tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Luckiest Night of My Life Ch. 02

The Luckiest Night of My Life Ch. 02


Saturday, 12:00 a.m.

Back at the house the girls had gotten more wasted than ever.

'Heeeeeeey!' Veronica greeted us wastedly at the door with one massive naked tit of hers hanging out of her cotton tank top, 'Iss my friends! Wassin th'bag?'

'Hey Veronica!' Jessica said, helping her put her flopping tit away, 'Lemme show you what we got!'

'Jus don' go in th'bathroom yet, because I think Amy's puking, an I jus took a massive shit in there too,' slurred the cute, sexy, wasted Veronica.

'Thanks for the heads up,' responded Melissa disgustedly amused.

Mel made sure Amy was ok, then helped her and Veronica to a guestroom where they crashed even before they hit the bed, and threw a sheet over them to keep them warm.

In the living room, Rebecca was apparently asleep on the couch. We all sat down to inspect the spoils of our trip.

'Take your dick out Travis, I wanna help you try out 'Sailor Moon!'' suggested Melissa. So I climbed out of my pesky jeans and boxers. 'Hand me that lighter on the mantle there, would you?' she added, placing a joint in her mouth.

I got up and leaned over the sleeping Rebecca to reach the lighter, my horny lengthening cock dangling right in her face, when the next thing I knew, she was no longer quite asleep, but had taken my hanging cock into her mouth and begun sucking on it!

'Oh fuck yeah, Rebecca!' I said softly as my dick grew to full rock-hardness in the blonde's hot wet sucking mouth. 'Suck my cock!'

I tossed the lighter to Mel but stayed leaning over Rebecca so she could suck me off as she lay on the couch. Mel lit up her joint and took 'Sailor Moon!' out of its package.

After a few amazing minutes of having my cock sucked, I sat down on the couch between Mel and Reb. Mel lubed up the rubber pussy tube and slid it down over my hard cock as Reb and I made out. Mel fucked my cock with it as I undid Reb's pants. The soft lubed up rubber toy felt amazing sliding up and down the length of my dick, not least of all because of whose hand it was holding it. It was fucking great, to put it mildly!

'How do you like 'Sailor Moon!' stud?' Mel asked me as she jerked me off with it.

'It's fucking amazing, baby. Don't stop!' I answered.

After several minutes, Reb's pants now off completely, with the lubed up rubber pussy tube still on my hard cock, I rolled over in between Reb's open legs and gently thrust the head of my cock up into her wet, completely shaved-smooth pussy. She let out a moan of pleasure as I slid my dick up inside of her, compressing the soft rubber pussy down to the base of my cock as most of my cock-shaft entered Reb's cunt.

'Fuck me!' she said softly. And so I did, through the rubber pussy. It felt amazing, Rebecca's pussy on the upper part of my cock-shaft and the lubed-up rubber pussy on the lower part of my cock-shaft combined, amidst a room full of gorgeous wasted young girls.

'Mel, get your fucking dildo!' Reb said as I fucked her through the slippery rubber toy.

'Ok!' Mel said enthusiastically. She came back in a moment holding the ridiculously huge double-ended hot-pink rubber dong she'd shown everyone earlier.

'Shove it up my ass!' Reb moaned.

'Are you sure, Reb??' asked Mel doubtfully.

'Just fucking DO IT!' Reb moaned.

I rolled Reb onto my lap as I fucked her through the lubed-up rubber sheath to give Mel better access to her asshole. Mel generously lubed up the dildo and then slowly pressed it up into Reb's tiny asshole.

"Ooooooh yeah!!' Reb moaned loudly as the veiny hot-pink rubber cock popped through the sphincter of her tight petite shit-box, my cock ever pistoning in and out of her pussy through the lubed-up rubber pussy below.

Mel fucked her up the ass with the dildo, DPing her with me, deeper and deeper as her hole relaxed to the massive girth: six inches, eight inches, ten inches... fifteen inches!

'I'm gonna cum!!' Reb wailed several minutes later with the shit-huge fake cock about fifteen inches up her slutty little arse. 'Aaaaaaaaah!' she wailed as she came hard and gushed all over my dick.

'I've got an idea!' it was Naomi, who'd been watching us the whole time. 'You wanna fuck her as Jesse Jane, Travis??' I had no idea what she meant. She then cut a little hole in the cunt of the poster of Jesse Jane with some scissors. She positioned Rebecca on the couch with her legs spread wide apart, the hot-pink dildo still hanging out of her ass, up her asshole about twelve or fifteen inches, lay the poster on top of her with Jesse's cut-out cunt-hole lining up with Reb's actual cunt behind it. 'Here you go, Travis!' Naomi announced, 'Have at 'er!'

I took 'Sailor Moon!' off of my dick and inserted my cock into the hole in the poster and into Reb's cunt behind it.

Reb's cunt felt amazing enough in and of itself, but the illusion created by fucking her through the poster of Jesse Jane was incredible! 'Oh, fuck yeah, Jesse! Take my fucking cock, Jesse Jane!' I grunted as I fucked Rebecca through Jesse Jane's pussy. The other girls giggled and took pics with their cell phones as I fucked their friend through the poster of the gorgeous naked porn star.

I fucked 'Jesse' for quite a while, when I suddenly noticed that the girls had opened the 'Alexis Texas' Ass!' package and were checking out the big rubber rump.

'I have got to try that thing!' I grunted and pulled out of Jesse and Reb. I tossed the poster away, slid the other end of the dildo which was still up Reb's ass up her pussy so that she was being DP'd by it to keep her company, then went over and had Beth, who had joined us in the living room, lube up and hold 'Alexis Texas' Ass!' in her lap for me to fuck.

I pressed my hard cock up the lubed-up rubber asshole of the huge Alexis Texas bum. 'Fuck yeah, that's awesome!' I grunted as I fucked the realistic big rubber porn star's ass. Beth, a gorgeous blonde, held the rubber bum for me as I fucked it ever faster. She leaned up and French-kissed me as I fucked the rubber ass, and it felt like I was having a threesome with Alexis and Beth.

'Take my fucking cock, Alexis! Fuck yeah!' I grunted as I fucked the big gorgeous ass in Beth's lap.

I squeezed its massive soft rubber ass-cheeks as I pistoned my dick in and out of its soft rubber shit-hole, and kissed the sexy young blonde who's lap it was in, our tongues thoroughly exploring one another's mouths.

Presently I noticed that my dick was coming out the other side of 'Alexis Texas' Ass!' at the deep end of each of my strokes and I had a revelation.

I pulled out and positioned the nearly sleeping, wasted Rebecca onto all fours on the carpet, pulling the enormous hot-pink dildo out of her asshole (making it gape impressively) but leaving its other end fairly deep up her cunt.

'Don't worry! She cleaned out her ass before,' reassured Beth, now among the horny spectators.

I slid my lucky dick up her loosened asshole and fucked her petite bony little ass bareback like that for a while in sheer ecstasy, pinching her lovely little A-cup tits below, before pulling out and placing the massive rubber Alexis Texas ass on top of Reb's much smaller petite bony little ass underneath. Then I slid my cock back up into the lubed-up rubber asshole, right through it, and up into Reb's tight bum-hole behind it. It was fucking incredible! As I fucked the gorgeous half rubber/half flesh pile of rump, most of my cock-shaft was in the lubed-up rubber ass-tunnel of Alexis Texas, while my cock-head and some of the upper cock-shaft slid in and out of Reb's actual hot tight little asshole. I jerked my cock in and out of this delicious setup of anal excess in sheer joy, slapping 'Alexis'' ass-cheeks now and then, making them jiggle.

I fucked the incredible 'sandwich of ass' for what felt like ages, making the petite wasted Reb cum another two or three times, when a bunch of girls suddenly showed up at the front door.


Saturday, 1:30 a.m.

'Hey guys!' It was Julia. She and Jasmine had come back from the club and had brought some other girls with them. 'This is Heather, Tiffany and Jennifer. And these are the 'The Amsterdam Sisters.' Let's see if I can remember their names: this is Pussi-Love, Apple Jell-O, Pixie, Magique, Zodia, Ladybug, Moonlight, Violla, Crème de Menthe, Peppermint-Candy, Butter-Crotch, and Broken-Heart!'

...A small crowd of FUCKING GORGEOUS girls dressed in rave outfits and makeup piled into the living room as Julia introduced them.

'What's going on here?' asked Pussi-Love smiling and looking at me fucking Rebecca through the big rubber ass.

She had on thigh-high shiny hot-pink platform boots, a fluorescent yellow miniskirt which was so thin as to look more like merely a rather thick belt, a sky-blue thong visible underneath, two glittering silver star stickers over her nipples atop massive round fake tits, bleached platinum blonde hair done up in two outrageously huge pigtails on either side of her head, a pile of gorgeous slutty-looking makeup on her face and about a million multi-colored bracelets on each arm.

'He's just fucking Alexis Texas and Rebecca up the ass,' replied Melissa.

'I see. Where's the booze at, girl??'

I pulled my cock out of both assholes to survey the crowd of beauties.

Each one of 'The Amsterdam Sisters' was more gorgeous than the next: Apple Jell-O was some kind of Asian babe with bright pink ass-length dreadlocks, purple thigh-high platform boots, a white fishnet miniskirt and skimpy white thong underneath, a lemon-yellow bikini top so skimpy that her nipples peeked through from behind it, and tons of lip gloss and makeup on; Pixie was covered in silver glitter, had on little fairy wings, a silky white bridal garter, and furry white knee-high platform boots, otherwise she was dressed similar to Pussi-Love and Apple Jell-O, Zodia was pure Goth-slut, a Gothic-raver-whore if ever I saw one, her skin as pale as milk, her outfit skimpy and of shiny black latex except for her thousand rainbow-colored bracelets on either arm, and she had huge fake tits and bright orange contact lenses, Ladybug had on white panties with the words 'CUM HARD' written across the back of her bum in bold sparkly purple letters underneath super wide-holed fencenet stockings, and sparkly antennae with pink fluffy pom-poms on the ends of them, Moonlight looked like she'd just come out of my favorite wet dream, Violla had on cute, furry sexy bunny rabbit ears, bright pink contacts, was holding a mini digital camcorder and filming everything which she looked at, and her tits were huge and fake, Crème de Menthe was wearing not more than a scrap of fabric, glitter, two sparkly stickers, a neon-green wedding garter, and some shiny latex neon-green thigh-high six-inch platform boots, Peppermint-Candy was dressing down her age, even sucking on a pacifier (which was quite the sexual innuendo) going for the 'jailbait' look and succeeding admirably, Broken-Heart was so smoking hot that I don't even want to try and describe her for fear of besmirching her untouchable perfection, and Butter-Crotch was nearly making me cum up Rebecca's ass just to see her, she was so smoking hot. They all liked to stare quite unashamedly at me and the other girls, a habit of ravers I suppose (who's hobby is to look and be looked at) not that I'm complaining about it in the least.

It was a bit disconcerting to be starred at so unashamedly, then again, they were all so insanely hot that one couldn't help starring right back and not even blinking! They were each like ten times hotter than most of the porn stars I'd ever seen in my life...

The 'Amsterdam Sisters' and all the other five girls who'd just come in went and got drinks from the kitchen.

The one called Pixie came up to me with a B52 shooter in her hands, her sexy white fairy wings bobbing to and fro behind her.

'I don't think they put enough Bailey's my B52... Mmm, can you help me out?' she said sexily. She leaned in and kissed me immediately, taking my growing cock into her hand and jerking it slowly. Somebody helped her lube up my cock and she jerked it ever faster starring directly into my eyes. Her friend Violla was nearby capturing everything on video.

'Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes!' she moaned to encourage me as she jerked me off until I was about to cum. She held the shot glass in front of my dick, and jerked it for the last few strokes necessary to make me cum, aimed it carefully, and I blasted my jizz into her B52, splashing some out as I did. 'Yes!' I grunted in ecstasy as I came and filled her shot with extra 'Bailey's.'

Pixie smiled and shot it all down without hesitation. 'Thanks!' she said to me smiling and turned on her heels towards the kitchen presumably to go get another one.

'You must help me,' it was the one called Crème de Menthe. She had me stand up on the coffee table with my legs about shoulder-width apart, my horny cock dangling down in between. She then proceeded to pour green Crème de Menthe liqueur down my dick and into Apple Jell-O's open mouth below! Apple Jell-O drank about two shots' worth, sucked my dick momentarily then another girl got down and took her place. I fed shots to Moonlight, Ladybug, Lisa, Julia, Magique, Jessica, Butter-Crotch, Jasmine, Pussi-Love, Zodia, Violla, Peppermint-Candy, Broken-Heart, Melissa, Naomi, Jennifer, Heather and Tiffany with my hard dick, most of them sucking me off a bit afterwards. Violla filmed it all up close.

Apparently we'd all become total sluts, and the party had degenerated into some kind of sex-orgy!


Saturday, 3:00 a.m.

Butter-Crotch tried out the pussy pump on her immaculately waxed-smooth cunt, and once she'd made it all puffy, pink and pumped, she let me try fucking it with my cock. Shit was it nice! It was so hot to be fucking Butter-Crotch's pumped puffy pink pussy and having Mel (and a bunch of the other girls) only inches away snapping pics of my dick up the hotty's tight cunt with their cell phones.

Ladybug DP'd herself with the massive lemon-yellow double-ended dildo Jessica had got at Paris XXX.

Magique put her iPhone on vibrate up her shaved pussy in a condom and had me call her on it as I fucked her up her tight lubed-up asshole from behind. And there was the ubiquitous Violla filming it all up close, not to mention all the other girls aiming their cell phones at the action and taking close-up pics non-stop.

Somehow Peppermint-Candy managed to put the contents 2 whole bottles of Malibu Coconut Liqueur up her ass using the enema bag Mel had, and was squatting on the counter and 'shitting' out shots into glasses over ice for everyone to enjoy.

'You'd better have cleaned your ass out good Peppermint-Candy, 'cause I don't want none of your shit in my drink!' I could hear Jessica saying to her.

It must have inspired Sophie because she went and cleaned out her ass too, and then squatted on the coffee table. She then had Naomi shake up a bottle of champagne, open it and then immediately shove the opening of the bottle up her lubed-up asshole as it gushed its pressurized contents, so that the champagne shot right up her tight fart-hole and ass, filling up her bum with the sparkling wine. Then once the bottle was removed, Sophie flexed her ass-muscles and her bum became a champagne fountain as she aimed it high up, squeezing her shit-hole hard, showering the room in a fan of sexy bum-champagne. Some of the Amsterdam Sisters tried to catch the champagne in their mouths but mostly just got sprayed. The girls all laughed wastedly, and my poor dick raged ecstatically in delirious excess of female stimulation.

Baby oil came out of somewhere and the girls all began to just glisten and become more and more naked.

I fucked Jessica in the sexy cheerleader costume they'd bought earlier; I fucked Julia up the ass in the Girl Guide costume, and Jasmine in the Alice in Wonderland costume.

Zodia let me shoot her cleaned, lubed-up bum full of a can of aerosol whipped-cream we'd found which had a nice smooth nozzle on it. Then I proceeded to fuck her sexy Goth asshole with my cock, pull out and have Broken-Heart suck the sweet whipped-cream all off of my dick, and repeat. I kept on fucking them like that, alternately fucking Zodia's pale whipped-cream filled asshole and then Broken-Heart's gorgeous mouth, until I blasted a load of cum in Broken-Heart's mouth, her lips wrapped tight around my cock-shaft and sucking hard, which she swallowed all down. I was nearly goin' berserk with lust!

Jessica found some of that aerosol party string shit, sat on the couch naked with her legs spread wide open, stuck the can of party string up her cunt, and spewed the party string over everyone having it look like it was shooting out of her cunt. I stood amidst the shower of flying noodles from my friend's sexy cunt, utterly horny and bedazzled.

Somebody found Mel and Naomi's mom's Sybian and brought it out into the living room where the girls took turns riding it while sucking my cock. Naomi and Moonlight put on strap-ons and Naomi would fuck the girl's asshole who was riding the Sybian and sucking my dick while Moonlight would fuck Naomi's own asshole.

It was really becoming an all-out sex-orgy by now...

In one of the bedrooms on a bed, Heather and Jennifer (two girls who Julia and Jasmine had met on their way to the club) lay naked and glistening in baby oil on their sides with their asses towards each other and facing me in such as way that their two asses were pressed together creating a 'quadruple-ass-cheeked super ass' with a tunnel betwixt their two horizontal ass-cracks, in the center of their four combined ass-cheeks, for me to fuck. I held their ample glistening rumps as I fucked the double-ass-tunnel in sheer bliss. Then I proceeded to fuck them each properly to anal orgasms individually, not before tit-fucking the incredibly huge fake-titted oiled Jennifer first.


Saturday, 5:00 a.m.

I found Lisa in the kitchen naked cooking spaghetti. She looked at me with wasted horny eyes and wordlessly began French-kissing me and groping at my fast-hardening cock. Her mouth tasted somewhat of spaghetti sauce, but her completely shaved cunt, big tits and big sexy ass were enough to get my cock hard again in seconds.

The short cutie guided my hard-dick up her smooth pussy from behind standing up so I could fuck her as she tried not to burn the spaghetti. I groped her tits and fucked her hot wet pussy like that for some time.

After a while, she even let me give it to her up the ass like that in the same position, guiding my cock-head out of her cunt and onto her tightest of fuck-holes. I kissed her mouth as my hips slammed into her soft ample ass-cheeks with my every thrust up inside her hot tight arse-hole from behind, until she came hard, her pussy gushing all over the cupboard and floor, her asshole spasming around my fuck-rod.

A few more thrusts and I filled her shit-hole full of my cum, squeezing her sweet tits tightly as I pumped my cum into her tight sexy backdoor.

Once I'd finished cumming, I kissed her mouth, pulled my spent dick out of her asshole, told her she was beautiful, and left her to her spaghetti.

I stumbled naked out of the kitchen and found Desiree who was finally starting to sober up slightly and had come downstairs out of the closet. Her eyes had dark circles around them form being up awake tripping and high all night long.

'W-What's going on, Trav? Who are all these naked bitches?'

'Good to see you again, you feel alright now, Desiree?'

'I've been having the WORST nightmare! I think I'm still sort of having it... maybe. I donno. I am SO fucking tired!'

I took her to a bed in one of the rooms, kissed her and lay her down. I gently ate out her sweet shaved-smooth pussy so that she came just as she fell asleep, and I put a sheet over her to keep her warm.

...I suddenly realized that this whole night had DEFINITELY been that crazy amulet! I mean I'd had a bit of luck here and there with the ladies before, but this was ridiculous!

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