tagErotic CouplingsThe Maid's Tale Ch. 07

The Maid's Tale Ch. 07


Mary could barely contain herself in church. She sat with the rest of the household servants, her head bowed demurely, hands folded in her lap and tried to concentrate on the pastor's voice intoning that day's sermon. But her mind kept drifting, thinking about Jack and his kind smile, his eager hands, his soft lips...

She shifted in her seats, this line of thought making her flustered, and Betsy, sitting next to her looked across at her. Betsy knew why Mary was so fidgety and smiled to herself. Mary was so sweet, so kind to Betsy and she deserved to meet a nice man to love. Betsy had no disillusions about herself; short and plump, her face friendly but plain, she would never meet a man to take care of her. Her nature was kind and she was a good worker; the best she could hope for was solid employment in the house, but sometimes, at night, when the house was quiet she would have liked someone to talk to, someone to call her own. At 21 years old, she could see no future for herself other than hard work in the house.

After the service, Mary, still in her good clothes, ran with unseemly haste to the oak clearing in the woods to meet Jack. He was already waiting for her, unfamiliar in his stiff collared shirt and jacket rather than his sturdy work clothes. He held out his arm for her and she threaded her own through his crooked elbow. Together they wandered slowly through the woods and onto country lanes, not following any route in particular but enjoying the country air, the sounds and sights of spring around them, and each other's company.

It was obvious to Mary that Jack was overwhelmed by her. He trembled when she touched his arm, stuttered whenever she smiled at him. She wondered what he would do if she should suddenly draw her skirts up and beg him to touch her in the way he did before, and as her mind drifted, she began drawing closer to him, her long thigh brushing against his as they walked, her arm pressing more firmly on his. Jack was aware of the sudden change in tension between them; he hadn't known how to approach her, how to tell her what he wanted but he began to see that she wanted it as much as he did.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he guided her across fields and into the shelter of a row of trees. They came to a stop under a large oak, it's new spring foliage sheltering them, overhanging branches forming a secret bower for them. Jack took off his jacket and spread it on the ground for Mary to sit. As he lowered himself down by her side, her slim arms came up and encircled him, drawing his head down to kiss her. His lips were surprisingly soft, and she enjoyed taking the lead, her tongue exploring his mouth. She felt his hands on her waist, and then slide up slowly until his hand cupped her full breasts beneath her thick coat. Pulling away, she unfastened her buttons to allow him easier access. Her best bodice was made of fine cotton, and as he played with her breasts, he could feel her nipples rise to a point, pushing against his palm. He lowered his mouth to kiss them, sucking gently through the bodice and her petticoats. Mary, frustrated by this gentle, slow action, pushed him away and began to disrobe. She wanted to feel his mouth on her flesh, to feel him biting and sucking hard. He watched as her body emerged from her petticoats, her breasts firm and full, her nipples erect in the brisk spring air. His eyes dropped to look at the dark cleft between her legs, and she turned around so he could see her rounded buttocks.

Teasing him, she placed her hands on each cheek and separated them slightly, so he could see the cleft there, and bent forward slightly so he saw the deep wedge between her thighs. He moved forward and lifted a hand to touch her, feeling the heat and wetness. He wanted to taste her again, to feel her warmth envelope him, to lick at the sticky sweet juices that flowed from her. He guided her back to the jacket spread under the tree and laid her down, marvelling at her soft pale flesh so different from his own, sun hardened skin.

Her thighs parted automatically and he pushed them back further so her whole sex was exposed. He gazed on the folds of flesh, and the nub of tissue half hidden within.

Mary relaxed back, her eyes closed, not caring that she was exposed to the world. The she felt Jack's warm breath on her, and a soft stroke on her sex. At first she didn't know if it was his fingers or his tongue, but then she felt him lapping at her, and probing between the folds of flesh with the tip of his tongue, flicking at the hidden nub of flesh until her breathing came in short gasps and she never wanted him to stop. She felt his fingers on her, spreading the fleshy lips apart and he sucked gently at her. Her juices were flowing now and he licked them away. His fingers were becoming more adventurous, entering her then withdrawing, tickling the cleft between her buttocks. Mary suddenly wanted him in her; she wanted to feel his cock in her, filling her, driving deep. Her sex felt engorged, throbbing for release. She opened her eyes and begged him to take her. As he hurriedly undressed, Mary lay back, her thighs still spread and played with herself lasciviously, knowing that Jack was excited by the sight of her finger buried in herself, encircling and rubbing at her flesh.

His cock was erect, straining, the engorged purple head slick with juices already. Mary wanted it inside her, and held back her thighs, opening herself as much as possible so he could enter her.

He took his cock in his hand and guided it to her entrance, then thrust inside into the haven of her sex. Mary gasped, feeling it massage her with a brutal tenderness as he drove into her deeply. One hand lay on her breasts, feeling for her nipples, and with the other he wound his fingers into the crisp curls at the base of her belly, letting one fingertip stray lower, playing with her until she reached her peak, squirming and whimpering in pleasure. He slowed for a moment, feeling her muscles clench around him and for a second he thought he was about to release himself. He desperately wanted to last longer this time, to revel in the heat of her and slowed to regain a little control.

He rocked back on his knees, his cock almost pulling out completely and watched as she quivered in the throes of her pleasure. Then he plunged back in, his hands moving to take hold of her ankles to support himself, spreading her legs widely in a deep V. He watched his cock as it drove into her slick with her juices until he couldn't hold back any longer. With a groan, he released a flood of hot viscous seed into her. Spent, he rested against her for a moment, and then pulled out, releasing a flood of his seed mixed with her juices. They lay on the makeshift blanket together, her head resting on his shoulder. He kissed her hair gently, and she nuzzled into him further for warmth.

Soon the time came for them to return to duties, and reluctantly they dressed and walked back to the House. Mary could still feel the weight of him inside her, and she wondered again whether she should tell Jack of her relationship with her Master. She decided not to, what he didn't know wouldn't harm him.

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