tagGay MaleThe Magic of a Touch Ch. 02

The Magic of a Touch Ch. 02


So, since you guys liked it here is chapter two. Again, sorry it took so long...but I did this in one day again. I hope you enjoy!


Jeremy's trip home was one of interest as he had to do it the normal way. When he had gone to the school his mother had teleported him with her magic...her sex powered magic. He had never been on a train and he found it a bit exciting, but he would much rather travel by floating hagship. That of course had him thinking about Fred and that one thing that led him to know what had been missing in his life. He looked at Archie in his cage, the blink cat actually sleeping the trip away. "You know Arch, I wonder how I'll ever find anyone who was as blind as Fred. Or as good with their mouth."

Archie of course just slept on, as cats do when not interested.

The station was full of normals and Jeremy wondered why he felt so...normal in his jeans and tee shirt. He had gotten so used to robes that to see the simple normal clothes was nice. Gazing around he saw his mother waiting by the bag handlers and getting more than her fair share of attention from men of all ages. "There you are!" she cried and Jeremy flung himself into her arms.

"I missed you mum." and he did. She had always been the only one to ever love him for who he was, bumbler and all. "I got some smashing news."

"Oh? Should it wait for the rest of the troupe?" She smiled to all the men and even took down the number of a dashing Aussie with the biggest dimples.

"Nope. They won't care." He grabbed his bag and they went towards the car. Aside from being a Sorceress, his mother was a teacher at the local college for sex ed. "I made apprentice." Jeremy exclaimed as they got in the car, Archie now snoozing in the back seat.

"That's fabulous. I am so proud of you." And she was. All the letters he had written told her how miserable he was at that school.

"And, I'm Tantric." Immediately she pulled onto a side street and parked.

"What?" she asked with hopeful dread.

"I am, just like you." She let out a whooping laugh and clapped her hands in glee.

"My baby lost his virginity. Was she good?" The look on her face made Jeremy grin. This was a side to his mother he had never seen. She was a vivacious woman and men adored her, but she always seemed so aloof with her kids. Never unloving, just slightly disappointed in all of them as if they never measured up to her standards.

"He, mum. And he was very good." Jeremy waited for the smile to slip saying he had once again displeased her.

But it stayed and even got bigger. "You rascal. Seduce the pants of your room mate?"

Jeremy laughed. "Not quite." He proceeded to tell her all about Fred and that afternoon that happened a few days ago. "I mean it was the best feeling ever, even with the bit of pain."

"A chip off the old tantric block. And a hagson at that. We shall have to have him over for dinner one of these nights." Jeremy nodded at that. "But, don't get attached. Tantrics can't afford that unless it's a permanent thing. Not many people can keep up with our need for power and thus sex."

"Is that why you're called a slut?" She nodded like it was a badgeof honor. "Maybe if I reach my Change I won't be such a runt any more, although Fred did like me."

She clicked her tongue. "He sounds like a great lad, Jeremy, but like I said, unless you're planning on marrying the hagson, it can only be sex." Then she giggled. "And have as much of that as you want with him." They shared a great laugh and Jeremy got to hear many different ways to entice someone without resorting to magic. "And if you like men then I can really give you ways."

"I...I don't know. I still haven't had time to think about it. And haven't been with a woman."

"Shall I arrange something?" Jeremy look scandalized. "A bit too soon for that? Ah well. Got to let you have some fun on your own I guess." That had them laughing again as they pulled up to their house. It was modest on the outside, a simple two story house with a small flat in the back rented by a dating couple. No one could know that one of the locked doors inside the house actually led to the mansion magically hidden from normals that may come calling.

There was no banner welcoming him home, no feast or party. No one seemed to care all save they now had their favorite whipping boy back. The twins came bopping in with smirks on their faces. Jeremy had not missed his elder sisters one bit. "Welcome home Germ. We prepared your room for you."

He knew they had magically trapped it, but he still had a few drop of that power he had found from Fred. He should be able to get past most anything. "Thanks, Dee and Dum. Mum, I'm going to put my apprentice robes away and let Archie out to terrorize the staff."

"Okay dear. Supper is at half past seven as usual." She kissed his cheek and the twins looked on in well masked shock. She had never shown one bit of favor on any of them. This seemed like a severe breach in protocol as they knew it. Their mother disappeared in a puff of sweet perfume.

Without even a glance Jeremy went to his room through the locked door. In front stretched a long hallway where the rooms for all the kids were, Jeremy's the last one on the right. As he passed each door opened and he could see his many siblings smile with evil glee. They knew what he was in store for. When he got to his door he blinked and his mage sight kicked in letting him know there were two traps. One on the door knob and the other triggered by opening it. Simple traps that would have worked before, but ones he cold disarm without much power now. Waving his hand they faded away and he walked in, a small gasp coming from the hall. "Next time, dear brothers and sisters," he said looking down the hall with his eyes glowing a fierce red, "try harder or not at all. I don't feel like being made fun of anymore." He stepped in and slammed the door, sagging against it and chuckling. Letting Archie out, the blink cat looking afronted that he had waited this long, he flopped onto his bed. "Does it make me a bad person for doing that?"

Archie looked at him and butted his chin with his head in a rare sign of affection.

"Glad you approve."

His siblings must have taken his little sign of power to heart because they did not try to sneak around and get him magically. Nope, they did it openly. Loud noises to scare him, summoning spirits to spy on him while he bathed, even putting a sticking sharm on his supper chair so he could not get up. He dealt with each simply and effortlessly because one thing his mother had said had stuck with him.

"Jeremy, you need not have sex to gain power. Ever heard of masturbation?" she had asked on the car ride home.


"You know, flogging the dolphin, choking the chicken, yanking the chain, spanking the..."

"Yes, mum, I have. Never done it before."

"Start dear. It will keep you from draining yourself with small spells. Now, onto technique." and from there she had told him how to please himself by telling him what men she had been with liked. He found he liked quite a bit of it too and was up half the night trying it all out. It kept him from dropping dangerously low, but it was not a good way to get power as it was functional, not fulfulling. He even set a few traps of his own. A slippery patch of ground that had his brother fall on his face. A pimple potion put in his sister's face cream. Even a bit of poison ivy extract in his brother's jock cream.

One sunny afternoon found Jeremy without any siblings to torture him and he wanted to spend it outside by the pool where magic was forbidden lest the neighbors or renters see it. When he got there he saw said renter lounging. The pool was modest, a kidney bean thing with a deeper end and a diving board, but it was nice to not have to worry about swamp leeches or water wights as he swam. "Och, you mus' be Jer'my," said the renter who stood. Flaming red hair, thick pale skinned body and the accent named him Irish in a second. "I'm Billy. Your mum, sai' ye'd be 'ome this week."

Jeremy liked him instantly since Billy was only an inch or two taller and seemed friendly enough. "How do you do, Billy?"

"Fantastic. Your mum is a righ' bonnie lady. Le's us pay whe' we can. Ginnie's at work righ' now or ye coul' meet 'er."

They got to talking and Jeremy learned that both were on education scholarship at the University of Liverpool. They also shared a passion with Jeremy: hating his siblings. Although they thought half of them were cousins and friends, a rule that his mother only had five kids. "'Ow can ye stan' em?"

"I can't, that's why I'm always at school." Jeremy liked the way Billy sounded, much the same way he liked the way Fred had sounded with his American accent. It was better than sneers and jeers any day and made him feel welcomed.

"An' I'm surprise' really. Ye kin sai' ye're an ugly toad." Jeremy laughed and aimed a middle finger at the house and no one in general. "I better no let' ye meet me girl. She likes us shor'er guys." Billy gave him a companionable wink.

"No worries. She'll look at me and run screaming. They all do."

"I donnae see why. Yer a fine lookin' lad." Jeremy rolled his eyes and waved away the compliment. "Ah. I see their poison words got to ye. No one ever tell ye yer ain't ugly?"

"Well...one person. And he...well...we..." Jeremy was suddenly very shy about saying anything.

"Och yer a blusher. Tha's cute. So ye bedded a guy, no biggie. Ginnie an' me don' ha'e the hookups yer kin do abou' that." Jeremy smiled in relief. "He was yer first?"

"And only. A few days ago actually." Billy chuckled.

"Goo' for ye. Le's go fer a swim. Cool off." Billy stood and used the diving board. A perfect dive for someone with a few extra pounds. Jeremy decided to follow suit and went for his own dive, only he did a cannon ball. Except his feet hit a slick spot on the nonslick board and he slipped, hitting his head on the board as he fell in. He blacked out and came to with Billy pumping the water from his lungs. Coughing he stayed there. "Jer'my, ye gi'e me a scare. Tha's not a goo' thing."

Jeremy looked at the board and blinked, his mage sight kicking in to see the fading slippery spell set to only be triggered by a sorcerer. Oh he would get them for this one. He could have drowned. "Thanks Billy." He patted his shoulder. Billy grinned and helped him sit up, but Jeremy swayed. "Okay, laying back down for a bit."

"No' out here. Come to the flat an' lay down. Less sun." Billy helped him into the flat and onto the chesterfield. "Tha's better. Now I'm gonnae change into somethin'. No peekin'...unless ye wan' to." Billy winked and went to the part of the flat where they kept their clothes and bed. Jeremy at first did not look but then curiosity got the better of him when he remembered what Fred had said about his own member. He said it was thick. Well, Fred's had been longer but skinnier. Was there a pattern? He looked at Billy naked and liked the round bottom he saw and then got a look at the front. It was short and thick like his own and topped with a thatch of red fuzz. But unlike him and Fred, Billy was circumcised. "Takin' tha' peek?"

"Comparing." Billy laughed and came over with his shorts in his hands and stark naked.

"Compare away. I'm no' shy." Jeremy did just that. He looked at it critically for a few moments and then nodded as if satisfied. Billy chuckled and put on his shorts. "An' wha' did ye fin' ou'?"

"If we're the statistic then short guys have thick ones and they get longer as you get taller." Billy laughed and sat beside him on the floor.

"Lad, I'm no' the statistic. Mine's buil' li'e me, shor' n' thick. Ginnie loves it and I ne'er ha' a bad word from th' guys." Jeremy raised a brow. "Yeah, I been with a few." Billy just gazed into his eyes with open invitation.

Just then the door opened and in walked a very tall raven haired beauty. "Billy, honey, I'm...wondering who is on the couch." Her voice named her an American in that sentence. "And who gave you that goose egg on your head?" She came over and looked down before going to the fridge and getting some ice. "Here, put this on there for a few minutes." Jeremy did as he was told and Billy was smiling from ear to ear. "Since grinning boy here won't say anything I will. I'm Virginia, Ginnie for short."

"Jeremy." He went to stand but she gently put her hands on his shoulders.

"Stay put. Nice to meet you, Jeremy. What were you boys doing before I interrupted?" She went to the sleeping area, picked up Billy's wet trunks and hung them on the door handle of the bathroom before snagging her own clothes to go change.

"I wa' ge'in' to the poin' of ge'in' Jer'my's pants off."

"Seducing the landlady's son while he's knocked silly? That's low even for your horny ass."

Jeremy grinned. "Innae she gran'?"

"I like her already. Were you trying to get my pants off?" Billy shrugged. "Why? I'm nothing to look at."

"Wait, I heard someone putting themselves down." Ginnie came in from the bathroom with no tops on at all, her perky breasts making Jeremy stare. "One rule when I'm around is no putting yourself down. Or others unless they deserve it. Like your sisters." Jeremy laughed, breaking the spell her breasts had cast on him. "From just meeting you Jeremy I can tell you're a sweet gentleman who thinks far too little about his appeal. Don't listen to your sisters, they're catty bitches anyway." She spun and went back to the bathroom to finish changing.

"I like her a lot." Billy chuckled again and smiled, his eyes once again inviting. "I...hmm. How to say this without getting a lecture." Jeremy thought. "I don't see myself as a catch although others have, albeit rarely."

"Nice one. Me n' Ginnie li'e the insi'e. The ou'si'e is only the wrappin'." Jeremy blushed a bit and leaned into Billy's hand as he put in on his cheek.

"Billy, did he see you naked?" He nodded. "Ah. Cute butt huh." Jeremy nodded. "How do you find them, honey?" Ginnie asked as she came around and ran her hands down Billy's chest. "He has a knack for finding the adorable short guys we both like. Have you even asked if he's interested in you, honey?"

"Nope. Dinnae ha'e to." Jeremy smiled and looked up at Ginnie. With her hair down she looked like a stunning beauty. "Loo's li'e ye got another'n yerself, love."

Ginnie smiled and sat beside Billy. She kept one hand on Billy's thigh and placed the other on Jeremy's. "So you like both?"

"I don't know. I lost my virginity a few days ago to a handsome guy. Never been with a woman. You're gorgeous, but then Billy's got this thing about him too." Ginnie grinned and kissed his cheek.

"A sweetheart. I don't know if we should tag team him, Billy. He may die." Jeremy looked a bit shocked. "I mean both have sex with you at the same time." Jeremy's mouth opened in an O and he nodded like he got it. "You really have no concept of sex do you?"

"Not really. All I know is that blowjobs feel great and having a guy in me felt better although it made my butt hurt at first." Ginnie looked a bit shocked and Billy about died of laughter. "What?"

"Oh boy are you naive. You only got a bj from a top?" Jeremy looked confused. "Sorry. It's just a bit refreshing to find someone so innocent. And I admit, a bit sexy. Listen there is far more to sex than that."

Billy grinned and looked sideways at Ginnie. "Should we show him?" Ginnie looked thoughtful and then looked at Jeremy.

"Hey, I'm a student, you are teachers." His answer had them laughing and Ginnie slid her hand up the leg of his trunks to wrap around his dick. Jeremy smiled shyly.

"Billy, I think he'll be thicker than you." The Irish lad grinned and then stood to shuck his shorts, his full erection visible. It was a thick one alright, much thicker than Fred's, but not quite as thick as his own was getting. Jeremy looked on with a mix of attraction and wonder. He knew guys were "supposed" to want women, and with a stunning woman right there with her hand around him he still wanted Billy too. Ginnie took off her clothes and Jeremy could not seem to find one more appealing than the other, both were just as arousing. "Mind if I take these off?" She asked and tugged at the string of his shorts. Without missing a beat he lifted his rump and she slid them down, his erection smacking against his stomach.

Both Billy and Ginnie stared and whimpered. "Tha's gonnae feel gran'." Billy sat at Jeremy's feet and leaned over to wrap his lips around his dick, getting a gasping groan. Yup, blowjobs felt fantastic. Fred had been good with his hand and mouth in combination, but Billy's mouth was just as good. "Och, Ginnie, yer turn."

Jeremy watched as she lowered her head to him and he jumped a bit as just her tongue slid down the length to his balls and then he groaned. As she bathed each with her spit he could feel his energies rising. This was something he should do more often! And more than often! "Oh gods above, Ginnie, where did you learn that?"

"From Billy."

"Good teacher," he said and then saw spots as Billy took the shaft back into his mouth. Fred had been a warm-up act to these two. He had been a good first, someone to show him what felt good, but these two were teachers! Without knowing how he did it he pulled Billy up and wrapped his own mouth around Billy's fat dick. He somehow knew exactly what to do. Not only could he hear his mother's voice in his head telling him the things she knew about pleasing a man, there was something else in him that knew.

"Oh fuck!" Billy exclaimed. "Slower, Jer'my, u'less ye wan' me to nut i' yer mouth."

Ginnie looked up. "That good?"

"Love ye, Ginnie, but way be'er tha' ye." She giggled and went back to work on Jeremy's balls. "Lass, ge' up here and le' him 'ave a taste. I wan' tha' down there." They switched places and Jeremy got his frst taste of the fairer sex. It was very different and he was thinking it was just as good until he felt something that required his entire attention. Billy had sat on his dick and had it in his ass. The Irish lad was speaking in a language Jeremy didn't know but he sounded like he was in ecstacy. Then Billy rose up a bit and Jeremy moaned into Ginnie's flesh.

"He likes it. I have to watch." Ginnie pulled away and watched Billy riding Jeremy's thick dick. She always had a fetish for watching two guy go at it, and Billy loved to let her. With a stocky leg on each side of Jerem'y slender hips, he was riding the sorcerer like he was a whore in heat and the look of bliss on Jerem'y face was so sexually arousing that she wanted to grab the camera.

Jeremy's breathing was quickening and he knew what this feeling was this time and did not hold back. His hip thrust up into Billy as his orgasm hit, his eyes clenched shut as he gasped out Billy's name. Then he felt the splash of Billy's own orgasm all over his chest and face. His power flared more than before as the sexual energies released them and Billy sagged forward and gently kissed Jeremy. It was amazingly sweet for all the wildness of the moment before. "Wow..."

"Ye said it." The boys laughed and kissed again as Billy got up to get a towel, but Ginnie was there to lick up the mess and wipe up the rest. "Tha's m'girl."

Jeremy insisted the entire family sit down to a meal that night. He did not let his mother heal his wound but left it there for a point. Each sibling came in and saw the bump and suppressed grins of their own. Half way through the meal which had been silent as all meals were in this house Jeremy stood. It was a shock as the youngest had never been allowed to even speak at the table for toasts. "I asked that you all be here to be told I have made apprentice rank and am apprenticed to the potions teacher for this coming term." His mother beamed with pride and the others looked a little sick. "Also to say one thing to each of my siblings. You have made me sick and been a pain in my ass for far too long." His eyes went from mustard greens to poison green and he flung out his power. Each of his siblings were stricken with instant vomiting and loose bowels, fevers and the other symptoms of the flu. "If you ever cause me to slip off the diving board and land in the pool again I will make this curse permanent. As it is, it will only last the hour, but I hope you will see the time of me being your whipping boy is over. I will not be your victim again, is that clear?" They all ran as best as they could from the room to the nearest WC.

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