The Magic Water


First time out here, go easy on me.


"God, it's so hot outside!" Brianna moaned for about the fifth time in the last minute, as sweat dripped down from her forehead.

"Come on, it isn't that bad out", her ever-cheery best friend Katie chirped back, as they walked down the city street. The two had just gone out to lunch, and were walking back to their apartment to get out of the brutal summer heat. "Besides, it's only, like, two more blocks to our place".

"I don't care!" Brianna crankily responded. She wiped another gob of sweat from her forehead, crying out for something to drink.

She always wondered how Katie always managed to stay so happy in situations like this. Katie was practically the personification of the cute, perky girl. She was petite, at only 5'3", and sported medium-length light brown hair and cute little breasts that just popped out of her shirt. She never seemed to be in a bad mood, and looked upon things with a relentlessly optimistic view. It made her a lot of friends, and gave her the attraction of many men, though she was currently single. Brianna mostly found her fun, but occasionally found her relentless spirit to be annoying. It also made her slightly jealous of Katie, as sometimes she wished she could be as endlessly happy.

Not that Brianna had much to complain about, anyway. She was quite the looker herself: with long, dirty blonde locks and F cup breasts that made her the dream of many guys. Despite this, she never seemed to be able to last long in a relationship, and it had been quite a long time between trips to the well for her, if you will. Walking around today, with her red skirt and cute white top, she had once again been the recipient of many stares, but she hadn't acted on any of them. She didn't know why, maybe she was just tired from the heat.

As the two were about a block from their building, Brianna spotted something much needed: a cooler full of water bottles. It was strange, as the cooler wasn't being watched by anybody, and the bottles didn't have a brand name, or any kind of markings, on them. Still, the water was cold, and Brianna was thirsty, and that was enough for her to walk over and take a swig out of one.

The water flowed down Brianna's throat, and instantly she felt refreshed. The water was better tasting than any she had ever had before; it was cold and crisp, and made her feel much better. "Hey, Katie!" she called out. "You gotta have a bottle- this is great!"

Katie walked over and took a sip out of Brianna's bottle. "Mmmm, tasty!" she responded with her squeaky, yet sexy, voice. The two continued to drink the water, before deciding to take a few bottles back with them to their place.

"Man that was good. It's kind of weird it was just sitting there, unmarked in that cooler, though" Brianna commented as they turned onto the block that was home of their building.

"Yeah, I don't think that means much, though. I mean, what could it mean?" Katie said, as she started to feel a weird burning sensation around her vagina. It wasn't quite like being turned on, but it was starting to increase as they opened the door to their lobby and got on their elevator. It seemed to be concentrated on her clitoris, mostly.

Katie assumed Brianna had a similar feeling, as she had a look of startled discomfort on her face. "Hey, Bri" she asked as they got in the elevator. "Are you feeling a little...well, weird?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it, I feel something weird down by my pussy" she responded, sounding baffled. "I don't know; I've never felt anything like that before. Do you think it was that water we drank?"

"You know what, it could be". Katie said, as the burning started to intensify in her vagina. "It's not like that water looked any different, though. Who knows?"

The two got out of the elevator and starting walking toward their apartment. The two had been roommates for more than a year now, and had managed to stay good friends and keep their apartment together. Now, however, they were focused less on the idiosyncrasies of them rooming together and more on the increasing sensation between their legs, which was starting to develop into a bizarre pleasure. They got in, and the sensation did not let up.

"Man, I gotta use the restroom" Brianna responded casually, as if now it didn't feel like something was growing in her vagina. She went inside, closed the door, pulled down her skirt, and saw something shocking.

Her clitoris, which was once a little stub- as it should be- was now starting to rapidly expand. It was now three inches long, and with another surge, it grew to five inches, swelling out of her vagina. With that, two small balls- that looked disconcertingly like testicles- started forming beneath her...clit. Brianna soon realized, however, that that word no longer applied.

She was starting to grow a penis.

With that, she led out a long panicked screech. Omigod, omigod, omigod, she thought, how could this have happened? Was it that water? Omigod, what's happening to me? With that, another surge of pleasure ran through her, and her dick was now seven inches long, and testicles had fully developed. Brianna raced out of the bathroom, hoping to hide it from Katie, only to be greeted with a strange sight.

Katie, too, had grown a penis. It was slightly shorter, at six inches long, but hung erect from the spot where her vagina used to be. Underneath it were two, completely normal testicles, looking as if they had been there her whole life. The only difference, however, was that Katie had a ridiculously large grin on her face, as if she had discovered a mine full of diamonds inside her crotch. The only difference, of course, was that she had discovered a cock. And she looked as if she was loving it.

"KATIE!!" Brianna yelled. "I grew a dick! You have a dick! It''s...I can't believe it! How the fuck can this happen?" She looked as if she was close to tears, but all Katie could do was look down at her new package. She was enamored by it- its length, its shape, its possibilities.

She squealed out in delight at her new dick. "Squeeeee!!" she responded like a giddy teenage girl. "I can't believe it! This is so cool!" she said ecstatically, as she held her erect penis in her right hand and walked over to a mirror. Brianna followed her over and stared at the two of them.

It was an odd sight, Brianna and Katie both noted. The rest of them hadn't changed- they were still the cute, pretty girls that they were. Face, hair, hips, ass, breasts- all that stayed the same. But in between their legs were two erect penises, and underneath them two rather large ballsacks. Brianna remained in disbelief.

"Katie, how can you think this is cool? Look at us! We have penises! I can't wear this skirt anymore without a bulge coming out of it! I can't wear any panties that fit comfortably! I mean, are we even women anymore? It's..."

"Bri, come on!" Katie squealed out. "Think about it: our whole lives, we've had vaginas. For all our lives, that's all we've known. Now, we get to see what it's like from the other side: getting to jerk off, getting a blowjob, even going to the bathroom standing up! And who knows how long it's going to last? Might as well take advantage of it..." Katie said incliningly, as her dick started to twitch with horniness.

Brianna was starting to feel really horny herself, but she didn't want Katie to know that just yet. "Yeah, I know, but...I don't know, it just feels weird". She held her dick in her hand, still not truly believing it was hers.

Katie looked really horny, and it turned Brianna on even more. "Come on, are you willing to just try it out, even for a little?" Brianna felt weird about getting intimate with her best friend, who she had previously felt no sexual attraction to. At the same time, she was starting to get hornier by the minute, her cock was throbbing, and Katie was starting to look awfully cute.

"Alright". Brianna consented. "Let's head over to my bed". The girls left the bathroom, and Brianna slowly started to jerk herself off. She was amazed by the pleasure that she felt, and all the pressure that was building up in her balls felt beyond hot.

"Oh, you want to hold that cum, sweetie". Katie responded, flashing a devilish grin. "I'm gonna show you what it's like to get a great blowjob; watch me suck your big, hard dick before you cum down my throat". Brianna was stunned that Katie was talking so dirty, and it only made her harder.

After what seemed like an eternity, the girls made their way to Brianna's bed. Brianna sat down on the ledge, while Katie got on her knees and held Brianna's erect dick in her tiny hand.

"Oh, Bri, you're so big!" Katie exclaimed. "This is gonna be hot".

With that, Katie plunged her tiny mouth onto Brianna's dick, and instantly, Brianna fell into heaven. Katie took more and more of her dick in, and started to lick and suck vigorously. She swirled her tongue around the head, mesmerized by the wonderful feeling of sucking a brand new penis. Brianna, meanwhile, was astounded by both the warm, wet feeling she was getting. Her best friend was sucking her cock! What was this? Was she even really a woman anymore? Who cared! Brianna put her hands on Katie's head and tried to push her dick further into Katie's throat, causing Katie to gag.

After a few moments of that, Katie took Brianna's dick out of her mouth and started jerking her off. "Wow, isn't this something. Your pretty little best friend is sucking your dick. Isn't that weird? Doesn't that turn you on so much?" Katie asked in a sexy tone.

"Yes, yes it does!" Brianna cried desperately. "Now please put my dick back in your mouth- I need you to keep sucking my dick so I can cum in your throat!"

"Weird" Katie responded, still jerking Brianna and getting harder herself. "Just a few short minutes ago, you were talking about how much you didn't want a dick" She pulled Brianna's dick back in, took a long suck, then pulled it back out. "Now, all of a sudden, you love having one". She looked up with that same devilish expression she wore before.

"Yes, yes I do!" Brianna yelled out, just wanting to get back to the pleasure she had felt before.

"Then why don't you tell me that?" Katie snarled.

"Alright, fine! I love having a dick! I love it so much; I wish I always had had one, and I want to watch you suck it and watch cum fly out of it and down your throat!" Brianna squealed. She couldn't believe such dirty, strange things were coming out of her mouth, but then again, she didn't really care.

"Ah, much better" Katie responded. "Now, back to sucking". With that, Katie starting to ramp up the intensity. At the same time she was sucking Brianna's dick, Katie started rubbing Brianna's balls with one hand, causing Bri to moan with even more pleasure. With her other hand, Katie started to masturbate herself, which caused even more pleasure for herself.

Brianna continued to watch as Katie sucked and sucked some more. After a few more minutes, during which Brianna felt as if she could blow her load any moment- what would that feel like, she wondered- Katie pulled her out of her mouth.

"Alright, Bri, you have a choice!" Katie said to her, grinning. "You can either cum all over my cute, perky face, or down by tiny little throat. What's it gonna be?"

"I don't care!" Brianna yelled out. "Just let me cum, please!"

With that, Katie started focusing her sucking to the head of Brianna's penis. Her tongue went in circles as she vigorously licked the opening and all around. As Brianna continued to watch, she couldn't hold it in anymore, and finally let it rip.

The first shot landed directly on Katie's lips. Brianna started moving her dick all around to get all parts of Katie's face: one shot landed on her nose, one landed right between her eyes, another dribbled down her chin. Katie opened her mouth, looking as if she was begging to swallow some of Brianna's cum, and Brianna obliged, letting two good shots of the white stuff dribble down her throat. Both girls looked as if they were in heaven as Brianna launched the last shot onto Katie's chin.

Brianna looked downward and admired her work. Katie was glowing up at her, wearing a large smile and a face covered in Brianna's cum. "Look at me!" Katie beamed. "Don't I look so cute with your cum all over my face?" She took some of the cum on her chin and put it in her mouth. "mmmmm" she said seductively. "Your cum's delicious, Bri".

"Glad to hear" Brianna said, feeling herself getting hard again. "Now, get on the bed, I wanna repay the favor".

Katie obliged, and hopped on the bed as Brianna got down on her knees. She started playing with Katie's balls while swirling her tongue around the head in circles, not unlike how Katie had done it. After a little while of that teasing, she took Katie's dick in her mouth and gave long, seductive sucks. Katie moaned out in ecstasy in response.

Brianna noticed the pleasure her friend was getting from her blowjob, and decided to ramp it up. Slowly, she increased the speed of her sucking, going faster and faster as Katie started to twitch in pleasure. Brianna saw this, and let out a grin, further turning on Katie. Katie looked close to bursting, as she looked up at the ceiling while moaning quietly.

Brianna looked up and saw Katie. She told her, "you're gonna want to watch this one, Katie". She placed her tongue at the very bottom of Katie's dick and slowly started sucking upward. Katie could start to feel an orgasm building inside her, but held on until Brianna reached the head and began lightly licking it.

Now it was Katie's turn to cover Brianna in cum. Her first shot hit Brianna right between the eyes, and Brianna had to close them to ensure none of it would get in her eyes. Katie continued to come, launching four or five good shots all over Brianna's pretty face. Like Katie before her, Brianna looked up at Katie and beamed. Katie, her face still covered with Brianna's cum, smiled back.

"God, that was hot". Brianna sighed, worn out from the whole experience. "And, I don't know about you, but I'm still really hard".

Katie looked down at her own cum-stained cock and saw that it was still at the same length and width it was before. "Yeah, I thought guys had to have some kind of refractory period. Can we still have multiple orgasms?"

Brianna got even hornier at the prospect of being able to fuck with Katie for hours on end. "Yeah, I guess..."

And that was the way the two girls spent the next few hours: fucking each other's tits, trading handjobs and blowjobs with each other, and splattering each other with increasingly large shots of cum. After a while, they started getting tired and fell asleep on each other, thoroughly satisfied.

Brianna was the first one to wake up a few hours later. She looked down, and saw that her vagina was right back to where it had been before. She had thought that the whole experience had been a dream, until she smelled cum permeating the air, and noticed both her and Katie were naked and soaked with each other's semen.

Brianna nudged the still-sleeping Katie awake. "Hey, Katie, wake up...we're back to normal now".

Katie half-opened her eyes. "What, Bri...what time is it?"

Brianna looked at the clock. "Man, it's starting to get late. But, look down. We don't have penises anymore. Whatever that effect was must have been temporary".

Katie looked down, half-disappointed that her dick was no longer there. "Awww, man" she chirped out. "That was so hot, y'know...I wonder what was in that water".

"Yeah, but whatever it was, I'd definitely want some more of it" She paused briefly. "Hey, there any more of that water in that bottle?"

Katie flashed that trademark grin. "Yeah, I still got a BUNCH left". She smirked devilishly toward Brianna. "Wanna go at it again?"

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