tagLoving WivesThe Love Test - Hers and His

The Love Test - Hers and His


"Why do you keep on nagging about this, Ellen? You know my answer is no," I said to my wife after she again had asked my permission to have sex with another man.

"It's so unfair," she replied, "I was a virgin when we married, I have never had the experience being with another man. You on the other hand have had a lot of experience with other women, so you know that one woman is not the same as another. I don't think you love me enough to give me this experience I so much crave for."

"Are you making this into a test of love?" I replied.

"You may call it just that," she said. "You have repeatedly said you would do anything for me, because you love me so much. But you obviously don't love me enough to let me experience another male. You are probably too insecure to trust me that this is just a need for experience and no threat to my love towards you."

"All right, Ellen, this is a no win situation for me - and I think for us. You may have your experience. I cannot live with you thinking I do not love you. Before you go ahead you should think about the consequences though," I said after a long pause.

"Thank you so much, I love you so John, don't think for one second this will change my love for you accept maybe love you even more if that's possible," she replied and continued, "Consequences, what do you mean by that?"

"Firstly, you must foresee that there might be a change in our relationship. I cannot imagine all will be as before. I might not be able to live with the fact you have been fucking another man, even if I have given my permission. Secondly, you might like it so much that you want to do it again. You might say that if I really love you I should give you my permission for the added thrill a second lover might give you," I replied.

"Nooo," she said forcefully, "No way would I do that. I will never ask your permission for a repeat, you can trust me on that."

"You promised to forsake all others five years ago and I did trust you then. Why should I trust you now?" Was my somewhat laconic reply.

She smiled sweetly, eased over and gave me a kiss so convincing that I had to believe her.

We discussed and agreed on the practical details for her adventure.

A week later when I arrived home after work she announced that tonight was the day. After dinner I left before eight and promised not to come home before eleven.

I went to a movie to pass the time and keep my thoughts away from what happened in our house. Even the fact that it was a James Bond movie, did not altogether take away the sad realization, I was not enough for Ellen.

Hers ending:

At eleven sharp I unlocked our main door and entered wondering how Ellen would great me. She came down the stairs, newly showered and threw herself at me and said:

"Thank you so-o much for giving me this experience, I love you so much."

"You enjoyed the experience then?" I replied and continued; "Did I pass the love test then?"

"Oh yes, you certainly did," was her enthusiastic response.

I then opened the wardrobe, pulled out a ready prepared suitcase. Looked at her surprised expression saying; "If you had loved me as much as I love you, you would have thought about the consequences. Then decided that your love for me was so important that you could abstain from this experience. You did not pass the love test."

I then without further comment walked out the door and Ellen's life.

His ending:

At eleven sharp I unlocked our main door and entered wondering how Ellen would great me.

I entered the hall, went into the living room looking for Ellen. She was not there, but I did notice a large piece of paper lying on the coffee table with something written on it. I walked up to the table and read:


I sat down in the chair and with an uneasy feeling in my stomach I pressed the "play" button.

On the screen my wife appeared sitting on the bed, fully clothed. In her hand was today's newspaper, the same I had brought home a few hours before.

She spoke to me: "When you agreed for me to experience another man, I was so happy. But then, when planning to actually do it, I thought about what you said, the consequences. After thinking it through I came to the conclusion that I was very selfish and stupid to want something like this. I thought I loved you unconditionally, but I started to understand your love of me was on a higher level than mine for you, I felt so very ashamed and I beg your forgiveness. My itch to be with another man has evaporated; my love for you was just too great. I have been alone all evening; the tape has been running the whole time filming me reading, until the last few minutes before you came home. If you are in doubt, see it through, if you really trust me come up, I'm waiting for you, my one and only lover."

I ran up the stairs, she was sitting in the bed with a huge smile, waiting for me.

We kissed and hugged and she whispered: "Did I pass the love test?"

"You certainly did", I replied.

The End

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