tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Maid Of Dishonor Ch. 03

The Maid Of Dishonor Ch. 03


After what had happened six months before, I didn't know how to deal with my feelings. I talked to Emmy and she said I should try to have sex with just a man. I was repulsed at first. After talking to her she said she knew I would like it. I asked her how she would think about it for awhile.

The next weekend after I talked to her was guys night. All of my buddy's wanted to get a few hookers and have a good time. I said no and so did my best man Paul. He and I both decided to go out on our own. I called Emmy up and told her to get ready to have the time of her life and meet us at the bar. She asked what I was talking about, all I told was just trust me.

Paul meet me at the bar and we started to get pretty roped up. When Emmy showed up dressed like she wanted to get pounded, Paul and I smiled. Paul and Emmy did not know each other were going to be there. That made it even better. All three of us got really drunk and stupid. Emmy kept rubbing my crotch under the table all night. We all decided to take a cab over to Paul's place. It was a bit farther than mine but my wife was home.

In the cab Emmy that it would be fun to tease us and they driver. She pulled up her skirt and showed us her panties. She knows all of my buttons to push to get me rock hard. She started rubbing my cock through my jeans and man wouldn't you know it, she made me come. She thought Paul needed some relief so she started working over Paul. The next thing you know the cabbie stopped the car. We were at Paul's house.

We paid the cab driver and went in. I, of course, had to take off my underwear and throw them away. When I got back to Paul's living room no one was there. I heard moaning coming from down the hall. I looked in and saw Emmy sucking Paul's cock. My plan was working. I slid up behind Emmy and started eating her out. She said she wanted to get fucked by this massive cock. She slid up and was about to sit on it but I thought now or never.

I took Paul's 10 inch cock in my mouth. It was huge and everything I could do to hang on. He thought I had lost it. Emmy smiled and turned around and sat on his face to help me. She and I smiled at each other. She knew what was happening. I continued to suck him off with her help. She was doing all the stroking and I was doing all the sucking. Before I knew it, I was swallowing my best mans cum. Emmy was very happy because he didn't go limp.

She climbed on top of his cock and started to fuck him. Since I had sucked him off and licked and sucked both for her front and back a decided to get in on the action. I started licking her ass and once in awhile his cock fucking her. I decided now would be a good time to stick a finger in her ass. He was fucking her slowly and I slowly applied pressure with my pointer on her ass. She tensed up her a min then relaxed and in one thrust I was buried deep in her ass with my finger. It was kind of weird because I could feel his cock sliding in and out of her. I slid a second finger in with no problem.

I pulled out my fingers and got up on my knees . I placed my cock where my fingers just were. She said no way in hell was this going to happen I just put a little pressure on her ass and was surprised to feel her push back. I decided that I was going to cum in her ass at that point. I started fucking her, Paul didn't even have to move. I was moving her enough that I worked out great. When she started to cum it was unbelievable. She wouldn't stop, She was having a multiple orgasm from Paul and I. Within a min Paul and I came. We all fell asleep. I woke up with a hard on and decided to take a leak. When I got back to the bed I decided to see what his cock looked like soft. I was extremely surprised when I found him hard too. I took it in my hand and started stroking it. I couldn't resist, I stuck it in my mouth. As I was sucking on him I though about the first time with Emmy. I slowly applied pressure with my finger on his asshole. Nothing at first I just kept pressure there. It started slowly going in.

Once I had my whole finger in his ass I started fucking him with it. I slowly inserted my middle finger with my pointer finger. He started humping my hand. I could sense he was getting close to cumming. I pulled my fingers out and slid up next to him. I grabbed my cock and put some pressure on his well lubed ass. He started thrusting his hips a little I didn't realize he was trying to get away at first. That all changed once the head to my cock slipped in. It became obvious that he started enjoying this. With all of the moving on the bed Emmy woke up. She couldn't believe I was fucking him in the ass. She was more than happy to help me finish him off. He woke up as he came in her mouth and then realized me. It was really weird for a minute. He just shut his eyes and fell a sleep. Emmy and I got up and found the keys to his other car and left. As I left I told Emmy that there was more to cum.

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