tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 05

The Lust Boat Ch. 05


As days passed into weeks, Lacey's existence dissolved into an endless succession of unwanted orgasms. Debbie or Eleanor pushed her cunt and ass to new limits every morning, forcing her to orgasm so her muscles could be stretched ever wider. Daily exercise sessions often yielded orgasms, too, as Lacey sweated on a bike while impaled on a vibrating dildo, or ran on a treadmill while a butterfly vibe stimulated her clit.

Every evening, Lacey was locked in her stateroom with the relentless videos of herself and other female slaves being pleasured. The women onscreen were ruthlessly dominated, but their need was obvious. Lacey understood viscerally why they panted and screamed for release. The moans and pleas invaded her dreams.

At the request of various subscribers, Lacey was fucked with a wide variety of objects. She came hard for the cameras with a fat curling iron in her ass and the handle of a tennis racket in her cunt, bent over the arm of a couch. It made it worse somehow to know that various strangers had paid for each violation. She was vulnerable to the depraved whims of an unknown number of others, in addition to the attendants and the woman who'd had her kidnapped.

As the stretching exercises took effect, the trainers were able to insert larger and larger objects into Lacey's hungry orifices. Eventually, Lacey was horrified to find herself thrusting her hips as Debbie raped her drooling cunt with a baseball bat. In addition, the tightening exercises had made Lacey's orgasms noticeably more intense, as intended, so that her whole body was consumed in pleasure when she clamped down in climax on the bat's smooth, massive shaft.


One morning, Lacey was restrained and dilated as usual, but Debbie did not make her come and force her open any farther. Habituated to the routine, Lacey couldn't help looking questioningly at Debbie as the second probe was removed from her anus.

"Oh, so you *do* want to come after all? That's as wide as we can stretch even your slutty cunt and asshole," Debbie said. "You've graduated to phase two of your training. Someone came aboard at the last port to visit you."

Debbie released the naked woman from the table. Lacey had long since stopped fighting whenever she was unrestrained. Debbie led her to a bed and directed her to sit. Uncomfortably aroused and apprehensive, Lacey obeyed.

Debbie raised her voice and called "Come on in, now."

A beautiful, dark-haired woman entered the soundstage. Her face was hidden by a black mask, but her smoothly muscled body was flawless and naked. "After so long watching, I'm finally going to make her come under me," she said in an intense alto.

Lacey shivered. *That voice--*

"Meet your new owner, Lacey," Debbie said.

"You may call me mistress," the woman said.

Lacey could feel her clit twitch every time the woman spoke. This was the woman whose recorded voice spoke intimately in her ear, "Come for me, Lacey," almost every time an orgasm was wrung from her. Lacey sat up straight, trying to find her anger. This was the woman who had ordered her kidnapping and abuse.

"I will never call you mistress," she muttered sullenly.

The woman laughed. "Just like you never longed for a woman to fuck you," she said. She held out her hand, and Debbie handed her a fat strapon in a harness. Lacey couldn't look away as the woman put it on. The silicone cock jutted lewdly from her hips, and Lacey knew exactly what she planned to do with it. Despite herself, Lacey felt a spurt of wetness leak between swollen lips.

The masked woman stalked closer. She grabbed Lacey by the chin, fingers digging in when Lacey tried to turn her face away. Their bodies were so close Lacey could feel her body heat.

Dark eyes searched Lacey's blue ones. Lacey hoped her fear and arousal weren't as obvious as they felt. "Yes, I made the right decision when I decided to have you kidnapped." She released Lacey's chin and stroked her hair. Lacey shrank back from her touch, leaning away.

"When I first saw you, I could think of nothing but taking you," the woman continued. "Filling my hands with your breasts, filling your cunt until you screamed." She stepped forward, and the strapon nudged Lacey's thigh. Lacey shuddered.

"But then I realized that raping you once wouldn't be enough. A repressed slut like you has so much potential-- much better to *have* than to simply *take* and discard. Now I can use you whenever I want, however I want, over and over." Her eyes were gleaming avidly through the mask.

Lacey shook her head; her protests caught in her throat.

"Hold her," the woman said shortly. Debbie pulled Lacey back on the bed and pinned her arms over her head. The masked woman positioned herself between Lacey's legs, digging her knees in to force Lacey's thighs open, and thrust into her cunt with the fake cock. The cock sank in easily; Lacey was still wet and open from the dilation exercise.

Lacey screamed and thrashed under her. Instinctively, she clamped down with her cunt muscles, trying to repel the invasion. Instead, the tightness only intensified the sensation. The cock bored into her, and Lacey was powerless to stop either the hard thrusts or the pleasure that accompanied them.

"You're... mine." the masked woman said as she pounded in and out of Lacey's cunt with an obscene wet noise. She fucked Lacey mercilessly, driving for her own pleasure as the toy pressed against her clit.

Even as her body was being thoroughly used, Lacey felt an orgasm building. Her hips undulated as she tried to take the cock deeper inside her, her driving need for release overwhelming her reluctance. Her clit was dragged up and down the shaft with every stroke. "Nooo." she moaned uselessly as she came on the thrusting strapon, writhing against Debbie's grip.

The masked woman ignored Lacey's cries and continued to thrust into her helpless body until she reached her own climax with a quiet grunt and a jerk of her hips.

The woman Lacey refused to think of as her owner withdrew herself from Lacey's body. She reached under the bed and produced a powerful plug-in vibrator. Calm dark eyes regarded Lacey through the mask.

Still holding Lacey's gaze, the woman pressed the head of the vibrator against Lacey's clit and flicked the switch. Lacey's whole body went rigid. "Come for me, Lacey," the woman demanded, and Lacey had no choice but to obey.

But the woman didn't remove the vibrator at the end of Lacey's orgasm. Lacey catapulted immediately into another orgasm without a pause, something she'd never experienced. When that orgasm passed, the woman still held the buzzing, throbbing toy pressed hard against Lacey's too-sensitive nub.

The sensation was so intense as to be painful. It built, and she was coming again, bucking hard against the hands that held her. Pain swelled and blossomed in her clitoris. No matter how Lacey twisted, the woman held the vibrator firmly against her clit.

It took longer this time, but she came again. Pleasure briefly supplanted pain as the climax washed over her, but it brought no release. The device was still there, sending waves of stimulation through her sex.

Lacey looked into those pitiless eyes. "Please," she said. Then her voice was ripped away as another orgasm was forced from her.

"Please, what? Do you want another orgasm, my pet?" the woman asked lightly, pressing the vibrator hard into Lacey's quivering flesh.

"No, please. Please stop. It hurts. I can't stand to come again," Lacey sobbed. Her clit burned. The vibrations felt like they were penetrating into her very bones.

"Oh, but if you want a favor from me, slave, you must address me by my proper title." The woman watched dispassionately as Lacey's body went rigid on the brink of another orgasm.

Lacey clenched her teeth. *I won't.* But the buzzing pressure continued, taking over her whole body. She screamed hoarsely as she came yet again.

The pressure never even faltered. It was unbearable. "Please," Lacey said. "Please, M-Mistress. Don't make me come again."

Her mistress's eyes shone with satisfaction as she turned off the vibrator.

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