tagInterracial LoveThe Maidens of Palmares Pt. 01

The Maidens of Palmares Pt. 01


Carey Lain looked over the trays of food set up in the dining room her long multi colored sundress running all the way down her body to her knees. The space was lit up by the sun beaming through the large windows. Carey loved the Ruhame's brunch. It was always held on the first weekend in May and to the tall brunette it signaled the official end to the cold New Jersey weather. The scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns were in separate trays heated with sternos. Carey bypassed them and landed at the fruit salad. She loaded a couple of spoonfuls of the berries and pears onto her plate and then gave her husband a raised eyebrow as he put one too many sausage links onto his plate.

Carey counted herself lucky to be living in this part of the South Jersey shore, amongst the friends she had and with her husband, Dennis. Despite the endless snarks and jokes about New Jersey being a huge refinery this part of the state couldn't be further from that. The area was beautiful with their houses near to or right on an ocean beach or a spacious high grassed marsh. Like her, Carey's friends were in their early to mid thirties and to varying degrees quite successful. Most had bought their first houses after marrying down in this beach community a little over 20 miles south of Atlantic City. Only five to ten years earlier old run down beach homes were relatively cheap and those younger people who had grown up in the area with a love of the beach and some vision had bought. Houses were remodeled, expanded and redone and the neighborhoods turned into middle to upper middle class enclaves along the Atlantic Ocean.

Carey and her husband Dennis both worked in the insurance industry. She was an underwriter at a marine insurer and he managed claims for another. They had met when Carey was called on to be an expert witness for a claim that Dennis was handling. During the trial they had gotten to know each other and began dating. The truth was that Dennis was taken by the gorgeous brown haired witness and horrified at the thought of asking her out so he was dumbfounded when she asked him out to lunch one day during the trail. Not that Dennis was some sort of troll. He was actually a pretty handsome guy. Yet he was never an athlete and had an average build so when he walked into a party with Carey people couldn't help but notice the guy with the statuesque athletically built beauty. Dennis wasn't fat he wasn't even chubby but he was soft. He had a physique that looked as if no amount of weight lifting or sweat would harden it. This was in stark contrast to his wife. Carey had short brown hair, big beautiful blue eyes, the long full muscular legs of a swimmer and a body that seemed to lack a single imperfection. She was drop dead gorgeous. She had even once been asked by an acquaintance who was an executive at a local Philadelphia television station to do occasional spots related to insurance for personal consumers. Never mind that she didn't handle home and auto insurance she had the look and the executive knew that sex sold and Carey Lain could make any red blooded male think about sex.

Jon and Lis Ruhame invited the whole neighborhood and some of their friends and filled their house. Then after a few hours of eating, mimosas, bloody marys and merriment the whole party marched from the waterfront home down the beach to the boat club for some more drinking and a rather raucous ping pong tournament. It was the first big social event of the year for the neighborhood and everyone made sure that the weekend was free on the calendar.

The Lains liked to show up early and help the Ruhames set things up. Dennis and Carey lived just down the street and were best friends with the Ruhames. Then there was a chance to be spectators at the drunken competition down at the club which was a simple cinder block building with a large main room for parties, dressing rooms for the beach crowd and a small lattice of docks protected behind a breakwater where members could dock their boats most of which were less than 30 feet in length.

This year Dennis was going to have to leave after making a quick appearance. He was catching a plane to Chicago to work on a large liability claim. As the young executive became more and more important to his company he was travelling more often. This particular trip was especially painful for him as he so loved this event. So he was getting as much out of the party in the hour or so that he had before he had to leave.

"Johnny you've out done yourself again with these cinnamon rolls. I'm sure that Lis had absolutely nothing to do with them." The playful Dennis winked and smiled at the blonde haired Lis who was in fact the source of anything that tasted good at this party, including the cinnamon buns.

"Yeah that's me Denny slaving away as usual." Jon Ruhame chortled his slight frame shaking with laughter as he mixed a Bloody Mary for a party goer.

"My apologies Carey. I should have just had the granola and fruit out until the cookie monster took his leave." Lis replied with a broad smile.

The house filled with about a hundred people. The din of voices excitedly chattering and the roar of laughter buzzing about the house made it hard to hear someone right next to you at certain points. Carey worked the room saying hello to all those she hadn't seen in a while. So many of the people in the area seemed to hibernate during the colder months and now they were coming out. At one point she noticed a very dark skinned man in the room. The place was mobbed but he stuck out and not just because he was a black man. There was something about him that seemed different. Carey had no idea where he had come from but there he was and she had a creeping feeling that he was staring, looking her over, checking her out. Yet despite the pair of eyes on her the feeling wasn't an uncomfortable one. Carey was intimately familiar with that feeling. She experienced men ogling her every time she stepped out of her house. As the party progressed she even found herself looking for the man around the room. She got a couple of good looks at him. He was tall and older but very handsome, extremely good looking. He seemed to have a solid frame inside the expensive white dress shirt and charcoal grey pants. He definitely had something going on and Carey couldn't figure it out. He was the only black man at the party but that didn't affect Carey. She wasn't prejudice but she'd never had a case of jungle fever either. Black men had never done it for her but maybe this was an exception. She just couldn't figure out why.

The statuesque brown haired beauty was standing with her husband Dennis as he said good bye to everyone. For the insurance executive it was like pulling teeth getting him to leave one of the best parties of the year but he had already shaved as much time off of his buffer to get to the airport and he had to go. Carey suddenly had the now familiar feeling of a particular set of eyes gazing at her and a tingling sensation traveled up and down her spine. It was then that she saw Lis and the dark skinned man standing in front of them.

"Hey everyone I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine from work, Amaro Da Silva. He's from Brazil and is living here full time now." Lis introduced the black man to the small group of people with a smile.

Everyone shook hands and said hello. Amaro went around the group with a smile until he got to Carey and then he did something that was different and for a man just meeting a woman pretty obnoxious. He took Carey's hand and kissed it. He also held the hand longer than he had anyone else's and although it was very subtle he gave her a lascivious look when their eyes met. He also had the nerve to make this quick advance on Carey Lain right in front of her husband. She tried to concentrate on not exploding right in front of everyone and slapping the man. Still her knees went a little weak when they touched and goose bumps sprouted on her skin when his lips pressed against the back of her hand. With all this going on she was somehow able to maintain her composure and tried to rationalize what was happening to her. Why was this man making her feel this way, so angry and yet there was something else.

"Amaro it was great meeting you but unfortunately I have to run. I've got a plane to catch." Dennis announced suddenly jerking Carey back to reality.

"I know how you feel Dennis. I've commuted from Brazil many times over the years. I'm glad to have been able to settle here finally. It can be painful." Amaro laughed.

"Ah so you're Brazilian. Well good luck up here Amaro." With that Dennis made his exit. Carey followed him out the front door happy to be able to break up the moment.

"He seems like a good guy. I heard that the firm was reaching out to some South American clients. I guess he'll be Lis' boss then?" Dennis mentioned as he walked to the driveway with his wife.

"Yeah he seems alright." Carey lied. She gave Dennis a long kiss and told him to be safe and call when he landed and then went back into the house.

Carey roamed the living room in a daze. Most of the party goers were getting ready for the walk to the boat club. Meanwhile she was torn between leaving and retreating to the safety of her home which would have been a good idea or heading down to the boat club and hopefully avoiding the obnoxious Brazilian something she knew would be impossible. He knew that her husband had left and that she might be tempted, all men thought that women could be taken even the happily married ones. So why was there even a decision to be made? She knew she belonged on the road down to her house. She decided to run some water on her face which she figured must have been flushed red.

Carey climbed the stairs to the second floor of the expansive redone cottage. The Ruhames had winterized and renovated the large home but maintained the beach house feel throughout. The bathroom door was closed so the tall brunette waited. When the door opened she knew she was in a tight spot. Amaro emerged from the bathroom with a smile on his face.

"Well we keep running into each other. I think that's a wonderful thing." Amaro's voice purred at a tenor that sent the now familiar shivers throughout Carey's body.

"Yes it is." Carey replied as she moved by him.

She closed the door and leaned against the sink with her hands on her hips. What was going on? Why was this man having such an effect on her? Carey couldn't figure out how it had happened so quickly. She had known his name for all of thirty minutes. He was old enough to be her father. Then Carey thought that she had figured it out. Ever since she was young certain voices gave her goose bumps and the tingles as she called them. To Carey it was a weird trait that she had never mentioned to anyone not even Dennis. It just wasn't that big a deal.

Confident that she had figured it out Carey decided that she was just going to go home. She could do some cleaning around the house, get a good run in for a workout and then have a nice dinner. Unfortunately her plans went to ruin when she opened the bathroom door and found Amaro still standing there. Carey noticed immediately that the Brazilian's white shirt was unbuttoned to below his chest exposing more of his jet black skin and a well muscled body.

"Why don't we talk in one of the bedrooms?" Amaro's smiled exposing brilliantly white teeth and then turned and walked down the hall to a bedroom that overlooked the beach.

There was no asking in his voice. It was gentle but an order just the same. Carey could have walked down the stairs and out the door. She knew what was going to happen if she went into that bedroom. She had a husband. This was wrong. There was something more than the hum of a voice sending tingles up and down her spine something way more. The well built brown haired woman walked down the hall and found Amaro.

"You know you disappointed quite a few men today." Amaro said as he looked out one of the two large windows that opened up onto the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

"Really? Why is that?" Carey replied walking up to the Brazilian.

"That dress, it's very cute and the colors are so vibrant but I overheard some of your friend's husbands talking about what a wonderful body you were hiding under such a long outfit. I heard from many of them that your legs are well . . . legendary." Amaro made the sexually forward statement with the same confidence that he displayed when he took her hand downstairs.

"And what about you? Were you disappointed?" Carey thought maybe if she got aggressive right back at the Brazilian he may back down but he stepped right into it.

"Me? Of course not, unlike the hoard of sexually inadequate and immature boys downstairs I knew that I would be gazing at your naked body at some point today." Amaro stated matter of factly.

"Oh really? You met my husband downstairs. I'm a happily married woman so that's never going to happen in a million years." Carey couldn't believe the black man's audacity but she was also intrigued.

"Carey my darling so many lovely women are married. Speaking of which how large is your man's penis? Sometimes there is no difference between a single woman and one that is married. You are both still eager when you are unsatisfied." Amaro reached out and gently ran his hand along Carey's short brown hair and the small turquoise stones hanging from her ear his fingers also touching her neck.

"What did you ask me?" Carey asked. The black man's touch further melting her resolve.

"You know what I asked you my dear. Does your husband Dennis satisfy you? I could tell during our short meeting that he was weak. So if your husband is inadequate how do you satisfy yourself with a mate that only has a few thin inches to give you?" Amaro's fingers were now caressing her neck and the back of her ear. He knew just where to touch her.

"His penis is bigger than you're stating." Carey gasped clearly overcome by the black man's fingers.

"Not by much though I'm sure." Amor chuckled.

"No but he's about 5 inches which is not bad." Carey countered.

"Ah I see but such a beautiful woman should have more. You have such big blue eyes and a firm sexy body. You are the ultimate Anglo woman. Carey would you like to see my penis. I think you will find it very impressive." Amaro was smiling at his next conquest.

Carey simply looked down. She couldn't bring herself to say what her curiosity so badly wanted. It took all the discipline she had not to blurt out how badly she wanted to see him. She didn't have to wait long. Amaro swiftly undid his pants and let them drop exposing a massive bulge in his tight fitting underwear. Carey couldn't resist, any resolve was a distant memory. Her heart was pounding like a jackhammer now. She reached out and let her fingers run along the silk material that seemed stretched to the point of bursting apart.

"You are already impressed I see. Go ahead pull it out and stroke it until it's hard. A woman like you won't need much effort to make me completely erect." Amaro gasped with the excitement of having the gorgeous white woman so close to a sexual encounter.

Carey had forgotten anything that may have been important to her. She reached into the briefs and pulled out an extraordinary length of flesh. She ran her hand up and down the shaft causing the penis to jump to attention. Amaro leaned back to give the gorgeous white woman full access. He had a triumphant smile painted on his face.

"Are you happy with my size?" Amaro inquired expectantly.

"Are you kidding me? It's inhuman. I'm not the first white woman you've gotten to do this am I?" Carey asked a lusty slur overtaking her voice.

"Oh there's been quite a few my dear. You must know that a white woman like you is so willing, so eager because of your curiosity." Amaro exclaimed.

"Why?" Carey asked her tone still lust filled but now completely distracted by the size of the shiny onyx colored member her hand was working.

"I think that it's your attitude that you are entitled to enjoy the best things in life." Amaro was having trouble talking now that Carey's hand was stroking with such a firm touch.

The elegant white woman looked up at the Brazilian. "This penis is enormous. It has to be a foot long."

"It's eleven inches long and eight and a half inches around. It looks as if you are enjoying it my dear." Amaro answered with a strain.

I won't be able to handle this." Carey stated.

"Of course you will. You will be a wonderful conquest my luv. Why don't you start with your mouth?" Amaro was again talking in terms of the inevitable.

It didn't take much to get Carey on her knees. She positioned herself in front of Amaro then stretched her mouth open and engulfed the Brazilian. She had sucked off more than a few men but none had been even close to this size. She first kissed and licked at the head which was now and angry dark purple color. After jerking the erection at the base a couple of times Carey put the erection back into her mouth and started a rhythmic sucking motion. The guests were leaving for the walk along the beach down to the clubhouse. If one of them had turned and looked back up at the second floor they would have seen that Carey Lain had submitted and was giving the dark skinned Brazilian a lusty blow job, her head bobbing back and forth furiously, the black man running a hand through her short light brown hair.

Inside the house there were the sounds of hard flesh thrusting into a wet orifice. Both sexual participants had given into the lust pulsing through the room. Amaro was looking down at the sexiest of women, elegant, fresh and gorgeous, innocent in the ways of interracial sex but certainly experienced enough to know how to handle a man. The alarms that had been going off in Carey's head had subsided. Now that she was boiling over with sexual desire, a man's cock in her mouth any warning about her husband and her marriage was of no use anymore. She was doing what she rarely if ever did, play the submissive and to a man she thought was an arrogant ass and who she hadn't known just an hour before. Still he had the equipment. He was endowed like she'd never seen before and he was black. Carey had never had any real sexual thoughts about men of different races before but now with a black man's cock in her mouth, it was so taboo, a married woman about to ride an untamed black man. She was going to explode.

"Ah my pretty slut, you have such lush tits. I'd love to feel them around my cock. Would you please?" The black man said with a superior smile.

The arrogant tone infuriated Carey but just the same she took the straps of her dress off her shoulders and lowered it exposing a pair of lovely round breasts. Carey grabbed each one and enveloped the large black member. She moved her tits up and down on the thick shaft creating a friction probably not as good as Carey's mouth but it was the submission that was important. Amaro had set out to tame the gorgeous white woman and this was just another step.

Carey let the soft vein covered skin slide against hers. It felt good. She admired the man's size as it popped in and out of the warm comfort of her 36Cs. She dangled her tongue out of her mouth and let it touch the head of the penis on every upward thrust. It was driving the dark skinned Brazilian crazy. He was pushing his erection up into her soft melons with great force now. Carey felt the power of his thrusts and thought how wonderful it would be to feel this force between her thighs.

Amaro beckoned Carey to stand. Now face to face he continued to run a hand through the short coiffed hair that covered her ears. When he leaned in and tried to kiss the gorgeous white woman she rebuffed him. The Brazilian knew that a beautiful woman like Carey wouldn't just roll over for him. He knew that there would be plenty of opportunities to explore her mouth with his. He had achieved the difficult task of creating a significant amount of animosity between himself and the statuesque white woman but also sexually exciting her to a height where she would actually suck his cock. It may have been an unusual gift for a man to be able piss of a woman to such a degree and then be able to drive her to her knees but for Amaro it was an ability that so excited him. It was a technique that he relished.

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