tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Magic Ring Ch. 02

The Magic Ring Ch. 02


"Fuckin' incredible..."

"Right? Am I fuckin' right or what?"


The two were like boys again, boys who got a peek into the girl's bathroom. Only this was the real deal.

Simon had a beer waiting for Jamie when he'd arrived, but Jamie was just too gosh-darned excited, he was drooling over himself.

"So let's hear it! You bang 'er or what? Details, buddy..."

Jamie was all too happy to share. "Best pussy of my life, man. Straight up. That chick is so tight..."

"Totally... I dig it."

"I just can't fuckin' believe it, you know? I mean I fucked her!"


"I fucked her, man..."


"Man... and with no consequences either. Ain't that just the shit? Didn't have to do nothing to get her, just two large and she's yours. I still can't fuckin' believe it happened."

Jamie turned to look off, as if picturing the whole deal. He grabbed his beer for the first time, but was too lost in his mental picture to drink. He was still in a daze.

"I told you, bro."

Jamie gave himself one more little chuckle, and said to himself, "I fucked Avril Lavigne." Then he turned to Simon and took on a more serious tone. "I mean, the chick is nice and all, I wouldn't wanna hook up with her or anything, but... sure felt good fuckin' her. Man, I'll never get the image out of my head."

"That's what I was sayin' man. Fuckin'... Britney, man? That chick likes it just the way you want it, you know? Fuckin' givin' it to her from behind and shit... she got mad freaky."

"Well, I wouldn't say Avril was freaky or nothin'. She was... I dunno. But dude, check this out! So I'm gettin' ready to give it to her, you know? She sucked me off and all that, but when I went to give it to her, dude..."


"I teased her. I couldn't believe it, I don't know what came over me, you know? I mean, it's Avril Fuckin' Lavigne I got, spread eagle and dripping wet. Man I got her so wet..."

Simon had Jamie's complete attention.

"And she thinks I'm gonna put it in right away, right? Like, who the fuck would wait?"

"Chick's prolly got a list o' dick a mile long. And it's dick she wants..."

"Right! So I'm thinkin' she's never had to wait for it before. And I fuckin' did that to her. Know what I mean?"

"Man, you remind me of my cousin Ray Ray. Man would trip balls on the tamest herb, dude was a one hit wonder. Had a mind that was super deep and shit. Got something out of every experience he had, even if it was mersh."

Jamie once again got serious and took another big gulp of his beer. He looked directly at Simon and said, "I gotta go again, man."

Simon looked back at him with concern in his eyes. "Can't do that, you know that right?"

"Why the fuck not?"

"Didn't she explain that to you? The old broad who gave you the ring and shit?"


"Where do you think that dude went?"

"What dude?"

"The guy whose dick you were fuckin' her with?"

"I don't fuckin' know. Who gives a shit?"

"He stays with her. He's chillin, prolly freaked the fuck out in some cell, while you're fillin' his girl full o' come. He doesn't just go away. You switch bodies."

"You mean... while I'm in his body, he's in mine?"

"Yup. So when he goes back, what do you think he's gonna be thinkin' when she wants to know who pumped her full o' love juice, huh?"

"Maybe he doesn't say anything?"

"It gums up the works, is what I'm sayin'. She won't do it again. Not with the same dude, anyway."

Jamie sat back, feeling like his whole dream had just shattered. He'd always assumed he'd be able to just go back and fuck her whenever he wanted, as long as he had the money. And he had the money, alright.

"Well I can fuck someone else, can't I?"

Simon's seriousness turned into a sly smirk. "Now that you can do."


When the two met up a day later, Jamie had a new starlet picked out, and this one required a plan.

"Katy Perry."

"Yeah, I see that. Bitch is smokin' hot. I rubbed out quite a few, thinkin' of her."

"Yeah. I'm not sure I even like her, but she seems like a real freak, you know. I wanna go for it."

"I totally think you're right about that, bro. You know a chick like her... Hey, hold up. Didn't she just get dumped by that guy she was with?"

"John Meyer. Yes, he broke up with her."

"So how do you..."

"He broke up with her, genius."

"Yeah? So?"

"He dumped her."

"I don't get – Oh! You're thinkin'..."


"That's brilliant dude! Wait, wait... do you know why he dumped her?"

"What the fuck do I care?"

"You don't think..."

"She wants him back, dude. Trust me on this. I don't know why, but she does. I'm gonna have fun with this. I'm gonna fuck her, you wait and see."


The ring had worked just as before. The creepy lady didn't waste words this time, since it was business. This time when he awoke, he was in a dimly-lit room with black walls. It was a large room, and he discovered the bed he was on was a waterbed.

Jamie got up and walked into the bathroom, observing himself in the mirror. It was very strange indeed to be in the body of John Meyer, and found the whole sight a bit creepy.

Probably wouldn't do to look in the mirror too often.

He preferred believing that he was still himself, and that would have to continue if he was to get any fun out of this at all.

He found John's phone sitting on the dresser, and flipped it open. He scrolled through the names in the phonebook until he came to Katy's name, and he felt a weight appear in his stomach.

There it was, her name. The power he had in his hand brought him back to his time with Avril. How badly Avril wanted it. And he knew how badly Katy must have wanted John to call her, knowing all the reasons he wouldn't.

Here goes nothing...

He tapped her name and hit Send, and listened to the tones. After each one, he felt his heart beat a little faster.

Just play it cool, he told himself.


"Hello?" There was warmth in her voice, but he could tell she was trying to sound cold.


"Um... What are you up to?"

"I was just thinking of you."



"Well... Are you in California?"

"No, I'm home."

"You know, it's good to hear your voice. You coming out here soon?" Jamie started to panic. He had no idea where she lived, and didn't know if he would be able to find out. He knew he was somewhere in Montana, but seemed to forget his whole plan for getting to her.

This whole plan could go south if he didn't get it together.

But then he had a better idea.

"You should come over."

"What... you mean right now?"


He could tell from the sound of her breathing that she was hiding a silent cheer, that she didn't want him to know about.

"Ok. I can be there in three hours."

"Then I'll see you in three hours."

He clicked End on the phone. Again, he wasn't sure what had come over him. Not even saying goodbye?

But a part of him thought this was the John Meyer he needed to be to get her over here. To be in his court, not hers.


Two and a half hours later, the doorbell rang.

Jamie answered the door, still in a bathrobe. He was taking a risk, but he was also having the time of his life.

It was her, alright. So much of the history between these two came through in just the few moments Jamie stood in the doorway, watching her expression.

She was every bit as gorgeous as he'd imagined. She was wearing a navy blue turtleneck and denim jeans, both of which showed off every single curve on the woman's body.

She was a mixture of many feelings: confusion, excitement, apprehension. Jamie was giddy enough to see her that he betrayed a smile, and it seemed to disarm her. She must have thought they might be getting back together.

Jamie turned to begin the scenario he'd rehearsed. "Drink?" he asked, moving to the bar he'd discovered in the spacious condo.

"Sure. You know what I like." Normally Jamie would be tripped up by this, but this time he wasn't.

"How about I surprise you."

She looked at him quizzically, and smiled slightly. She was clearly still not quite sure what to make of the occasion.

Jamie made her a dry martini, and began to make himself a bit more comfortable.

"A martini? That's new."

"Why not?"

She took the drink, and watched him. It could go anywhere from here, Jamie realized. She was just waiting for him, and he was all too happy to lead.

"Look," she started to say, "I don't know what made you change your mind, but I want you to know I've done a lot of thinking since you, you know, since you left. I just, I know I can be... better. For you. I can, if you want, I can... well, you know. It won't be like last time."

Jamie soaked it up, trying to hide his glee. She was giving a massive confession, about what he did not know. But one thing's for sure: he dumped her over something big. She's on the defensive. Jamie fuckin' called it.

His curiosity got the better of him.

"What will be different?"

She shot him a look like he'd just sent her out on stage with no clothes on, expected to confess all her sins. She had to look away, and hid her real nervousness with calm movements of her head and body, like she was preparing a big speech.

But she didn't give one. She just said, "I'll be stronger."

"I think you can."

At this, she turned to look at him like he'd just agreed to get her father out of prison or something. She ran over and hugged him.

She was close enough to smell the vanilla and coconut scent in her hair. Always with the fruity shampoo, Jamie thought to himself.

She pulled back to look him in the eyes, but didn't respond to her desire, which was for a kiss. Instead, he slipped around her, taking his drink, and headed for the bedroom. He entered the bathroom, where he had drawn a bath, which was still steaming hot.

He took another drink, the set the glass on the counter. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that she had entered the bathroom, but stayed by the door.

He turned to the bath and dropped his robe, then stepped into the bath.

His heart was now racing, being exposed for her to see, but he was soon under water. When he turned to look at her, she was expectedly confused.

She moved closer, shaking her head slightly. "What is this? I don't understand what's going on." Jamie hadn't a doubt that she would listen to anything he said, so he said nothing at first.

He was really about to fuck Katy Perry, and couldn't get over that it was really her.

"Is this... Are we... Getting back together?"

"I don't know."

"You think I'm just a booty call or something now?" He could tell by her eyes that she wouldn't have cared if she was. Might have even preferred it, but couldn't tell.

Finally, Jamie said, "Take off your clothes."

It wasn't likely a request she'd ever gotten from John, and she wasn't sure how to feel about it.

She looked down at the water where Jamie's insanely erect penis would have been visible, if not for the cloudy water. Then, when they made eye contact again, Katy started to place her drink on the counter.

She slowly slid the shirt up and over her head, revealing a black satin bra. Then she unclipped the bra and let it fall to the floor. She grabbed her hair to straighten it and throw it behind her shoulders, revealing clearly both of her tits for Jamie to see.

She stepped closer to the tub and started to take off her shoes, and Jamie could see she seemed like she was trying to put on a show. She still seemed nervous, though, like she was afraid Jamie would judge her harshly if she wasn't perfect. Jamie began to believe John might have done that to her.

Katy was about two feet from Jamie's face when she began to unbutton her pants. She pulled them down quickly and kicked them off, curling her hair behind her ear after she did.

Before she made eye contact again, she pulled her underwear down as well.

Katy was trimmed, but not totally shaven. Jamie took in the sight, and Katy started to smile.

On impulse alone, Jamie reached out his hand and put it between Katy's legs. He had to rub it, just had to.

She was all to thrilled to let him. Then she squatted down to meet him face to face, and she smiled. She reached into the water and felt for his penis, and after rubbing it a few times and looking into his eyes, she kissed him.

He let her kiss him and rub him for several moments until she pulled away and rose to step into the tub with him. He was still sitting with his back flush with the side, and she sat down at his side facing him. She immediately went back to stroking his cock under water and brought her lips to his once more.

He fondled her tits and slid a hand down to rub her pussy. He decided to lean over and kiss her neck, and moved down to kiss her tits. She found her nipple and began sucking and playing with it, feeling her giggle.

Then, he had an urge to put his dick in her mouth. He had no idea where it came from, but when he sat up and looked down at her naked body, the rush was even stronger.

He had Katy Perry, dripping wet, and he wanted her to suck his dick.

So he propped himself up on his knees, pointing his dick at her. He ran a hand through her thin, black hair and grabbed a hold, guiding her mouth to his penis. She seemed slightly taken aback by how quickly he made her do it, but she soon had her rosy lips around his shaft.

It was beyond belief to him. First Avril, now Katy. She was sucking him like Avril sucked him. Better, actually.

Katy really must have believed that this man was taking her back. He almost felt a little bad for her, but not enough to stop feeling her tongue every time he entered her mouth.

Katy Perry sucked him until he came. He shot into her mouth, and let her have it all. And she drank it all.

When he sat back down where he was, he looked back at her and smiled. She wipe a little bit off her lip, not quite smiling herself.

It was strange to see that she wasn't smiling, in fact. He'd thought for sure she would.

She took a drink, and when she saw him looking at her, she offered a fake smile. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. That was... actually that was very surprising."


"Not at all! Trust me, I'm just thinking about..."


"You know what? You're right." She snuggled into him sweetly, and slide her hand back down to his cock again. "I told you I would be better for you, and I want to prove it."

She was making him hard again, for sure. The was she was looking at him reminded him once again of how much he'd always dreamed of fucking her. And now she wanted his dick badly.

"I want to fuck you," she said, now feeling him completely hard in her hand.

"Then fuck me, Katy."

At that, she moved to straddle him, and he saw her pussy up close once again. Before she sat down on him, he reached out to rub her pussy. She let him, and closed her eyes to enjoy it. Something else was going on, though, under the surface. He couldn't place it.

She'd become very wet and horny, and he guided her hips to his cock. Her eyes were still close when he teased her pussy with the head of his cock. He saw reaction in her eye movements, but again, could not make out what she was feeling. It wasn't just pleasure, it was something else.

Then, as if to get a response, he said, "You like it?"

She smiled immediately, but it was short-lived. Fake, even. Something was wrong.

Not sure what to do, he just continued. He guided her hips down some more, and felt himself enter Katy for the first time.

She let out some deep breaths, clearly feeling pleasure. She had a strange way of fucking, it seemed. Almost disconnected.

He had to keep guiding her hips, as if she didn't want to move them. Or didn't know how.

It was really fuckin' weird.

Then she cracked. She started crying.

She did her best to keep the sobs quiet, but soon failed. She was soon resting with her head on his shoulders, crying like a baby.

Jamie had no fucking clue what to do. His fantasy of fucking this pop princess did not include tear-works. He was all too aware of himself, still rock hard and inside her as she cried. He even felt tinges of pleasure shoot up every time she shook.

"Uh... Katy?"

She seemed not to have heard. She was a mess with no sign of an end, so he tried to slide out from under her. He felt every movement on his member, and it seemed to disturb the rhythm of her sobs.

He got out of the tub, and just when she seemed like she had cried enough, she looked at him and then started right back up.

Well that was really fuckin unexpected, Jamie thought.

He donned his robe again and went back into the living room to fix himself another drink. He took the drink to the couch, wondering how long he would have to wait for the body swap to end.

He wasn't too disappointed, though. How could he be? I mean, even if Katy Perry is fucking bonkers, he still got to fuck her. Sort of.

Then she emerged once again from the bedroom still naked, and moved to sit down next to him. She looked at him directly.

"I'm sorry, I know, I know. I said I would try, I just, I just..." She looked down like she was going to start crying again, but Jamie grabbed her hand.

"Stop. Ok? Just tell me what's going on?"

"I don't know! I just get like that, and I can't help it. I don't know what to do. I thought if I just focused on the pleasure that it would be different. But it's the same. The same as before, as it always was. Look, I know you don't deserve this, and I get it. I just, I miss you, and I want to be better, I do."

Jamie was bewildered. This girl was a wreck.

But he figured there wasn't any harm in playing investigator. What the hell else is he gonna do until his train arrives, right?

"I just don't get it, Katy. You just don't like sex period? Is that it?"

"I love it, no that's not it at all. I used to be just fine. I mean, before when I first got all famous, I had great sex. I don't know what's changed."

"What was it like?"

"I dunno. Wild. Fun. Dirty."


"So why has that never happened with us?"

"I have no idea. I want to have good sex with you, believe me I do. You turn me on like no one else, John. You always have. I just can't... enjoy it."

"I just want to fuck you, Katy. You're hot, you've got the voice of an angel, and I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you right now one this couch. I don't know what to say to make your pussy wet, but I want to fuck it. And I want to fuck you, Katy. Right now."

She was responding to every word like he never thought she would. He'd only said it because he saw no reason not to. Cuz it made himself hot, he supposed.

But it was making her horny too, he could see. If he reached his hand between her legs and put a finger inside her, he felt certain it'd be wet.

But she said nothing. He stood up suddenly and dropped his robe once again, and grabbed her by the ankles and slid her until her back was on the couch. He pushed her legs apart and positioned himself between her.

He rested his cock on her opening, just as he had before he fucked Avril. He rubbed her pussy with his penis while she looked him in the eyes. He could feel her getting very wet indeed, and he even began to rub her clitoris with is thumb.

Then he saw the transformation before his very eyes. She even moaned in pleasure, just before her face contorted once again and she looked like she was about the start crying again.

"Doesn't this feel good, Katy?" Jamie said.

She only nodded, still looking away.

"You don't want it?" She shook her head.

It was finally starting to make sense to Jamie. He'd figured it out.

"I'm gonna fuck you anyway, Katy. I don't care if you like it, ok?"

Katy just moaned, saying nothing. Her hips moved into him, like she wanted him to go ahead and fuck her.

He entered her the second time, and this time, he felt certain he was going all the way. He brought her knees almost all the way up to meet her tits, and he felt himself penetrating her deep within. He was moving slowly at first, savoring every sensation.

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