The Main Event


Devon looked in the mirror. He was happy with what he saw. His rugged good looks always drew attention from the ladies. Devon started to smile a slow sexy smile and felt his cock go rock hard. He loved thinking about his previous wild adventures and the sweet anticipation of pleasure to come. It kept his mind focussed and his big cock rock hard. Most of all he loved the sweet anticipation. Every adventure stimulated him to want more. His drug of erotic choice. It kept him happy.

Devon lived in a small tastefully decorated home that had a big bedroom and a sex chair he used often.

Right now he was making his way through the dense, misty, haze. The fog in the air gave an eerie perspective to the neon signs that advertised many stimulating opportunities. He walked right past all the propositioning hookers and pimps in the Hamburg red light district as he headed down a side street, turned right into an alley and proceeded to knock on an unassuming paint chipped black door.

Devon knocked 4 times pausing for 10 seconds between counts. The code changed every night. He gladly paid the thousand dollar entrance fee, counting 10 one hundred dollar bills into the doorman's hand.

He thought about how lucky he was to stumble across this erotic opportunity.

Walking into the bar, he instantly felt his senses aroused to the smells and erotic atmosphere. A 30 ish blonde with her breasts decorated in elaborate body paint caught his eye. In the centre between her tits was a tiger's face and it branched off to show off animal paw prints and stripes. She was gorgeous and had huge natural breasts.

"May I?" I asked.

She nodded "Yes" smiling.

That was the way this game was played. Yes was always the answer. I kissed her soft lips, slid my finger between the slit of her gold shorts, rubbed her then fed her my finger while I sucked on the eyes of her tiger. Her nipples were bare and took my teeth gladly. She moaned. My cock got so hard. I smiled and moved on.

Getting a drink from the bar I spotted another beautiful woman. I caught her eye and motioned her over. She winked at me and flung her wild long blonde hair behind her in a seductive gesture as she sashayed her topless sparkling glittery sexy tits toward me.

I started to rub my cock through my shorts as she stood before me in tiny booty shorts. Here was another absolutely gorgeous big breasted babe. She stood in front of me smiling. I looked around. Many of the customers in the club were being serviced in front of me. It was heady to watch. Right now what I needed the most was to get my cock sucked.

"On your knees sexy," I said smiling.

I grabbed her long blonde hair and pushed her into position while my other hand undid my pants and let my cock out. I could feel her tongue circling around my thighs and balls.

"Suck my cock, now," I commanded and pushed her mouth hard onto my cock.

I wasn't going to waste any time. This bitch needed to taste and feel my cum all over her and quick. It had been a long week and I had waited long enough to come. I pumped the silver beauty's mouth hard and wild. I went from cheek to cheek and then in to the hilt. I let her catch some air when she gagged, but then I fucked her mouth again mercilessly. I could tell she was getting tired but I didn't stop. My orgasm was intense. I spurted into her hair, then pumped cum up through the slit of my cock right into her nose. She took in my wet jizz and let it pump into her very small opening. Fuck did that ever turn me on. I kept releasing more and more. She coughed as it ran down her throat. I pulled out for a moment then shoved my cock back into her mouth to clean up every drop. I handed her a tissue and tucked my cock back into my pants, moving on.

Now that I had a chance to cum I felt better. I continued walking. Along my stroll I glanced into one of the rooms. It was a voyeuristic room. The curtain offered a sheer and cloudy opportunity to see what was behind it. One woman was one on her knees licking the pussy of another very hot woman. A man fucked her sexy ass holding onto it's firmness while watching her suckle the other woman's pussy. I watched them orgasm and felt myself growing hard again. Fuck this was great. This was all fun but I was eager to watch the Main Event; the main attraction that allowed the owners of the club to extract copious amounts of cash from my wallet.

I viewed a few more rooms watching people having sex and hearing and smelling their raw animal attraction. My cock was starting to rage with want. Walking down the long corridor I spoke to the doorman of the Main Event room in front of me. I told him the special code phrase. I had paid lots of extra cash for this and only a select few regulars would be allowed to watch. The doorman looked around and briefly opened the door to let me in telling me that I was number 13.

The arena was tastefully decorated in soft plush fabrics and long hanging drapes in rich colors. It was circular and had side by side private booths. I walked along the perimeter on the circular pathway until I found my room.

Entering the room I noticed I was surrounded by thick, lush burgundy drapes. In the back was a sitting area with a black leather reclining chair and sofa. There was another chair at the front of the room by the window. A straight back chair. The window was a one way mirror. I could see them but they couldn't see me.

I looked at my watch. The Main Event wouldn't start yet for another 30 minutes. I smiled. My timing was perfect.

Sitting in the chair at the front of the room I took out my cock and started to stroke it. Inside the arena men and women were having sex on a rotating circular stage. Some were more aggressive and intense, than others. I watched them all, until I found the hot little bitch I wanted. I buzzed her in as my choice on the console by the window, along with a signal indicating I wanted her in rear entry position.

She was so hot. I couldn't control myself. Her ass was so round and firm and toned. I just wanted to fuck her and cram my hard cock so fucking deep inside her. Staring at her long blonde hair and Brazilian waxed tuff of hair against her porcelain skin set my cock ablaze. I watched her back up her sexy white, tight ass right into the smooth hole my cock fit through on the glass. She pushed her sexy ass back into my hard cock and we fucked and fucked and fucked. I loved how hot and sexy and tight she was. I loved the way she pushed back into my erection and moaned softly every stroke.

I watched other ladies servicing their clients while I fucked her sexy ass. Many were doing what my gorgeous babe was doing; others giving incredibly hot blow jobs. I started fucking her faster, and faster; my cock sliding in ever deeper. My cum spurted between her cheeks. I roared as I dumped my big load. She was so hot and so tight. She squeezed around me pulling every drop of hot cum from my glands. Oh fuck it felt amazing. I leaned back, took a tissue, rinsed it with water from the sink and wiped my cock clean. Leaning back in the big leather easy chair I looked at my watch. There was still 10 minutes to go. Even though I had just come I still felt a tingling at the base of my cock. I had no idea what to expect. The anticipation was so arousing.

Finally 8:00 pm arrived. I took my seat. A curtain closed around the main stage area. The lights flickered off for a moment. When they turned back on, a gorgeous brunette was kneeling before the round opening in the glass my cock had used earlier. She would wait there to suck my cock, and to service me any way I needed and wanted, when I wanted. She sat quietly then turned her head as the show's music began signalling it's beginning.

Slowly the circular curtain opened to reveal a beautiful tall woman tied by chains to circular pillars on the big stage area. She seemed content with her role. She was on all fours and her legs were spread wide. I looked at the beautiful woman kneeled before me, ready to accept my cock at a moments notice.

A strong muscular man walked onto the main stage with jars of liquid honey in his hands.. I watched him drape her whole body with the honey, and felt a twinge in my loins when he kept inserting more and more into her pussy and between her cheeks. The lights turned off and then on again.

I blinked, "What the hell?".

I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I have seen people in many different costumes, but had I seen such a creature as what stood strong and looming on the Main Event stage. He was seven feet tall with a body best described as Hercules. He muscles were very well defined, sinewy and shiny with oil. He wore nothing. The size of his cock wasn't human. He was unnaturally huge and his balls were big and thick. His crystal blue eyes reminded me of a husky. He long mane of black hair reminded me of a Sasquatch. He didn't seem human, more a mix of an experiment gone wrong. The noises he made were barely audible. He seemed to smell the honey and opened his mouth to reveal a very long snakelike tongue that wiggled back and forth. It was unnaturally long and projected out six to seven inches. I felt myself getting very, very hard again. He approached the maiden in front of him and dived into her pussy licking her ravenously with his snakelike tongue. I watched her buck wildly while the creature licked and lapped up the honey covering her breasts, her stomach and the well inside her pussy.

I looked at the concubine in front of me and pulled out my cock inserting it between her pretty red lips. She eagerly accepted and started licking me to perfection. The creature was brutally licking the honey now searching for any last traces. His tongue looked rough and he was relentless. The handler came and led him away from the ravished woman on stage. I came so fucking hard into my bitch's mouth. The curtain closed. There would be a fifteen minute intermission.

I laid back in my easy chair thinking about how erotic the scene in front of me had been. She couldn't possibly take his big cock inside her could she? He wasn't human and either was the size and girth of his cock. The lights flickered interrupting me mid thought. My cock stiffened. I sat in the chair in front of the mirror. I didn't want to miss a second.

The main stage circular curtain slowly opened up to reveal a different woman; a pretty blonde girl with a small petite body began strutting her stuff along the stage. She danced sexily to the beat of the high pounding music.

I looked down and a new girl had quietly slipped into place in front of me awaiting instructions on how I wanted to fuck her. The girl on the main stage laid sexily onto the stage. A man dressed in leather came and tied her up spread eagle. I could see the gaping hole in her pussy. It looked like she had trained for this event. The man walked away and the stage gradually lifted to a 45 degree incline. I motioned for the pretty young girl in front of me to slide her ass up to the glass and rotate. I watched her without taking my cock out, and made her keep doing it. She did as I said patiently; while waiting for me to fuck her.

Thor, for lack of better name, walked onto the stage. He was enormous and looked confused.

"My esteemed guests," a voice came over the loud speaker, "Please enjoy the show."

The handler flicked a whip at the creature. He directed Thor to put his big cock in the wench's mouth. I couldn't wait for the blonde to the suck that huge cock. She tried to stretch her mouth around its enormity. Her mouth opened so wide. Thor plunged into her mouth making her gag.

So turned on, I pushed deep into the woman's ass before me. The man in leather pulled Thor back with the crack of his whip. He checked with the woman and found out she was willing to continue. That's why she had the been chosen for this event. She was a tough bitch.

Thor's cock slid deeper into her little mouth. I plunged my cock into my sexy bitches ass again with intensity.

The handler stroked the beast's cock and her throat to relax it, urging the blonde to swallow more and more of his massive hardness. His cock was so big and fat and round and long. It was amazing to watch her try and take him. She took in more cock than I could imagine possible. I came deep in my sexy girl's ass while watching Thor's cum pour out of the blonde's mouth. Dammn that was good. There was another 15 minute intermission. I laid back in the easy chair. This was getting to be quite a workout.

When the curtain reopened another hot chick settled in, in front of me. This time the platform wasn't tilted nearly as much. The woman on stage was poised on all fours. The man lead Thor onto the stage and the lights focussed on his cock and her pussy. The stage started rotating. The attractive handler slathered her pussy and ass with honey again. Thor started lapping at her ass and pussy roughly with his leathery tongue.

Now that the chick on stage was dripping wet, Thor's cock should slide in deep I thought. Except for one thing. She was so little and he was so big. One of the men took a very long dildo and covered it with lube. He started sliding it into her pussy. He pulled it out and put more lube on sliding it in deeper. He did the same thing with her sexy bottom. Thor stood watching. His handler held him in check.

Thor growled as he approached her. She looked scared and vulnerable yet determined and very turned on. His sheer size was intoxicating. There was no way she could possibly take such a big cock, but it didn't take long before she was doing just that.

His enormous cock started sliding in and out of her with rapid succession. The stage rotated as she strained to take more and more of cock.

I fucked the bitch's pussy in front of me to the steady beat of Thor's cock pushing in and out of the woman on stage. The handler now urged Thor to slid his cock to the entrance of her firm, tight, cheeks. Such a petite little thing getting taken by such a huge cock was the ultimate turn on.

Around me, I noticed the action was increasing. Women's tits were jiggling like wild while the men fucked their asses with rapid speed. Thor started growling and making unnatural animalistic noises as he started pouring cum into the girl's tight ass. He came for a long time, then pushed away and was led off by the handler. The girl lay on her stomach with ass cheeks high in the air showing the opening his protruding cock had carved out.

At that sight I came hard into my girl's ass. The woman on stage stood up and smiled waving at us, indicating to us she was okay as cum dripped from her. Then the lights went off and the door to the room opened automatically.

Wow! The rest of the night was a daze. Somehow I found my hotel room and woke up the next morning feeling like I had, had a hard workout at the gym. Then the events of the night before started to flash before my eyes. I took my cock out and started stroking to the wild and forbidden images floating through my mind.

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