The Lover


This story was inspired by a friend, many happy dreams thanks to him…


A young woman craving touch, craving attention of a specific kind, lays out on her bed with nothing but a light blue football jersey to sleep in. The room is a converted corner of the garage, built so she could have privacy. She pulls out her toy and pictures the body of her partner…

His strong muscled arms wrapped around her, his hands moving over her as he lowers his head and breathes across her neck and the back of her ear. She softly moans leaning her head back on his shoulder, arching her back so that her ass presses against his hard cock.

He softly growls as he pulls away turning her around in his arms, holding her firmly by her chin. She licks her lips in anticipation but he sees the look in her eyes and grins. Pushing her back he shoves her over on to the bed

Her right hand slowly moves down her body, passing her breasts and stomach, pressing down on the juncture of her legs as she arches her back. Her left hand bunches the blankets next to her…

He lowers his head to her stomach, his teeth grazing over her skin. She moves her hands to grab his head shy of what he means to do, but as her fingers brush his hair, he grabs her hands and moves them under her own hips; holding them in place.

She closes her eyes…

His lips skim down the last of her torso, the breeze from his mouth tickles the short hair covering her lower lips. She lifts her head to look down and sighs as she watches his tongue extend and tease her. Barely touching her, his tongue floats down her slit, his warm breath heats her.

The tip of her middle finger glides down her slit, having licked the tip, its wet sliding down her skin…

There is nothing stopping him from going deeper, nothing to halt him from dipping down and tormenting her. Her hands clench beneath her body, her eyes tightly shut as her hips press to him. His finger slips between and brushes her vulnerable clit. Her moan catches in her throat and she sighs as his tongue swirls and dances over the sensitive nub.

He goes lower, the tip of this tongue drifting over the entrance of her tunnel. Taking his sweet time making her squirm, making her want to beg. He chuckles as he leans back to see her face. The need written in her eyes, her mouth, the way her neck is arched pressing her head back into the mattress.

Lost in her dreams she misses the door at the other end of the long room opening and quietly closing…

He stands and flips her over. Her arms move out as she raises her hips his entrance. His hands graze over her ass cheeks, pressing into the flesh as if to claim. The hands move around and grip her hips holding them in place. One hand moves away, to help guide his hard penis in.

She presses her toy to her folds as the cock in her dream pushes in…

Just the head moves in, she wiggles her hips just enough to make him growl and grab her by the back her head. Soon he moves slowly, a bit at a time, in to the hilt and back out rubbing at her entrance, scratching over the surface of her inner spot.

Pulling and pushing the toy to match his movements she moans as he watches her…

He moves with in her, slowly picking up speed

Her head falls back as one hand works the toy between her legs and the other grabs the back of her neck, her back arching from the bed, as her leg kicked in her orgasm.

A hand reaches out and grabs her spread leg, opening her eyes she cries out in shock and fear, her heart beating to fast. The hand grips tighter pulling the leg open to look at the little blue string attached to the toy inside of her.

Her breathing returns to normal. Looking at the face from her dreams she reaches for him, taking the hand he raised…

…she pulls him down over her. His long body covering hers, his jeans scratching her bare legs, his heavy chest pressing down on her silk covered breasts. As they kiss passionately, she reaches between them and unbuckles his jeans. He grins as she presses, pushing him over, she straddles him. Yanking down his pants over his hips and down his long legs. Raising the band of his boxers, she pulls the underwear down and throws to them to the floor to join his jeans and her own clothing from the day.

Crawling back up his legs she slowly makes her way up the limbs with her mouth so close but not, darting her tongue out to leave a trail of nips and licks. Reaching his manhood she cups his balls in one hand, playing with them with her fingertips. Griping his hard cock with the other she licks her lips and slowly plays him as he had done to her in her dreams.

The tip of her tongue slid around the edge of the head and then down the ridge along the underside, flicking at the junction of the cock and sack. Licking her way back up she takes him to her mouth and sucks him as far she can take him, touching the tip to her throat.

He growls as she plays with his cock enjoying the taste and texture of him. Soon his hips raise from the bed, his hands holding her head tightly by hair and neck, "oh fuck yes…"

She moans happily as he takes his pleasure. A moment before he would loose control he stops, pulling her roughly from him. He sits up, grabbing her flinging her to her stomach, pulling her hips up and driving into her wet passage. Her soft scream didn't leave the room but she felt it with in her body as he shoved deeply in to her.

oh god fuck me, take mel… her thoughts screamed to him. Behind her his movements speeding up, become erratic. She could feel the pressure building, it had been getting ready to break for some time and now it crested at it's most fragile point. The time when everything seems to hold still, as if the universe stops to take a deep a breath before the oceans erupt and waves crash, fires burn through her veins as her body shook, his seed exploding into her.

As they catch their breath, he slowly lowers her hips, his member sliding out of her. The friction on her opening making her squirm and cry out softly again. He lays his body over hers, curling up onto his side, pulling her back against him, he brushes her hair back and kisses her cheek.

She smiles and turns to kiss the hand that grazes her face and to receive another kiss this one on her full lips.

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