tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 06

The Lust Boat Ch. 06


Ch. 6. From now on, she has to earn her orgasms... and admit she wants a woman's touch.

The next morning, Eleanor again put Lacey through her strengthening and dilation exercises without allowing her to come. She left Lacey lying on the table, trying not to look at her swollen pussy in the mirror.

Lacey was almost glad of the distraction when Debbie came in. "So, Lacey. I hear you're totally straight." She lightly trailed her fingers over the vulnerable skin of the restrained woman's inner arms.

"Yes. I'm straight." Lacey wasn't about to admit to being a closeted lesbian to this woman. Just because Lacey's body responded to her touch didn't mean Lacey wanted to be touched. Goosebumps rose on Lacey's skin.

"Right, and you told 'Rumors' magazine that you weren't comfortable working with a sexual deviant," Debbie said. Muscles jumped under her fingers as they circled Lacey's navel. "That was after you outed Kate Ringold to them, wasn't it?"

"What?" Lacey had, in fact, outed Kate because Kate had discerned her own proclivities. They were working on a shoot together, and Lacey had been afraid Kate would out her if she refused to sleep with her. Lacey had acted pre-emptively to undermine Kate's credibility.

"I bet you thought that was a good cover," Debbie said. She began rolling and tugging Lacey's nipples. Lacey could feel each tug in her clit. "But," Debbie continued, "that kind of paranoid homophobia is a dead giveaway. Only the George Rekers and Ted Haggards of this world care that much about gay sex."

"I don't know what you mean," Lacey said, fighting to keep her hips still.

"Oh, I think you do." Debbie leaned closer. "I can smell you." She ran a hand up Lacey's inner thigh to her crotch and held up the glistening evidence of her arousal. Lacey flushed with shame, which only increased the flow of moisture from her cunt.

"Here's the thing, slave. Up til now you've been lucky in that you have been granted multiple orgasms a day, whether you wanted them or not."

Given the acute embarrassment of being overcome by her body's sexual response while she was being taken against her will, Lacey would not have described herself as lucky.

"Now, though, the free ride's over," Debbie said. She spread Lacey's slick vulva and admired the defiant stiffness of her clit. "Your body has gotten used to coming frequently. Do you recall begging to be allowed to stop coming yesterday?"

Lacey knew she would never forget it. The memory of abasing herself for the masked woman, of accepting her as her mistress, was seared into her psyche.

"You're going to find it bitterly ironic that you ever passed up a chance to orgasm," Debbie said. Lightly, she pinched the shaft of Lacey's clit in her thumb and forefinger. She could feel it swell until it was rock hard. Lacey's hips jerked. Debbie removed her hand.

"A slave, after all, exists for the pleasure of her owner. You're going to have to earn your release from here on out. Our own sort of work-release program, you might say." Debbie dabbed at the tip of Lacey's clit.

Lacey lost the struggle to control her hips and pressed up towards Debbie's hand. Her clit was aching, actually painful with the need to be touched. If she could just get some pressure against it, it would stop dominating her attention.

Debbie didn't co-operate. She stroked her fingers around the opening to Lacey's vagina, over the wrinkled bud of her anus. Lacey was panting. *What was she just saying? I have to earn it? No, I don't want her to touch me.* But she did.

Debbie stroked up the underside of Lacey's engorged clit, and Lacey's back arched. But a single stroke was all Debbie gave her before she resumed her teasing. Lacey cracked. "Please," she said.

"Please what?"

"Please touch my clit," Lacey said through clenched teeth.

"No." Debbie twisted Lacey's nipples instead.

"Oh, God. I need it. What do you want from me?"

"I want you to tell me and all our viewers about the first girl you ever had sex with. In detail."

Debbie's words cut partially through Lacey's haze of need. "I told you, I'm straight," Lacey said.

Debbie stepped away from the table and walked towards the door. "Well, then, I guess you don't want me to make you come, since I'm a woman."

"All right," Lacey said hastily. "Please, I just need to come." *No point in staying in the closet for my career now anyway. If anyone sees these tapes....*

"In college, I had this boyfriend, Dave," Lacey began. Debbie came back over and milked one of her nipples encouragingly. "He wanted a threesome. There was this really hot girl, Micaela, who I had a terrible crush on. I knew she was into Dave."

"What did she look like?" Debbie prompted.

"She was Italian, with wavy dark hair and olive skin. She had an adorable mole on her left ass-cheek. I--I had seen it when she was getting out of the shower one morning."

"So, this Micaela agreed to sleep with you and your boyfriend?" Debbie was working both of Lacey's nipples now.

"After some tequila, yeah," Lacey said. Debbie sucked a nipple into her mouth. "Um, that feels so nice. We all got naked, and I started kissing Micaela. Her lips were so soft..." Caught in the memory, Lacey's voice trailed off.

Debbie spat out Lacey's nipple. "Keep talking if you want me to keep touching."

"Her skin felt all smooth and warm against mine. Our breasts pressed into each other. I touched her nipple, and she made this *sound.* I would have done anything to get her to make that noise again." Debbie's fingers were trailing up and down Lacey's inner thighs. Every time they approached her crotch, her cunt clenched in futile anticipation.

"I pushed her back on the bed and started sucking on her tits. She was squirming under me. Dave kept annoying me by trying to get in between us. I told him to sit back and give himself a handjob if he couldn't wait."

"I'll bet he was pissed," Debbie said. She passed belts around each of Lacey's thighs. Lacey winced as Debbie attached clothespins to her vulva and tied them to her thighs, spreading her sex wide. However, the pain faded quickly and did nothing to abate her need to come.

"At that point, I didn't care about Dave. Micaela opened her thighs for me, and I slid my fingers into her pussy. I'll always remember the feel of it. Hot and slippery. Oh!" Debbie was stroking Lacey's own hot, slippery flesh. "Please," she whimpered, all pride gone.

"Keep going," Debbie commanded.

"Christ. Micaela was moaning and had her eyes closed. Every sound she made, made me wetter. Oh, yes, please stroke me like that!"

"So, you do admit you like sex with women?" Debbie taunted.

"Yes, damn you! I tried to deny I wanted women before that, but after Micaela I couldn't hide it from myself. Touch my clit again, please."

"I would, but you haven't finished your story."

"I put my face in her crotch and licked and sucked. At some point, Dave started fucking me doggy style, and I was so into eating Micaela out that I didn't even take my face out of her pussy to tell him to stop."

Debbie's fingers were milking along the shaft of Lacey's clit. Lacey made a high, tight sound in the back of her throat.

"Did Micaela come?"


"Answer me," Debbie snapped. She pinched Lacey's clit firmly. "Did you make her come with your slutty mouth?"

"Yes, yes she came twice." Lacey could barely speak through the orgasm she could feel building in her belly.

"And did you come, slave?" Debbie's stroking was insistent now. Nothing could prevent Lacey's orgasm.

"Yes. I came on his cock with my face in Micaela's pussy. Please!"

Debbie finally granted Lacey her orgasm. Lacey convulsed so hard her bonds dug deep into her skin. Her cunt and ass pulsed, exposed to Debbie's eyes and the cameras by the clothespins that held her open. Consumed by her pleasure, Lacey paid no attention.

It was only later, as she lay limp with sweat cooling on her body, that she realized that she had begged and humiliated herself for the privilege of being raped by one of her kidnappers. *I was weak; I just needed to come so bad. It won't happen again,* she assured herself.

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