tagRomanceThe Magic Coin

The Magic Coin


Jonathan and Melinda where were on their fourth day of a three week vacation as they strolled along a sandy beach on a small Caribbean island. The ocean was calm and only small ripples ran along the shore with the movement of the tide as the sun was slowly sinking into the ocean. As they rounded a rocky outcrop Melinda noticed a small battered wooden box partially buried in the sand. Reaching down she picked it up and opened it. Inside was a large coin made of an unknown material. Although encrusted with corrosion and dirt they were able to make out some sort of an inscription and symbols. It looked more like novelty from a tourist shop and she doubted it was anything of value. Treasure is treasure she thought so Melinda and Jonathan decided to bring it back to their cottage.

The next morning Jonathan was scrubbing the coin clean with some toothpaste and an old tooth brush. The dark metal material started to clean up nicely and soon he was able to display it. One side of the coin showed some unknown script writing surrounded with a fancy decorative engraving, the other showed two nude lovers entwined with each other backed by the design of a large sea shell.

The little wooden box however needed a more than a little work. Something he could repair when they got home. Melinda and Jonathan were examining their new found treasure when she noticed a small slot in the bottom of the box. After cleaning out the sand they were able to pull it open. Inside was a rolled up tattered looking note. Carefully they unrolled it and laid it out on the table. The writing seemed to have been hand written by someone in the old English script.

"This looks interesting, do you think its real or something someone dreamed up to draw tourists", said Melinda being ever so dubious.

Jonathan had been an open mined adventurer all his life. "Well let's try and read it. Even if it isn't, who cares its still a nice conversation piece and souvenir of our vacation sweetie", he said. It was just like him to just accept something for what it was.

Slowly they deciphered the writing:

"To those who may find this coin beware: I know not from whence it came, nor its true significance or purpose. I do know only it has mystical powers beyond my comprehension which changed my life forever. If you decide to keep this coin use its powers wisely, for it will only allow you to use it twice. Its powers will fulfill an inner most wish you make. To release its power hold the coin to the sun or moon and say the words: Porous, Delium, Decatum"

Melinda looked at Jonathan and giggled, "makes for a wonderful island legend doesn't it. What do you think?"

Jonathan looked over the note and laughed, "tell you what sweetie, you hold the coin into the sun, say the words and see what happens". Then he replaced the note and the coin in the box before placing it on a shelf. Melinda looked at him dubiously a moment and replied, "I might just do that, maybe a little later". With that she grabbed a towel and walked out of their cottage to sit on the beach and read a book.

It wasn't till later that evening the coin drew her attention again. Jonathan watched from his patio chair as Melinda walked over to the shelf and took it from the little box and examined it again. "Ok Jonathan humour me, just for fun let's try this thing, I'll hold the coin and say the words, who knows maybe I'll turn into a mermaid", Melinda giggled and winked at him. Jonathan laughed and followed her to the edge of their private little beach and stood beside her. Melinda had never been one to shy away from a little fun so she held the coin up to the moon which was just rising and said: Porous, Delium, Decatum.

At first nothing happened, but as she was about to lower the coin it started to give off an eerie blue glow. Suddenly frightened Melinda dropped the coin in the sand where they both watching as the blue glow surrounded them. It wasn't hurting them it just surrounded them for a few moments and slowly disappeared. "That's it", Melinda laughed, disappointed, "what a cheap trick".

"OK, is your curiosity satisfied now sweetie", said Jonathan as he picked up the coin and blew off some sand and placed it in his pocket.

"I guess" she replied and gave him a kiss. They sat on the beach and watched the evening stars open before them. Cuddling into him she whispered, "you know sometimes I wish we could change places so we could understand each other better".

Jonathan smiled and kissed her softly, "after all this time together that would be interesting wouldn't it". A few moments later he felt a soft electrical pulse pass through his body. "Wow, that was strange", he thought and lay back in the sand beside her looking at the stars.

Just then he felt his body do some strange things. The hair on his chest slowly disappeared, along with his muscular arms and chest. "What the hell", he said watching his body totally mesmerized. Melinda looked down and jumped aside and then let out a long, "oh my god" as she watched wide eyed in amazement with her hands over her mouth.

Jonathan's face and body suddenly developed very feminine attributes. Jonathan watched as he slowly grew a set of very firm round 36C boobs on his chest, his penis slowly disappear, replaced by a soft furry pussy between his legs. His legs were slim, waist in proportion to the rest of his body, and his hair suddenly became dark and grew to shoulder length. In short he had just been transformed into a woman. As he looked down at himself he let out a, "holy shit", which came out in a soft feminine voice. There he sat in his boxer swim shorts which were suddenly loose on his new body.

He was about to say something else when he suddenly saw Melinda twitch as she knelt beside him still amazed at what he had witnessed. "What the hell", she said and started to feel strange inside as well. She watched as her 36B breasts slowly disappeared and she developed a muscular chest. Her beautiful soft face suddenly developed a six o clock shadow and became masculine, hair shortened and grew lighter. She felt something between her legs and suddenly watched a bulge slowly form in her now very snug shorts. His shirt, which she had been wearing loosely, was now a bit more filled out. Pulling up the waist band she saw a penis and scrotum where her pussy used to be. "Oh my god what have I done", she suddenly said in a masculine voice, slight panic in her voice.

They both stared at each other and tried to fathom what had just happened. Melinda had turned into a fairly good looking man with short light brown hair, fit figure, and blue eyes. Jonathan had turned into a shapely, attractive, raven haired woman with green eyes. Although they had just gone through a major metamorphosis neither felt any pain or uncontrolled panic, just a sudden realization they were changed.

"I think the coin work worked sweetie", Jonathan said still coming to grips with his new form. There was no point in panicking as there was nothing he could do about his situation so he just sat there examining his hands, legs and body.

"You think Jonathan, what do we do now", she replied with a slight sense of panic in her voice, "how did this happen, why like this".

Realizing there was nothing they could do for the moment he pulled the coin from his shorts. Jonathan looked at the coin and thought for a minute. "You said, sometimes I wish we could change places so we could understand each other better, I think that just happened'', he said in a calmer voice, '" according to the note you can use the coin one more time to change us back again, or we stay like this".

Having calmed down Melinda took a moment to collect her self, " I did say that didn't I". After a pause and thinking about their current situation she continued with a slight smirk on her face, "well dear we're this way now, I'm game if you are.... even if it is weird".

After a bit more discussion they decided to stay in their current form, if nothing else just for the adventure. They looked at each other and laughed. In a way it was humorous, them being transformed into two different people of the opposite sex, yet their love and attraction for each other was still strong as ever.

Melinda sat looking at Jonathan and suddenly felt something strange. "Here we go again, I'm getting a strange feeling" she said looking at Jonathan. The penis between her legs had suddenly become swollen and hard.

Jonathan suddenly laughed as he saw the bulge developing in her shorts straining to get out, "that's called a hard on sweetie".

Melinda rubbed herself a moment and felt the hardness. "Wow, that feels.... strange, but a nice strange, how did that happen", she said looking at his bare breasts.

Staring at her hard on Jonathan felt his nipples go hard and himself getting a slight wetness between his legs. "I think it's probably because you are seeing me sitting here topless. I'm feeling wet between my legs because I'm looking at your hard on", he replied trying to get an understanding of the new sensations running through him.

Slowly they got up and stood in their new forms. Melinda at least four inches taller and was certainly heavier. Jonathan's breasts bobbed a little but remained firm as he stood up. Then slowly holding hands they checked each other out. "For some reason I still feel attracted you as ever", said Melinda looking at Jonathan's new body, "how about you?"

"Same here, even though you've changed into a masculine body I don't feel any different about you. It's like I'm supposed to be attracted to you", he replied.

"Let's go inside and check ourselves out in the mirror", said Melinda as she took his hand and walked inside their cottage together. Standing in front of the mirror they examined themselves closely. They both looked to be in their early thirties. "Well at least I didn't change into something homely or unattractive", he said holding his breasts and squeezing them gently, "and you don't look bad for a man either". Melinda was still checking out his new body. "I'm jealous, I never had a figure like that", complained Melinda trying to act disappointment.

"I always thought you had a good figure", he said trying to consol her.

"So now what do we do", she said looking at her face closely.

"I think we are both about to get a lesson we won't soon forget sweetie", he then excused himself to go to the bathroom. Melinda saw where he was going and half giggled, "you'd better get used to sitting down now". He looked at her a moment, "good point", he replied with a smirk.

Out of habit Melinda was about to pull out a night shirt. When she opened the drawer all her clothes had been replaced with new ones. When Jonathan returned they looked at their new clothes and realized everything, including their passports and documents had changed to match their new forms. They realized they would never understand it so decided to accept their current situation and try to enjoy it as Melinda had intended in her wish.

The evenings started to drain them and they decided to go to bed. Melinda changed into some sleeping boxers from her new wardrobe while Jonathan slipped into some loose boxers. Jonathan did as he always did, crawl in beside Melinda. For a few moments they just stared at each other then slowly cuddled and kissed. There was nothing new or strange about that. "Well at least that hasn't changed" said Melinda, "you're still a good kisser, good night sweetie". Jonathan wished her a good night, cuddled into her and dozed of within minutes

The morning Melinda woke up to a strange feeling. For a second she thought she was about to change again, but this was different. Slowly she reached down and felt her penis swollen and hard again. It had enlarged itself substantially since she looked at it last. "Damn" she said, "what do I do about this?" As she rubbed herself she suddenly felt herself getting very aroused. "Oh this actually feels good", she whispered to herself.

Jonathan was starting to wake up. "Morning sweetie, how'd you sleep", he said yawning as he stretched. Looking down he saw his nipples were hard and felt a bit of moisture between his legs.

"Pretty good considering" said Melinda looking over at him with a strange look on her face.

"What's the matter", he said rolling towards her as he always did in the morning.

"This", she said wiping back the bed cover and pointing to her morning hard on. Jonathan couldn't help but laugh as he explained it was normal to wake up that way sometimes. Still rubbing it she asked what she could do about it.

Jonathan couldn't help but grin, "well rubbing it will only make it worse. You can ignore it in which case it will dissipate when you go to the bathroom, think of something else, you can masturbate, or you can....well you know".

"Know what", she said then caught herself, "you mean make love to you.... oh that's just too weird"

"Well you wished we could change places", said Jonathan, "but I agree it is a bit weird. You know I never kissed a man before, never had a desire to....till now"

"You too huh, I thought it was strange but I suddenly feel compelled to want to kiss and make love to you", she said softly looking at him.

Slowly Jonathan leaned over and kissed Melinda on the lips. Good so far. Then they went to petting each other. No problem there. Jonathan stopped and suggested they go slow and easy until they were more used to their new bodies.

Jonathan suggested if they wanted to get a true idea of how the other had felt in their own bodies they should play in their new ones. Melinda agreed but seemed lost. Jonathan then explained a few things to her about the male body. Reluctant at first, Melinda grabbed her penis and slowly stroked it like she used to do to him. The response was immediate as she struck several pleasure points. Her heart started to beat harder as her penis swelled up hard and her strokes came faster. She felt like she couldn't stop. Melinda moaned, "ohhhhhh Jonathan what happens now, I.... ohhhhhhhh......." She went rigid and suddenly she felt a hot sticky fluid release into her hand. "Ohhhh myyyyyy, that felt good. Did I just cum", she moan still recovering from the experience.

Jonathan just smiled. For a moment he remembered when he masturbated for the first time as a pubescent teen. Then he replied as he handed her a towel, "yes dear you just came"

Melinda cleaned herself up and looked at her only slightly limp penis in her hand, her body still reacting to the experience. Then she looked at Jonathan, "Ok your turned" and explained how he should proceed.

Jonathan slipped his finger into his pussy and slowly explored all the little pleasure points. He became wetter and could feel himself getting very aroused as he played. It wasn't long before his heart was pounding inside his chest he convulsed releasing a hot liquid. Melinda giggled at his reaction but suddenly realized she was hard again. Looking at her hard on Melinda asked shyly, "what do I do about this"

Jonathan spread his legs and encouraged her to climb on top of him on all fours. Melinda was sucking on his nipples and felt him grab her penis and slowly place it into the slit of his hot wet pussy. "Slowly, go in slow", he said as he felt himself being penetrated and filled. Melinda told him to raise his legs and started to move inside him. Jonathan groaned as he felt the warm liquid inside him. Melinda was breathing heavily as she felt his hot liquid surround her as she came inside him. They both moaned deeply as they experiencing the new sensations of making love like two teenagers for the first time. When they finished they lay on the bed holding hands grinning. The experienced had left them feeling strangely exhilarated.

They both got out of bed and stepped into the shower. Slowly they soaped each other down. Melinda felt her penis go hard and erect again as she rubbed against Jonathan's new soapy body. She could feel it throbbing. She slowly put her hands on his ass and pulled him in against her and kissed him hard. "Looking at your naked body is making me very horny", she said softly. Jonathan giggled and explained his new body was reacting the same way as his nipples felt hard and his pussy hot and "tingly". They dried off and sat on the bed in looking at each other.

Melinda and Jonathan decided it was time for them to explore the world in their new bodies. Melinda got dressed in some swim boxers and a light short sleeve shirt, and after some careful coaching learned how to shave. In return she helped Jonathan find some appropriate clothing to wear. When she saw his new wardrobe she was almost jealous. It all seemed to match the personal persona of his new body. Although Jonathan was now wearing a bra, panties, shorts and a sleeveless top, it felt normal.

They walked along the beach found a little beach front café where they enjoyed their breakfast like any young couple on vacation. Mind you they both still had to make some adjustments. Melinda did have to remind him to that he would have to stop sitting like a man and keep his legs appropriately together. He had to remind her to use the men's room, much to her disgust.

For the few days they learned how to dress and adjust their own behaviour to their new situation. Jonathan had to stop opening doors or be tempted to enter the men's rooms. He learned he would have to remove some unwanted body hair before slipping into a swimsuit. Melinda almost felt sorry for him as Jonathan winced as he slowly removed his unwanted hair. Melinda showed him how to properly apply make up, do his hair, and master the art of walking in heals. He was starting to appreciate how much effort Melinda had put into looking good for herself and him.

Melinda had to stop admiring passing men, and woman's clothes in stores. She had learned to control herself when ever Jonathan was in a swimsuit, or naked in the shower and appreciated how a man can be aroused by a pretty woman. Jonathan taught her to shave, with only a minor nick, and showed her how to apply some after shave. Melinda did not appreciate the sudden burning sensation on her face.

Jonathan and Melinda enjoyed the island in their new bodies, gaining a mutual respect for them. Neither of them noticed how they were losing their original male/female traits. Their new bodies seemed to take them over as time went by. Jonathan found himself wanting to cuddle into Melinda's chest at night like she had done while Melinda became more protective.

One day Jonathan found a metallic blue one piece swimsuit in his drawer that clung to every curve on his figure. The cleavage was cut low and the leg openings high. The form of his pussy and hard nipples showed slightly in the tight material. He put on a long white shirt leaving the buttons open. They strolled down the beach holding hands till they reached a distant beach bar. Jonathan sat at a table and waited for Melinda to return with their drinks.

Jonathan sat their alone when a young man approached her. "Hi there I'm Dennis, you seem to be new here because if I had seen you before I would have remembered you", he said trying to be smooth. Unfortunately his eyes were focused on Jonathan's cleavage when he spoke.

Jonathan looked at him in disbelief at his nerve. Then smiling trying to look sweet he replied, ""Hello Dennis. You are very charming aren't you, but unfortunately I'm already here with someone. Oh and just one more thing sweetie", Jonathan said enjoying this, "if you're going to hit on a woman look in her eye and don't size up her tits, it's a dead give away to your true intentions".

The young man suddenly became read in the face as he tried to adjust to having been brushed off with such finesse. He started to say something when Melinda arrived with their drinks. Noticing the young man she suddenly felt a jealous twinge. "Any problems sweetie" , he said placing the drinks on the table and sitting down.

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