tagBDSMThe Loving, Submissive Wife

The Loving, Submissive Wife


He walked into their 3 bedroom apartment to find his wife kneeling naked on the living room floor with her hands locked behind her head as instructed by Sir. She was wearing nothing but her plain pink collar with the 2 foot white leash attached, dangling between her soft, perky size 36 B breasts. Before Sir left for work this morning, he left his Pet a very detailed note stating how she was to look when he returned home; makeup applied lightly, hair straightened and down around her shoulders, no clothes except her collar and leash. The note also stated that the apartment was to be cleaned from top to bottom, spotless. Sir was VERY serious about the his last sentence of the note that read, "And Pet, you are not to play with yourself at all throughout the day, and I will know if you did, or there will be punishment. Love and lashes, Sir." Pet read this last part with sadness. Sir had teased her non-stop last night,and after he came into her mouth, he rolled over next to her in bed and said she did not have permission to come. So it had been about 48 hours since she had last been relieved.

Sir walked into the living room slowly and shut the front door behind him. He sat his things down on the floor and walked over to inspect his Pet. "She looks absolutely stunning kneeling on the floor presenting and giving herself to me completely," he thought to himself as he noticed her shifting a little from sitting in one place for so long. He reached down and moved a piece of her deep reddish brown hair out of her face and put a finger under her chin to lift her face to look at him. He loved getting lost in her dazzling green eyes.

"Good evening, Pet."

"Good evening, Sir. I've missed you terribly while you were at work." Which was true. She always felt so lonely when they were parted, even if it was only for a few hours. She hadn't the slightest clue what she would do if she were to lose him forever, even though he had assured her time and time again that nobody could make him as happy as she did. She believed him because he had never given her a reason not to. Even when he would bring home another pussy for them to play with, which was quite often because he knew how much his Pet enjoyed playing around with another pussy, his one and only Pet was the only one to share his bed. But somewhere in the far back of her mind she had always feared that he would grow tired of her and find a new Pet to replace her.

A firm slap to her right tit brought her out of her thoughts and back to the here and now. "I will ask you one more time, my sweet Pet, have you followed the instructions I have left you in the note?"

"Yes, Sir. I have cleaned the apartment, shaved, and did not play with myself all day, just like you said." She always tried to follow his instructions exactly so he would not be upset with her.

"Good girl," he replied. Then he placed his mouth ever so gently on hers to give her one of those kisses that said, "I cherish and adore you," and never failed to make her head swim or drop her to her knees had she not already been on them. She slightly parted her lips to let his tongue explore her mouth further. She allows a small moan to escape her throat, and at that sound he breaks the kiss.

"Wouldn't want to start enjoying yourself so early on in the evening would we now, my little cocktease?"

"Of course not, Sir," she giggled. She loved how much fun they seemed to have without even trying.

"Now, before we start, I want you to recite to me what was in the e-mail I sent you last night." She thought hesitantly as she racked her brain. She didn't know she was going to be quizzed before heading out to the playground.

"My body is yours to do with as you wish. My tight, wet pussy is yours. My cherry ass is yours. My pretty tits are yours. My warm, heavenly mouth is yours. I am your little fucktoy, painslut, come-loving Pet and I am to obey your every wish and command. My pleasure comes from knowing I put your needs and wants before my own. If I am not 100 percent certain that I am ready to be yours and for to own me, mentally and physically, I should not be here." she recited proudly with a cocky little smile playing at her lips. The smile grew bigger when she noticed that he was grinning back down at her. She thought she saw his eyes moisten but couldn't be sure.

"Very good, my lovely Pet." And with that said he leaned down to kiss more passionately. Not a kiss that said, "I adore you," but a kiss to say, "I own you."

After breaking the kiss and letting her breathing and heart rate return to normal, he simply said, "First position please, sweetheart." She stood up slowly and carefully so as not to get light headed. She stood, fingers laced together behind her head, eyes forward, feet at least 2 foot apart, ass and chest stuck out, presenting them for the taking to her master, best friend, and husband. Reaching into the black duffel bag filled with all of their playthings he had asked her to have on the floor in front of her, he pulled out what he knew to be among one of her favorite toys. A 6-inch throat cock, that he then placed at her lips. She opened her mouth instantly, expecting the rubber cock to be shoved into her throat. Instead, Sir simply said, "I love you beautiful, more than you know." A tear fell from her eye as she replied, "I love you, too, Sir. With all of my heart, soul, and being." After they finished stating the last part of their wedding vows, he inserted the cock into her throat before buckling the strap behing her head.

Reaching back into the bag, he pulled out four leather cuffs.

"Arms out." She immediately obeyed, holding her arms out in front of her. After placing the two smaller cuffs on her wrists, he bent down to attach the two slightly larger ones to her ankles, stopping on the way down to admire the smoothness of her freshly shaved pussy, but not wanting to get her too excited too soon, he moved onto her thighs. Teasing each one with kisses and nibbles. with this being the first skin on skin contact with him all day other then a few kisses, she let out a groan of pleasure from around the gag. He realized how much she was enjoying herself and stopped.

After the ankle cuffs were in place, he took a 2 foot spreader bar out of the bag and secured it to the cuffs. "Very nice," he said with a firm love tap to her mound, which was already dripping juice down her thigh. He couldn't resist it, so he stopped on his way up to lick the trail back to its source.

"Second position." She didn't have to think twice before bending over forward, grabbing an ankle with each hand. He whistles in admiration as he walks behind her and runs his middle finger down her spine, causing his wife to shiver slightly. He grins to himself as it reminds him of the first time he had used ice cubes on her while she was restrained, spread eagled, to their bed. He allowed himself to reminisce momentarily before returning to the matter at hand.

His cock was already hard and throbbing. Partly from the memory, and partly from seeing his beautiful wife in front of him. He slides his finger down her crack, pausing at her virgin hole before running it down to her wet, throbbing clit, and circling it teasingly.

"You are very hot, Pet. Why is that?" He pulls the cock out of mouth long enough for her to answer him.

"Because Sir, you have teased me all night without giving me permission to come, then you have me stand naked in what you know to be one of my favorite positions for you to fuck me," she answers rather breathlessly.

"Is that right, Pet? Well I have some good news for you precious. Tonight, you will be given the relive you seek, but not a second before i think you deserve it." And with that he removes a small padlock from the duffel bag and locks her wrists together at the cuffs.

To be continued soon...

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