The Maid


Her hips bucked convulsively.

"Oh God, I'm going to come, my darling! Carol is making me come...!"

Her orgasm approached like an express train and crashed through her body.

"Oh yes...! Yes! I'm coming...! I'm coming...! Oh God... Oh God..."

John kept his hand over her throbbing clitoris, feeling the pulses as they burst through her.

"That's it, darling," he murmured, "come for us, come for me and Carol."

Moaning softly, Amy gave herself over to the ecstatic pleasure.

John gently cupped his wife's swollen cunt as her convulsions gradually subsided. He kissed her lovingly.

"Darling Amy, you look so beautiful when you come."

With barely a pause to recover, his newly uninhibited wife was soon organising the next stage of the night's debauchery.

"Move over to John," she told Carol. "I want you to suck his cock and then I want him to fuck you."

The maid was only too eager. "Of course, Mrs Smith. I'd love to."


Friends noticed the change in the Smiths. It would have been difficult not to. At their next Saturday dinner party John and Amy frequently held each other's hands and took every opportunity to give each other little loving kisses. When John and his friend Bill went into the cellar to get more wine, Bill couldn't wait to remark on how different Amy seemed.

"She's like a new woman, really vivacious and... I hope you don't mind me saying this, but really sexy."

"I don't mind," smiled John. "I think she's sexy too."

"But you've been married almost 20 years. You still look as if you fuck each other every night."

"We do – almost."

"How?" Bill was amazed. "Where do you find the time?"

"Well, I don't know if Amy wants me to tell you this, but she hired a live-in maid. She's made all the difference."

"You're kidding. A maid? I don't believe you. Where is she?"

John smiled. "Tonight's her night off."

In the kitchen Amy was having a similar conversation with Bill's wife.

"What's got into you and John? You can hardly keep your hands off each other."

"I know, it's like when we first got together. I want to touch him all the time. I hope it's not embarrassing."

"No, it's rather sweet. I only wish I felt the same about Bill. But you know what it's like – after 20 years of married life you wonder where all the passion went. Not to mention the fact that we're always so busy. What's your secret?"

"No secret," Amy smiled. "Just be as uninhibited as you can with each other and take time to have lots of wild sex."

"If only," laughed Bill's wife.

"That and get yourself a live-in maid," said Amy.

That night, while they were fucking, John said, "Is Carol joining us tonight? Only I told Bill this was her night off."

Amy laughed. "Maybe she'd better not then. We can still have a perfectly good fuck without her – especially when you do that with your cock. Mmm... that's lovely..."

"Good," smiled John. "I don't want us to get to the point where we can't enjoy each other without her. And sometimes I get confused as to whether she's here or not."

Amy kissed him. "Ah, is my fantasy too complicated for you?"

"Not at all. And she's made a hell of a difference to you and our sex life. Sometimes you make me believe I really am in bed with two gorgeous sexy women. The trouble is, sometimes I don't know which is which."

"Don't worry, darling, I always do. I'm not developing a split personality. I'm not losing my mind. I love pretending to be her, but I always know when I am." She thrust herself up against his cock. "And I know you love fucking her, don't you?"

"I do, I admit it."

His wife smiled wickedly. "Maybe we should think about getting a real maid, then."

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