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The Lust Virus


For Halloween, Claire decides to give into my Star Trek obsession and buy Star Trekcostumes. We, of course, buy original series costumes because they are the best, and Claire in a skirt is always sexy. We don't buy sexy versions of the costumes like you can find sexy versions of everything online, but instead, we just buy regular costumes. However, that doesn't mean we can't use the costumes for sexy role play. Which is exactly what we do after the last trick or treaters are gone and we've shut off the outside lights. In the past with the little bit of role play we've done, we didn't pretend to be anyone but ourselves. This time however, I suggest we really get into and come up with characters and a scenario. Claire is unsure at first because she thinks it might be silly or awkward or something. It is, but it is also just us so we can laugh at ourselves while we do it. I become James Swaine, Captain of the USS Endurance. She becomes Lieutenant Celeste Rodgers, a linguistics and communications expert. The two of us are returning from an away mission negotiating a peace treaty with an alien race, but when we return to the Endurance, something is wrong.

"Something is wrong," I say looking out the shuttlecraft window at my beautiful ship adrift in space. "Try hailing them again."

"This is the shuttlecraft Appalachian requesting permission to dock," Lieutenant Rodgers repeats again, but there is no answer. "Captain, no one is responding."

"Sensors show that the only systems running on the ship are essential life support systems," I say, turning away from the sensor readout. "Can you still get a connection with the ship's computer?"

"I'll try, sir," she says and turns her chair back to the instrument panel. "I think I've got it."

"Input command code alpha beta three zero six to override the computer and give us access from here," I say and lean forward in my chair. What is going on?

"Done," she says after a moment.

I use the shuttlecraft computer to try and get a better idea of what has happened on the ship. There is a trouble with the computer interlink and I can't access any logs from here, but a scan of the ship reveals everyone is on board with the exception of the two of us on the shuttlecraft. All 435 people are accounted for, but the readings suggest that they are all in a comatose state. The computer detects no abnormalities to speak of, so I turn on a few of the systems and open the docking bay doors to land. I retrieve a phaser for both the lieutenant and I before we disembark the shuttlecraft. The air is warmer and more humid than it should be if the ship was just running on life support. The red alert lights are flashing all through the ship and there is a message on continuous loop calling for a ship-wide quarantine of all non-essential personnel. The ship is in full security lockdown and the bulkheads are sealed. We return to the shuttlecraft to try and use the computer there to override the lockdown, but all command functions have been locked out. It appears I was lucky to simply get the shuttle bay doors open.

"What do we do, Captain?" Lieutenant Rodgers asks me, and like all my crew, she is fearless in the face of the unknown.

"We need to get to engineering to override this lockdown. Then we'll need to get to the bridge to see if we can't find out was is going on," I say and stow my phaser at my side. I get a tricorder from the shuttlecraft and give it to Lieutenant Rodgers. "Use this to keep a continuous scan on all wavelengths and frequencies. I want to know what is going on on my ship."

She grabs it from my hand, and I notice how soft her hands are as they brush against mine. She's painted her nails red to match the red of her uniform. I shake my head and put my mind back on the task ahead of us. I'm able to force the doors into the hallway open, but we are quickly met with several closed bulkheads. Even if we were able to raise them, there would be force fields blocking the way as well. Instead, we'll have to traverse the ship for the time being using the maintenance shafts and Jefferies tubes. I go first and in time we make it to engineering. We've seen no crew members the entire way, and we slip out of the tube into engineering with sweat pouring down our faces. I look around and see three crewmen sprawled across the workstations before spotting my Chief Engineer Angelina Irenka also seemingly unconscious at the main console. We rush to her and Lieutenant Rodgers immediately starts scanning her.

"She's alive, Captain," she says. She scans the others as well. "They all are. They appear to be in a deep REM state. All their functions have slowed to almost nothing, but they are still alive. The strangest thing is that their hearts all appear to be beating in synchronized rhythm at 12 beats per minute."

"Well, at least we know they're alive," I say and look around the room again. "I'll engage the warp core startup sequence. See if you can't access Angelina's engineering logs for a clue." I turn to the main console when the quarantine message plays for what seems like the millionth time. "And stop that damn message," I add. In a moment, the message ends. After a few more minutes, I've restarted the system and the ship begins to come alive. I check the environmental temperature controls to try and cool of the ship only to find that they have already be lowered to the minimum allowed amount. However, it is no where cold as that and it seems to keep getting warmer. I walk over to the lieutenant to check on her progress. She's just pulled up the last engineering log and plays it as I step to her side. My hand accidentally brushes her curvy hip as I stand too close. I take a subtle step away from her and then listen to the log.

"I've disable all but the essential systems," the message says. "We have to conserve as much power as we can. I might be the only one still awake on the ship. I don't know if the captain will be able to help us when he returns. If only we hadn't..." Her voice stops abruptly and the audio log picks up the sound of her body slumping against the console. Then it ends.

"Captain, what is going on?" Lieutenant Rodgers asks me and turns toward me.

"I don't...know," I say. Suddenly my vision is getting blurry. The heat from the room is less imposing and feels more like a cozy warmth. I close my eyes for a moment and feel myself wobble on my feet. I force my eyes open and realize that she has her hands on my shoulders steadying me. "We can't fall unconscious," I say and she nods. "We have to do whatever it takes to stay awake. Do anything you need to do but keep us both awake."

"Yes, sir," she says, but that is the last thing I hear as my vision blurs again.

I feel my body fall to the ground and I fight the sleep coming over me as hard as I can. I feel a light touch on my cheek like the pressure of touching a limb that has been asleep too long. I feel it again and again and I realize that she must be slapping me to keep me awake, but it isn't working. I fall further and further into darkness and I think I'm going to give in when I feel a jolt of energy run through my body. I snap my eyes open and the lieutenant is on top of me with her soft full lips pressed against mine. She's straddling me and my dick is hard and rubbing against her panties under her skirt. She sees my eyes open and scrambles away from me embarrassed.

"Thank you," I say as I collect my breath. It feels like I haven't been breathing.

"I'm sorry, Captain," she says and helps me to my feet. "I don't know what came over me. I tried talking to you but you wouldn't wake up. I even tried slapping you a few times."

"I remember that," I say and smile at her trying to put her at ease but it just makes her look more embarrassed.

"I don't know why I did that. Kiss you I mean. It just came into my head and nothing else had worked," she says and looks at the ground avoiding looking at me.

"It's fine," I say and gently touch her shoulder. "Somehow that brought me back. Let's get to the bridge."

I try and override the security lockdown from engineering but I'm still locked out. We'll have to work our way up the decks through the Jefferies tubes again. I tell the lieutenant to tell me more about herself as we work our way upwards. I hope that by talking we can stay awake. By the time we are halfway there, my shirt is completely soaked with sweat. The heat disorients me for a moment and I take a wrong turn as we crawl through the shafts on our hands and knees. When we turn around and head the other direction, Lieutenant Rodgers is leading and I'm staring right up the back of her skirt. There's not enough room for me to get passed her and the next outlet is a ways off yet. I try and keep my head down, but find myself feeling compelled to look more and more. Her large round ass is just a few feet from my face and I watch it sway back and forth as she crawls forward. While the uniform might be standard issue, there is no standard issue underwear and she has on a sexy but functional black thong on. The thin strip of fabric runs between her cheeks and reveals all of her tan ass to me. The thong is scrunched a little from the activity and I can plainly see the left part of her mound.

Suddenly she stops and looking past her ass I see her head droop. I call to her to stay awake, but she drops more and more until she is laying flat on the grated floor of the tube. I crawl forward and put my hand on her back. I shake her gently at first and then more aggressively but she doesn't wake up. I remember that I didn't come around until she kissed me, so I roll her over and kiss her gently on the lips. When nothing happens, I kiss her luscious lips more passionately than I fully intend, but nothing happens. Then I remember when I woke up she was straddling me and she was accidentally grinding on my crotch. Could that be what woke me up? I debate leaving her there because I can't invade her privacy, but I need her to help me stay awake. If I fall unconscious too, then the ship may very well be doomed.

I take a deep breath trying to compose myself for what I'm about to do. I gently lift up her skirt and cup her crotch in my hand. I look at her face for any sign of reaction, but there is none. I gently rub her pussy through the soft fabric of her thong. She stirs a little before going limp again. I try to ignore the hard on in my pants and tell myself it is for the good of the crew before slipping my hand under her thong and rubbing her pussy. She stirs a little bit more, but still doesn't full wake up. It seems to be working though, so I fully give in to my desires. I slip my finger between her lips and gently caress her clit. I'm shocked to discover that her pussy is wet. I play with her clit a moment and she moans. Her ours flutter open a moment and then close. I take my finger away from her clit and plunge it as deep into her pussy as it will go. I relish her pussy's warm embrace and finger her harder until she wakes up with a moan.

I try to pull my hand out as fast as I can, but she's already aware of what I've done. She grabs my hand as it slips out of her panties and pulls it to her mouth. Her delicate tongue licks my fingertip before she inserts my finger in her mouth and licks it clean of her own wet desire. When she lets go I scramble passed her a few feet so that I'm now leading again. I wait for her to straighten herself out. I feel like I should say something, but I don't know what. She says we should get moving and neither of us acknowledge what just happened any further.

We eventually reach the bridge and it is empty with the exception of my Andorian First Officer Shir Th'aranoq. Like Angelina, he is unconscious at his station. Lieutenant Rodgers scans him as well and finds that he is exactly like the others right down to his heart rate which should be significantly different than a humans. I again instruct Lieutenant Rodgers to look up any logs while I lift the security lockdown. Finally, I'm able to gain full control of the ship and cancel red alert. The bulkheads are lifted and the force fields are released. I get up and check the turbolift doors and they open. Everything seems to now be online and operational. I sit in my chair at the center of the bridge and Lieutenant Rodgers pulls up Shir's last log entry. It is a video log and his blue face fills the view screen. His white hair is sticking up in places from having run his hands through it.

"Captain, I'll be brief. I hope you are able to gain access to the ship and view this log. While you were away we began a routine survey of this star system. We discovered an asteroid with a complex but stable orbit through this system. It passes our current location once every three days. On its second pass, we discovered that it was made of an unknown rock. Unwilling to beam anyone to the surface, I had a small sample beamed aboard. It was at this time that ship systems began to fail and the temperature rose quite uncomfortably I might add. Soon we we're falling unconscious. I'm not sure how many of us remain awake. I've confined everyone to quarters but a few of us. The crew can fall asleep safely there. I will be succumbing to the sleep soon as well. Captain, I suggest you search the geology lab for more information. This phenomenon was on us immediately and we didn't have time to study...it," the Andorian barely finishes saying before slumping to his current position.

"Rodgers," I say. "When was that message recorded?"

"Three days ago, sir," she says and turns to me with alarm.

"Check the computer systems," I say as I feel my eyes shut of their own accord. "See when that...asteroid...will be...coming."

I hear her yell something, but I can't make it out. In a moment, I'm slipping back into the comfortable darkness that I was before. It feels as if something is calling for me. If I could only fall further asleep, then I'd be able to reach it, but I can't. I have to stay awake. I fight it, but keep falling further and further. Just as I'm about to hit the bottom, I feel a jolt of excitement through my body. It is like last time, but stronger. It pulses through me over and over again. I float out of the darkness and open my eyes with a groan. My cock is throbbing and there's a wonderful sensation running up and down it. I look down and see Rodgers with my cock in her mouth. My pants are pulled down and I sit in my captain's chair with her soft lips wrapped around my cock. Her eyes are closed as she licks the tip of my dick before taking me into her mouth all the way. I want to tell her to stop, but just groan loudly instead. She opens her eyes and looks up at me still sucking me cock. After a moment, she stops thinking of the pleasure and realizes what she is doing. She lets me slip out of her mouth and then hurriedly stands up looking away.

"Thanks again," I say. "For waking me up, that is," I add.

She nods and keeps looking away. I pull up my pants and cinch them shut again. She's clearly embarrassed by what she has done, but I could tell in that moment before she registered everything that she was enjoying sucking me off. I would never use my position as captain for sexual favors, but I have to admit that Rodgers is sexy and knows how to please a man if that short blowjob is any indication. I touch her on the shoulder and she looks at me still embarrassed. I tell her not to worry about it. She's just looking out for the crew. We have to keep each other awake if we're going to solve the problem. She tells me that there's another problem. The asteroid's orbit will reach us in half an hour. To make matters worse, when all systems were offline the Endurance had drifted and was no directly in the asteroids path. Since the warp core and impulse engines were both offline and cold, it will take them at least a half an hour to fully warm up.

"We can't do anything about that right now," I say and head to the turbolift. "The engines are still coming back online. We can worry about that after we revive the crew."

"Yes, Captain," she says and follows me into the turbolift.

We stand on opposite sides of it as we ride towards the deck where the geology lab is at. I can't stand the heat anymore and take off my uniform's top. My undershirt is soaked with sweat, but I leave it on not wanting to make Rodgers too uncomfortable. I do notice her pretending not to watch me however. It must be whatever is in the air making us behave like this. The turbolift stops and I step out before her. We hurry down the deserted hall until we reach the geology lab. It is deserted inside too, but on a table in the center of the room in a glass case is a black rock. I begin to pull up all scans that have been done on it and Rodgers searches the computer for more logs. I'm able to determine that they've identified it as some sort of igneous rock of unknown origin and type. The images of it when it was first beamed aboard show it covered in a white moss or lichen of some sort. In the next image the moss is gone despite the rock being enclosed in glass and a force field. I look at the readings closer and it appears that whatever was on the rock evaporated immediately upon making contact with the air in the case. I turn around to see how Rodgers is doing, but she is asleep in a chair in front of the computer interface. Her tricorder has fallen out of her grasp and onto the floor.

I rush over to her calling her name but she doesn't stir. I immediately forgo the kissing as it didn't work before and gently raise her skirt again. I'm shocked to see that she no longer has her thong on. She must have taken it off when I was out before. I gently spread her pink pussy lips and caress her clit, but this time she doesn't stir at all. I insert first one finger and then two, but she doesn't react to this either. I begin to fear she is out permanently when I think about how she woke me up last time. Each time we've had to take it a step further. Maybe she tried kissing me and touching my cock again and it didn't work. There's only one way to find out. I kneel down in front of her and bring my face close to her pussy. I inhale her musky scent and my mouth waters in anticipation. I again spread her pussy and gently lick her clit. I feel her body twitch momentarily and I know I'm on the right track. I press my face into her delicious pussy and lap up her wetness. She tastes tangy on my tongue as I move in circles around her clit. She moans louder and louder as I eat her out until finally I feel her hands gripping my head as fuck her with my tongue. After a second longer, I pull away and stand up. She's sitting up trying to catch her breath and her face is flushed from heat and excitement. I hold out my hand and help her up. Her eyes shine with desire a moment longer before she steps away on her own.

"I'm sorry," she says. "I don't know what is going on, but thank you."

"It was my pleasure Rodgers," I say before I think better of it.

She smiles at me before asking what we do now. I tell her what I'd discovered about the rock and determine that we need to go to sickbay. If Doctor Dinh knew about what happened in the geology lab, then he would have been working on a cure. We rush out of the lab and back down to the turbolift. In a moment, we are in sickbay. The good doctor is slumped over a workbench with several handwritten pages of notes and vials of liquid. By now, we know the drill. She looks for any log information and I begin to look over the notes. I'm no doctor however, so I can't decipher what he was doing let alone know if he was on the right track. Rodgers does find the logs and begins to play them.

"Whatever this thing is, it has gone airborne through solid glass and a force field. It's in the air all around us. It appears to be some type of self-replicating virus which would mean it's not a virus as we know it. I need more time and information."

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