tagFetishThe Maid Ch. 01

The Maid Ch. 01


*This is fiction. All characters are 18 years old or older.


Jessica stepped onto the cold floor. Her long legs were covered in tights underneath a short dress. Master had just taped her mouth shut. She knelt down to scrub the floors, a large butt plug still shoved stiffly up her tight ass. She had been on her knees for only a few seconds when her master smacked her ass. This time he'd used the cane in his hand. She let out a muffled yelp of both pleasure and pain as he smacked her again.

"That's not how I taught you," he said, "Is it slut?"

She shook her head and bent over correctly, leaning so that he could see her round ass swaying gently back and forth as she worked to clean a spot off the floor. She scrubbed diligently as his slave until he walked up behind her and slipped two fingers inside her dripping pussy.

She started moaning loudly as his fingers moved faster. All three of his fingers were gliding in and out of her, coated in her wetness. Noticing how wet she was, he stopped, grabbed a handful of her hair with his clean hand and forced her to look at him.

His hand struck her hard against her cheek, "Look at this. I hired you to clean, not to make a mess of everything." he said showing her his fingers. "You expect me to keep you on if I have to keep correcting you like this?"

With that he went back to fingering her. It wasn't long before she began to be overwhelmed with the feeling of ecstasy. She desperately wanted to be his slave. The thought of him as her permanent Master made her all the more wet.

Her cum was dripping out of her again and she couldn't stop moaning. She let go of her sponge and immediately felt a hand slap her ass. Master grabbed her roughly by the hair again.

"Did I say you could stop?" He said slapping her face, twice this time.

She grabbed her sponge again and began to try to clean the toilet, without a word, but she was unable to complete her task. Her master was fingering her so hard now she was squirting all over the tile floor. He saw her juices coming out her and began to slap her ass, admonishing her for being such a dirty whore.

"You aren't leaving this room until its spotless." he said grabbing one of her breasts in his hand and pinching her nipple. She was moaning loader now, he knew how much she loved being touched by him. Cum was still dripping down between her legs and onto the floor.

She heard him unzip his pants and then he grabbed her by her hair made her face him. "Keep your eyes open." he said as he began to piss on her face, watching as her eyes begin to water as the golden liquid dripped into them. Her makeup was runny and her hair was unkempt.

"Now clean that up." He ordered.

She went to grab her cleaning things, but he took them out of her hands and placed them down. "Not with those," he said taking the tape off her mouth, "I want you to clean it with your tongue."

Obediently, she bent down. Her pretty face was pressed to a puddle as she tried to slurp his warm piss into her mouth. When she thought she'd gotten it all she looked up it surprised to see him unpleased. He took her jaw in his hand and she saw him pull something out of his back pocket. He told her to stick out her tongue and she realized it was a wooden ruler. He slapped her tongue with it then hit one of her breasts with the ruler.

Noticing a few spots of piss left on the floor, he grabbed her hair and pressed her face to the ground, using her tongue as a sponge until she had swallowed all of his piss.

"I am finished Sir?" She asked.

"You are finished when I say you're finished." He said, "That mouth isn't for asking questions is it slut?"

"No Sir.."

"What's it for then?"

"My mouth is for sucking my master's cock, licking his balls and drinking his piss. My mouth is just another cunt for Sir to use."

"That's right. You're such a good slave." He said cupping her cheek is his hand gently, "You cleaned very well for me. Are you thirsty?"

"Yes Sir."

With that he shoved his cock down her throat and let a stream of warm liquid flow into her belly.

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