tagFetishThe Love of Panties Ch. 08

The Love of Panties Ch. 08


It was always a great joy to find panties in a home. Whether it was in their laundry basket of actually getting into a bedroom and finding the drawer where the sweet colors and material of a woman's panties were it was always enjoyable. Getting caught was always the risk.

I was always scare but excited at the same time. Of course I guess I was like a lot, the thought of getting caught and either them liking it or using it to blackmail me always was in the back of my mind. The times I got close was so exciting that I can almost remember them like they were yesterday.

I had one of my daughter's girlfriends staying over from college break. She was not only a cute girl but she was very athletic. She played soccer so she ran a lot and her legs showed it. Her butt also, it was so tight and shaped almost perfect.

I always loved seeing them come it toting their bags. It was always fun trying to find where they kept the panties and bras when I tried to look. This one in particular was making me want to check as soon as she had placed it in my daughter's room. They had walked out and was in the living room talking.

I all ready had seen pairs of her's before and knew she was an expensive pair buyer. There were two types, well, maybe more if you think of style and material but you had the ones that bought whatever was in the stores and you had those that went into the expensive stores like Victoria Secrets and Sears, Penny's even if you have those type stores in your town. They always had the nice ones. The ones that was made of some of the softest cotton, the silkiest nylons and micro-fiber. I always knew if I had the chance to see them in them they would mold to their body and the shape of every hair and spot of their butts and pussy.

She was one. Even her plain cotton pairs were so soft and pretty designs. I eased into the room and quickly unzipped her bag and there on top was a pair she must have just came out of. A cute, maroon, soft, silky micro-fiber pair of high cut bikinis. The crotch still wet. Almost like she had played with herself before she took them off. I even could easily have thought of her doing it knowing I was going to get them and use them and she did it for me.

I quickly took them out and zipping the bag back up I went into the bathroom. I slipped them on. As I snugged them up around me I felt the wet crotch caress my balls. My cock immediately got hard. As if it wasn't all ready. These pair was so soft and thin they molded to my cock almost like a vacuum was sucking the to my body.

I rubbed across my cock and the material felt so silky. What a thought of holding her butt in these panties. Rubbing her pussy through them. It didn't take much before I was cumming.

I of course quickly got them off and went back in the room to place them back. That is when it happened. I had just placed them back in her bag and had looked at the other pairs in there and knew I had a few more fun times ahead with the pairs she had in there and the couple cute bras when I started zipping her bag up.

"What are you doing," I heard at the door? I looked up and there she stood. At the door with one hand on the knob and the other on her hip.

I thought I knew they were in the living room and I had at least a minute to do what I needed to do and had no idea that she was just about to get up when I started in the bedroom and was almost right behind me.

"I thought this was my daughter's bag, I'm sorry, I thought something was wrong since I had never seen her with this," I said to her. I could feel my heart racing like a heart attack. I had the thought that there was no way she would think a guy my age would be playing with a girl's panties so I figured no matter what I said was going to get me out of this. Was I sadly mistaken.

"Now that is really weird", she said. "If you were playing with my panties like I saw you doing just then I might could easily see that, I mean, I do buy some of the cutest pairs and I know that particular pair you had just placed back in my bag was one of the nicest I have with me. I bet you didn't see that cute light blue pair of silk ones with the flower print on them did you," she asked with a grin on her mouth. "I like those the best but if you were playing with your daughter's pair like that then, EEEwwww, that is kinda gross."

She walked over to me after pushing the door closed. "Let's hope it is the thought that you have a thing for me and you knew they were my pair and you were dreaming of doing, Well, What were you dreaming about," she asked? "I could buy that, I admit, you are not a bad looking guy, I mean, for being hold enough to be my dad, but I know a lot of Dad's that think a college age girl can be something they would like to get in the bed with and what better way to get as close as you could without trying to risk finding out what I am like than to look at my intimate attire." She looked at me, then she opened her bag and took out the pair I had just put back in, taking them out she could see that there was a wet spot on the front of the panties.

"Now I know I wouldn't leave a spot in this area if it was just me wearing them but I can't figure out how a spot got there," she looked at her panties and she held them out and turned them around.

"I can't even figure out how, Oh, Wait a minute," she said as she held them up in the air, I was starting to sweat a little I think. I had no idea if she could even get close to figuring out what I had just done with her panties.

"Well, what are you going to say," she asked. "Are you going to tell me you were playing with my pair of panties, or are you going to stick with your story,"she asked.

"I , ah...I was, kind of..." I stuttered out.

"Come on, spit it out," she said. " I understand, I mean, we wear these style panties for you guys to see on us so we understand that guys find them sexy and stimulating. It's natural. " She walks over, reaches down and rubs her hand against my cock.

"Oh yes." she smiles, feeling my all ready raging hard on. "I can see you find it very exciting."

I hear her unzip my shorts and I look down starting to grab her hand and stop her, well, wanting to stop her but not being very fast since I am almost mesmerized with my hard cock and then before I can do anything I feel her reach inside my shorts and with the ease of doing it several times and experience I feel her soft, warm fingers reach inside my underwear and pull my cock out.

"Oh yes," she says. Her eyes closed then opening as she pulls it out. "This is beautiful," she says as she pulls her fingers along my cock in an upward motion, then slowly down as to do a slow jack off.

She slips her hand down with the panties in them and slowly wraps them around my cock and slowly strokes it with her panties. "Were you wearing them, that would make," she starts to say.

"Nooooo, Jeez, of course not, wearing them," I think I spoke to soon and to quick.

" You were weren't you," she says with a big grin on. "That's how the spot got on the front of them, of course,"she says as she starts to laugh.

"I don't mean to laugh at you, I think it's cool myself, kind of sexy but that would explain all of it."

She knelt to her knees and lick the tip of my cock and slipped the head inside her lips giving it a good suck as she slipped her panties down enough to let the head stick out the material.

"You like wearing girls panties don't you, will you wear mine for me. I want to see them on you, Please." she says with this sexy little eyes looking up at me as she sucks my cock into her mouth. She starts slowly working my cock in and out of her mouth. "MmMmmmm," she says as she works it faster and faster.

It didn't take long before I exploded with what was left in my cock into her mouth. She slipped my cock in as deep as she could get it. Swallowing every bit.

I almost feel but I was able to stand long enough to sit back on her bed. She quickly pulls my shorts off me, then my under wear and pulls out the light blue, silk high cut bikini panties with different colored flowers on them and slips my feet into them and them up my legs.

"Stand up," she asks me and with that I stood and she pulls them up and straightens then out, letting her fingers slip into the elastic legs bands so they can delicately slip around and get the pair of panties to fit just right. Slowly running her finger nails across my cock. It felt so good feeling the hard nails slip across the silky material.

Almost immediately a wet spot formed at the tip of my cock. "You keep these on till later on tonight then I will wear them and then you will wear them tomorrow, OK,"she asked with a big grin on her lips. "I want to know you have them on, then I will have them on and I want you to cum in the crotch before you give them back and then after I wear them for a day, you will wear them," Smiling as she squeezes my butt in them.

She helps me get my shorts back on then lets me slip out of the room she is staying in and let's me go back out with the rest. As I leave the door she slips up beside me, grabs me by the arm and pulls me to her lips and gently whispers in my ear, "Later on, I want you to do the same to me, I hope you have dreamed of having sex with me before when you were wearing my panties,"she says with a big smile and lets my arm go as she gives me a gentle kiss on the lips as she turns my head then lets me go.

I went out and was hard till later on and will make that the next letter.

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