tagNonHumanThe Lupine Barrens

The Lupine Barrens


Nerina Terenzio had been working for Palmira Severino, the owner of Mind, Body and Spirit Spa, for about four months now. Mrs. Severino was the wife of Vittore Severino, a well-known enforcer to the Pellegrino crew in New Jersey. Nerina found out only after being hired as a masseuse that she was working for a ‘connected’ man’s wife. She would occasionally spot news clips about the Severino family. However, she couldn’t bring herself to quit her job, she loved it. Mrs. Severino was a wonderful woman; she paid great and had the best benefits. Her co-workers were some of the nicest people she‘d ever met in Jersey and, strangely despite everything that other people or the media said about Mr. Severino, she found him to be just as nice as his wife.

Mr. Severino often brought his friends and associates to the Spa for a massage or time in the hot tub. They usually arrived just before closing time and would pay extremely well for those employees that stayed late to attend to their needs which, to Nerina’s knowledge, did not include any sexual favors from the women employees. Before working at the Spa, she assumed that all ‘connected’ men were slobs that would screw any pretty woman right behind their wife’s back. As far as she could tell, Mr. and Mrs. Severino were very much faithful to each other. Deep down she knew what those people could do. She knew of the beatings, the killings and stealing, but there was just something so different about the Pellegrino crew. Nerina didn’t know what, though.

It was about 8:45 pm, close for Nerina to end her shift, and she was cleaning up her small massaging room. The cream and sage colored walls offered an inviting welcome to the room and the scent of eucalyptus candles filled the air. She gathered up the towels her clients had used to cover up with and stacked them by the door to take to the washing machine on her way out. She gathered her bottles of lotions and oils, putting them away under her massaging table. Nerina looked over her room, making sure it was spotless before she was to leave. Mrs. Severino instructed everything to be clean and in order at all times in her Spa. With a little nod Nerina turned to grab the towels and switch the lights off. As she headed out the door, she was greeted by Janis, another masseuse.

“Hey, Rina, I’m sooooo glad to see you.” Janis said, her face lighting up with the biggest shit-eating grin. “You’re not going home now, are you?”

“Well, yeah, I planned on it. Why?” Nerina asked, wondering why Janis was sooooo glad to see her.

“Well, Mr. Severino brought one of his friends by and he was kinda...you know...wanting a massage. I would love to do it, but...Rina, I have this date with this Raul. You remember, he’s Remigio’s cousin, oh...he’s so hot. Anyway please, please, please, ya’ mind doing this one little massage for this friend of Mr. Severino? I’ll do anything you want later.” Janis begged, clasping her hands together in a praying motion.

Nerina cocked her head from one side to the next as if in deep consideration. “Hmmm...well, I was going to go home, wash my hair, and maybe clean out my fridge.” Nerina smiled, “But one little massage shouldn’t be a problem. Who is it, anyway?”

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you Rina. You’re so great. He’s a regular of mine. Mr. Pellegrino, he comes by here once in a blue moon. He lik...” Janis began, but Nerina cut her off abruptly.

“Mr. Pellegrino, as in Ottavio Pellegrino, head of the Pellegrino family? I can’t massage him! What if I scratch him or piss him off. He could ‘make a place ready for me’. No way.” Nerina shook her head.

“No, not Ottavio. His nephew Savio.” Janis smiled, her eyes becoming little slits as she donned her shit-eating grin again. “Will you still do it?”

“Oh, okay, sure.”

“Mr. Pellegrino is very quiet. He likes relaxing scents, like that eucalyptus stuff or vanilla. Also, stay away from his sides. His ribs must be extremely sensitive or something. If you want to see him start to squirm, use the very, very tips of your fingernails, I think it turns him on or something. It’s funny to watch him try and hide his boner.” Janis giggled.

“Jani, you’re disgusting.” Nerina smiled. She made her way to the front lobby and locked the door behind Janis. Mr. Severino was at the service counter with whom she supposed was Mr. Pellegrino. She made her way around behind the counter, dropping her towels in the hamper next to the wash room.

“Hey, Rina. I’d like you to meet Savio Pellegrino.” Mr. Severino introduced. “Savio, this is Nerina. She’s absolutely great. You’ll be asleep in minutes.”

Nerina blushed at his praising her. Savio wasn‘t what she expected. She figured he‘d be some skinny little guy in his early-twenties. “Thank you. It’s nice to meet you Mr. Pellegrino. Just sign in for me, please.” He looked to be in his early thirties and was a very menacing man. He must’ve been about six feet and had a broad, thick chest. He wasn’t skinny, but he wasn’t overly fat either. His hair was dark and trimmed short.

“I’ll leave you to it. Savio, I’m going to go get that thing ready for our friend.” Mr. Severino said as he unlocked the front door to leave. “Rina, don’t forget to lock this door behind me.”

Savio moved before Rina had a chance and locked the door. They took care of payment, which he paid in cash. “Thank you. You want to follow me, please?” Nerina said, stepping into the hallway leading to her room. “Is this your first massage? I haven’t seen you here before.”

“No, I thought you and Janis already discussed that.” He said. “Don’t worry, nobody’s gonna whack you for scratching me. Honestly, it‘s bad when the Italian-Americans stereotype each other.” Nerina blushed bright red. How could he have heard them talking? She and Janis had been talking in a completely different room at the end of a long hallway. She didn’t dare turn around to look at him, she just continued walking.

“Umm...I’m sorry, I didn’t think we were being that loud. I wasn’t stereotyping you. It’s hard to ignore what the media says. Your uncle is a regular on channel 4 and I‘ve heard your name mentioned as well.” Nerina spoke without turning her head to look at him. “I’m sorry you heard us talking.“ She opened the door to her room and switched the overhead lights on. The room was filled with harsh fluorescent beams. She continued avoiding his face, afraid she may have really pissed him off.

“It’s okay, really, I was just joking. You shouldn’t believe everything the media says, though. They’re a bunch of fucking idiots. I bet’cha didn’t know my family donated money to some foundation to preserve our woodlands. Or that my uncle owns a ranch somewhere out west that provides haven for injured wolves. My family is big on animals and stuff.” Savio said as he stepped behind the silk screen to undress.

“No, I didn’t know that. That’s a very nice thing your family does. If I had enough money to donate, I would do it, too. Why wolves? I mean, I personally love the animal. They are so misunderstood. I’ve never meant anyone else who actually wants to see them not die out. Please, I’m sorry we were talking about you and your uncle like that.” Nerina said as she removed a clean towel from her cabinet and threw it over the silk screen.

“Fuhgetabout it. Wolves are misunderstood, as much misunderstood as my family. I guess that’s why we donate and stuff.” He stepped out from behind the screen with the towel wrapped around his waist and made his way to the table. He laid flat on his belly, after adjusting for a moment, he seemed to relax.

He was such a large, towering man.

“Which oil would you like me to use?” Nerina asked as she moved toward the table. She let her eyes roam over his nude back. He was a very handsome man and his thick Jersey accent was erotic. As she stepped in front of him to get to her oils, she heard him intake a deep breath.

He smiled. “Janis told you what I liked. Just somethin’ that’ll relax me.” Nerina poured the vanilla oil into her palms and rubbed her hands together. She began to work his thick shoulder muscles first. His skin was warm to the touch. She worked each muscle gently, letting her hands completely take over. Her mind was in a daze; her hands knew what to do. Every now and then she heard a low, animalistic growl come from him, but he didn’t speak. As she slowly melted away his tension, he fell asleep right there.


After that massage from Nerina, he was hooked. He came back at least three times a week and requested only her. Not only was she a great masseuse, but he felt some sort of connection with her. He loved her scent. Everything about her seemed to thrill him. Her hair was dark and curly. It hung to her waist in waves, each wave seeming to beckon for him. Her scent was that of peaches and feminine skin. It was intoxicating, almost painful to be near her and smell her. All he wanted to do was touch her.

Within the next few weeks he got to know her. Savio found out she really did have a passion for wolves to match his own. That greatly excited him. She even had a tattoo on her right breast of a wolf howling in front of a full moon. She reluctantly flashed him the upper part of her breast after he persisted.

He had to have her. She must be his mate. It has to be so. He would have to speak with his Uncle.

But how could he get her to the Pine Barrens?


Nerina was finishing up her shift when the phone rang at the desk. She picked it up, “Hello, Mind, Body and Spirit Spa, how may I help you?”

“Hey, Rina. It’s Savio; I wanna show you somethin’. You gotta trust me, though.” Savio’s thick Jersey speech slurred in her ear. She was confused.

“Umm...I don’t understand. What do you need to show me?”

“Don’t be scared. It’s in the Pine Barrens; it’s a surprise.”

“What kind of surprise?” Nerina’s heart seemed to freeze in mid-beat. The blood in her veins turned cold and she began to sweat. “I don’t like surprises, Savio. I have to go now...”

“No, Rina, wait. I’m not gonna’ hurt you...please...” Nerina didn’t hear anything else as she placed the receiver back on its cradle.

What had she done? What would he do to her? She had to leave now, but go where? Suddenly she heard something. Something haunting, something unnatural. The sound of a wolf. A drawn out low howl. But it was not a wolf; the howl was mixed with something else, something monstrous. There were no wolves here. What was going on? Nerina grabbed her purse and fished out her mace. She left the spa, walking across the parking lot, cautiously holding her mace between sweaty palms. It was dark out now. The moon hung in a crescent shape over the city, shining little light. She prayed all the way to her car. With a sigh of relief she opened the door to her blue Saturn, hearing the familiar creak. Then she heard it! A low, primal growl coming from behind her. She froze with utter dread. She didn’t want to turn around; she didn’t want to see what was looming over her. She felt its breath on the top of her head, a wet nose sniffing her dark tresses. Her mouth opened to scream but nothing came out, the scream seemed to stick to the back of her dry throat. She gripped the mace tightly praying.

Monstrous arms embraced her from behind. This time she did scream, a high pitched yelp as lean quick fingers pried the mace from her fingers. With great speed the creature stuffed a gag in her mouth. All Nerina saw was hair and teeth. She passed out from fear as the thing threw her over its shoulder.


Nerina awoke slowly. She was being carried, roughly over dark ground. Her belly was flat against someone’s shoulder. A strong grip was around her mid-section. Nerina felt the coarse texture of the rope around her wrists. She flipped her hair, trying to get a view of where she was being taken. It was hard to see with the lack of light. Streaks of moonlight spilled out from between trees. It was the Pine Barrens, she was sure. Was she going to be killed and buried out here with all the other countless mob victims? She regretted ever taking that fucking job. She now began to shout at her assailant. The gag in her mouth kept her foul words from escaping. Her wrists wrestled with the tight bonds that constrained her, but they were not giving. Nerina then turned to digging her nails into thick fur, clawing until she felt warm skin. The monster yelped and dropped her. Trying to get her scattered thoughts together, she pulled herself up from the ground.

That’s when she saw it, looming over her like a giant.

The wolfen muzzle pointed high in the air, sniffing the wind. Then its gaze pierced her eyes, gazing into her soul, looking through her as if she was glass. It took a precautious step towards her. Nerina dropped to her knees, bowed her head and began to cry. If this is how it was meant to be, she gave in. At least she would not be some mob hit, an unsolved murder that no one would care about. Her death would be famous. What would have killed the sweet 24-year-old masseuse? She imaged the yellow caution tape being stretched between the trees as worried on-lookers gathered.

The creature was now looking down at her; she could feel the body heat. She dared not move, but prayed her death be quick. The still air was interrupted by a wet cracking noise. It lasted for about five minutes.

“Nerina.” A voice, a voice she knew. Her head flew upwards to meet Savio’s dark eyes. Their eyes spoke hours of conversations. He gently reached down and removed the gag from her mouth, their gaze never wavering. He resumed his position, towering over her naked. He laced his fingers through her hair guiding her head to his semi-erect penis.

Their link was severed as Nerina closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around his flesh. The skin was warm, almost burning her tongue as she traced his head with it. Savio tossed his head back, groaning as her tongue worked like magick over him. Within seconds of her wonderful service, his dick was throbbing hard. He felt her small hands cup around his thick shaft, pumping up and down on him. He needed to release soon. He felt the special chemical that would change her bubbling inside him. Large hands dug into Nerina’s head in a vice grip. Savio began thrusting into her mouth, slowly letting her get accustomed to his large member. She let her body go limp, letting him move her however he liked. The skin of his shaft began to burn her mouth, but she did not pull away. A low growl escaped from Savio and all his muscles tightened. The vice grip on her head was becoming painful as he fucked her mouth violently. The growls coming from him were getting louder also. Pushing his shaft as far back into her throat as he could, he released the clear liquid.

“Swallow.” Savio ordered. Nerina did as he commanded. No, it was not cum, but something that tasted sweet. The chemical soaked into her skin. Her mouth was set on fire with it. Removing his still erect penis from her mouth, he bought her to her feet and striped her nude within seconds. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she began to sweat in gallons. Savio placed her on her belly on a smooth rock. Countless others of his clan had mated on this rock. Nerina was shaking now, her whole body trembling. Savio spread her thighs wide apart and inserted two lean fingers into her. He growled again, loving the way her velvet softness wrapped around his fingers and welcomed him. She was dewy wet and inviting. Pushing his fingers in up to his knuckles, he began a slow piston motion. Nerina cried out as Savio inserted a third finger into her tightness. As his hand stretched her, she bucked beneath him. Quickly removing his fingers and holding on to her voluptuous hips, he thrust deep, deep into her.

Her skin burned as the sweet tasting elixir she had swallowed spread through her body, manipulating her DNA. Feeling as if she was being split in two, she clenched her teeth tight together. Each time his hips pounded against her butt, her large breasts bounced into the cold air. He pounded her belly against the cold rock. Nerina began to convulse as the first orgasm echoed through her body. She joined him in low grunting, turning into growls. They were both growling as he came. He emptied himself into her deeply, knowing from then on, she was his mate. Nerina looked around as if for the first time. She could see as if it was daylight. She noticed the other clan members watching them, the rest of the Pellegrino crew and their mates. She heard their heart beats and smelled them. The scents of the forest, the pack and sex mixed inside her nostrils. Her heightened scent glands could tell all these scents apart easily. Savio slid himself out of her and she felt his teeth tear into her shoulder. She yelped as he bit into her sensitive skin.

“Give in to it.” He left small nips along her neck and back. She heard the pack call. The long, low howl. The sweetest noise she’d ever heard. The song of freedom. She felt her skin burning and was sure she must be on fire. With newfound strength, she ripped the ropes that bound her wrists. Feeling the nails extending to a keen edge, she clawed at herself. She would never survive this madness. The burning would kill her. Bones cracked and twisted as she changed. Towering at least seven feet from the ground, she joined the pack in their song. Leading the way with Savio not far behind she joined the clan, embracing her new life.

---I hope you enjoyed my story. Feedback is always welcomed, good or bad. Thank you for reading.---


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