tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Maid Of Dishonor Ch. 02

The Maid Of Dishonor Ch. 02


I truly never thought this would happen. I had just turned 30 when it had happened to me. My wife and I were out wife some friends for my 30th Birthday. We were all getting drunk and our maid of honor was there with her boyfriend. Towards the end of the night people started to leave and it was my wife, Emmy (the maid of honor), her boyfriend Jeff, and myself. Well both Jeff and my wife ended up going to the bathroom leaving Emmy and myself. She looked at me and smiled. I asked what the devilish grin was for. She said payback would be coming soon. As she said that she was rubbing my cock through my pants. I asked her what she was talking about? She said paybacks are a bitch but I think you will be able to take it. I sat there confused and hard as a rock. Well the night ended and we parted our ways.

About 3 weeks later my wife had to leave town again for another convention. Wouldn't you know it Emmy called me. I was extremely pleased to her from her. She asked if I was up for another night of drinking I am no ordinary dummy I said sure. She told me that she would be there with her friend. I was a little puzzled by the friend coming along part. Friday came slowly as I eagerly anticipated what was to follow. My wife left town and I got all dressed up for the night ahead.

When I showed up at the bar I spotted Emmy and her friend. Emmy was dressed to the Nines as was her friend. Being late August it was still very warm out so a lot of people were still wearing very little clothes. They were both dressed identical except Sara was a "Hot" little Asian girl. We started to drink and get drunk as the night went on. I couldn't figure out why her friend was there though. A slow song came on and Sara asked Emmy if she would like to dance. I thought nothing of it as girls like to dance. I was watching them dance together. They were holding each other very close when Sara kissed Emmy on the lips. I was a little shocked to see Emmy kiss her back. Needless to say I got very hard very fast then. The song ended and they came back and Emmy immediately started rubbing my crotch. She smiled and asked me if I saw what I liked. Lets think about that for a second, 2 great looking girls making out, YEAH. I kind of had a hint of what was to come tonight. We left the bar shortly after and headed back to my place.

I drank an awful lot that night so I had to pee when I got home with the girls. When I came out I got one hell of a surprise, Emmy and Sara were making out. I finally figured out the pay back part so I thought. I went over and tried to kiss Sara and get into the action but was pushed away. It was becoming quite apparent, they weren't going to let me join. Sara started stripping Emmy naked and went down on her. I went to kiss Emmy and started making out with her. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it and then I felt Sara's hands grab it. I just smiled not know what to expect next. I laid down so Emmy could sit on my face and Sara started to suck me off.

Obviously they had talked in the past about Emmy and I the first time because she took a finger and placed it in my ass too. I was a little shocked again at first but her I was having a threesome with 2 beautiful girls. I was in Hog heaven I was getting close to blowing my load when I felt 2 fingers in my ass. I am not one to complain when it felt as good as it did. Emmy was still sitting on my face when I heard her say now fuck him. I was game for that Eat one and Fuck one. This is everyman's dream get laid by 2 woman at the same time.

What I didn't pay attention to was Sara never did get undressed until Emmy said that. I was all caught up in all the oral pleasures going on. I still hadn't seen Sara naked as Emmy was sitting on my face. Sara pulled my knees up to my chest and that's when it happened I found out Sara wasn't so womanly. Emmy was holding my legs and all of a sudden I felt something warm on my ass. It happened so fast I didn't have time to react. Sara had impaled her Cock in my ass. I was in shock to say the least. It finally dawned on my what my pay back was. Sara was a trans sexual that was pre-op which I found out later.

I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. Here I thought I was a normal guy who loved only woman. It comes out while fucking the maid of honor that I might be a little bisexual. It all became clear as day why Emmy didn't get off my face, why I never saw Sara naked, Why I had a cock in my ass and I liked it. This was my payback. This is the girl that I had heard so many story's about Emmy fucking. It all made sense at the time. Needless to say it didn't take me long to cum. When I did Emmy got off of my face and I finally saw Sara naked. Sara had cum already and was still fucking me. I didn't lose my erection and looked at Emmy and said "you know what this means?" I grabbed her, she wrestled to get away for a min the I got her turned around.

I acted like I was going to fuck her pussy then slide my cock to her ass and she pushed back on it. I fucked her for a little bit and came again. Sara was hard again by this time. Emmy said she would take care of it, as I passed out. I was awoke when I started choking. Here I had fallen asleep before Sara finished and they thought it would be funny to put her cock in my mouth. It was all fuzzy when Sara came then it hit me I just sucked off a guy and he came in my mouth.

I was a lot shocked at the events of the night. I woke up before the other 2 in the morning and slid under the cover between the 2 of them. I had already sucked off Sara once why not try it sober. Emmy never woke up while Sara fucked my face. She blew her load into my mouth I had to swallow it so fast because she came tons. We had lots of fun that day fucking and sucking every way imaginable. When Emmy left I told her this isn't over yet.

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