tagNonHumanThe Magdalene Academy

The Magdalene Academy


The Magdalene Academy was set far out in the countryside. It was free of distractions and had few neighbors and was the perfect place for a school of reform. The girls sent to this school were out of control and their parents had turned to the church for help. The girls were all daughters of rich socialites and nobles who had let their children get out of hand. There was little hope for a woman of loose morals to get married, especially in such high circles. The academy only accepted women with whom all else had failed. The students were all past their childhood and they were all over the age of nineteen. They were all of ill repute and the academy was their families' last chance to change them. The rules of the Magdalene academy were strict, and the girls worked just as hard physically doing chores as they did in their academics. The success rate of the school was phenomenal. There was rarely a girl whom the academy could not turn around.

Sister Sara was working late as usual when she heard the footsteps in the hall. None of the girls should have been out of their beds at that time of night, so she decided to investigate. Sister Sara decided to catch whom it was at whatever they were doing. She tiptoed down the hallway, and caught a glimpse of two girls slipping into another's room. Whatever was going on, she was going to put a stop to it. Sister Sara strode to the door and opened it abruptly. She stood wide-eyed as she saw what was going on.

Many of the girls were naked, and the rest were in the process of disrobing. Even more shocking was the large pentagram that had been drawn on the floor. A lit candle sat at each of its points, and one of the girls was laying spreading eagle in its center. Sister Sara's face grew angry and she was about to chastise the girls most righteously. Her mouth opened to speak, but her head exploded, stars blinding her then fading to black.

When Sister Sara woke up, her head was throbbing. She couldn't remember what happened, but it all came back when she tried to move. She found that her hands and feet were bound to the floor. She opened her eyes, and the room slowly came into view. She was surrounded by what seemed like all of the girls in the school. She found that she couldn't speak because of a gag that wedged into her mouth. The girls were busy talking, but soon noticed her movement. Anita, a lovely girl that Sister Sara had always liked came over to her.

"We're sorry that you caught us Sister. We thought that you would be asleep by now. We checked, and we thought you were asleep." Anita explained.

"We've been trying to decided what to do with you. We really like you, but if we just let you go then you'll just tell on us."

Sister Sara was frozen in fear. Did the girls mean to do away with her?

"So, we've all agreed that the only way to insure ourselves is to make you one of us." She added.

"Besides, you're going to love it. I think it's a shame that you're all cooped up in the school without proper attention. You'll be thanking us later." Piped up Megan as she came to stand near Anita.

Megan wrapped an arm around Anita and pulled her into a kiss. Both girls cooed and giggled as they kissed and rubbed their breasts together. They finally broke the kiss and smiled down at Sister Sara. Megan turned and crossed over to a small table. She returned with a small knife. Sister Sara's eyes went wide as Megan knelt down next to her, the knife inches from her throat.

"Oh don't be silly Sister. We just need to make you more comfortable." Megan said somewhat reassuringly.

Sister Sara's breath caught in her throat as the knife slid under the collar of her robe. She flinched as she heard the sharp ripping of her robes, then the cool rush of air on her body. She was nude underneath her robes, and after a few more quick cuts, she found herself totally exposed. Sister Sara was ashamed and closed her eyes in an attempt to block out her nakedness. She heard movement, and opened her eyes to find the girls gathered closer around her. She watched wide-eyed as the girls began to chant in a low voice. The language was nothing that she had ever heard before.

Anita stepped from the circle, her voice rising above the others. She held a red candle in her hands. She raised it to the air, then back down. Sister Sara could only watch as Anita tilted the candle, letting a stream of hot wax stream down. The wax splashed over Sister Sara's bare breasts, and she lurched more from the surprise than the actual heat. Anita stepped back and Megan stepped forward. She held a large chalice in her hands. Anita raised the chalice high and chanted just as Anita had. She took a drink from the chalice and passed it to another girl. The girl drank and passed it to the next, and the scene repeated until the chalice returned to Megan.

Megan chanted again the tilted the chalice. The remains of the red wine poured out over Sister Sara's belly. It streamed down over her cunt, soaking her thoroughly. Sister Sara could feel her body shiver and a throbbing in her cunt in spite of her situation. She wanted to stop what was going on but she could not help it.

The circle expanded and the girls gave room to a mist that grew out of nothingness. Sister Sara would have screamed if she could as the mist coalesced and a figure began to take form. The girls chanting became more fervent as the creature formed. They reached a crescendo when the creature's hands touched the ground.

The creature was kneeling, but drew itself up to its knees. Its skin was a deep red, and its body was muscled in a manner that banished any thoughts of humanity. When it stood, it stretched its arms and back, emitting a sound that was both human and animal all at once.

Sister Sara was in such a panic that she felt as if she would black out. The creature looked down at her, it's face full of bestial lust and rugged handsomeness.

"You have called and I have come." The beast said in a guttural voice.

Megan quickly stepped up and knelt to the side of the creature. She reached between its legs and grasped its cock, her hands barely wrapping around it.

"You have come and we are prepared to serve." Megan responded formally.

Sister Sara watched as Megan stroked the beasts' shaft. Its cock grew rapidly to an unimaginable size, and thick streams of its cream dripped out to cover Megan's pumping hands.

"This one is new, I will have her first." The beast growled as it looked down on Sister Sara.

"She hasn't tasted your seed, she must do so before you can take her." Megan instructed the beast.

"I want her now." The beast growled as its cloven feet scraped against the floor like a bull prepping to charge.

"We will help slake your thirst." Anita spoke. She approached the beast and ran her hand over the tip of its pulsing cock. Her hand came away sticky, and she slowly licked her fingers, savoring the flavor of the beasts jism. Anita walked around Sister Sara and stood above her head, now facing the beast. She dropped to her knees, her face close to the nuns wine soaked cunt. Sister Sara closed her eyes as the girls' pussy that had been shaved clean hovered inches above her face.

Sister Sara heard the beast snort, then the clatter of its hooves as it came around to stand behind Anita. The beast smelled like flowers and fruit, but with an underlying aroma of smoke. She felt a wave of heat, and opened her eyes to find the beasts cock filling her view. Even by her very limited experience, Sister Sara knew the cock was huge. She watched as the beast thrust its hips. The tip of it's cock lodged between Anita's cunt lips and seemed as if it could go no further. Anita wiggled her hips backward and the tip pushed further in.

The beasts' hands gripped Anita's hips and its claws draw rivulets of blood as he drove further forward. Sister Sara watched as the head disappeared like an orange being swallowed by the girls' cunt. The beast pushed more, and began to feed it cock into Anita's waiting hole. It's shaft was as thick as a mans arm yet the girls cunt stretched to take it.

Anita moaned loudly as the beat began to move back and forth, it's cock almost turning her cunt inside out. She dropped her face to Sister Sara's pussy and gave it a long slow lick, causing the nun to gasp at the sudden contact. Sister Sara tried to resist the feelings that were flooding through her, but she had never experienced such feelings. She wanted to close her eyes and fight off the feelings, but her eyes were glued to the massive cock pounding deep into the girls tight cunt, and the feelings in her own cunt were threatening to overtake her.

The beasts' cock kept spitting its thick cream into the girl, making the ride both easier and stickier. The cream was whipped into thick foam that splattered down on the nuns face as the beast hammered into the girl. Anita was amazed that the girl could take such a brute and not pass out, but Anita's enthusiastic lapping was proof that the girl was enjoying every inch she was getting. Anita shuddered as she came, her cunt gripping the massive cock futilely. She fastened her mouth down upon Sister Sara's cunt and sucked hard, her tongue jabbing and slamming against the nuns' clit. Sister Sara couldn't hold out any longer and the sweet sensation of a climax that she had not felt in many years rolled through her. She groaned into gag and her body threatened to rise up from the floor as her muscles contracted wildly. Anita continued to suck and lick until the nun felt as if she were going to pass out.

The beast kept thrusting as its breath came in snorts. It growled and slammed harder as it exploded into the girl's cunt. It grunted and yelled as it filled the girl up, it's massive cock sealing its load deep inside her cunt. Sister Sara was spent and as limp as a rag doll. She couldn't move as Anita slipped her hands behind her and blindly fumbled with the gag. The girl eventually worked the gag free, and the nun breathed heavily.

Sister Sara watched as the beast slowly pulled its cock from the girl. It came out inch by sticky inch. Anita tilted her hips upward as the head popped free, but a thick drop of cum still splattered the nuns face.

"I love this part sister, I think you will too." Anita said as she sat up and guided her gaping cunt to the nun's mouth.

Sister Sara was taken off guard as Anita's cunt pressed against her mouth. Her mouth had been open for a breath, and was instantly filled with the pungent taste of pussy. She tried to spit the thick syrup from her mouth, but Anita's cunt was sealed too tightly. She could move, and was forced to swallow the thick load.

"Go ahead Sister, suck my pussy." Anita coaxed. She squeezed her muscles and another incredible amount of cream squirted into Sister Sara's mouth. The nun was trapped and she would have given anything to get away, but found herself savoring the taste of the beast's jism and the girl's cunt with every second. She stuck her tongue out and let it explore the widened hole. She shuddered at the texture and taste of the girl's cunt, and felt her own cunt flutter. She began to suck at the girl's cunt, feasting on it. Her lips and tongue were deep inside the girl, hungrily sucking down every trace of cream.

Sister Sara felt as if she was losing control, but she couldn't help it. The more she licked, the more she wanted, and her cunt was throbbing like a drum. She felt hands on her wrists, and found her bonds being cut free. The nun didn't try and run, but grabbed the girls hips instead and as if it were possible tried to pull her cunt even harder to her mouth.

"She's got it!" Anita giggled as the nun ate her wildly. She reached forward and brushed her hand against Sister Sara's clit, setting the nun off in a mind-blowing orgasm. Sister Sara yelled as never before as she came and cream spurted like a fountain from her cunt. Her hands dug deep into Anita's hips and her muscles felt as if they were breaking. Sister Sara felt as if she couldn't breath then felt the floor spin and the world go black.

The world slowly bled into existence. Sister Sara groaned and tried to sit up, but her muscles felt like lead. She could hear the moans of the girls and the wet sounds of sex. Sister Sara was ashamed and knew that she needed to summon the courage to stop what was going on. She rolled onto her stomach and laid still for a few minutes, trying to make sure that anyone that saw her would have thought that she had rolled over in her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes to see what was going on, and almost gasped at what she saw.

The girls were strewn about the room in various groups participating in multiple acts of perverted sex. One girl moaned loudly as another thrust a huge candle in and out of her ass. Another girl was kneeling on the edge of a desk spurting a heavy piss into the waiting mouths of two girls who knelt on the floor. Sex was everywhere. Sister Sara quickly caught sight of the beast. It was crouched over one of the girls and was driving its huge cock into her ass. Sister Sara was stunned. It had been hard to believe that a cock such as that could fit inside a woman's pussy, but her ass was just unbelievable. The beast's cock was thicker than a baseball bat and was smoothly pounding deep into the girl's ass.

Sister Sara found herself getting excited again. She screwed her eyes shut and tried to block out the sounds and smells, but her body kept responding. She found herself unable to keep her eyes shut and watched enraptured at the beast's cock as it hammered the girls ass. Sister Sara scooted forward and drew herself closer. She crawled on her hands and knees until she reached the two, the sound of the girls stretched asshole making slurping sounds as it was filled and emptied. She wanted to see more, and gripped the girl's cheeks. She pulled them open further and watched as the beast's cock disappeared deeper. The nun quickly lost all inhibition as she pressed her face forward, lathing her mouth against the beast's thick shaft. Her mouth and face became smeared with the beast's sticky juice that oozed from the girls ass like a river.

The beast snorted and growled as the nun moved her hands up to it's swinging balls. She kneaded and tugged as she continued to lick its slippery shaft. The beast bucked and bellowed and slammed it's cock violently into the girl's ass. Sister Sara could hear a deep gurgling as the beasts cock erupted. It's sticky jism oozed out of the girl's ass in thick spurts that filled the nuns mouth. The Beast eventually pulled free, leaving the now unconscious girl slumped on the floor with her ass gaping wide open. Sister Sara didn't even think. She slid her hand into the girls open ass and pulled it out as if she were scooping soup with a ladle. She poured the thick mixture down her throat and licked her hands clean.

The beast was ready for fresh meat. He tried to grab her hips but she already was turning around. Sister Sara struggled to her feet and turned toward the beast. It had knelt down, and it's cock stood pointing in the air like a spear. She approached and desperately tried to fit herself onto its cock, but the height made it impossible. She mewled in frustration like a kitten, but the beast was more experienced than she. The beast grabbed her by the waist and easily lifted her from the floor. It placed its cock against her cunt, but Sister Sara swiveled her hips, causing the large head to slip up against her ass.

The beast snorted its approval and began to push, it's cock oozing cream and making her hole slippery. Sister Sara steadied her hands on the beast's broad shoulders as it lowered her. Her own weight began to stretch her hole, and it felt as if she were going to be split in two. When her felt as if it had reached its limit, the beast bucked upward. Sister Sarah screamed in a mixture of surprise and pain as the beasts cock head broke into her ass. She threw her head back and wailed as the creature let her sink down, her ass becoming incredibly full. She felt as if his cock would rip through her stomach.

The beast snorted and stamped his hooves as he worked his cock into the speared nun. He was bouncing her up and down within minutes, tearing the breath from her body in huge gasps. Sister Sara was in a constant state of orgasm. Her ass felt as if it were on fire, but the pain melded into a pleasure so deep that she never wanted it to end. Anita and Megan appeared beside her, kissing her and biting her neck as the beast deflowered her ass. When the beast started to spurt, the nun felt it's hot seed filling her up. As with the other girl, the beasts load oozed out in thick rivers as it's cock continued to delve deep into the nuns used ass.

The beast eventually stopped thrusting, and the two girls each took a leg and pulled the nun from it's large cock. The beast slid slowly from her ass and its cream flowed from her ass like water from a hose. Sister Sara didn't protest as the girls laid her back down on the floor. She could only moan weakly as the girls tongued her clit and lapped at the tender opening of her ass. Exhaustion overtook her for a second time, and she didn't even notice as Anita slid both hands into her accommodating ass.

It was months later when Sister Sara was sitting at her desk. It was early in the morning and she had just finished bathing. The new school year was starting, and a new class of girls would be arriving soon. Sister Sara was confident as always that she could turn these girls around and with her new discoveries during the past year, she believed that this would be the best year yet.

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