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The Lovers


Tanja sat back and smiled as her lover's hands gently massaged her neck and shoulders. Fresh from a long, hot bath, dressed only in a silk dressing gown and with wine glass in hand she sighed softly as skilled fingers caressed away the last remaining strains of what had been a long and difficult day. "Mmm, that feels nice," she murmured contentedly as the fingers lovingly stroked her temples before returning to work on her neck.

"Pull your dressing gown down a bit and lean forward and I'll give your back a rub too." Tanja took another sip of her wine then complied, sighing softly as hands, slick with her favourite massage oils, gently worked their way up and down her spine. A warm, relaxing glow began to suffuse through Tanja's body as the hands, with their loving touch glided down her back, up her sides and along her arms. The intimacy of their touch brought a feeling of contented well being to Tanja; a feeling that quickly began to turn to desire.

Tanja placed her hands on top of those that slowly caressed her. She eased them forward so that they slid over her smooth stomach. The hands let themselves be guided upwards. Tanja breathed an "Ahhh!" of pleasure as her lover's hands moved upwards, sliding over the soft skin of her breasts. "Oh that's good," she moaned as the hands gently squeezed her firm globes.

"Glad you like it," came the reply breathed sensuously into her ear.

Tanja leaned back and sighed contentedly as she felt lips gently kiss her neck. Fingers flicked lightly over her nipples causing her to inhale sharply. She turned slightly, craning her neck to look into her lover's eyes. Tilting her head back, she closed her eyes and pursed her lips, inviting them to be kissed. The kiss was warm with a passionate urgency. Tanja felt her heart beat quicker as her arousal mounted. Breaking away from the kiss, she opened her eyes. "I love you Jo," she said in a voice little more than a whisper.

Jo laughed, her ice blue eyes sparkled as she replied, "I know, silly. And I love you."

Their lips met again, this time with a growing urgency. Tanja turned to fully face Jo. As their lips pressed firmly together Tanja's hands searched for the front of Jo's dressing gown. She slipped her hands inside it and started to ease it down over her shoulders.

Tanja's hands moved to cup Jo's breasts. Squeezing gently as they kissed, her hands gently squeezed, her thumbs pressing lightly on the stiffening nipples.

"Oh no you don't," laughed Jo as she gently but firmly pushed Tanja away. "It's your turn first."

Tanja fell back on to the bed and smiled up at Jo as she took position above her. She closed her eyes and felt Jo's lips upon her own once more. She wriggled with delight as she felt Jo's hands begin to explore her body.

Jo kissed her way down Tanja's neck She nibbled gently on the pressure points of Tanja's shoulders. Tanja responded with a gasp. Her shoulders were particularly sensitive and her body writhed in pleasure below Jo.

Jo began to kiss her way down over the swell of Tanja's breasts. As her tongue licked over their surface she shuddered. "They really should make better tasting massage oil," she complained. Tanja laughed and forced Jo's head down again. Her tongue swirled round coating them with a fine film of saliva. She was kneeling with one of her legs between Tanja's and as she bit down lightly on her nipple she felt Tanja begin to grind her mound against her leg.

Tanja sighed and moaned with desire as Jo's lips sucked on her nipples. She felt her clit begin to ache as she rubbed her mound against Jo's leg. "Yes!" she exclaimed eagerly as Jo's hands pressed her breasts together and her tongue flicked rapidly back and forth over her nipples. She thrust her hips up and down. The pressure of Jo's leg against her pussy and clit combined with the attention Jo was giving her breasts was driving her wild.

Jo sucked Tanja's nipples deep into her mouth, eliciting loud sighs of pleasure. "Oh fuck, that feels good," breathed Tanja as Jo's teeth pressed into her flesh, her tongue flicking simultaneously over the nipple. Jo responded by squeezing the other breast with her hand, pinching the nipple between her thumb and finger. At the same time she began to slide her leg back and forth putting more pressure on Tanja's throbbing clit.

The result was instantaneous. With a loud "Oooh!" of release, Tanja's back arched and her body began to shake as she came.

Jo removed her leg and Tanja's climax subsided as quickly as it had approached. She moved up and kissed Tanja passionately, their tongues entwining in each others mouths. She ran her hand up the inside of Tanja's thigh, trailing her fingers between her lover's moist labia. Tanja flinched at the brief contact. Laughing, Jo raised her finger to her mouth and sucked it suggestively between her lips. "Mmm, you taste delicious," she purred.

With that Jo began to move down. Kissing her way down over Tanja's stomach, she made her way inexorably towards her goal. Lying between Tanja's legs, Jo wasted no time. Her tongue flicked out, poking its way between the soft folds of Tanja's pussy, dipping into her hole. Tanja began to moan. Her body trembled as Jo's tongue darted in and out. She cried out as it flicked over her sensitive clit. Reaching down she grabbed Jo's hair, forcing Jo's mouth harder against her pussy. Jo's lips fastened around Tanja's clit and as she sucked it into her mouth she slowly inserted two fingers into Tanja's soaking cunt.

Tanja moaned, "Oh God yesss!" as Jo's fingers slid in and out of her cunt. The sensations combined with Jo's tongue on her clit began to send her over the edge again. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes. Oh Jo. Ohhh yesss!" she cried as her second climax gripped her. Her body shook uncontrollably as Jo's tongue mercilessly continued its work. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her as her orgasm climbed higher and higher. Jo's tongue kept a steady beat as it lapped over Tanja's enflamed clit. Each contact causing Tanja's climax wracked body to shudder more violently than the last. Finally, Tanja reached the end of her endurance. "No more. Please. No more," She begged. Reluctantly Jo complied. Hesitating only to give Tanja's abused clit one last swipe of her tongue she moved up, gathered Tanja into her arms and held her tight, feeling her heart pound within her chest.

"Thank you," said Tanja, "that was just what I needed."

Jo chuckled lightly. "My pleasure," she said

Tanja turned around in Jo's arms. They kissed and Tanja could taste herself on her lover's lips. "And now it's your turn," she said, pulling Jo towards her and kissing her once more. As their lips pressed together, Tanja ran her hands over Jo's body, caressing every inch of skin that fell within her reach. "Move up a bit," she demanded, "and let me at those lovely big tits of yours." Jo laughed as she complied with the demand. In truth her breasts were a cup size smaller than Tanja's 36Ds but she loved it when Tanja complimented her on them.

Jo's breasts hung above Tanja's face. Tanja reached up to cup and squeeze them with her hands. As she did, she fastened her lips upon the left nipple and sucked it into her mouth. "Oooh," squealed Jo as she felt Tanja's tongue flick over the stiffening bud as she pinched the right with her fingers. Tanja swirled her tongue over Jo's breasts, making the skin wet. Her hands glided easily of their slick surface as she caressed them with a circular stroking motion. Soft moans issued from between Jo's lips as Tanja's mouth and hands made their devotions to her breasts. Hot fire began to spread from her pussy to engulf her body. "Oh yes. Suck them! Suck my tits!" she demanded, luxuriating in the sensations as Tanja sucked as much of one then the other into her mouth as she could.

Tanja feasted on her lover's breasts, licking them, sucking them, driving Jo wild. At the same time Jo began to grind her pussy against Tanja's upraised knee. The friction of the contact of the knee against her clit produced sensations that made her cry out. Her pussy was on fire. Jo felt the tension building within her and soon she was desperate for release. Almost reluctantly she disengaged her breasts from Tanja's grasp and began to move upwards.

Tanja responded by wriggling herself downwards, pausing only when Jo's pussy hovered less than an inch above her face. Wasting no time, Tanja grabbed Jo's hips and pulled them down. At the same time, her tongue flicked out, slipping between Jo's wet lower lips. "Oooh!" exclaimed Jo as she felt Tanja's tongue work its way along her slit before lightly brushing against her clitoris.

Tanja savoured her girlfriend's juices as her tongue lapped at Jo's cunt. Jo moaned with pleasure as Tanja sucked on her labia. As she licked and sucked, Tanja reached up to play with Jo's breasts, eliciting a sigh filled with lust. She pressed them together, squeezing the stiff nipples as her tongue flicked in and out of Jo's cunt.

Jo felt the pressure of her impending orgasm build. Her juices coated flowed from her pussy, covering the face of her partner who was using her mouth to skilfully delay her orgasm while giving her the most intense pleasure possible.

"Oh yes!" urged Jo as she felt Tanja's lips fastened on her clit. "Eat me! she yelled. "Eat my fucking pussy you horny little bitch, ooooh!"

Tanja sucked hard on Jo's clit. Her tongue flicked across its tip as her fingers tightened on Jo's nipples. Jo began to moan. Her body shook and she was breathing in gasps as her orgasm claimed her. Tanja's tongue continued to lick at her pussy, alternating between firm strokes along her slit and then darting in and out of her hot, wet hole. Contractions spread from Jo's womb, engulfing her in their intensity. "Aaah, aaah, ooh!" she moaned ecstatically as Tanja's mouth and fingers continued their devotions.

At last, Jo could take no more. Exhausted she rolled away. Tanja moved up beside her and kissed her. Jo tasted herself on Tanja's lips and responded by kissing her deeply, savouring the taste of her own juices on her lover's breath. They kissed and caressed until the last of they energies deserted them. Then they simply lay in each others' arms, basking in their shared post orgasmic glow.

Finally, Jo recovered enough to speak. "Thank you," she said softly in the tone she only used when they'd been intimate.

"Don't mention it," replied Tanja coyly. She sat up and stretched. Looking up at the clock on the wall she said, "Still only just after nine. What shall we d now?"

Jo forced herself to a sitting position. She turned to look at Jo. With an expression that was a mixture of love and, as yet, unsatisfied desire she said, "Well we could go to bed."

Tanja stared at her lover and soulmate, seeing her answering smile reflected in Jo's deep ice blue eyes. "Yes," she purred, "Why don't we?"

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