tagGay MaleThe Magic of a Touch Ch. 03

The Magic of a Touch Ch. 03


Jeremy's first few weeks flew by since he had to fill every waking hour with study to catch up. Having skipped a grade was not easy although he had the necessary knowledge. Until now he could not have casted the spells since he had no energy. At first it was funny to see everyone gape at the change in him, hearing all the women chide themselves for making him feel like shit. Even a few guys seemed to think they had been stupid. Not all of them, most from the wizarding world thought too much about themselves to care about anyone else.

Graeboe was having a lot of problems since he did not learn magic the same way but few would openly tease him since he could cast some very deadly spells with his few runes. He had already proved he was not some one to trifle with one late September day. Jeremy, Darcy and Graeboe were all outside the walls gathering things for their potions assignment, Jeremy doing more so he could replenish some supplies for the Potions class. They had permission to be out and about and between the three of them they had enough fire power to even back off a small dragon. While the half giant could not see, his other sense were very acute and he would learn by smell where everything was from Jeremy.

"That putrid stench is lifebane blossom." Jeremy picked one of the black flowers and it immediately began to wilt.

"I remember that one from the lecture. It has properties needed for necromancy, correct?" Graeboe had many potion recipes in his head since his hedge wizard dad specialized in them as all hedge wizards did. The lifebane blossom would help preserve a body to turn into a zombie or other fleshed undead or, mixed with the right ingredients, would keep a body in suspended animation to slow even death.

"That's the one. It wilts as soon as you pick it so you have to cast a timeless charm or restorative charm on it. Can you cast those yet?" Darcy was ever aware of his limits. If he did not have the rune he could not cast the spell. Yet he might be able to do it with the right combination of runes.

"I can cast a slowing but not a full timeless. I will have to invest in some jars."

"I can make a few for you," Darcy offered with a smile and Graeboe returned it. He seemed to know when she was smiling at him but then with a smile like hers even a blind man would know.

"Well isn't this cozy." Jeremy stood slowly and turned to look at Erich Fire-Maker and two other wizardball jocks. "The freaks of our fine school out and about, off their leashes." Darcy stood and turned to look at them, the light from the sun filtering through her hair and casting alluring shadows about her eyes. It was pure artifice and even Jeremy found it attractive. The two cronies just about swooned.

"Are you boys here for the scenery or fun?" Her voice was all seduction.

Jeremy caught her ploy and flipped his own hair to bring his own supernatural charisma into play. "We both would love if it were fun. Wouldn't we, Darcy?" Him speaking made them look his way and the way he held his body, the look in his eyes, and the lilt in his voice made one of the cronies take a step towards him as if in a trance. Jeremy wasn't even trying to entice him, but his own powers were still blossoming and he did not have full control over them yet.

"Oh yes we would." She moved to Jeremy's side and placed her hand on his chest. The lackey took a few more steps and was close enough for them to reach out and touch. "You find this nice, don't you Angel?" He nodded. Angel Dragonfist was a powerful Cleric with almost equally strong gifts for necromancy but apparently had no defense against charms. He stepped into their out stretched arms and they began to caress his arms and body. Jeremy was acting his butt off since Angel did nothing to arouse him in anyway, but it was a nice little revenge since Erich was looking livid. Livid enough to cast a spell. A lightning bolt slammed into the ground at their feet, making them all fall over.

"Enough of your sick games!" Darcy looked up with rage, her eyes black pits of death. Jeremy just looked at Angel and Darcy to make sure they were okay. But the forgotten Graeboe was not happy. Not at all. A ghostly hand grabbed Erich around the arms, pinning them to his side and lifting him off the ground.

"You would dare attack her?" His bellow should have been easily heard at the school it was so loud. The hand stopped all attempts to cast spells as Erich was turned to face the enraged half giant. "You would dare hurt her?" Jeremy stood and rushed to Graeboe's side and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Relax. We're fine. No one was hurt." Never had the sorcerer seen him angry. A bit put out yes, but never this angry. His giant side was strong and just below the surface it seemed. The other lackey went to cast a spell but he stopped when he was confronted by four teachers.

"Let him down, Graeboe," said Professor Pixiedawn, the Journeyman Charms teacher. It seemed like he snapped out of some sort of trance and he let Erich drop to the turf with a thud. Erich scrambled behind the faculty along with the other lackey. Angel and Darcy got up and glared at Erich. "Now, shall I guess what happened or shall I get a straight answer?" All of them started talking at once and didn't stop until a deafening boom clapped above their heads. "One at a time if you will. Jeremy, since you seem to be level headed, you start."

"Darcy, Graeboe and I were collecting components for potions when Erich came up with his usual witty remarks. Darcy and I had our own little fun and I inadvertently charmed Angel and then Erich landed a bolt at our feet to break the spell and get us away from Angel. We landed on our bottoms unharmed but Graeboe, unable to see this, nullified Erich as you saw." Jeremy wondered what spell that was too. It would be a great defense against other wizards who still relied on gestures to cast spells.

"Darcy? Are you injured?"

"I'm fine. I started it and Jeremy just went along to make fun of the others since they were making fun of us. Calling us freaks. We went a bit overboard." She was not trying to deny the fact they had a hand in the problem.

"Erich?" He went to lie right to the teachers but the look in Graeboe's eyes stopped the lie cold.

"It's how they say. I made fun of them and then did something I should not have." All the anger left the half giant. "I apologize if you were hurt." "We're all fine so no need. I need some more study on how to control my powers so there isn't a repeat event." Jeremy knew it was his own charisma that started it, although Darcy was pretty sexy.

"Since no one was injured we shall simply use this as a warning. Angel, do you wish to see Jeremy punished for his misuse of magic?" The professor hoped not. It would make it so much easier if the lad simply let it be.

"No. We were being jerks and ... no. I don't want him punished." Jeremy smiled and a mouthed a thanks.

"Very well. All of you will return to the school. Except you Jeremy. Finish your duties for your master and then report to him for anything else he made need. He will be notified of this event." One teacher stayed to usher the others away while Jeremy did his duty. When the others were gone there came a clapping and Jeremy looked to see Fred standing there with a huge grin. Jeremy's own smile was no less large as he stood and walked over to give him a hug.

"Did you see it all?"

"Yup. Nice seduction charm. The Angel guy never had a chance." Jeremy shrugged and kissed Fred.

"You seem to have missed me."

"To quote your American counterparts, duh." Fred rolled his eyes but smooched him back. "So what brings you by?"

"Mom wanted me to extend an invite for you for dinner and a lesson. In exchange for a bit of blood. Seems your Tantric blood has some peculiar qualities she wants." Jeremy nodded and looked at the sun and nodded again. It no longer bothered him really since Fred had been gentle about the blood taking last time.

"Let me finish my duties and then report to my master." Fred nodded and ended up helping him find a few things here and there. "You don't seem to know the woods as well as the swamp."

"Mom rarely leaves the swamps so she hasn't taught me much."

"Stick around and you'll learn a few things." Jeremy slid his hand down to caress the bulge in Fred's jeans. "And find out a few things I learned from talks with my mum."

"Later, as much as I would really, really like to find those things out." Jeremy nodded and began his own lessons. Fred snapped his fingers and a pencil and notebook appeared.

"How did you do that?"

"That? It's a pocket spell. Holds a few things depending on how much energy you expend when you cast it. One of the few non-Hag spells I can cast." He looked at the desire in Jeremy's eyes. "Want to know how to cast it, right?" He nodded and batted his eyelashes. "Fine, just stop fluttering or I may actually go back on the right thing to do and bone you right now."

"I'll have to try harder." Jeremy slid his hand down his now taught tummy and to the bulge in his own jeans. Fred gulped and looked away. All it did was make Jeremy laugh and he stopped. They went about the forest quickly and efficiently, Fred taking many notes as fast as he could, sketching a few plant he could not describe with words.

"Coming to Mom's now?" Fred asked.

"Later. I need to turn in these components." Jeremy turned to leave and Fred let out a sigh. That was when Jeremy swept him into his arms and kissed him. There was no magic in this kiss past what anyone would feel with a very nice kiss. "I'll see you at dinner," said Jeremy and then went whistling back to the school.

Jeremy reported the potions teacher who was not all that pleased to see him. "So, what's this I hear about a problem outside the campus?"

"Oh jeez A bully teased us, I vamped one of them without really meaning to and my room mate held him with some sort of spell after he dropped a lightning bolt at our feet." Jeremy hoped he did not get in trouble from his master.

"Really?" Jeremy nodded. "Well, put the components away and then have a seat for a talk about this." With a nod Jeremy did just that, paying very close attention to detail when putting it all away. One less thing to be yelled at for. When he was done he sat across the desk from the teacher who leaned closer. The look on his face said he was trying to be stern without being a total jerk. "Did you vamp the rat bastard git good?"

Jeremy snickered and then laughed. "Oh yeah. I think a few more seconds and I would have been doing something I had not really wanted to do with a very horny cleric."

Professor Tinker laughed and clapped his hands. "Well done, lad, well done. I had my share of bully trouble when I was in school. Know why I teach potions?" Jeremy shook his head. Come to think of it he had never once asked why he did. "I'm a hedge wizard." The sorcerer's jaw bounced off the floor. "Yet I beat out every candidate for the job with my skills and what few spells I can cast. The sorcerers of my day teased me to no end when I was enrolled here. Save one. A lovely sorceress who always had a kind word and a hug for a gangly hedge."

"Just a guess...my mum?" Tinker nodded.

"Don't think that's why you got the job, Jeremy. Neither you being teased nor your mum are the reasons you are my apprentice. You show a lot of promise for scholarly arts such as potions. Your mother did not." That went into a few stories about his mother's horrid potion fiascoes "I tutored her, she tutored me on what I could cast. I wonder if she even remembers me."

"Probably. But Professor, why the talk?"

"OH! I forgot. I'm arranging for some lessons with an associate of mine for you. To help you control your blossoming powers." Jeremy perked up. "While here at school you will attend these lessons whenever you have free time and twice a week at nights. You will find her a lot to handle."

"Her?" Jeremy wondered if he already knew about these lessons.

"Yes. A swamp hag."

Jeremy grinned and clapped happily. "Is it Hagath? Please tell me it is."

Tinker blinked. "You know her?"

"Very well actually. Both through my studies in herbology, dark magics, and her son Hagfred." Tinker raised a brow. "He...uh...was the one who realized I was Tantric." Tinker grinned and shook his head.

"Good looking lad a few years older than you?" Jeremy nodded. "Now it makes sense why she offered to help for a steep price. If you know her, lad, then all the better. Off with you. Your time is your own until you have your lessons. And please learn quickly. We don't want a cleric falling in love with you, now do we, hmm?" Jeremy shook his head and left with a spring in his step.

As he was making his way back to his dorm to change into nicer clothes, he saw Angel sitting on a bench under a tree with his face in his hands. Something inside Jeremy knew he was upset. Walking over he sat down beside him. "You okay Angel?" The cleric jumped and looked at him and nodded. "Just thinking about today. Listen, I'm sorry about being a dick to you. Erich is right git for all the hell he put you through and I don't want any part of it anymore."

"Yeah, well. I'm sorry too. I don't know my own powers yet and you got zapped."

Angel shook his head. "I'm fine. It was interesting to say the least. I guess I need to work on my defense against charms."

Jeremy thought for a moment. "I didn't cast a charm spell." Angel looked curious and then paled. "I just...stopped being not sexy. Then only thing I did was let it go."

The cleric stood and motioned for Jeremy to follow. He led them past some students and into one of the lesser used sections of the library as it pertained to normals and their lives. "No charm?" Jeremy shook his head. "You won't tell anyone about this?"

"About wh..." Jeremy couldn't finish and Angel planted one steamy kiss on Jeremy's lips. At first Jeremy was going to push him away, Angel didn't really arouse him even as a friend, but he found his arms wrapped around the muscular lad's torso. It was some kiss too, one that felt like it had been years in wait.

The fire subsided into a soft, gentle kiss with an embrace. Angel laid his head on Jeremy's shoulder and just stood there with a somewhat flustered sorcerer wondering what really just happened. "I've been wanting to do that for a while now," Angel admitted.

"So...huh. I'm confused." And he was. Why would someone who wanted to kiss him tease him so much? He asked as much.

"It's not popular to like the school pariah, not manly to like a bloke." Angel pulled away and leaned against the shelf with his arms crossed. "Not only would Erich kick me off the team, my Da would kick me out of the family and the house. He expects all ten of his sons to be men. Manly men who chew boulders and fart thunder. I'm the ninth born and the only cleric. The rest are sorcerers and my little bro is a druid. Can't have a sissy for a son, not Mortichai Dragonfist." Jeremy's heart went out to the young man. "And I guess I can tell you. I mean you have every reason to hate me and yet you still feel sorry for what I have to go through."

"I do. It's a right nasty situation you're in, Angel. And if it's any consolation that was some kiss." The wizardball player smiled and blushed. "But why me?"

"I guess...I guess it started back in our first year here. You were top of the class in runes and me the bottom. What cleric needs arcane runes?" Even Jeremy had asked that question. To learn something was never a bad thing, even if you never used the knowledge. "The teasing had already started but when I asked for some help you just smiled and nodded." The sorcerer vaguely remembered that as he had helped a few people in each class. "But even then your smile was so inviting. Like your body knew I wanted to ask you to the Yule Ball. There you are, taking all that guff from everyone and still you have the heart to help me."

Jeremy smiled and turned a little pink. He had never been to any Balls here at the Academy. No one had ever asked him. He knew he would get a lot of offers now. "I wish you had asked. I could have sent my mum over to your Da and had her vamp him into stop being such a git." Angel grinned. "Do you...uh...like blokes too?"

"A bit. Like my mum I'm a Tantric. I get energy from sex and seduction." Angel looked a bit confused and a lot curious. Jeremy told him a little about Fred. He didn't know why, he just felt like he needed to tell him.

"So...maybe...no, Da would kill me." Jeremy leaned in and gave him an small kiss on the cheek. "If you do ask me, I'll save you a dance at the Ball." Jeremy left there wondering what exactly just happened. He seemed to attract men more than women. That or he was just used to really hating the girls around here because they were such harpies. Angel stayed there with a pensive look on his face.

Graeboe was on his bed when Jeremy walked in. He sat up. "Did you get in trouble because of me?" "Huh? No, Grae, I didn't. Not really. I have more lessons I have to take now, but I should have looked into those anyway." He plopped onto his bed and thought about the day. It had started out normal...normal since his change anyway. Girls fawning and apologizing for everything they ever said to him, guys still treating him like dirt except now it was jealousy rather than disdain, out of the Academy on errands for Professor Tinker. But now his teacher was the least of all magicker, one of his tormentors has had a crush on him for four years and turns out to be a good kisser and decent snuggler, he had lesson with a hag he'd known for years secretly... "Grae, what was that spell you used on Erich?"

"A binding spell. I don't have a rune for invisibility so I had to give it form. Mage hand plus binding and levitation." Jeremy nodded and wondered if could replicate it. He knew the words for all of those, except the hand was a cantrip. "You seem...out of sorts."

"Considering my day, a bit. I have to change into something more appropriate for my lesson. No peeking." Graeboe just snickered. It was a funny thing to them in private since Jeremy bumped into more things than the half-giant did. Of course Grae usually moved them into his path. Archie picked that moment to pop up looking rather worse for wear. He was mewling pathetically and fell onto the bed. "Arch!" Jeremy was still without pants or a shirt as he checked his familiar over for injury. He was scorched, scratched, bitten and showed signs of being restrained by magic to prevent his escape. "Hold on, I'll get you to the infirmary." Graeboe was already opening the door to the crowded dorm hall.

"Everybody move!" he bellowed and began running forward. No one got in his way, especially once they saw Jeremy's eyes were a blood red as he cast the few healing spells a sorcerer could on his familiar. The run kept going in the main halls and more than one person yelled at the giant for knocking them over and more than one lady all but swooned at the sight of Jeremy nearly naked running through the halls.

"What happened?" asked Darcy as she came jogging up.

"Something attacked Arch." She nodded and ran with him. Her own spells went into effect, only these were divination spells designed to ferret out the culprit.

The infirmary was pretty much empty save for a druid with a nasty bite from a drake that was slowly turning his arm into wood. "Do not barge in here like this," scolded Madame Tincture the cleric on duty. Jeremy held out Archibald and she looked closely at him. "You should have brought him to Professor Ravenfeather but since he's here." She gestured to a bed and Jeremy laid the blink cat down. The poor beast mewled in pain. "I see you've been doing what you can and it helped. Darcy, what have you found out?"

"It was three different animals and one wizard I think. I've never encountered this spell to hold a blink cat in place."

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