The Maharani Pt. 02

byparagon of virtue©

"I heard the voice again and turned to see an elderly man with long graying hair tied in a knot atop his head and a flowing white beard. "Who are you? Do you understand what I am saying?"

"I stood up and pondered what I should do. Since the dialect that this elderly man spoke in was close to mine I said, "Yes sir, I do." The yes sir was by force of habit. The man was visibly relieved when I spoke. I guess till then he had a vague suspicion that I was one of those fabled men of the jungle -- part man, part animal."

"It turned out, that I had stumbled on a community of wrestlers. The venerable bearded one was their guru -- coach and leader. This particular community had been in existence for centuries. The sole aim was to produce professional wrestlers. These wrestlers then fought against others from different akharas or communities of which I learnt there were several hundred spread out over thousands of miles. There was a lot of money involved. There was the purse or prize money and then there was the money from wagers. All this money came from rich men. These could be kings, landlords or merchants. Some of them would act as promoters and arrange competitions. Some of them would become benefactors -- people who paid a community or akhara and in a way owned them. All in all if your guru was smart he could make the community really rich. Of course all depended on the winning ways of the wrestlers."

"At the time that I entered the picture this akhara was not doing too well. The man who had so easily bested me was their champion. But unfortunately he had suffered a series of losses and the other wrestlers had not fared too well either and so the stock of this community was low. Just perfect for me!"

"After the guru had ascertained that I was indeed a human being, his next concern was what caste or tribe did I belong to. Something prevented me from telling him the truth -- that I belonged to the caste or tribe that cleaned shit. I told him that I was a potter but not a very good one and that made him laugh. "Was that why you ran away and got lost in the jungle?" he asked, half in jest. I told him a version of the truth, that I had lost my mother and in my grief had wandered off and got lost."

"I was very young and everyone knows that the very young handle emotional issues very badly. So he accepted my explanation as did the rest of the community. I am sure he knew I was an outcaste from my skin color and appearance, my accent, and the fact that I could not read or write. He and his wife taught me how to read and write and slowly but surely taught me how to talk like a high caste person."

"He and the rest of that wrestling community looked after me and taught me how to wrestle. I was a natural -- my size and agility lent themselves to wrestling. In a very short while I had the measure of the big guy who had so easily felled me. And in our next outing I was able to beat all comers from a nearby akhara. Not just wrestling, the guru taught me how to fight with a sword, protect myself with a shield, throw a spear and use a bow to shoot arrows. And under his guidance I became an expert horseman. This was not out of the goodness of his heart but pure business. When we were not wrestling we were sent out as armed escorts, as mercenaries. We would accompany marriage parties, caravans of rich merchants or act as security guards. Clearly, knowing how to fight was essential."

"One day the guru called me to his house to discuss what he called a serious matter. It took a while for him to get to the point and when I learned what the serious matter was I understood why. In a nutshell, he wanted me to impregnate his wife. This was his second wife, much younger than him. His first wife had died childless and he had married again hoping for a progeny. It had been five years and there was not even a hint of pregnancy. He was both a desperate and down to earth person. Before giving up all together he was ready to take this last measure. After I had got over the initial shock and realized that he was dead serious I pointed out what I thought was an obvious problem. Both he and his wife being of high caste were fair. Not as white as you my queen. But definitely not black like me. He had thought of this already. It seems that his sister and his wife's brother were quite dark (these things happen) and so a dark child could be passed off as a familial throwback."

"It was arranged that the first attempt at impregnation would take place that night. The guru would leave the house for a few hours on some pretext or the other, leaving me alone with his wife, who it seems, had agreed though only after a great deal of persuasion."

"He led me to the bedroom and then left. The room was dark; the oil lamp had not been lit. The only light was vaguely reflected from a half moon. It took a while for my eyes to get adjusted. I was then able to see his wife. She was lying on the bed fully clothed. When she saw me she bent her legs and lifted her sari to her abdomen. She parted her thighs and said, "Come on," in a flat tone."

"I was very embarrassed. She was like an elder sister to me. She had taught me how to read and write, had fed me, had even washed my clothes at times, had cheered me up on my down days and had given me advice like only an elder sister can -- with quiet authority even if the advice itself was skewed. But I owed a lot to my guru. So I took off my clothes and moving to the side of the bed, began massaging my flaccid penis, enticing it into erection. The stupid thing would not respond to my stroking. She lay there looking up at the ceiling, patiently waiting. Finally, because a long time had elapsed, she looked at me, I think, to see what I was up to. An involuntary gasp escaped her when she saw my cock and she could not look away. By then I was frustrated by my efforts and in annoyance moved closer and placed her hand on my cock. I wasn't really thinking straight at that instant."

"For a moment or two it lay still in her open palm. Then her hand closed and she began stroking it. Her cool hand over my cock had more of an effect than mine and would you believe it; I began getting an erection. She was fascinated, I could tell, for she brought her other hand over and massaged my cock with both hands, with her breathing now in gasps. The more erect my penis got the more her excitement rose. As did mine. I could not help it. I reached down and groped at her breasts. She took one hand off my penis briefly to place mine under her blouse directly on her naked breast."

"I began kneading that breast like there was no tomorrow and brought its rubbery nipple to springy life. Then I moved fiercely on to the other one. Gone was my embarrassment as I moved down to her bush and cunt, exploring her cunt lips and clitoris and pushing my little finger shallowly into her hole. But my sense of shame and shyness came right back when she parted her thighs and again said, "Come on," though this time in excited gasps. I found it very difficult to move. She tugged on my cock and said, "come on," yet again."

"I awkwardly mounted her and she took hold of my cock and placed it on her cunt. I think at this point she too was overtaken by shyness and shame because abruptly she took her hand away and lay there with her head turned to one side."

"I pushed forward and my cock entered her cunt. Just the head went in. Then the going got tough. Her cunt stretched to its limit around the head of my cock making further progress impossible. So I withdrew and pushed in again. When I withdrew I swear I could make out a look of disappointment on her face only to be replaced by one of apprehension when I pushed in. And this alternating pattern of looks continued as I renewed my thrusting and withdrawing till gradually my penis began making in roads into her cunt. When I had half of it in her she reached down and felt my cock and said, "My, god, so big, so much still there." Then she held her thighs widely apart and began thrusting herself back at me. Our combined efforts bore fruit and in a short while I finally sheathed the whole damn thing in her."

"For a moment we lay suspended in our sense of achievement. She was the first to move; rubbing her pubis against me. I think she was stimulating her clitoris and vulva by doing this. Then I moved, pulling out slowly. She was wet and tight. An exquisite silky slippery sensation. I could have died happy at that instant. I withdrew completely. I was supporting myself on my hands above her. Looking down I found her looking directly at me. Her mouth was open and her features were twisted in wanton lust. There was no mistaking it; she was ready to be fucked. This was no longer a mere task that she had to perform to please her husband. It had become an act of pleasure."

"I thrust back into her, sheathing my cock to the hilt in one thrust. This drew an involuntary gasp from her but she made no move to stop me or to withdraw. Instead she again began rubbing her pubis against me. I withdrew again and then began ramming her without mercy. She placed her hands on my buttocks and pushed on them every time I hammered her. She was moaning over and over again, "come on, come on."

"And very soon I did just that. I came in her cunt in copious amounts. Stuff leaked out of her and onto the cot that she was lying on. I mean there was enough deposited to create any number of babies. But she still held on to my buttocks and then began rubbing herself on me, not letting my softening penis escape. She wanted to fuck again! No problem; I mean she was a comely woman, well worth fucking, once I had gotten over my shyness. Very soon I was up to ramming speed again. I had been supporting myself on my hands all this time. But now I lay down on her and pressed my face on to hers. Her body melded into mine and her tongue sought mine. This was developing into a mind blowing fuck! It was not long before I was ready to come again and once more deposited a boat load of semen in her. I came in her two more times that night, once with her riding me and once with her on her hands and knees. She looked divine from behind in a subservient position. Her rounded buttocks and crinkly ass hole were a great turn on. I fingered her ass hole to my heart's content; she never objected. I think she would have gladly taken me up her bum hole. But I never buggered her. It would have defeated the purpose of our fucking and would amount to cheating on my guru."

"We really enjoyed our fucking sessions. But we never lost sight of why we were fucking or the fact that we both loved and respected the guru in our own way. So we never sought each other on our own. Each get together was arranged by the guru, who would then leave us alone for prolonged periods. But once we were alone we were like insatiable lovers. She became pregnant about three months later. But did not reveal it till she was into her third month of pregnancy and on the threshold of her abdomen swelling up. She told us she wanted to be sure, but I knew that it was because she wanted to fuck me as long as she could. Of course we stopped fucking the moment she declared her pregnancy."

"She delivered a healthy boy. And would you believe it, he was as fair as the two of them!"

"Meanwhile my fame as a wrestler was spreading. No one could beat me and so obviously the number of wrestlers who wanted to be the first to do so grew everyday. My fame was in a way my undoing."

"One day the guru took me aside and said that he had just come back from a village called Parasia. That was the name of the village where the tragic events had taken place. He had learned that the father of the fellow I had killed had surmised that I was the killer and he was sending a bunch of mercenary soldiers to kill me. "I have grown to love you like a son and you have brought a lot of riches to us. I am obligated to help you," he said, "Run away son and may god help you."

"And I have been running ever since. Every time I settle down somewhere, something happens and soon enough there is a posse looking for me. I guess the fellow I killed had a very rich and very unforgiving father with a very long memory. The fact that I am an outcaste and had dared to escape justice had added fuel to the fire."

"And here I am still running. But now I am under your protection and I know that I am safe. I will stay here for as long as you will let me." She felt relieved, for he seemed to be back in his goddess worshipping mode. But in the next instant he continued, "But now my queen my story is done and it is time for this black outcaste cock to enter your ass!"

He stood up and taking hold of his cock placed it in her mouth. He held her head as she sucked on the nub and gradually worked as much as she could down her throat. He sighed for he could have her suck him forever and love every minute of it. But he had to move on. Removing his prick he gestured to her to get on her hands and knees on the bed.

With dread she moved slowly, till her backside was presented to him to assault. He just stood there, awed at the sight. Flawless white tapered pillars that supported perfectly rounded buttocks without a hint of weightiness or sag. He got on the bed behind her and parted her cleft. There winking back at him was her crinkled rose bud anus. He lovingly massaged it with his thumb marveling at the muscular reaction and the thought that very soon it would contract round his penis.

He got off the bed to retrieve scented oil from one of the as yet unlit lamps. He rubbed the oil on his hands and then gradually introduced an oily finger into her anus. Slowly he worked it in and out till she got used to this abnormal intrusion. Then another well oiled finger joined the first. She groaned in pain and then fear filled her as she imagined what that huge prick would feel like. By parting his fingers as they ground in and out of her asshole he was able to dilate her back passage. Now he was ready.

He got on his knees on the bed behind her. She waited with trepidation for the first thrust of his cock which would send searing pain up her gut. Instead she gasped in astonishment for she felt his tongue licking her behind! Goray Lal could not help himself. He had to pay homage to his goddess.

But then even more primeval instincts took hold and he reached for more oil. He massaged his cock with it till it was slick and shiny and ready. He pressed the head against the rose bud and gently but with persistence pushed it in. Gradually the muscular ring parted and the tip of his cock slid in. She held her breath, waiting to be ravaged.

She gasped in surprise when she felt an oily hand on her breasts and another on her hairy cunt. One lovingly played with her breasts and nipples and the thumb of the other strummed on her clit while two fingers sawed into her vagina. While she was distracted with these pleasurable sensations he concentrated on imperceptibly pushing his rod into her rectum. It took some time but finally he was buried in her ass and she had not even noticed!

He removed his hands from her breasts and cunt to hold her by her haunches. That was when she became aware that he had his humongous cock completely embedded in her rectum.

How had he done it? And how was she tolerating it so well?! Before she could analyze the situation he began slowly withdrawing his penis. He stopped, when only the head was rooted. Then he shafted her ass in one fell move. She huffed more in surprise than pain. Before she knew it he had started ramming her ass vigorously.

Then he draped himself on her back. She bore his weight as he reached around for her breasts. His oily hands squeezed her breasts and then pinched her nipples mercilessly. Once again the other hand stimulated her clit and cunt. She felt the mat of chest hair rub against her naked skin with each thrust of his cock in and out of her rectum. He rammed into her ass relentlessly, licking the back of her neck and her ear lobes.

He lifted himself on his haunches and his enormous black cock withdrew smoothly from her warm shit hole till the massive head was almost out. Then he held onto her hips and rammed the whole thing in viciously. She struggled for breath at the force of the coupling. He pulled on her long silky hair till her neck was hyper extended and she was looking up at the ceiling.

"If only you could see what I am seeing. My black out caste cock invading your upper caste rose bud." And then in time with his savage ramming, "Again and again, yes, yes." She was being used as a plaything, as a fuck slave. She had no control, no dignity, and yet she loved every moment!

For him, this was his supreme moment. When he had his goddess under him, getting filthily buggered and enjoying it, completely at his mercy. This thought and the physical sensation of his penis drilling her hot and tight ass and his abdomen thudding against her perfect buttocks were enough to drive him over the edge. He had planned on going on for a long time, but alas he could hold out no longer. With a deep grunt he came in her rectum, coating it liberally with his come. This was without doubt the deepest emotion, the most ecstasy he had felt in his entire fucking career. His mother fucking included.

She had slumped down, completely prone on the bed. For the longest time he lay on her with his cock embedded. Gradually, it softened and then fell out. Only then did he stir and moved off her.

She got up and sat on the edge of the bed. Weak and completely overwhelmed. Not ashamed that she, a queen, had been so contemptuously treated by an outcaste. Just physically and emotionally spent.

She felt him stirring on the bed behind her and then in the next instant found him kneeling on the ground before her kissing her knees.

"My queen," he said, "I am your slave. Do with me what you will. I am now and ever will be yours to command. You are a goddess. As beautiful as Lakshmi, as knowledgeable and clever as Saraswati, as fierce and protective as Parvati in her many manifestations, you are the embodiment of the Mother Goddess."

My god, she thought, this giant has reverted back to his goddess worshipping mode!

She stood up tall and proudly naked, "Kiss my feet." Without a moment's hesitation he prostrated himself before her and kissed her feet.

Then she had a wicked idea. She regally walked to the bathroom, indicating with her fingers that he should follow her. She made him lie down on the floor. Then she squatted over him and began pissing. He did not flinch. He just lay there motionless, looking up at her with a devout expression on his face. She started on his legs and penis and dribbled her way up his forest of abdominal and chest hair. By the time she got to his face there was not much urine left in her bladder. She pissed on his face and then made him open his mouth and trickled the last few drops down his gullet. When she had finished; of his own accord; he lifted his head and licked the remnants from her bush, her vaginal lips, her anus, buttocks and thighs.

He looked up at her with drops of urine and a devout expression on his face, "You are my mother, my lover, my god. Just being around you will fulfill my destiny in life. I beg of you to let me fuck you whenever the mood takes you. My queen you decide when you want me. I will never force myself on you and I will never fuck anyone but you."

And that she felt was a very satisfactory arrangement.

In exchange for his loyalty she made him first the chief of her palace guard and then a few years later the commander in chief of her army. Such was the power of her personality, and his sheer physical presence, that none of the men even thought of questioning the fact that they were taking orders from an out caste.

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