tagLesbian SexThe Lucky PA

The Lucky PA


Could life be any better? A beautiful wife with a great sex drive. At the top of his game in a very competitive business. His lovely PA, Ruth, at his knees as he looks across the city through the floor to ceiling windows of his top floor office, giving him his after lunch blow job. Maybe he'll fuck her on this same couch before quitting time, then go home to chef's wonderful dinner, then screw his hot wife, Wendy.

Ruth had followed him into the inner office after lunch, locking the door behind herself, then slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

"Sir? Will you help me with this darned bra clip?"

He loved that part of the game. Fondling those big perfect orbs. Then she gave him her best 'little girl' smile.

"Sir, can I see whats bulging in your trousers?"

Oh, that beautiful look of delight on her pretty face as he dropped trou and boxers and stood there proud and hard.

And now she was on her knees kissing and licking his boner. She looked up and gave him her pretty little cocksucker smile. Of course he never called her 'cocksucker' to her face. But damn she was good, almost as good as his Wendy, and that's saying a lot!

She began bobbing her head up and down as she fondled his balls.

His head was back, his eyes closed as he stroked her bare shoulders. The feel of his cock in her sweet mouth. He thought he heard a 'click', but realized it was jut the latch of his private bathroom's door.

'Door latch?' His eyes flew open

There was Wendy with a camera in her hand. She went to his desk and took a miniature camera from the tissue box there.

"That'll be enough of that." Then in a loving voice, "Come here darling and give me kiss. Not you Sid. You stay there."

* Three months before*

A beautiful lady in her late thirties or early forties came quietly into the 'Ocean View Lounge' and looked around as she waited for the bartender to pour her a glass of wine. Thursday's 'Ladies Night' had become a lesbian mixer. It wasn't her first time here. She told Sid that she'd signed up for yoga class on Thursday night and "Probably won't be home early, because some of the girls go out for a drink afterwards so don't wait up Dear."

Her shoulder length chestnut hair was pulled back in a pony tail held with a black ribbon. Her black cotton blouse's top three buttons had become undone on the drive here. She wore black loose legged silk pants with a black canvas belt. Her black spike heel ankle boots stood her five foot seven tall.

She sees Ruth, picks up her wine and heads towards the group she's with.

Ruth sees Wendy and smiles. Is that a blush on her cheeks?

They're talking about an actress who just came out and announced she was marrying her girlfriend.

Wendy took Ruth's hand and led her to a tall round table by the wall. They stood, shoulders touching.

"I hoped I'd see you here again tonight."

"Me too."

"That's a pretty dress. the color suites you. I like ankle length dresses."

"I hoped you'd like it." Blush.

Someone started singing a slow soft jazz tune on the bar's sound system. They joined other dancers on the polished dance floor. Slow and close. Ruth's arms around Wendy's waist. Wendy's left hand on the small of Ruth's back, her right hand gently holding Ruth's head to her shoulder.

The song ended. They got two more glasses of wine.

"I'm married. You're my husband's PA, this is probably wrong."

"So leave already."

"I will. Finish your drink if you're coming."

They kissed for a long while in Wendy's Lexus.


"I live alone. Lets go to my apartment."

It was the first time since she was married that Wendy had gone this far. Usually she just flirted and danced. Then she met Ruth here.

They went up one flight of stairs to Ruth's apartment. She didn't turn on the lights because the streetlight shining through the sliding glass door to the balcony was enough illumination.

They kissed and petted on the couch. Wendy stroked the zipper down the back of Ruth's dress and un-clipped her bra. She spread the dress down to Ruth's waist and tossed her bra aside.

"Better take off those pants, Wendy."

She stood and obeyed. Ruth reached out and pulled Wendy's red thong down.

"It'll be easier to eat you if you sit on that chair."

Wendy dropped her blouse beside her skirt as she crossed the room. her half cup bra held her nipples up to the cool air and they gave a weather report, or was it an arousal report?

Ruth glided over. Her dress hanging from her hips so sensually. She got down between Wendy's knees. Their eyes met. They smiled at each other. Ruth ran a finger through Wendy's curly bush and stroked her pussy lips.

She kissed Wendy there, and there, and there. She licked along the gash.

"Mm, somebody's wet and ready."

Her lips and tongue kissed and licked as her fingers slid into Wendy.

Sid was an enthusiastic carpet licker , but not tender like Ruth.

Wendy lay her head back and rode the waves. Then Ruth did something and she came in a wonderful, exhausting orgasm.

Ruth slipped off her dress as she went back to the couch. She laid back. "Please Misses Lawry?"

She wore no panties to pull down. Wendy straddled her hips and began kissing Ruth's lips, tasting her own pussy. As they kissed she molested Ruth's big boobs with both hands. She kissed down and suckled her hard pink nipples. She kissed further down and stroked Ruth's shaved pubis. She licked and kissed her pussy. Her fingers and tongue delved in.

"That's right. That's what I need."

Wendy kissed back to Ruth's mouth. As they kissed she pushed her fingers back into Ruth and began pumping.

Ruth came with a thigh grip on Wendy's hand and a soft ' Aaaah.'

They lay tangled together cuddling and kissing.

"I should go."

"I know."

"See you there next Thursday?"

"Why not come straight here?"

Long slow kiss.

Wendy used the bathroom, dressed, kissed Ruth and left.

When she got home Sid was sleep watching the adult cable channel. Wendy turned off the TV and turned out the lights then went to bed.

She didn't dislike Sid, it's just that she didn't love him any more. But neither of them could afford a divorce. And his cock was always handy.

Sunday night as they watched the adult channel while Sid boned her doggy style she wondered what to wear for Ruthie Thursday night.

Her cream short sleeve dress that was snug all the way down, with the little silver buttons every two inches down to her navel. Powder blue pointed toe two inch pumps. Her soft beige leather bomber jacket with the raccoon collar and cuffs would keep her warm.

When she got there Ruth was wearing a pink mohair long sleeve, scoop collar sweater and a dove grey mini skirt. Her feet were bare. Her lip gloss and nail polish were coral pink. There were lit candles and a bottle of wine with two glasses on the coffee table.

"What do you want?"

"You. But we can start with a drink."

They sat on the couch sipping wine between kisses. Ruth undid Wendy's buttons and slipped a hand in.

More kisses.

Wendy slipped a hand under Ruth's soft sweater and tenderly cupped a boob.

"You forgot your bra."

"No I didn't forget, or my panties. For you."


"This joint have a bed?"

"You tired?"

"No. Hungry."

In the bedroom Wendy undid the belt and dropped Ruth's skirt to the floor. Ruth responded by pulling Wendy's dress off her shoulders and dropping it to the floor.

Wendy took off her bra and thong as Ruth shed her sweater.

Kissing and groping they fell into bed.

Ruth climbed on top, and with her pussy in Weny's face began kissing and licking Wendy's cunt.

Wendy came first but kept her tongue and kisses going until Ruth came with a sweet little moan.

They kissed and cuddled and whispered.

They showered and finger banged in the hot slippery stream. They dried each other then Wendy got dressed.

"I wish you didn't have to go Darling."

"So do I. Sit for a minute Sweetheart while I explain my plan."

* The present in Sid's office.*

"So you see Sidney, You are going to give Ruthie a raise. At the end of the month she's giving up her apartment and moving into the rectory. She'll sleep in the master bedroom with me and you'll move into one of the other bedrooms.

"After all, Pastor Sid Lawry, America's favorite televangelist can't abandon his stance on 'family values' and divorce his loyal, loving wife, or have it known he's been raping his sweet young secretary, a poor innocent girl from a small mid west town. Now can he?

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