tagFetishThe Love of Panties Ch. 06

The Love of Panties Ch. 06


So, as I thought about returning Friday it wasn't hard to, well, get hard. One thing I'm not sure I mentioned. I will call her Lisa for the story. Now Lisa wasn't the most beautiful woman but she was around 10 years younger than me and she was as tall. She was around 5'11" I believe. She was a little over weight but she had some nice tits. A nice shaped ass which I like the best myself, a butt man if you haven't figured out. A woman's butt in a pair of soft, silky, tight fitting panties is, well, better than seeing her naked to me. Heck, a nice pair of panties and bra makes a woman. I think I all ready had said that she didn't wear the most sexiest clothes but she had lingerie that made up for it.

She had a few nice things. I had all ready found 2 or 3 satin blouses in her laundry that with her perfume on them made me so hard. As I pulled up to her house I think I was fully hard. I started to knocked on the door and it opened. My heart was beating so hard I think I heard it in my ears.

"Come on in", she said. She gave me a kiss on my lips as she shut the door and turned to me then told me, "Go into the bedroom and put on the things I have laid out."

It was hard to believe, I never really thought of her as being a dominate woman but she sure was doing a good job so far. As I entered her bedroom I think my cock got another 1/2" longer. There on her bed was something I had seen but yet to wear. It was one of two sets that were similar. A matching pair of bikini panties and camisole. This was the set that was a yellow flower design with pink lace around the edges. The other was real similar but a light blue color. I had for a long time wonder what she might look like in some of her things and was hoping she might have the other one on. There was a white soft cup bra with lace around the front of the cups. The last thing I seen was something I had yet to really look through at my other inventory of her things since most of what I had looked through were her lingerie drawers and her laundry so her clothes were the one thing I only seen in her laundry basket or her wearing them when we seen them. It was a nice black dress.

"Now that black dress is one that I haven't wore for a few years," she said to me as I looked. "It's a little small for me but I liked it so much I kept it."

It was cute. It wasn't satin but it had a shine to it. What looked like an expensive material, with thin straps for the shoulders and I could see the stitching under the breast area to the waist which told me it was tailored.

"Put them on then join me in the bathroom," she told me.

I wondered what the heck but I thought, well, I was being told to put on a woman's things and meet her in her bathroom, couldn't be all bad. She left the room and went in the bathroom and I started undressing. The panties fit all most perfect. I sometimes wondered how they fit me so good and they were not a size bigger since she was a little heavier than me but I was glad as I pulled them on and seen them almost mold to my cock and it wasn't hard to tell I was all ready excited since a wet spot formed at the tip of my cock on the satin panties almost immediately. The material wasn't nylon or silk. It stretched in every direction but molded perfectly. It was so soft and felt like there was hardly anything there. I put her bra on and fumble a little with the hooks in the back. She was a C cup and it had 3 hooks. I then slowly pulled the camisole over my head and it too stretched and molded perfectly to my body. I touched my nipples through the bra and cami and felt they were so hard.

I then stepped in the dress and as I pulled it up and had to wiggle it over my waist I wondered if it would fit. I slipped my arms in the both sides and made sure the cami was completely inside then reached back and started zipping it up. I could feel at the tightness at my butt it was going to be close and would fit tight.

She stepped out the bathroom and I stopped, she walked over, around me slowly then stepped behind me. "I can see it is going to fit you the way I wanted it too and you will need a little help," as she grabbed the zipper and continued to zip me up.

It felt like my body shivered at her touch and the fact she was actually zipping her dress up on me and she did it so slow.

As she got to the top I felt her hook the top, I never realized a dress had a hook at the top of the zipper but it does and I know my body had goose bumps all over it as she touch the back of my neck then I felt her soft, just slight wet lips kiss the top of my shoulder as she whispered, "This looks as hot on you as it did me when I was able to get it in and it looks as good as I hoped," she whispered in my ear and after another kiss on my other shoulder she stepped in front of me and asked me to turn around.

I felt her hand slip over my butt in the dress as my back was to her and she said,"Oh Damn, you have as hot of an ass in this dress I was wanting to see. In fact, even better."

I felt her fingers follow the outline of the panties under the dress and the contour of my butt then both her hands touched my hips and completed the turn.

"Damn, OK, come on now," she said as she walked into the bathroom. "You can get my bath ready and then undress me." she told me. I wondered about getting into such a nice dress to give her a bath but at this point it didn't matter.

I started the bath and then turned to her. I wondered what I would see as I took her top and pulled it over her head. She had a light blue bra that I had seen in her drawer that I knew wasn't the one that matched the other camisole but I knew what it did match. It was a lined bra that kept it's form. Those type that really round a woman's breast and if they brush against you, you would think they were hot, tight 20 yr. old girls with a pair of hard, non movement young perky tits and she filled it completely, almost filling over. I think my body was shaking as I wondered which I should remove next. Since I wanted to see her in panties and bra I reach for the button and zipper of her tight jeans. I fumble with them and she looked at me, "Take your time, you are doing good."

I unbuttoned them and then zipped them down and she had the matching pair of panties. I had never really seen ones like these before. I had seen them in her drawer but had not wore them yet since I started with all the silk and satin pairs first and these were all lace with a thin lining in them, a brief style with the height of the waist line but a thong style in the back. They looked like a high cut brief but were thong design in the rear. I wiggle her jeans off her butt and she sat on the seat in the bathroom and I removed her shoes, socks and then her jeans. The panties fit her so tight. She stood and turned and I unhooked her bra and slowly started removing the straps off her shoulders. I kissed her shoulders as she had mine and she seemed to enjoy it completely. Her bra fit her tits so well it seemed like I had to slightly remove them from each tit.

"Don't stop," she said as I started to pull her bra down her arms and I stopped kissing her shoulders. So I continued to kiss her back her, arms, her waist, following the top of her panties. Even though she was a little over weight, she had a tight, nicely shaped ass even with just panties on.

She turned around as her bra reached her hands and my head was about tit high. My face was literally looking right at two gorgeous, biggest pair of tits I had ever seen, almost perfectly shaped, with the most beautiful aureoles I think I have ever seen. Not real big but yet not small either. Nipples that looked to be getting hard all ready. Real soft looking too and I found out as I leaned in and licked my tongue over each one. Then I heard her moan as I gently sucked each nipple in my mouth.

"Oh Chuck," she whispered softly as she slipped her fingers from one of her hands into my hair and gently held my mouth to her nipples. "That feels so, so.....OHhhh...Oh damn," she trailed off as I sucked each one in turn and gently nibble each one in my teeth.

I sucked just hard enough to pull each nipple from her tit and letting it pop out of my lips. I started kissing around each tit, lifting them slightly to kiss and lick underneath each. They hung so beautiful. I could feel her fingers tighten with handfuls of my hair as I kissed and sucked each nipple. Licked around each tit.

I slowly kissed down her stomach and as I reach her panties I kissed down the front making sure I kissed her patch of dark brown, thick, beautifully trimmed bush as I pulled her panties down. Following them down with my mouth kissing the front of her legs.

I helped her put her hair up, just about shoulder length, so she wouldn't get it wet and as she turned to start to step into the bath I placed a nice, wet kiss on her butt. She turned and smiled at me as I looked up then stepped in the tub.

I gently washed her with my hands so I could pay special attention to the right spots. Cupping each tit in my hands, soapy fingers gently tracing the outline of each nipple. Her eyes were closed for almost the whole time. She stood as I soaped her pussy up, her bush and then slowly washed her ass and gently rubbing my finger into her crack and across her ass hole. I could tell her butt clenched slightly as I touched her there and paid special attention to make sure she felt my finger playing with her ass.

As she sat back down I slowly washed each foot, kissing her foot and sucking each toe.

"That feels so good. I have never had anyone suck my toes," she barely got it out as I sucked each one. " Oh yessss....Oh Chuck...That feels....Oh...Oh yea"

I think there were a couple first time things I did for her that day. After rinsing her off she stepped out and I dried her off.

"What would you like to see me in,"she asked me.

I went straight to her drawer. I admit, with everything I had seen there were a lot of possibilities but at this time one thing I would love to feel her in one thing if I had the chance. I pulled out a pair of black satin string bikinis and a long, black night gown that had spaghetti straps and beautiful, soft lace trimming the top.

"MMMMmm,"she purred. "You want me in something soft and silky huh, nice choice," she said as I held her panties as she stepped in them and I pulled them up. I slipped my fingers inside the back making sure they fit just right and were tight and the in the front and I think she tightened up as my fingers came together at the gusset feeling her bush and I think slightly against her outer lips.

Then I held her gown and she slipped her arms in the gown and as I got it over her head it almost floated down her body. The bodice of the gown filled beautifully as her tits slipped into place inside the gown.

"Now, if you can make me cum, I might just let you jack off for me," smiling as she looked me in the eyes.

Laying her on her bed I started kissing her lips. She seemed to fully invite my tongue into her mouth. Sucking on it a couple times after I sucked on hers. Slowly kissing her neck and making my way to her chest following the top of her gown. I slowly removed one strap and slipped the cup off her breast and started really kissing and sucking her nipples. Following her breast around completely and then the other.

I could hear her moan as I kissed each breast and then I lifted her arms and kissed her bare arm pits. "Oh....wow...I can't believe that feels so good and doesn't tickle....Oh yes.....Oh crap"

I slowly rolled her on her stomach and started kissing down her back, lifting the gown and slowly getting to the top of her panties. Rubbing the silky material across her butt was almost to much for me and I could feel another, big wet spot on her panties I had on me. I pulled the panty to one side and slowly spread her butt and started licking up and down her ass.

"OH DAMN," she almost screamed. "I have never had"......she stopped and I felt her legs tense up as my tongue slipped across her ass hole. I played with it for several seconds.

I heard nothing else from her as I gently kissed down her legs and stopped at the back of each knee. Kissing and licking it and then I flipped her back over as I kissed around her feet again and sucked her toes.

I then slowly grabbed her panties and slipped them down her legs and started my final assault on her womanhood. I lifted her knees, and spread her legs and first started licking her ass again.

"Oh Chuck, this feels so nice, I am getting so close. I think you will get your special treat and more." She wiggled as I continued licking her ass and then up to her pussy. She was so wet I could have slipped inside her without even stopping and it was leaking down her ass. I licked her juices up and licked up and down. From her clit to her ass.

I started rubbing a finger against her ass hole as I started massaging her clit with my tongue. The hairs of her bush filled my nose. Her whole body was shaking as I rubbed her ass hole and licked her clit faster and faster.

"Chuck, Oh CHUCK...I'm.....I'm so...Oh Damn...I so" she had a handful of my hair as I felt her body get more and more tense.

I sucked her clit in my mouth and massaged it with my tongue and slowly let my finger slip in her ass.

"Oh Damn Chuck...I have never had.....I'm Cummmm..." She stopped mid sentence and with her hands she pulled my mouth into her pussy and pushed her pussy into my mouth and her body started to shake violently.

I continued to lick her clit slowing down and pressing softer and softer as her orgasm built to a gigantic climax and then slowly subsided. I let my finger gently slip from her now totally wet ass hole. Her juices had trickle down my chin and her ass and soaked a big spot on her sheets.

As she regained herself she sat up, got to the edge of the bed and asked me to stand before her. She slowly pulled the dress up on me and pulled my cock out the side of her panties on me and started sucking it and licking it like she was a kid with her first lollipop.

I could hear her slurping and sucking and could feel it too. One hand went to my butt and grabbed and handful of my panty covered butt. She squeezed and softly massaged my butt through her silky panties. Using her other hand to slip her finger and thumb around my cock and stroke it and gently slip the whole hand underneath and grabbed my balls and then back to my cock. Felt like she was milking my cock for as much cum as she could get out of it. I was trying very hard not to cum since I was so horny all ready.

I felt her fingers slip under my balls and her finger start playing with my ass hole. I felt he finger rub it at first then as her saliva dribbled down my balls from my cock sucking she was giving me she used it to wet her finger and then I felt it slip almost completely inside my ass hole.

"Don't cum, DON'T YOU DARE CUM," she looked my in my eyes as she slipped my cock out of her mouth. "Lay down, NOW!" she demanded.

I laid on her bed and her finger never left my ass and as soon as I laid down she climbed on my cock and in one motion she slid down on top of it.

"Oh SHIT!" she screamed.

Now, I am not big but she made me feel like I was a 9 incher or something as she slipped her wet, oh so warm and soft pussy on my cock. Not sure how she held the dress up I had on and kept her finger in my ass and still inpell herself on my cock at the same time but she did and it didn't take but 3, maybe 4 movements up and down on my cock and I exploded.

"OH LISA......DAMN!!!!!!!"

"Oh yes Chuck, cum in me.... I can feel it, Oh crap, I can feel it squirting in me," She kept saying.

I understood since it felt like I shot the biggest load in my life. She just sat there on my cock. I could feel her muscles squeezing it as it started getting softer.

She looked me in the eyes, " I just can't believe that a guy wearing my things can make me this horny. If you would ask me I would say I would probably cut his cock off if I ever caught a guy wearing my panties or going through them and here I am, picking out the things I want him to wear."

We talked for almost an hour with me still wearing her dress telling her how long I had been going through her things and what I had been thinking before we made another date. I left with the panties and cami still on.

Hope you enjoyed.

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