tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 08

The Lust Boat Ch. 08


Ch. 8. Humiliation and frustration in the gym. And Mistress Angie uses her slave's mouth--thoroughly.

Lacey's horizons had shrunk since her kidnapping. Surrounded by featureless ocean, the ship formed her entire world. She had no idea where they were. Whenever the Desiderata was in sight of land, Lacey and the other slaves were confined to their quarters.

Now that her mistress had come aboard, Lacey spent much of her day serving Angie in her suite. Cleaning, fetching coffee, taking dictation. Never sure if she wanted to avoid attracting Angie's attention or whether she craved it.

But Lacey was still subjected to dilation every morning, and she still had to used the perverted gym at least an hour a day. This morning, to Lacey's dismay, there was a new piece of exercise equipment in the gym. She knew Angie wanted her to exercise so she could keep her figure, but every exercise session had also been an opportunity to violate her in front of the cameras. A new piece of equipment would mean some new indignity.

*Maybe it's not for me,* she hoped, looking at it out of the corner of her eye. It looked like a rowing machine, though one with wrist and ankle shackles. *Looks like someone watched Ben Hur one too many times.*

When Debbie ordered her to strip and sit on the rowing machine's low seat, Lacey was apprehensive but not surprised. Debbie locked her wrists to the "oars" and her feet to the stationary footrests. In order to "row," Lacey would have to straighten her legs and pull back the handles so that the seat slid backwards on its track. So far, fairly unobjectionable.

Debbie came around behind Lacey and starting rolling and tugging at her nipples. Lacey moaned as her nipples hardened. It felt good, but she knew what was coming next; Debbie clipped clamps over the sensitive nubs. Despite herself, Lacey could feel wetness trickling from her cunt. It had been too long since she'd been allowed to come. Debbie hooked the nipple clamps to elastic bands at the front of the machine. The tension was loose now, but the farther back Lacey pulled the oars and the seat, the harder her nipples would be pulled away from her body.

Lacey forgot all about her nipples, though, when Debbie slid a padded anvil up against her crotch. The pad had a hole in it. Without warning, Debbie slid a dildo through it and into Lacey's cunt. It was too long; Lacey winced as it hit her cervix. Debbie didn't draw it back, though. She fixed the cock in place where it was, pressing painfully at the back of Lacey's cunt.

As soon as Debbie released her, Lacey pushed herself back away from the insistent nudging of the cock. Pulling back against the resistance of the "oars" and the hydraulics of the seat track was hard work. She couldn't just lock her knees and stay at the fully extended position, though; the pain in her stretched nipples was too great.

Reluctantly, she allowed herself to slide back onto the cock. The hydraulic pistons shoved her forward with more force than she could control, and again the cock bumped up against her cervix. Lacey moaned, pulling back again. Back and forth, alternately stretching her nipples and impaling herself on the overly long dildo.

There was no way to avoid the discomfort; she wasn't strong enough to hold herself in the middle of an oar stroke for long. After a few minutes, however, the pain began to transmute into pleasure. She began to enjoy the sensation of the cock bottoming out in her, fucking her deeper than she'd ever been penetrated. And each twang of her nipples seemed to be echoed in her clit.

The wet sounds of her cunt swallowing the dildo rose above the hiss of the hydraulics. But Lacey was tiring. Her arms and legs trembled. She wanted to stroke faster, but she was slowing.

She wasn't able to complete a full stroke now, so she just pushed herself back and forth a few inches on the cock, helplessly transfixed. She couldn't reach the padded anvil between her legs with her clit, no matter how she pushed her bruised cervix against the dildo.

Eventually, Lacey just sat there with tears running down her face, whimpering and clenching her cunt uselessly around the dildo. Debbie released her after a few minutes of this.

"I told you before that you wouldn't be allowed to come unless you earned it. Oh, but it was beautiful to watch you try! The subscriber who designed that machine likes to see girls frustrated. I'll have them send the video to your room tonight."


That evening, Angie sent for her slave after dinner. Lacey stumbled a little when the attendant shoved her into the room; it was surprisingly hard to keep her balance with her hands cuffed behind her. Angie was seated in the only chair in the room, naked. Lacey shivered. She refused to think of this woman as her owner, but Angie indisputably had the power to do whatever she wanted to Lacey. *Just because she's able to do all these sick things to me doesn't give her the right!* Lacey thought indignantly.

Lacey's traitorous body was already signaling its anticipation, though. Her groin felt heavy with the hope that she might be allowed to come. *She is very beautiful,* whispered a little voice from her hindbrain. Lacey shook her head to clear it.

In addition to the ubiquitous camera equipment, the room was full of implements for inflicting pain and pleasure on helpless bodies. Goosebumps rose on Lacey's skin; naked, with her hands tied, she was nothing if not helpless. Two entire walls were lined with racks. Another was set up with shackles and restraints, and the wall opposite that one was all mirrors.

Angie spoke to the attendant, not even looking at Lacey. "Put one of the butterfly vibes on this slave. Once you've set up the cameras, you can go. Or stay, if you want to watch the little slut in action."

The attendant retrieved a small device with straps from one of the racks. "Spread your legs," she ordered. Lacey clamped her thighs together. The attendant dug her fingers into the muscles of Lacey's left thigh. When the pain became too much, Lacey whimpered and opened her stance. The woman efficiently buckled the straps around Lacey's thighs and waist, positioning the small vibrator inescapably on her clit. The attendant handed the remote control to Angie.

Angie beckoned Lacey closer. Lacey obeyed, reluctant to give the attendant an excuse to hurt her again. Angie's hair fell in glossy dark waves almost to her nipples, a contrast to her creamy skin. Her pubic hair was darker still, and trimmed short enough that the contours of her sex were visible. Lacey tried not to look.

"Kneel before your mistress," Angie said.

"No." Lacey was surprised by a sudden wave of pleasure as Angie let her have a brief burst from the vibrator. While Lacey's knees were weak and sagging, Angie hooked her heel around behind them and pulled. Lacey crashed to the floor. Her knees hit hard, and she only barely avoided falling on her face.

Angie was smiling. She scooted forward in her chair. "A bit of defiance adds a little spice, pet, but you'll get hurt if you take it too far. In the end, there's nothing you can do to stop me from violating you. If you even want to stop me. You're probably aching to come."

Lacey opened her mouth to deny it, but no sound came out. She blushed. It was true, and she was so wet she was sure Angie could smell it.

Angie opened her thighs, obscenely revealing all her pink folds. Lacey bit her lip. "Eat me out," Angie commanded. She spread herself wide with her hand.

Lacey buried her face in Angie's sex. *I'm only doing it because she's forcing me to," she told herself. But she was enjoying herself, savoring the smell of Angie's arousal and the varied textures. When she sucked Angie's clit between her lips, Angie grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer.

Lacey used the tip of her tongue to ease back the hood, then swirled over the firm nub underneath. Angie arched up into her mouth. Lacey wished fervently that she could touch her own clit as she pleasured Angie. She knelt, her hands cuffed behind her, unable to do anything to assuage her own growing need. Angie's clit swelled and jumped in her mouth.

A low vibration started from the toy on Lacey's clit. She moaned against Angie. Lacey moved her tongue faster, hoping this would encourage her mistress to increase the speed of the vibrator. Angie's thighs were tense and trembling. Suddenly, she came, jerking against Lacey's face with a low cry. She rocked into the kneeling woman until the waves of pleasure had receded. Then she pushed Lacey away.

When Angie focused again on Lacey, the blonde woman was whimpering slightly and clenching her thighs around the vibrator, which was still on its lowest setting. "Oh, did my dirty little slut want to come, too?"

Lacey's cheeks burned with shame. "Yes," she whispered. She was so turned on she couldn't keep her hips still. They rocked slightly, pushing against empty air. She would do anything, if only Angie would let her come!

"Yes what?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Tell me what you are, and I might let you have what you want."

"I'm your dirty s-slut, and I want to come."

"That's the right answer. But you belong to me, and I will decide when you may come."

Lacey whimpered again. She had abased herself, and her mistress had still denied her.

Angie stood and went over to the racks of equipment. She selected a dildo and a harness, slipping them on with the ease of experience. Then she walked back to stand in front of the still-kneeling slave.

The dildo was level with Lacey's face. It was good-sized, but not nearly as large as some of the more extreme items Lacey was now able to take. She couldn't help thinking it would feel good and full inside her cunt; she really needed to come soon.

"Suck it," Angie said.


"You heard me, slave. I want to see what else your mouth can do."

Lacey opened her mouth to accept this new indignity. She had given blowjobs before, to casting directors or the boyfriends she used for camouflage. The goal had always been to make them come as fast as possible, to get it over with. That wasn't going to work here, though. She couldn't deflate this erection, no matter how skillfully she tried. Angie was going to use her mouth until she had her fill. With Lacey's hands still bound behind her, there was very little chance she could earn herself a reprieve by making Angie come.

The dildo was slippery and firm. Lacey sucked, pressing her tongue up against the underside and swirling it around the head as if it were a real cock.

"That's right, slave, you'll take whatever I tell you to take." Angie thrust her hips into Lacey's face. Without her hands, Lacey couldn't control the depth the cock slid in. She grunted as the tip hit the back of her throat. Angie paid no attention.

Lacey's head bobbed up and down, working up a rhythm. Between her legs, the vibrator kicked up a notch. Wetness flowed in gratitude, making her thighs slip against each other.

Angie's fingers fisted in Lacey's hair. "Look in the mirror," she said, forcing Lacey to look at their reflections.

Lacey saw herself, with swollen, wet lips gliding up and down Angie's cock. Her cheeks hollowed with the suction. She looked wanton. Despite the shackled hands, it would be hard to convince anyone watching that she was not a willing participant. And she knew there would be people watching; the lights and cameras were present as always. She might very well be forced to watch this degrading scene replay tonight in her room. She groaned around the cock in dismay.

Angie chuckled and thrust harder. The cock was going in too far, battering the back of Lacey's throat. She leaned back. Angie grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her forward onto the cock.

Lacey gagged and choked. She could feel her throat spasming around the dildo the way her cunt clamped down during climax. Angie allowed her to draw back a little, then pulled her forward again. Tears ran down Lacey's face as Angie pitilessly fucked her mouth, over and over.

Lacey couldn't do anything to escape the brutal oral rape. Through her tears, she could see Angie reveling in her power to hurt and humiliate her. Horribly, the vibrator had gone up to high, buzzing against her sensitized clit. The growing pleasure between Lacey's legs competed with her pain and fear for her attention.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Angie asked. "You're such a slut. You were born to be used this way."

*No! No, I'm not enjoying this,* Lacey's mind protested. But, even as she thought it, she was coming. Pleasure bloomed through her body. She was choking on the cock as her cunt clenched. Every involuntary jerk of her body pushed the cock deeper into her throat.

"That's it, come for me," Angie said.

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