The Mail Order Bride


"Let me guess," she said with a chuckle.

"Bingo," I replied, "You are such a quick study."

"Let me examine this more closely," she said, "I've seen pictures of a penis but this is the first time I have ever touched one."

"Nothing beats hands-on experience," I said, "If you'll pardon the pun."

"Penis sounds so clinical, doesn't it," she said, "I've heard there are other terms."

"Like what?"

She paused and said, "Cock, for instance."

"Cock is good," I said, "It connotes a bit of the rooster which all men harbor. It's sometimes also called a prick."

"Well it certainly doesn't feel prickly."

"You're right," I said, "And for the life of me I don't know where that term originated."

"Perhaps we can do some research."

"Perhaps. we can."

"It's so stiff and hard," she said.

"All the better for cocking and pricking," I said laughingly.

"It's stiff and hard and yet your skin is so soft and tender."

"Tender is good," I said "Any my testacles are even more tender."

"Oh yes, testacles," she replied, "Where the sperm is manufactured."

"Yes," I said, "And right about now a whole bunch of them are clamoring to get out and go about their business of making babies. They are single-minded little fellows."

"I'd like to make a baby," she said.

"If that's what you want perhaps it will happen but we'll save that for a future lesson," I said.

She stroked my balls and said, "I can almost feel those little fellows clamoring to get out."

"Then turn them loose," I replied.

She giggled and said, "I've done some reading in some hard-to-find books and I think I know how to do that."

"Show me."

She moved her hand to the tip of my cock and captured the pre-come which was oozing out.

"Your cock comes with it's own dispenser of lubricant," she said.

"So does your vagina," I said, "Mother Nature plays no favorites"

"That's debatable," she said, "But vagina is also such a clinical word."

"What other words do you know?"

"I've heard it referred to as a quim or a cunt," she said, "And I don't know where those words came from either."

"I can't say about quim but I believe that cunt has a connection to cunnilingus."

"Are we going to do that? Have you ever done that?"

"Yes I have and yes we will but only if you want to," I said, "But that's also for a future lesson."

"How exciting," she said with a chuckle. She stroked my penis with one hand and fondled my testacles with another. "This feels good in my hand," she said, "I wonder how it will feel inside me."

"Another future lesson," I replied.

"Oh, shoot," she said, with a laugh.

"One step at a time my darling."

"How am I doing so far?"

"You are doing a wonderful job of doing me."

"I'm so glad and this is so exciting."

"Put your hand in your mouth for a minute and make it wetter."

She did, moistening her hand nicely and said, "I can taste and smell you on my hand."

"How is it?"

"It's not at all unpleasant and it has a sort of musky smell."

"Musky is an apt description," I said, "Now stroke me harder and pay attention to this spot." I put my hand on hers and showed her the place on the underside of my penis just under the crown. She continued stroking my cock, paying particular attention to that special spot.

"Rebecca," I said, "I'm about to climax."

"I want you to, I want to see your seed."

"Well, here it is, " I said and with that I ejaculated heartily.

"Oh my, oh my," she said, "That was beautiful. I never imagine there would be so much of it."

I laughed and said, "I've been storing that and saving it for quite some time."

"Then the amount fluctuates?"

"Yes, according to how often it happens."

She paused and then said, "Can we do it again."

I laughed. "Not tonight my darling. This old man is only good for that about once a day."

"Well," she said, "I suppose once a day is enough."

We laid close together and a drowsed off to sleep. I awoke a few hours later and saw her sitting at the desk across the room, writing something.

"What are you writing about?"

She smiled and said, "About you and us and our first night together."

"Sweet thoughts, I hope?"

"The sweetest, my sweet."

"I had best get dressed and go to my house. It wouldn't be seemly for me to be seen leaving your room in the morning. But I'll come and fetch you for breakfast."

I got dressed and slipped quietly out of the hotel. I walked to my house and slept soundly the rest of the night. Next morning I took Rebecca to breakfast and than to my office. While I worked she read my scrapbook of old editorials and stories I had judged worth saving.

That evening after dinner at the hotel dining room we retired to her room. We got undressed and this time we got into bed without any night clothes. We kissed and caressed for a while and then she said, "I'm ready for my next lesson, teacher."

I smiled and said, "Our next course will be intercourse."

"Aren't you the clever one," she said.

"First of all," I said, "Let's prepare each other."

I began to touch and caress her nether lips and she stroked my cock, lovingly. Soon she was wet and ready and so was I.

I moved between her legs and said, "There are several ways we can do this. I think we'll start with the old tried and true - the missionary position."

I moved closer to her and began to caress her pussy with my cock, paying particular attention to her clitoris.

"You may or may not climax from intercourse but if you don't I"ll find other ways to satisfy you," I said.

"You are so very thoughtful. You are a dear, sweet man," she replied.

"Is there any soreness in your special place?" I asked.

"If there was it's all gone now thanks to what you're doing."

"Do you feel a longing to feel me inside you?"

"Oh yes."

"Then take hold of my penis and put it right at the entrance and I'll take care of the rest."

She reached down and guided my cock to precisely where it wanted and needed to be.

"I'm going to enter you now. If you feel any pain or discomfort just say the word and I'll stop."

"Go ahead," she said, "Make me a woman."

I kissed her sweetly and slowly began to glide my penis inside her. She spread her legs wider to give me more access. Her pussy was incredibly wet and incredibly tight and felt incredibly good.

"How does that feel?" I asked.

"It feels, it feels good. It feels fulfilling. It feels uh, natural."

I started to move in and out of her, gently at first but then as my passion increased so did my speed.

She moved her hips as best she could up to match my thrusts.

"I'm fucking! I'm fucking! I'm truly, and actually fucking." she cried, trying to keep her voice as low as possible.

"I am too, my sweet. I am fucking a woman that I deeply love and admire."

I picked up the pace and said, "Wrap your legs around me and hold on."

She did. The sounds and smells of some serious coupling began to fill the room. I was amazed and delighted that I was able to keep from coming. Perhaps last night's hand-job had paid dividends. But inevitably I could feel those rascally little sperm about to exit.

"I'm almost there, Rebecca, almost there."

"I am too, I am too!"

I came first but was able to sustain my momentum long enough for her to come also. She dug her fingernails into my back and let the moment take her. We stopped and fell away from her.

"I could feel your sperm when you erupted," she said. "It was an indescribable feeling and then I felt even better when I erupted too. Was it as pleasurable for you as it was for me?"

"My darling," I said, "It was incredible. We came together and not every couple, even those who have been making love for years, can say that."

"My, that is something," she said. "I wonder if we've made a baby?"

"Well those little spermatazoa are even now swimming toward their destination. We'll know soon enough but in any case we need to get married."

I got out of bed and bowing down I said, "Rebecca, will you marry me."

"Oh yes I will," she said, And then she laughed and said, "I've dreamed for years about a man proposing to me but I never imagined he would be naked."

I went back to my house and the next morning I collected my bride-to-be. We went to the courthouse, found a judge who was an old friend of mine, enlisted some people from the city clerk's office to act as witnesses and we were married.

We returned to the hotel, gathered up her things and went to my, now our, house.

I went to work, leaving her at home to put away her things and get accustomed to her new surroundings. I arrived home that evening and was greeted by the smell of pot roast, lilacs and a lovely smiling wife.

"How was your afternoon, Mrs. Bender?"

"It was wonderful. How about yours?"

"It was okay. What is that I smell?"

"Pot roast, potatoes and carrots. I made a little trip to the grocery store. I thought my dear, sweet husband would appreciate a home-cooked meal."

We sat down at the table and I savored every bite.

"Rebecca, you are not only an incredibly beautiful woman and a great lover you are a fantastic cook."

She laughed and said, "I fear that you're still in the throes of an early romance but thank you for the compliment."

I helped her clear the table and wash and dry the dishes and then we sat for a while on the front porch swing, held hands and talked.

"If this is what married couples do I think I really like being married," she said.

I smiled and said, "I love being married - to you. And, I might add, this is not the only thing that married couples do."

She laughed, "What exactly is on your mind my dear husband."

I took her hand and brought her to her feet and said, "Follow me."

We locked the door, turned off the gas lamps and went into the bedroom. She looked at the bed and said, "Our marriage bed, my classroom, I pray that we spend many happy hours in it."

"I second that supplication. Shall we resume our studies?"

"Oh yes."

We undressed and got into bed.

"It's time for our third course. As you probably know, having read extensively there are many ways to make love or have sex, if you will, but all or most are variations of the three basics," I said.

"And those would be," she asked, smiling.

"Manually, conjugally and orally."

She hesitated and than said, "Well we've done the first two. Are you proposing the third?"

"Only if you are willing."

"In for a penny, in for a pound," she said.

I laughed and said, "In this venue there are variations, we can pleasure each other simultaneously,"

"Soixante-neuf," she said.

"You are indeed well read," I said.

"Thank you," she replied.

"Or," I said, "we can do it individually or sequentially."

"And which is to be, kind sir?"

"I think the first time we'll do it sequentially. I think it's easier to concentrate on the process if one is not distracted."

"You find me distracting?"

"Delightfully distracting."

"Okay," she said, "Who goes first."

"I'll do you first and then you can do me, but only if you want to."

"Ladies first," she said, "How very gallant."

"Nope, just practical, because after you do me I may not have the energy to do you."

"My husband the pragmatist," she said with a laugh. Then she said, "Should I lie down on the bed?"

"Yes," I said, "but not in the middle.. Let me show you."

She laid down and I positioned her sideways on the bed with her petite bottom right at the edge. I knelt in front of her, put one of her legs on the bed post and draped the other over my shoulder. She was opened wide and invitingly in front of me.

"My goodness," she said, "I feel so exposed."

"Indeed," I said, "and you you look enticing."

I began to lick slowly up the sides of her thighs getting closer to her prize with every passage. She responded with a moan and a burst of heady vaginal aroma. I put my hands on her labia and lovingly spread her nether lips apart. Sticking out my tongue I made a darting swipe up her pussy, starting near her rectum and ending with a suck on her clitoris.

"Oh, that feels fantastic," she said. "Like your fingers although wetter and more sensitive."

I licked her again and yet again and she said, "How do I taste?"

I stopped licking for a moment and said, ,"Like strawberries and burgundy wine."


"Well, not exactly. It's hard to describe but I thought that sounded good."

"It feels wonderful."

"It tastes even better."

I pushed my face eagerly into her entrance and moved it from side to side, coating my face with her essence. She gasped and moaned and I inserted my middle finger into her tunnel and began to move it in and out while I nibbled on her clitoris.

"Oh my dear sweet man!"

I probed and licked harder.

"Oh my dear sweet man!", she cried, louder.

I probed and licked and nibbled harder still.

"OH, MY DEAR SWEET MAN!", she shouted as she climaxed.

"Oh, my dear sweet woman," I said, "I love to please you."

I stood up and moved her still trembling body lengthwise on the bed and then walked around the bed and laid down beside her. I took her in my arms and kissed her. My face was still dripping from her juices. She licked around my taste and said, "Maybe raspberries and burgundy wine."

I laughed and held her close.

"What do you taste like," she asked.

"Taste me and see," I said, "but only if you want to."

"After what you just did for me I could hardly refuse."

"Then, Mrs. Bender, help yourself."

She put her hand on my cock and said, "It feels like dinner is ready."

"Ready and willing," I replied.

She moved to between my legs and I reached behind and put two pillows under my head so I could watch her.

"Do you want to watch me eat my dinner?" she asked, "In case I have bad table manners."

"Madame the viewing is simply for my pleasure. I want to watch you pleasuring me."

"I've never done this before, you know."

"I'm sure you'll have no problem learning how."

She laughed, looked lovingly at my cock and balls and began to touch and stroke them.

"Is it alright to eat with my hands?"

I laughed and said, "I'm not sure what Emily Post would have to say about that but you certainly have my permission."

"Well, here goes," she said and took her first taste of masculine menu. She lovingly licked up the base of my cock, paused and said, "Sort of like Kansas City strip sirloin, medium rare."

I laughed heartily and said, "Mrs. Bender you are a saucy little wench."

"Wench, is it?"

"You're my wench. You're my wife. You're my life."

"Thank you," she said.

She put her tongue on the sensitive spot just under the crown and licked up and down.

"Ah, you remembered," I said.

"I told you I was a good student," she said with a laugh.

"Now, take it all in your mouth," I said.

"Like this?"

"Exactly like that. No response is necessary. It's not polite to talk with your mouth full."

She laughed while she sucked and her mouth moved enchantingly on my hard cock.

"Touch my balls, very gently."

She did and I said, "Good girl."

She stopped and said, "Just good?"

"I'm sorry. Let me re-phrase, wonderful, marvelous, fantastic, phenomenal, stupendous, mind-boggling."

She stopped again and said, "You sound like Roget's Thesaurus."

"I am a journalist, you know."

"Well, I hope you won't write about this for your newspaper."

"It will be our secret."

She went back to work, plunging her mouth deeply down on my cock and then pulling back, pursing her lips and paying special attention to the sensitive head.

"Oh, Rebecca, I'm about to climax!"

She grunted approvingly and worked even faster and sweeter. I could feel my love load rising and rising and rising and then I erupted into her mouth. She stopped sucking and, looking directly at me, she rolled my seed around in her mouth and then she swallowed it. She sighed and said, "Very tasty."

"And rich in proteins, I am told."

"Proteins are good," she said.

She laid back down beside me and we drifted off to sleep with sweet dreams of many more nights to come on our marriage bed in our little house in our little town on the prairie.

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