tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Maine Events Ch. 02

The Maine Events Ch. 02


Note: tons of gratitude to MollyCactus, a wonderful Literotica writer who did amazing and patient work on editing this series of three stories. She is a sweetheart. And a slut. With a brain! Thanks honey!

The young couple that I had observed and then met this afternoon (see my story "The Maine Events 01 - On the Dock") had invited me over to their cabin for dinner. So I cleaned up and dressed in a simple but enticing outfit: a thin white leotard with a long white skirt. It was warm enough to be barefoot. I'd brought along a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio, and I was a little bit on edge.

I guessed that it was due to knowing that something wild would undoubtedly happen that evening, but not knowing exactly what? With who? Mmmm, I knew that it would be exciting, but these two people were so athletically young, so finely sculpted, so open and enthusiastic. Would I be 'good' enough and young enough to keep up?

Nervousness aside, I was also anxious to see what happened, so I quickly walked down to the dock, and stepped into the water, lifting the hem of my dress to keep it dry. I waded along the rocky shoreline and stepped up onto their dock, then up the path to their cabin. I'd never walked over there from my cabin before. It was a gorgeous place, in an elegant log-cabin style with a wrap-around screened-in porch and wide steps leading up to the door.

As I approached the door, I could see a fire burning in the huge fieldstone fireplace, and framed by the yellow glow of the flames, there they were, embracing in an intimate and beautiful way. My footsteps on the porch warned them of my arrival, and they unwrapped themselves from each other in an unhurried way and came over to the door to welcome me. I gave Nina and Bart each warm but innocent hugs.

Bart went inside to open and pour the wine, while Nina and I stood looking out towards the lake and the fiery hues of the sunset. We were standing very close together, side by side, and after a few moments our shoulders were touching. It was a tender moment of silent sharing of the spectacular radiance, which was broken by her whispering a few words, so quietly that I had to ask her to repeat herself. A bit louder, she said, "I'd like to ask you for a favor. Bart and I have something we'd like your help with after dinner."

"What do you need help with?" I inquired.

"Well," she replied, "we got a special thrill out of having you watch us make love this afternoon. We talked it over, and we think that you are the perfect person to help us with this project that we have been fantasizing about for a while."

"Of course I'll help," I assured her, thinking that they were hoping for a menage-a-trois, which would be more than fine with me. But that is not exactly what Nina and Bart had in mind, I now learned.

"You see, we have a new video camera. And we would like to use it to record ourselves fucking," Nina went on to explain (She is so matter-of-fact about using that word. It is certainly not a dirty word in her vocabulary!). "We hope that you will be our camera person."

"But I don't know anything about using that kind of equipment," I told her. In the back of my mind, I was feeling a bit disappointed, because being the archivist of their coupling seemed a very passive and cold role, compared to being actively involved in the sex.

"Oh, don't worry. This camera is incredibly easy to use – just point and shoot. It is auto-focus, auto-everything. It does really good closeups, and has a light on the top of it," Nina reassured me. "You don't have to do anything but turn it on, look through the viewfinder, maybe use the zoom a little, and film whatever you like to look at while we are fucking. I think that you'll enjoy it. Please? We would really appreciate your help."

There was something irresistibly likable and candid about Nina and the way she made this request of me, and despite my hesitation, I said, "Yes, OK. I'll do my best to assist you."

With that she gave me another hug. She was a few inches shorter than me, and the way that her head nestles in the crook of my neck felt kind of motherly. After all, I was about 15 years her senior. Our affectionate embrace was interrupted by Bart's reappearance with three glasses of the wine.

As we all sipped the wine and watched the last tendrils of color slip from the sky, Nina tells Bart, "Sue has nicely agreed to help us, hon."

Bart was even more appreciative than was Nina, and he gave me a hug that was not nearly as familial. He was so lean and muscular, and his straight blond hair smelled clean and fresh. His hot breath flowed by my ear in a way that made me tingle a little. His hands started a massage of my back, kneading my shoulders, then working down my spine to my waist.

I felt Nina press her body up behind me, and her breath at my other ear. One of her hands played through my hair, and the fingers of the other traced circles around my cheek and face. I grasped my arms around Bart's neck and let the simple tactile pleasures of this moment wash over me. It was sexual and innocent at the same time. I hadn't realized that I was tense, but now I could feel the tension flowing out of me like sand through an hour-glass. I was supported by the voluptuous moment, and whatever reservations or disappointment I felt at hearing their proposal was completely dissipated. I knew I would do anything for them right then.

The moment was broken by a growling sound, and in the tangle of our interwoven bodies, no one of us could tell exactly whose stomach was gurgling. But it was obviously time for dinner, so that we would be ready for the rest of the evening.

I appreciated Nina's foresight in preparing a light dinner. She had created an incredible caesar salad, piled high with crisp leaf lettuce and even a sprinkling of lobster meat. This was just the right kind of meal that wouldn't leave us feeling bloated and heavy. During dinner, I learned more about the two of them. They were both yoga instructors at a center in New York. That fit in with their healthy, vibrant appearance and attitude. "Maybe I should take up yoga," I thought. "There is so much to admire in these two gorgeous people."

At the end of the meal, Nina cleared the table and Bart got out the camera. I was surprised how easy that thing was to operate. It only weighed a couple of pounds, and it fit easily in one hand. It was hardly any bigger than a fat paperback book, with a little light stuck onto the top of it. A thin cord trailed from the back of the camera, so that it could be plugged in. I guessed that meant that we will not be restricted by battery life. The flip-out color viewfinder was large enough for me to see the picture clearly.

"This should be easy," I told Bart. "Somehow, I had expected tripods, big lights, and so on." I was pleased. Equipment such as I had envisioned would have been obtrusive, and would could only have distracted from the spontaneity of the moment. This little video camera would hardly be noticed. Now I was looking forward to this. My fear of technology was replaced by a newfound confidence in the user-friendliness of that little camera. "After all," I chided myself, "I got over my apprehension about computers, didn't I?"

We all got back together in the living room. When I asked what they proposed for a start, Nina once again surprised me.

"Before you start filming," she explained, "I'd like to shave my cunt and also Bart's crotch. I want us to look our best for this event, We plan to be re-watching this video for years to come."

"That's OK with me," I assured her. "In fact, I've never shaved myself, and I wouldn't know really how to do it. I want to video this part too." I grinned a bit impishly. "Maybe this will become a series on educational TV." She and Bart laughed at that idea.

Nina left the living room for a few minutes to get her shaving supplies, and Bart threw several more large logs onto the fire, setting up a really big blaze that lit the room in a warm golden glow. The air in the room felt like it was getting warm too, both with the heat from the fire as well as the heat that was building up inside me. The idea of filming the two of them was first broached over an hour before, and since then, the notion was growing on me more and more.

I knew that the crotch of my leotard was getting moist, and it seemed to keep creeping up between my labia. Bart took off his shirt, and I decided that I'll be more comfortable without that long dress. Whatever small sense of modesty that I still clung to at that point would be satisfied by my leotard, I figured. Although that leotard was so tight and sheer that my arousal would be apparent right through the material. Not that Bart and Nina hadn't seen me aroused before!

Nina returned with a thick terrycloth beach towel that she spread on the overstuffed armless couch... I guess it could called an ottoman. Bart had pulled it up near the fireplace. Nina had changed into a short silk robe, and she now removed this. As she laid herself down on the couch and settled into a comfortable position, I turned on the camera. The light helped to illuminate the shadowy areas, but the warm golden color from the fireplace was still evident.

I started at Nina's face, and then panned down her body until I reached her cunt. She spread her legs so that her feet fell to either side of the couch, and her hairless cunt opened up and revealed it's not-so-secret interior folds and dampness. I leaned over closer, so that the image in the camera was filled entirely by her cunt area. Getting this close, I could see why she wanted to shave. There was just a hint of blond stubble.

Her finger suddenly intruded into the picture, and she gently pushed and probed with it, pulling her labia open even more, so that the slick pinkness of her inner lips, and the dark, ragged opening of her vagina, all became momentarily visible. When her finger withdrew, I saw a splash of liquid appear. Holding the camera in place, I pulled my eye away from the viewfinder so that I could see what was happening more fully. Bart had a pump bottle of some kind of clear baby oil, and he was drenching Nina's cunt with it. Then he picked up a small disposable razor and approached her.

With my eye back to the camera, I watched him methodically rake the blade of the razor over her skin. He started on her belly and swiped it downwards over her mons, making parallel cuts, almost as if he was mowing the lawn. The thick sheen of oil was removed by each cut, and so was the barely visible stubble. He left behind a lightly oiled and smooth surface that was just a bit pinker than the surrounding flesh.

"Spread your thighs wider, lover", he told Nina. She obediently pulled her legs outward and grasped her knees. Her thighs were sticking straight out from her hips. I guessed that all of her yoga training made her more flexible. I stepped around, moving inside her leg on the opposite side of the couch from Bart. As I did this, I pulled the camera further back so that I could see all of Nina's body spread out below me. Her light brown hair was spread out all around her head like an aura, and it reminded me a bit of a famous Marilyn Monroe picture. She had a blissful, serene look on her face. In another person, that wide-spread layout would look totally lewd and even pornographic. But on Nina, the look was mainly the look of healthy all-American girl-next-door. Just like her way of saying the word "fuck" didn't come across as being dirty, her unselfconsciousness about being naked and totally exposed seemed natural and normal.

Zooming back down to her crotch, I saw the razor had started stripping the oil and stubble from her outer labia. In the process, the folds of her skin were pushed all around, and Bart was being very careful to not go too far into the tender flesh of her inner cunt. When he was finished with this area, he even started to shave around her asshole, although I couldn't see much stubble for him to remove. I think this must have tickled her a little, because the muscles in her inner thighs twitched from time to time, and her asshole clenched and loosened in a kind of rhythmic way. The opening to her rectum was so wonderfully shaped, not ragged and hard looking. It was soft and round and supple. Mostly assholes say "forbidden and dirty" to me in loud shouts. But Nina's was not like that at all. The words that came to mind were "lush and enticing and clean."

And that beauty extended to her entire cunt. As Bart rubbed away the remaining baby oil, I moved around so that I was right at the foot of the couch, aiming directly up through her cunt. When the towel was removed, the view was terrific. I was not accustomed to seeing a clean-shaven cunt, nor had I seen any cunt (even my own) that close up and well lit. The surrounding skin was smooth as silk, without any blemish or bump. I was surprised by the uniform color of her outer lips. I had expected them to be darker than the surrounding flesh.

Even more unusual and breathtaking were her inner labia. They were tiny flaps of skin that are a dark purple in color, and they were perfectly symmetrical and laid outwards like the flower petals of a Sweet Pea. Between these inner lips was the opening to her vagina, and there I saw the folds and ragged edges inside. Just above her vagina was a very small twist of flesh that hid her piss hole, and then above that was a ridge of flesh that held her clitoris. I zoomed in as close as the camera allowed, and I could see how the ridge sloped down gradually toward her tummy, and much more steeply to the sides. At the lower end of the ridge, the end closest to me, the ridge ended in a kind of cliff, interrupted by the smooth and shiny round boulder that was her clitoris. All of the other parts were flesh colored and flushed pink, but her clitoris was pale, almost white. Again, as in every other part of this incredible woman's body, I could only think of how perfectly sculpted she was.

Now that she had been shaved, it was Bart's turn. Nina stood up and knelt in front of him, right in front of the blazing fire. We were all very warm, and a light sheen of sweat reflected the flames across their skin. Reaching up to the waist of his elastic waist cotton pants, she pulled them down gradually. When his cock was revealed, I was surprised that it was not completely hard. But it was big, even in repose as it eased down onto his thighs, slightly crooked over to the right side.

Then I noticed Bart was not circumcised! How unusual. When I saw him earlier this afternoon, I hadn't realized that, since I was 40 feet away, and he was so erect that I suppose that the skin was pulled back naturally. Here I could see the skin covering the entire head. Actually, just a bit of the head was peaking out from the crinkled lips at the edge of his foreskin, which was longer on underside. The thick ridge at the base of the crown of the head was evident under the skin, and purplish veins stood up from the surface of the entire length.

In addition to his being uncircumcised, the fact that he too was shaved was a feast for my curious eyes. As I continued to view him through the camera, he stepped out of his pants, and Nina lifted his heavy cock in her fingertips, and brought her lips to the tip. Her tongue snaked out from between her lips and flicked at the small patch of unhooded glans. Then her tongue became more pointed, and it started to burrow under the foreskin. Again I zoomed in close, and from my vantage point above and to the side, I could see the tip of her tongue within the sheath of skin. Her probing began randomly, but then she started going around and around the head, still under the foreskin. Her long red-painted fingernails started raking lightly over the rest of his cock.

It came as no surprise to me that Bart's cock was getting bigger and thicker. It had been big enough in its flaccid state. Now it was becoming stiffer, and for a moment, Nina pulled her hands and tongue away. His cock was jutting straight outwards and the foreskin now covered only a half-inch of the head, hiding only the flange around the edge. Nina again kissed the tip, and lapped lightly upwards over the piss hole. Then her lips closed over the end of his cock, and she started pushing her face forward incrementally and slowly.

When her lips reached the edge of his foreskin, she just pushed it back with her lips, and eventually the bunch of skin slid under her tightly pursed lips and into mouth. Further and further she went, drawing more of his cock deeper into her eager mouth. Her eyes were locked on his and her hands reached around Bart and grasped his ass cheeks. I couldn't really tell whether she was pulling him into her mouth with her hands, or if she was sucking him in with her mouth.

Whichever it was, his length of hardening flesh was gradually disappearing. Since he was becoming harder and longer during this descent I could only estimate how big he had become, but it seemed like plenty. If it were me sucking him in this deep, I knew that it would be difficult. But Nina's eyes communicated how relaxed and simple this was for her. I mused, "Is there a yoga exercise for throats?"

Nina had taken in Bart's entire cock. Her nose was pushed up into the base of his tummy. What restraint they both had, for neither had initiated any kind of pulsing motion. They were absolutely still. From the hollowing of Nina's cheeks, I could see that she was applying a lot of suction. Soon she started to pull her head back away, and the wet and skin-tight surface of Bart's cock was again revealed. What was once a very pale flesh color was now bright pink. Her suction had brought blood not only into the erectile tissues, but also into the surface of the skin. It was kind of like a giant hickey, I supposed. When Nina's lips finally released their grip from his cock head, I could now see how big he had become. The upwards arc of his cock was very pronounced.

Nina instructed Bart, "Lie down for me, hun." Turning to me,she explained, "It actually helps to have an erection when shaving a man. Some of the hair grows right on the base of Bart's cock, and having the skin tight makes for a better and more comfortable shave. And anyway, I love giving Bart a blow job." As if I couldn't tell!

So Bart's shave proceeded, much as Nina's did. A liberal application of the oil to begin, and then she used one hand to hold his rigid cock out of the way as she mowed the surrounding area, and then she carefully worked the razor up the column of his cock. Then she let Bart's cock flop down onto his belly, were it reached all the way to his navel. A drop of his clear precum oozed out of the tip and fell slowly into his navel. I tooke a moment to zero in on this little scene. It was a remarkably sexy turn-on to see this in close-up.

Nina was now shaving Bart's balls, which were smoother and tighter than most others that I had seen. That must have made this shaving much easier. At least Nina made it look easy, but she apparently had had lots of practice. After asking him to spread his legs more, she shaved all around his asshole too. His was a little darker around the edge than Nina's was, but it also was not as crinkled as I expected.

When the job was done, Nina and Bart both stood sideways in front of the fire, and I scanned the camera all over their perfectly shaved and smooth bodies. While I was occupied with this filming, they started caressing each other. Bart's hands wandered and explored Nina's face, her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples. She raised her arms straight up, and he rubbed into her underarms. She showed no sign of being ticklish, but her nipples started to become bigger.

Bart turned their bodies around, so that Nina's back was towards him, and her front was facing me and the camera. As I recorded their foreplay, he started to trace his fingertips around her skin, which was golden with the light of the flames. Using his fingernails, he drew invisible lines and circles under her neck and up to her face. Then his nails scratched lightly down onto her shoulders, and up her up-reaching arms. He grasped her hands and pulled upwards, pulling her taller, making her delicate musculature stand out even more.

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