tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 13

The Lust Boat Ch. 13


Ch. 13. Lacey will be punished severely unless she resists her need to come. But has her mistress set her up to fail?

In between video shoots for the paying customers, Angie continued to use her slave to slake her own desires. She seemed to enjoy devising new and creative ways to torment Lacey.

"I have a fun challenge for you today," Angie announced. She had brought Lacey into a room full of unfamiliar and ominous equipment. "Take a look at this, my pet," Angie said. She held in her hands a moulded toy with two fat appendages that were obviously intended to penetrate a woman's cunt and ass simultaneously.

Lacey couldn't help herself; she looked. She knew Angie intended to use her new toys on her slave's body, and she felt her cunt clench at the thought of those big prongs sliding into her. Double penetration had always enhanced her orgasms in previous sessions.

Angie lubed up the toy, sensually stroking it. "It's got a nice vibrating nub on the front, too," she noted. "You're such a perverted slut, I bet your cunt is drooling just thinking about fucking yourself on it."

Lacey blushed. It was true. She hadn't been allowed an orgasm in several days. Everything was starting to look sexy. This toy, with its promise of a quick, intense orgasm, did indeed make her wet.

"Too bad," Angie said. "You're a dirty slut, and you haven't earned the right to come. You're not *allowed* to come. Understand?"

"Yes, mistress," Lacey said, trying to hide her disappointment.

"That's where today's test comes in," Angie said. She walked over to a chair with restraints on the arms and legs. It had no seat. Leaning over, Angie attached the two-pronged toy to an adjustable arm under the chair. She also opened a wall panel to reveal a tv screen, which would be visible to any occupant of the chair. The screen displayed a feed from a close-up camera focused on the toy.

"This is a modified Judas chair. You're going to sit in it. If you come, like we both know you want to, I will punish you ruthlessly. If you manage to restrain your slutty tendencies, I might reward you." Angie smiled. "I've decided to be merciful; you only have to sit there a half hour. Is that too much to ask?"

Lacey had developed goosebumps at the mention of punishment. She didn't know what her mistress had in mind, but she knew she desperately wanted to avoid it. She didn't resist as Angie shackled her arms and ankles to the chair; the shock stick Angie held was a powerful deterrent to rebellion.

The fiendish design of the device was instantly clear. Because the chair lacked a seat, Lacey had to brace herself awkwardly to avoid sinking down onto the toy. She could see it on the tv screen, temptingly glistening with lube and angled precisely to penetrate her orifices if she allowed herself to slip down. She heard a buzzing, and knew Angie had activated the toy's vibrator. Her only chance of avoiding orgasm lay in avoiding the toy.

Lacey pushed her back against the back of the chair using her thighs, trying to take some of the pressure off her arms, which were already trembling on the armrests. The restraints on her wrists and forearms prevented her from standing to alleviate the strain. Muscles bunched and twisted under her skin, and sweat was dripping down her back.

Angie watched her squirm. "It's only been three minutes, dear."

Lacey glared at her. Her shoulders hurt, and her muscles were burning with the effort of supporting most of her body weight. An uncontrollable shaking began in her left arm.

"Oh, I'm afraid you aren't going to make it. I had no idea you were so eager to come you couldn't even wait thirty minutes!"

Angie's faux sympathy grated on Lacey's nerves. She slipped a bit, caught herself with a painful jerk just as the toy pressed against her openings. Gritting her teeth, she wrenched herself back up.

"Seven minutes," Angie chirped.

Lacey slipped again, this time far enough that the tips of the toy entered her a tiny bit before she could hoist herself back up. She could see it all on the screen-- the vaginal prong slipping easily inside while the anal prong pushed at her more reluctant sphincter. It had felt good, too. Good enough that she knew she couldn't afford to allow herself to slip down until her clit touched the vibrating nub.

Determined, Lacey tipped her head back over the back of the chair, supporting herself with her neck muscles. She couldn't keep that up for long enough to allow her arms and thighs to recover, though. Inexorably, she slumped down, farther than before. It was impossible for her to clench down hard enough to keep out the slickly lubricated prongs. The toy filled the entrances to her vagina and rectum, vibrating. A moan slipped out before she could stop it.

"Feel free to come if you think it's worth being punished," Angie said.

Lacey's eyes snapped open. The surge of fear adrenaline gave her the strength to lift herself off the toy once more. For a little while, she thought this new burst of energy might save her, but it wore off all too quickly. *Damn her! She knew it was impossible all along.*

The realization sapped Lacey's last strength. She sank down onto the toy slowly. She watched the screen in horror as her ass and swollen cunt swallowed the toy eagerly. The twin shafts felt so good inside, and her clit was so near to bursting, that she was afraid she might come even before her straining clit touched the vibrator. She bit her lip.

With a shock, she hit the base of the toy. "Please," she sobbed, and she wasn't sure whether she was begging to come or not to. The shafts were buried deep inside her, and her clit was pressed firmly against the vibrating nub. Her body wanted to come. It was building towards a crushing orgasm, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. But she knew her mistress would punish her for this unauthorized pleasure.

"Please, please, give me permission to come," she begged.


Lacey came hard. Her head hit the back of the chair sharply enough to send a cascade of sparks across her field of vision. Her cunt and ass clenched repeatedly around the toy as the pleasure seized her. Folded into a cramped position by the chair, she was powerless to move away from the vibrator. Its vibrations prolonged her orgasm, then pushed her up over the peak into another.

By the time the pleasure subsided, Angie had turned off the vibrations. Lacey looked up with a sense of dread. "You've just earned yourself a nasty punishment, slave," Angie said. She was smiling.

Angie called in an assistant to help her extricate Lacey's limp body from the chair and drape her facedown over a padded sawhorse. They shackled her to the sawhorse at wrists and ankles. As the strength seeped back into Lacey's limbs, Angie busied herself with something out of the slave's line of sight.

Lacey found herself speculating wildly about what Angie planned to do to her. Was she going to be whipped? The prospect knotted her belly. She could hear Angie picking up and setting down instruments, but she couldn't see no matter how she craned her neck.

"So, slut, you like shoving things up inside yourself," Angie said. She paced around to where Lacey could she her. "Maybe this will teach you not to be so greedy."

She showed Lacey a slightly asymmetrical buttplug. Lacey squinted; it was an odd yellow color. It didn't smell like plastic, either. It smelled like....

"Ginger," Angie said. "I've just carved it fresh for you entirely out of gingerroot, except for the plastic coupler socket I pushed into the base. I could gag you, but I think I'd like to hear you scream." She walked back around behind Lacey. Lacey's neck prickled.

Lacey jumped at a touch on her exposed asshole, but it was just a gloved finger working in a little lube. She couldn't help tensing at the first firm pressure of the buttplug, though. Angie pushed it in regardless of Lacey's tension.

At first, Lacey thought it wasn't so bad. Her rectum itched a little, but the plug was far from the largest item to have violated her ass. The itch quickly built to a burn, however. Lacey writhed on the sawhorse, her breasts dangling and swaying. As the pain in her ass grew, sweat popped out all over her body. Copious fluid dripped from her cunt as her body attempted to coat her insides with a protective layer of mucus.

Through painful experience, Lacey realized that she needed to lie perfectly still. Each twitch brought the irritating substance in contact with more nerves. She unclenched her ass as much as possible and tried not to move, even as tears leaked out from under her eyelids.

"You're a faster learner than I expected," Angie said. "But it won't do you any good." She tapped the base of the plug, eliciting a small cry from the helpless slave. "I inserted that coupler into the base of the plug for a reason. It allows me to attach the plug to a modified power drill."

Lacey saw immediately what this meant. "Oh, no," she moaned.

Angie only laughed. She fitted the modified drill into the socket. As soon as she pulled the trigger, Lacey screamed in agony. The drill rotated the plug very slowly. To Lacey, however, it felt like her ass was being raped by a hot poker. Her fingers dug into the padded surface beneath them. "Please, mistress, stop! I'll be good. I swear I'll never come without permission again. Please."

When Lacey's voice was hoarse with screaming and pleading, Angie turned off the drill. "I'm so glad you acknowledge your error, slave. That may help you avoid future punishments. But I need you to understand you can't bargain your way out of the punishment you've already earned." She turned the drill back on. Lacey gave a despairing wail.

Her mistress tormented her for endless minutes more, enjoying her suffering. Finally, though, Angie stopped the drill and detached it from the ginger plug. Lacey lay exhausted, trying not to pant too hard because that jostled the plug. *Thank God that's over,* she thought.

"You deserved that because you came when I told you not to," Angie said.

"Yes, mistress," Lacey whispered.

"But you came twice, didn't you?"

*Oh shit!* Lacey's stomach dropped.

Angie motioned the assistant over to unfasten Lacey's restraints. Together, she and the assistant half carried and half dragged Lacey to a padded table. Every step sent jolts of pain through Lacey's plugged ass. They strapped her down on the table, buckling her feet into raised stirrups like those on a gynecological exam table.

Lacey moaned in terror at the smell of fresh ginger. Her mistress showed her a small lozenge-shaped piece with a deep groove in it. Then she pulled back the hood of Lacey's clit and settled the ginger snugly over the exposed clitoris.

The now-familiar itching and tingling started immediately. Lacey tried to stay still and breathe deeply, praying that this would prevent the escalation into burning pain. Her eyes were squeezed shut, so she was unprepared when Angie pressed a plug-in vibrator up against her ginger-encased clit and turned it on.

Agony exploded in Lacey's groin as the powerful vibrator rubbed the ginger rapidly against her vulnerable membranes. Yet, unbelievably, her clit was swelling under the intense stimulation. It hurt, but she was going to come.

Lacey wasn't going to repeat her mistake, though. "Please-mistress-may-I-come?" she gasped in a rush.

"Do it," Angie commanded, shoving the vibrator savagely against Lacey's clit. "Come for me."

Lacey came in a torrent of pain and pleasure. It was unlike any orgasm she'd ever experienced, both terrible and wonderful as sensations clashed. Her ass clenched involuntarily on the ginger plug, fucking her painfully with each spasm.

Angie continued to press the vibrator into the ginger on her clit. Lacey gave a high, thin scream and came again.

As she lay, utterly drained and unable to react to further stimuli, she heard Angie say, "I hope you aren't *too* obedient in the future. Punishing you is so much fun!"

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