tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 12

The Lust Boat Ch. 12


Chapter 12. Forced into a humiliating competition for the viewers' titillation.

Since Angie had decided to make some extra money off of her slave before taking her home, Lacey found herself subject not only to her mistress' lusts, but also to all manner of perverted video shoots intended for broadcast to the Lust Boat's customers.

"Some of our viewers would like to see a little competition," Debbie announced. Lacey knelt before Debbie and Angie, looking out of the corner of her eye at the slave kneeling next to her. She recognized the petite hispanic woman from the obscene videos that played in her stateroom. She didn't even know the woman's name, but she knew that Debbie owned her. And she knew exactly what she looked like when she came-- the flush across her breasts, the taut line of her throat. Lacey wondered if the other slave had a similarly unnatural intimate knowledge of Lacey herself.

"Eva, Lacey, you are going to play a little game called 'Wishbone.' We're streaming it live and taking bets. The winner gets a half an hour to play with the Sybian."

Lacey could feel her vulva puff up at the thought of a chance to ride the excruciatingly pleasurable machine again.

Debbie continued, "The loser, well, she's here to be used for our pleasure." She held up a silicone toy, vaguely V-shaped, but with two large bulbs, one on either end. "The game is simple. You two slaves will each hold an arm of this toy with your sloppy cunt. Whichever of you manages to pull the toy out of the other one wins."

Angie spoke up, "No biting, hitting, kicking, scratching, or anything else likely to injure or leave a mark. No touching the toy with your hands. You've both had the same strength training for your cunts, so it should be a fair match. I suspect the loser will be the one who gets wettest, so we'll get to see who's sluttier."

Debbie directed them to sit facing each other on the floor, with their knees bent and their feet flat. Lacey's right leg arched over Eva's left, and vice versa. Debbie twisted the egg-shaped protuberance into her slave's cunt. There was no need for lube; all slaves on the ship were kept in a state of near-constant arousal as a matter of course.

At Angie's command, Lacey spread her lips and lowered herself onto the other bulb of the toy. Her muscles stretched, then closed over the narrow neck that connected to the bulb in Eva's cunt. She could feel the heat radiating from Eva's sex, and their clits grazed each other lightly.

"Remember how good the Sybian feels twisting and vibrating deep inside you," Debbie said. "If you win, who knows how many times you could come in thirty minutes." An unbidden trickle of cunt-drool slid down the toy from Lacey's opening.

"On my count," Debbie said. "Three, two...one!"

Lacey tensed around the toy, pushing her feet against the floor to pull away from her rival, who was doing much the same thing. The bulb tugged hard against the inside of the ring of muscles. Lacey hadn't expected that pressure to feel so good. Her head dropped back a little in appreciation, but she quickly got herself back in hand.

Eva pushed at Lacey's hips with her hands. She did succeed in pushing Lacey back along the toy a little, but she slipped, too. Hastily, she stopped pushing with her hands. Lacey rolled backwards, almost winning the match right there with this surprise move, but Eva clamped down at the last second and ended up on top of her.

Grinning, Eva ground her sex hard against Lacey's. Lacey moaned as her hardened clit plunged into Eva's hot, soft folds. *She's trying to get me wetter,* she realized. *And if I come, there's no way I can hold on.* Bucking her hips, Lacey tried to throw Eva off her. The toy shifted inside her with every motion.

Lacey rolled the smaller woman underneath her. Clenching as hard as she could, she tried to pull the toy from Eva's tight cunt. Either Eva was too strong, or Lacey was too wet. Every attempt to wrest the toy from the other slave's grasp resulted in precarious slippage out of Lacey's own cunt.

Eva squirmed and rolled until Lacey fell over. They were both on their sides now. Lacey could feel her fatigue growing; she could only hope Eva was tiring just as quickly. Eva grabbed Lacey's nipples and pinched, hard. Lacey gasped, feeling a streak of heat right to her cunt. Eva rolled and tugged the crinkling nubs for all she was worth.

*I guess that answers the question of whether she has seen enough videos of me to know what turns me on,* Lacey thought, groaning. Her cunt was lubricating furiously. Slowly, inexorably Eva tore the toy past Lacey's clenched muscles. "No!" Lacey cried, as her cunt relinquished the toy with a sucking "pop."

"Congratulations, Eva," Debbie said.

"Yes, congratulations," Angie said. She nudged Lacey where she lay panting on the floor. "Be a good sport and congratulate the winner, slut."

"Congratulations," Lacey mumbled.

Debbie extracted the toy easily from Eva now that the slave no longer held it in a death-grip. She guided Eva over to the Sybian under Lacey's envious eyes.

While Eva selected the attachments she wanted, Lacey's mistress was preparing to use the loser. From a toychest, Angie selected a dildo that could be used as a strapon with or without a harness. It had an insertable bulb similar to the ones on the toy the slaves had used for the perverted tug-of-war, but the other end was a cock. Since Angie was planning to vent her lust on her slave fairly vigorously, she also chose to secure the cock with a harness.

Stroking the cock with her hand, Angie could feel the bulb inside her shift against her g-spot with every motion. This was one of her favorite toys, because she could feel what she was fucking instead of just imagining the feeling of her slave impaled on her cock. It also had a little imbedded vibrator she could use.

Lacey watched these preparations with trepidation, momentarily distracted from Eva's good fortune. She longed to be fucked, but, in the mood her mistress was in, she wasn't likely to be allowed her release. Angie looked like she wanted to take her pleasure, and if her property didn't reach her own fulfillment, what did she care? So much the better, really, to remind a slave of her purpose.

Eva straddled the Sybian and lowered herself onto the cock. Lacey's clit twitched when she heard the machine kick on.

"On your hands and knees, fucktoy," Angie ordered.

Lacey obeyed, presenting her rump to her mistress. She broke out in a sweat when she felt Angie's slender finger working lube into her anus. She had been hoping that the large size of the cock her mistress had chosen meant Angie wanted to fuck her cunt doggy style.

Angie pressed the bulbous tip through the ring of muscle, enjoying Lacey's distressed cry. Firmly, she worked the cock back and forth, deeper and deeper into her slave's ass. Each stroke was echoed in her own cunt.

When her hips touched Lacey's ass, she pulled out until only the head of the cock remained inside, then slammed the cock home. Lacey gulped air in a sob. It didn't exactly hurt, but the feeling of fullness and invasion was overwhelming.

Across the room, Lacey could see Eva shuddering through the first of many orgasms. Eva's head was thrown back in ecstasy, then she jackknifed forward as her stomach muscles contracted. Lacey fervently wished she could have changed places with her.

Still buried in Lacey's ass, Angie triggered the vibrator inside the dildo. The vibration felt good inside Lacey, but it was never going to be enough to make her come. Her breasts swayed and dangled with every thrust. Angie grabbed Lacey's hair and used it like reins to pull her back onto the cock.

Angie's thrusts became more ruthless as she neared her own climax. She brutally claimed Lacey's ass for her pleasure alone. One last massive thrust lifted Lacey off her knees, and then Angie was coming, pumping her hips erratically as the spasms hit her.

When her mistress finally pulled out of her, Lacey lay face-down on the floor. Her ass felt open and vulnerable, slow to regain its natural state. She was desperately horny, but still aware enough not to attempt to provide her own orgasm. On the Sybian, Eva wailed and shook, an unthinking body given over to pure pleasure.

Debbie rolled Lacey over on her back. "That was quite a reaming you took, slave. But, since my slave is otherwise occupied, you still have my pleasure to attend to."

She knelt over Lacey's face, her cunt red and dripping. Lacey obediently began to lick and suck at the tangy flesh. Debbie didn't seem to be in a hurry, so Lacey sucked on her labia and thrust her tongue up into Debbie's slippery hole.

"Oh, yeah. You can always tell when a slave actually enjoys eating pussy," Debbie moaned. "Lick my asshole, too."

Lacey was revolted at the idea, but there wasn't much she could do but obey, since her head was pinned to the floor by Debbie's crotch. She swirled her tongue around the puckered flesh of Debbie's anus, feeling it pulse in response.

Finally, Debbie repositioned her pussy over Lacey's mouth. Lacey sucked her clit in and out between her lips. Gently, she teased back the hood and circled her tongue on the rock-hard tip.

Debbie's thighs clamped around her head, and Lacey knew she had to make her come soon or suffocate. Frantically, she flicked her tongue on Debbie's clit, still sucking. Debbie came all over her face in a gush of wetness.

As soon as Debbie let her go, Lacey sucked in air. She could hear Eva coming almost continuously, screaming herself hoarse as Lacey herself had done when she had ridden the Sybian.

"Do you want to come, too, slut?" Angie purred in her ear.

Lacey nodded avidly. Her clit felt hard enough to cut glass. "Oh, yes, please, mistress."

"Too bad."

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