah ...well...."

"Go ahead, might as well tell me now. I want to know what you are doing? Why you are doing it? "What you are thinking of? I men, why would a guy want to wear some girl's clothes. The fear of getting caught, the fear of others finding out. What goes through a guy's mind slipping on panties and bras and looking like a sissy. I guess I can understand the thought of seeing a girls unmentionables. The forbidden, unseen things that girls wear and I know guys have this lusting desire to see, but to wear them, is it the same? Do you want to be a girl or are you just wanting to see what it's like or do you...Oh MY....Do you actually think about me?"

"Are you sure, I ask? Do you really want to know!"

"Well, yea, might as well, before I tell everyone I might as well know why you are doing it?"

"Oh Please Don't! You can't tell anyone. Please, you know what they might think. Your husband will probably kill me and I will probably get a divorce, Please, I will do anything!"

"True, so make me think of some reason not to say anything to anyone", she says with a questionable look on her face.

"Ok..OK...Well, It is very embarrassing to say the least."

She laughed, "To say the least is for sure."

"Well, I guess I should be honest. I have always had this love to know what a girl wore under her things. You know, her jeans, her skirts. I guess that every guy does to some extent."

She giggled again," Yea, I understand that. But why the wearing of my clothes. I would think most guys would just hold them or use them to , you know, do it", She said somewhat embarrassed.

"I know, I did at first. Then I wondered what they felt like, you know, after I started getting older and the girls started wearing silkier panties. I would slip a pair on, then rub my...you know...my penis underneath them, sometimes lay on a bed and rub myself against the bed and the panties. It felt so soft and silky. I would climax even faster."

"But why mine, I'm not any one that has a great body, OOOhhhhh...I guess it is the availability huh", she asked?

"That is a lot of it", I said. "I was able to come over here with no one at home and well, let's face it, you have some sexy things here and don't let yourself down. You are cute. You have a nice body. You have things I like about a woman. A hot butt, some lovely tits. When you bend over and I see them hang inside the bras you wear"....

"CHUCK!!!!! You have been starring down my tops." You little pervert, but continue, please."

"Well, when you add up the lovely shaped of your butt, your ample breast, you have some great hips, and you smell so good and it started when I first came over to take care of your house and I went through your panty drawer and found panties like these." Pulling her skirt back up, showing those sheer black panties which now had a hard cock in them and a nice dark wet spot at the tip of it.

"What were you doing, before I interrupted you?" she questioned me. "Show me, NOW!"

"Are you sure....I mean...In front of you..."

"NOW, Finish what you were doing", She shot back at me.

That's when I picked up the pair of panties that had fallen just under the edge of the bed and lifted her skirt again.

"Those are my clean pairs, how many times have you done this?"

"Just once", I said lying out of my teeth.

"Sure, I bet but go ahead."

I lifted her skirt, pulled my cock out the side of her panties and started jacking off with her panties. She sat on the bed right next to me. Watching closely at my hand going back and forth with her panties rubbing against my cock. She had jeans on and I started getting really hot when I heard the zipper start it's rhythmic noise as she pulled it down. She had another one of my favorite pairs on. A maroon colored pair with a front lace panel in them. I always like the way I could see my cock through the lace but still feel a soft cotton back fitting snugly against my butt. I wanted so bad to see how tight they fit her butt. My hand started moving faster.

"You like this huh, me letting you see my panties on me huh?" she asked.

"Oh Yea", I replied.

"Have you wore these", she asked as she stood and slowly wiggled her tight jeans off her hips trying to keep the panties up. I almost cummed as I watched her fingers slip into the elastic edges and straighten them out. What is it about a woman straightening out her panties and making them fit her even tighter and straighten out the material on a hot curvy butt? I don't know but she noticed. "You have haven't you",she asked again,

"Yes and they look far better than I thought they would on you", I replied "Oh crap", I said. I'm About"......

"Wait, not yet", she quickly said. She reached up, slipped her fingers in place of mine around my cock and the pair of panties and it took two I think, maybe only one stroke of her fingers gripping my cock, I don't remember since I almost dropped to the floor as I exploded into the panties at the touch of her fingers holding my cock in them. "Oh My Gosh", she said. "That is awesome...."she started to say as one of the ejaculations was so hard and the panties slipped so a little to the side that it exposed the tip of my cock and a big squirt came out as I felt her fingers tighten around my cock. "Damn, that was so hard. I guess I never seen a guy just shoot his sperm out like that"...she said as she milked it without even thinking about it. The warm cum continued to come out, slowly running down my cock and getting not only the panties that were wrapped around my cock wet but her fingers too.

I think it somewhat got to her as she watched a guy she had never had any relationship with other than a welcome hug all of a sudden look extremely excited at her and just cummed for her and her touch, she took my cock and brought it to her mouth and gently slipped the head inside her lips. She had some very sexy, thin lips that felt so warm as they excepted my cock inside them and closed against my delicate and sensitive skin. I leaned back on my hands and she looked up as she sucked my cock. The look of her watching me and my cock slipping inside her lips with such delicate and deliberate gentleness was enough to not allow my cock to shrink to much. One thing I had that made up for a cock that was not exactly a giant or a big cock was the fact that it got hard very quickly after ejaculation.

"MMMMmmmmmm", I could hear her coo out her mouth as she sucked just slightly at my cock, just getting a little past the hood of the head of it. I felt my body shiver as she sucked it gently. "I have to get my top off ", she said as she stood, releasing my cock and pulling it over her head. Revealing one of her white bras similar to the one I had on but she filled the cups completely. Slightly bulging out showing the beautiful creamy skin of her tits. "Before I let you go for today", she laid back on the bed.

I thought to myself, today, did she say today??

" I want you to pull my panties down and finish what you started with me now." I looked down and thought this was going to be great.

I pulled the straps of her bra off her shoulders and started sucking her big beautiful aureola. The nipples which had obviously been used for breast feeding started getting so hard and big. I was able to get one leg out of her jeans and started getting her leg out of her panties when I looked down and seen her dark brown, thick patch of hair, neatly trimmed and it took me no time to start diving between her legs. I started sucking her outer lips in my mouth and sucking on them, stretching them out and getting them so wet. Tonguing the soft pink inner skin. She moaned softly at first.

"Mmmmm...Oh Yes...Oh my gosh..Yes.....Oh Yes"

When my tongue slipped as far inside her pussy as I could push it she grabbed both sides of my head and pulled it against herself with a handful of hair in each hand.

I could smell her pussy as I sucked it in my mouth and started tonguing her clit. I slipped my tongue down to her ass hole and she almost sat up straight. Either something her husband never did or something she liked and she started bucking wildly as I licked her ass. As I went back to her clit, that was about it.

"Oh crap...I'm....Fixing to...." was about all that came out her mouth except "OH SHIT"!!!!!! I felt my head get squeezed in a soft, warm fleshy vice. Her legs came together and held my head in place trying not to let me move but my tongue was still going. Her whole body was shivering from head to toe. " That's...enough....Stop....Oh Damn...No More...Please..." She kept saying it but never let my head loose and my tongue started slowing down but did not stop. She finally collapsed and released my head.

I stood up and started undressing. As I got to her panties she stopped me.

"Leave those on and bring them back with you Friday, clean and ready for me to wear them. I will have something else for you to wear by then. Put my things back where you found them and pull my panties back up", she said.

I almost got hard as I watched her lift her hips up and her butt off the bed as I pulled those bikini panties back up and snugly pulled them in place and watched that beautiful bush disappear. I kissed it as I started to get up, she grabbed my head and held it there for a second longer and then looked at me, "I never thought I would be climaxing so hard with a guy wearing my clothes. If you would have told me that just yesterday I would have said the guy was a pervert but here I am, one of the best ones I have ever had and wanting him to do it again. See you Friday", she said as she sighed and ran her fingers through my hair.

I would do it again and again. With every pair of lingerie she owned.

Hope You Liked>

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