tagBDSMThe Lusty Librarian

The Lusty Librarian


Kevin walked into the library like he did every morning before class to use the computers and finish some work he hadn’t finished.

Maria, a slave of the work-study program, who worked as a computer tech, fixing the problems that, arose during the day. A shy, tall, sexy chick with a nice rack, always became excited when Kevin breezed through the doors. She watched his swift movements whenever he was there, every keystroke, her eye gazed upon, and the essence of him inside the building made her moist.

She looked at the time “9:20 every day, never late ” she sighed. They never had the chance to speak, she shy as she was, and nervous that she would say something she would only want to keep in her thoughts although he is what made her day bright. She was content with reading her sexual romances she picked out for the day and playing with herself at the elevated desk, quietly, no one noticed she figured, everyone has there head into a book or something.

In deep reading she started to feel the urge to be teased, she dragged her hand up her skirt pushed he satin thong out of the way and played with her warm lips. Deeper and deeper onto the novel she became deeper and deeper into herself; all of a sudden she was interrupted.

“Excuse Me,” Kevin looks up at her and reads her nametag from below oblivious to how she is pleasing herself. “Umm… Maria, they told me that you would help me with a problem I have, I tried to print a, umm, document and the printer is out of toner, can you help?” she gets up and walks down from the elevated service desk. While saying “Yes Master.” She covered her mouth hoping he didn’t hear. She was thinking, “Please, just fuck me! Now, forget your damn homework!”

As sexual as she could say it “You just sit down, I will bang out your problem in two strokes of a second” Both confused of where that was going, he sat at his computer and she fixed the printer. When it got back on line the first page of the document came out, with a “Literotica” heading. She knew what that was, “He could have been printing one of my stories,” she thought. She went back to her desk and was eyeing the printer, when it was done she hopped up, went for the printer and she put her hands on it first, his hand close to hers.

“This isn’t appropriate reading material for a student and is a violation, please follow me” So excited but had to keep her character, it made her pussy ooze with joy, she had it planned out from the moment she put her hand on the paper.

“Maria, please, what’s going on?! I didn’t know,” He pleaded as following behind her. He followed her, the sexual strut she was displaying accented her lushes hips and firm ass cheeks.

“Hush, we are in a library, low tones please, you don’t need to get in trouble for that too” she whispered.

They entered a dark meeting room, there sat a large table and ten chairs. She locked the door behind him. She flicked on the lights then adjusted them to an erotic allure and said, “Get on your knees”

“What!?!,” He forced.

“Get on, your, FUCKING knees, I want to read the smut you just printed out,” as she sat down and opened her legs invitingly.

His whole composure changed from nervous to ecstatic, he knew the story was about a dominating woman, something he yearned for. He only had dreams about being someone’s fuck bitch, being a slave to a sexy mistress slut. He knew this was his chance, a chance that hadn’t risen yet so he needed to jump on it.

He knelt in front of her and apologized “I am sorry, I have been bad”. Proceeding to kiss her knees, down her leg and to her ankle.

Her body quivered, her pussy as wet at the ocean. She lifted a leg and put it on his shoulder “Slide my panties off and slowly eat my wet pussy Kevin,” she erotically forced.

Feeling his touch, his hand going up her skirt and creep up her ass, slowly removing her under garment from her tense wet pussy. Anticipation coursed through her vanes like electricity it made her gasp for air, as he pulled the red satin thong off her body and dropped it on the floor.

Both deeply aroused, him hard as a rock and she even more in heat. He started to lick the outside of her sex, smelling the delightful sent of her juices. “Slowly” he remembered as he controlled his urge to dive right in. Teasing the outside of her body, he pushed his tongue gently ageist her wet pussy lips, up and down slowly grazing her clit to her enjoyment.

“Is this how you wanted it?” he asked.

Maria with her head back, eyes shut, playing with her breasts, “Shut up and eat” as she gasped for more air.

As two fingers penetrated her wall, her back straightened tensely, and then became relaxed. He paid most of his oral attention to her erect clit, circling around her with his slick genital tongue. Fingers in and out, he heard a small cry, so he puts his fingers as deep as they can go, and sucks her button into his mouth messaging it with his tongue.

“Yes, Uhhu, Yes Please, More!” she moaned becoming overwhelmed, slid out of character, she throws the papers she was supposed to be reading on the floor and pulls his head closer to her box by his hair.

“Oh, Kevin, I …I!(gasp)” she spills cum into his sex driven fingers. He can taste and smell he cuming, but this doesn’t cause him to suspend his action, it actually makes him become more into it. He proceeds like a good lap dog would.

“Kevin, Please give it to me, please!” she moaned. He didn’t move from his current action, eating her love muffin.


He stands up and pulls his hard cock out; she gets up from the chair and faces her ass to him putting her hands on the table.

“Now, fuck me like a good bitch would” waving her nice ass in the air.

He lifts her skirt so her whole rump was exposed. Looks at the pretty sight of two long spread open legs up to a dripping wet pussy begging to be fucked. He slides his piece into her slowly. The large cock with extreme girth fits snugly into the lubricated love tunnel. As he starts to ram it in for the second time, slowly he smacks her ass.

“Yes bitch. Smack my ass” she cried

Another one comes; she starts to bounce off his cock as hard as he can, loving the feeling of a full pussy.

In and out harder and harder by the second, her muscles clinching around his fat cock then ordered him to stop.

“Stop fucking me” she states, he does what he is told and backs off, his Johnson twitching with sensitivity

She then sits on the table, opens her legs, her red, juicy pussy oozes with cum. He then grabs her legs.

She interrupts his penetration with a hand, and tells him “I want to suck the cum out of your hard dick”

She removed her hand and they began fucking once more. Slowly pushing his dick all the way in pulling her legs close to him and thrusting through her. There bodies smacking into each other produced the clap of moisture and sex. He pulled his wet dick out of her, and slowly put it back in forcefully completely in and completely out. She loved it. He let go of one of her legs and rested it on his shoulder. He played with her pleasure ball with his thumb and fucked with rhythm.

“Give me your dick. Fuck me, Oh, Faster, Make me cum fucker!”

He rubs her clit faster and faster and fucks her harder and deeper, with erotic force. He is longing to bust inside her, he can feel it brewing but can control it. Deeper and faster he penetrates through her pussy.

“Oh, Oh yes!” She screams

A flow of cum bursts through her pussy making his dick feel eruption was near. He holds it in and finished her off with a few more thrusts of pleasure, the thrusts became shorter and shorter and with out rhythm. The last push was hard and deep then he had to with draw because of her previous request. She hops down embracing his member with her lushes’ lips and forces his large cock in her mouth and down her throat. She grabs his ass and pulls it back and forward, grabs it tightly her red nails digging into his flesh almost penetrating the skin. Her nose dipping into his short hair, playing with his balls and sucking like a vacuum.

“Oh yes, Oh fuck, Shit, God Damn!” He cries with intensity. She then braces herself, her mouth filled with the sweet salty natural fluid, while he is cuming she sucks it hard, keeps going deep, giving him fantastic head. She swallows most of his cum, but some gets through the corner of her lips and gets away from her. She sucks him hard and fast, he then buckles at the knees, she continuing to suck, he grabs her head.

“Please, I cant cum any more,” he shamefully states.

She looks up at him, her wide blue/grey eyes, mouth full of cock, sucks it strokes the shaft then licks it too, then kisses his cock head. She then goes to give it one last squeeze he quivers, a little drop cum seeps through, she missed a drop so she sucks the full length of his dick slowly and plays with it using her tongue while its in her mouth for the last time to get rid of it. He cringes and gasps for air.

She unclenches his ass from her grip picks her red satin thong off the floor, and hands it to him.

“Now, saver my sent and put these back where you found them, clean these papers up also” she instructed.

He gets back on the floor where he started and slid the sexually red lingere over her dripping pussy.

While carrying out what he was instructed to do he asks “May I write about this in my next story?”

Maria smiled and left the sex filled room and fluttered back to her post, satisfied, as she ever will be, she felt as free as butterfly.

Kevin fixed himself, walked out and went to class. Both knowing they would bump into each other down the road.

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