tagHow ToThe Magic Of A Touch: The Magic

The Magic Of A Touch: The Magic


This section is not part of the actual story but I glossed over a huge subject I have about magic and the difference between natural and studious spell casters. If you don't care about the difference then ignore this little rundown. I have chosen to write a new chapter since quite a few people want it to continue. Again it's something light and fluffy, something a bit more silly than serious.

"Greetings to you, those of the normal world. My name is Jeremy Dream-Mender and I am here today to tell you about magic id it's practitioners. Many in the normal world known nothing about the true nature of magic and so it is my duty to tell you more, since I think you all may be in for some big surprises sooner rather than later. First I will say there are two types of magic. Arcane and Divine. Arcane power comes from within the caster, Divine from some external source. Don't believe in Divine magics? Ever heard of faith healing? I've seen it work.

"While there is a bit of magic in everyone, there are some people and races that have more than just a touch. Those of the human race fall into two categories: Naturals and Studious. I should these are self explanatory, but since I know some of you have gone through public schooling, I shall explain. Naturals are, from birth, able to cast at least one aspect of magic be it offensive, defensive or passive. Studious are those who are descended from Naturals but hold latent abilities to cast spells, usually because of breeding with normals. Of course breeding with normals makes our longer life spans much shorter. How short? Well, some wizards only live as long as one hundred years while my mother, still considered a young middle age, is a fiddling 240 years old. The length of the age depends on strength on power.

"Naturals come in several classifications: Sorcerer, which is what I am, Cleric, and Druid. Sorcerers practice Arcane magics and excel at offensive spells. I will go into the aspects, or schools, of magic later on in this piece so don't worry your normal little heads. Fireballs, hexes, curses, summonings...Sorcerers are best at these. Sorcerers can learn newer spells from other casters to expand their natural repertoire. I have learned Hag spells because hags were once human Sorceresses who excelled at hexing and cursing. Clerics are best at defensive spells and cast Divinely, meaning they call upon an outer source to aide them. Mostly it's the old Gods your normals forgot about when some wacko said there is only one god. Healings, barriers, removal of hexes, these are the primer and best of the Clerical magics although they can use some offense. Clerics learn new spells through hours of prayers. Druids are also Divine casters but their power comes from nature, or rather the few deities that protect the natural world. (By the way, you guys are really screwing up the world with your destruction. The gods are pissed. Just thought you might like to know.) Druids are great at both offense and defense using the elements. I've seen a fireball from a druid that rivaled the strongest from a Sorcerer and a wall of roots that kept a marauding band of trolls from attacking a town. Druid gain new spells from experience and a good imagination.

"Naturals are affected by the time they are conceived as to what they excel at on a personal level. The effects vary since the times vary. While I was born in what you normals know as June, so was my older brother. Yet I am best at compulsions and the more subtle arts and he is best at conjuring items from nothing. We were born two weeks apart, if separated by thirty-one years. A mage born on the first of any month is firmly in the element associated with that Zodiac sign. Yes, astrology is not just for newspapers. My sister is a fire mage of epic status and she was born on April 1st. Yet as you get closer of farther from this seemingly coincidental date matching, you get into the shades of gray. Fire mages who also excel at air magics, or water mages who excel at summoning Earth elementals, it is possible but very hard to know before hand what the Natural will be best at so few make the study their passion. Easier to compare to others of that blood line conceived around that time.

"Yet with all this diversity there is a certain continuity. My mother was known for being a Tantric Sorceress. Meaning she restored her personal energy through the release of sexual energies. I am the only one of her twenty-two children to also be a tantric. Why? I was conceived on the same day two hundred twenty-two years later under a strange convergence of Mars and that sorry little planet who got demoted Pluto. If a woman pays attention to her cycle and the signs she could give birth to a very diverse or concentrated mage. Mom made sure I was tantric.

"Then there are the Studious mages. These are fewer but not be shunned because learning magic is like pulling a car with just your toenail. It can be done but it is a long and painful process. The Studious come in the varieties of Wizards and Mystics. Wizards are arcane casters but are not born being able to cast. They must study for years to tap into their latent powers to even light a candle with a gesture. Wizards though are known to be more dangerous than a Sorcerer. We Sorcerers are hampered by our births into strong schools of magic...Wizards are hampered only by their discipline. No one knows what a Wizard can do. They could heal or harm or both. They study from whatever tomes they can get their hands on. They are often called book mages because of this.

"Mystics are also called rune wizards, but that is a misnomer as they are Divine casters and some of the most dangerous if not the most. They are often slightly insane since they go through intense pain to practice their arts. They receive visions of symbols from whatever deity has chosen them and the Mystic must mark their body permanently with it or they will lose that rune forever. It may the rune for fire or water, or it may a rune for barriers. The only way they can mark is scarification or this newer invention tattooing. Branding, cutting, gouging...I would hate to be a Mystic with a very giving god. Yet for all this pain they can use each rune like a sentence. Stringing together runes to create a chain or single spell. Fire alone will burn flammable things and light a candle. Fire+line=a flame thrower. Fire+hand= burning touch. Get it? They can string together a hundred runes if the made sense. Fire+Air+line+long+bounce+paralyze+touch. Got any idea what that one does? A bolt of lighting that bounces from target to target at a range of about two hundred feet that will paralyze anything it touches. Mystics are the newest kind and I believe it is the Gods' way of getting the blood lines thicker again.

"So that is the casting humans. There are many more races out there that can cast spells. Dragons, Hags, demons, ogres, giants...I could go on an on. Yet they are not as diverse as we humans are so they tend to not try to take over. Human spellcasters are fewer than you may think, only numbering a few hundred thousand, but we breed faster than most other races except the Harians, those humanoids descended from rabbits, and they are our allies since we know the secrets of growing carrots. (I don't know, they seem to think it's a big secret)

"The Schools of magic are even more diverse. If you want to know more about those, read Harry Potter. The author spilled the beans on that one. I can name a few.

1. Divination: information finding.

2. Conjuration: summoning things

3. Evocation: manipulating energies. A fireball is found here

4. Abjuration: defenses and counterspells.

5. Necromancy: spells dealing with the physical bodies. Healing is also a necro spell.

These are a few broad categories. There are many more out there so I won't waste my time trying to list them all when you will die before I am done.

"Thanks for reading. And be careful of who you tease or shun. You may just be in for more karma then you can handle. Butt pimples? Jinx. Accident prone? Hex. Fatal disease with no obvious catalyst? Curse. Random hard on throughout the day? Lucky.

This was done for fun and so I don't have to explain it every chapter. Thanks always for the feedback and you can reach me through the link in my profile.

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