tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Major's Pretty Baby Face Ch. 05

The Major's Pretty Baby Face Ch. 05


A brief note to my readers regarding Chapter 5;

I have been receiving numerous e-mails from my readers these past months requesting that I expand upon Mary's background and early years with Matthew and I thank them for their interest.

I have also received a few e-mails requesting to know a bit more about Matthew's and Chastity's early years before I move on to Chastity's introduction at the gathering of the Community in Chapter 7.

I hope to satisfy these readers' curiosity about Mary, Matthew and Chastity's in this Chapter and more in Chapter 6 where I will attempt to bind their past experiences in perspective to their current relationship. Yes, Chapter 5 is admittedly long for many.

Chapter 7 will describe Chastity's weekend on display with her Master and the following Chapters will be mostly about them.

For those readers who e-mailed me to go right to the Community Gathering, I request your patience.




December 2013

It was bitterly cold on this February 3rd morning. It was much too cold for butterflies....or so I thought as I walked outside bundled up warm and toasty in my soft and luxurious knee length cashmere coat that was lined with red silk, including the voluminous hood; my birthday gift from Matthew.

I was also wearing a red cashmere hat, scarf and mittens. They were a nice splash of color to the creamy white of my coat. These were not the only gifts from him....the most precious gift of that birthday can't be seen when I'm wearing it.

Matthew was waiting outside in the Land Rover with the engine running. He went outside first to scrape the ice from the windows and brush off the snow and get it warm for me.

It was a typical Western New York winter day with high winds and lake effect blowing and drifting snow.

Matthew had returned from a weekend drill the night before. I spent Saturday at the spa and fitness center with Mary, exercising and getting pampered with massages and facials from top to bottom, including a pedicure. I spent Sunday sketching and painting or just lounging around and listening to music.

I have plenty of time to look my best for Matthew; frumpy and disheveled is not tolerated and may result in a spanking with my wood ruler.

There is little mundane housework for me to do. I no longer have to clean an entire house by myself or do yard work; Matthew does most of the yard work for exercise.

I no longer have to come home from work and clean house while my ex-husband doesn't lift a finger to help; not even when he was laid off or in between jobs.

Matthew has a cleaning service come three times a week while we are at work. We share the basic picking up after ourselves.

Although we prepare our meals and cook together, I do the dishes alone. There is just the two of us most of the time unless we have people over for a gourmet repast.

I was given instructions to be in bed waiting for him when he returned on Sunday night. My hair was fixed in a three strand side braid and tied with a green ribbon.

Matthew came home very late, the bad weather and road conditions holding him up and he was exhausted. We didn't make love that night. I fell asleep waiting and he was considerate and didn't wake me.

I'm certain he kissed my cheek and sighed contentedly after he covered me with my quilt. Matthew does this often when I'm sleeping or he thinks I'm sleeping and I think it's adorable.

He had a hot shower upon returning home and poured himself a brandy before coming to bed.....kissing my cheek tenderly before falling asleep.....he loves me.

Matthew woke me up earlier than usual the next morning serving me breakfast in bed. Black tea with a drizzle of honey exactly the way I like it; a soft boiled egg, an oatmeal bran muffin and a banana; he makes the perfect soft boiled egg.

He was already shaved and dressed before I ate my breakfast which meant he ate his already. Breakfast in bed is something he enjoys doing for me from time to time.

It is something I do for him every Sunday morning. I serve him steak, eggs and home fries with his strong black coffee.

We arrived at work well before everyone else to get ready for the mandatory morning 15 minute meeting with his staff to make sure everyone is at work on time and up to speed.

After the mandatory meeting, I brought Matthew his steaming hot black coffee as usual. He took a sip before he informed me...he was smiling as he took his second sip of coffee studying my reaction to the good news.

Matthew casually mentioned I will be attending my first gathering in the 1000 Islands on the Communities' private club built for this purpose in 1929.

In the dead of winter on this cold morning I experienced butterflies in my stomach at the thought of being put naked on display in front of strangers.

Although poker-faced, Matthew's green eyes told he was amused at my reaction for he reads me so well; as I know him so well....his intense green eyes tell me he loves me and his actions speak louder than words.

My Master pointed to the floor next to his chair and I knelt next to him with my wrists crossed behind me as he sipped his hot coffee until his mug was empty.

"You'll do fine, Chastity" Matthew assured me, putting his mug down and smiling "I've made arrangements to have select pieces of your artwork on display in the billiard room while you will be on display at my side.

The Community is not all about drunken debauchery or kinky anything goes orgies. Yes, many members will participate in them in private. You will not for I will not share you with anyone.

You will be collared of course. You will be naked for a time. You will dress appropriately and tastefully for the formal Saturday night dinner regardless how the other women are displayed."

Masters have much latitude in their submissive women's appearance. Unfortunately a few Masters are not refined or tasteful in this regard.

There will be music and dancing in the red ballroom. Most of them will be slow dances or Waltzes at my reserved request. We definitely will attend this delightful endeavor. Janet will be playing in a string quartet with other submissive women."

Matthew touched my face "Close and lock the door please."

I immediately complied not wanting to be spanked with my ruler. Not that Matthew does that often, only to correct or to get me to focus.

I again knelt at his feet as before when he asked "Did you pleasure yourself while I was away? I gave you permission."

"Yes, Master, on Saturday morning; I missed you."

"Describe it to me, pretty slut" Matthew ordered quietly as he started to remove the hairpins from my braided chignon.

"Yes, Master; I awoke in the morning pleasantly aroused and hugging a pillow....thinking of you and your hard cock inside of me.

I noticed the bottom sheet was wet from the nectar of my arousal and my nipples were hard and sensitive where they pressed up against it.

My glorious pussy is now forever sensuously hairless and smooth to expose the flower of my sex to your lips and tongue."

"Well said and I approve, please continue."

"I love my pussy this way Master, and especially when I stand in front of the full length mirror to admire my pussy jewelry."

I will pause to say that at this point my thick and silky honey blonde hair was completely down and loose for my Master's fingers to explore.

In another two years of careful trims my hair will be waist length. Mary and I help each other to keep our hair in top condition including our weekly hot oil conditioning routine.

We use a coconut oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil and Rosemary oil mixture. This is Mary's secret recipe and the results are fabulous.

My long honey blonde hair is my Master's mandate and my submission. The most wonderful thing is I submit to him of my own free will.

Mary warned me Matthew may cut our hair as brutally or ridiculously short or change the color if we disobey him.

This subject came up on Saturday when we were discussing the written and unwritten mandates of the Community.

Mary told me Matthew did this once to a particularly difficult woman that he was training for another man.

Mary said Matthew was quite physical with this woman at first using his belt when she was foolish enough to try and fight him....she gave him a black eye.

After a trip to the salon, Anne's long strawberry blonde hair was reduced to a little girl's mushroom cap haircut. Anne Abernathy is a corporate attorney.

Mary told me Anne kept that haircut for almost a year; it was deliberately inappropriate for her professional image until her Master allowed her to grow it long again.

Long hair is the norm for most women of the Community. According to Mary, a disobedient woman's long hair is sometimes publically cut short. A submissive woman's well cared for long hair affords her a certain status and admiration among most Masters in the Community.

If the mentioned submissive women are particularly disobedient; their heads may be completely shaved bald at a gathering to shame and humiliate them as an example to the others.

They will submit to their punishment or they must leave the Community contingent upon being found guilty at their hearing, while the Enforcers see to it that the hearing is fair.

Mary says that the hearings are fair because abusive or lying dominants-Masters will be forced to leave if found guilty. It is a system that works.

Approximately 10 years ago Mary admitted to misbehaving badly, omitting what she did, conceding she deserved her punishment.

Matthew spared her the public humiliation. Regardless, everyone knew she was punished for some mandate or serious infraction at the next gathering.

Mary's slave braid touched the bottom of her ass cheeks when she was spanked in Matthew's office behind his locked office door.

Mary was then sent to an exclusive upscale salon with a sealed note with specific instructions. Also in the envelope were two one-hundred dollar bills.

When asked why she was there, Mary was told to say "I'm a disobedient girl and must learn to do what I'm told."

The male stylist seated Mary sore bottom and all in a cubicle without a mirror. After the shampoo, Mary's hair was cut into a blunt shoulder length pageboy.

The stylist finished the style by giving Mary large fat sausage curls that touched the bottom of her ears which he pulled back into two curly pigtails tied with bright pink ribbons; she showed me the photos.

Mary learned how to make those perfect curls and wore her hair in curly pigtails for six months including at work while the other women had their hair properly pinned up.

The haircut and style was to remind Mary not to overstep her bounds or forget her place.

After she returned from the salon, Mary was kneeling naked and handcuffed for the rest of the day in Matthew's office bathroom until everyone went home for the day. She was then given another spanking before Matthew sent her home.

"Were you wearing your dangling beads on your captive bead ring to stimulate your clitoris, Chastity?"

"Yes Sir; I'm wearing them now and I wore them last weekend as you instructed."

"Excellent, please continue describing how you pleasure yourself."

"I closed my eyes thinking of you and snuggled comfortably down into my pillows. I slowly slid the middle finger of my right hand down my body from the base of my neck, down in-between my breasts, past my stomach to my crouch.

I was breathing deeply, totally relaxed, thinking how you kiss me with such loving passion; our tongues intertwined, fluttering and probing.

I imagined your hard pulsating cock pressed up against me, or pulsating in my mouth when you pimped in your rich and delicious creamy seed for me to swallow.

I was caressing my breasts with my other hand, pretending it was yours. You can make me orgasm merely by caressing my full round breasts.

I rubbed my bare and smooth vagina with the palm of my hand, arousing myself until I was practically dripping in my arousal, until I was ready to use my index and middle finger to stroke around the outer lips of my vagina and then towards my clit throwing my head back in ecstasy.

My breathing was so heavy now and I was moaning softly every now and again. I then made my way to the opening of my vagina; my middle finger entering, a second and a third.

My legs were spread wide as I ravished my vagina and clitoris with my both hands, rubbing my smooth hairless mound as my orgasm washed over me in sweet release too lay back to enjoy the after-glow."

"Please bring me another cup of coffee, Chastity.

You will strip for me as if there is an audience critiquing your performance and they soon will. Afterward I'm going to put you on my desk and have my way with you. You will then pleasure me with your mouth and tongue..........."

Chastity's clothes flowed off of her body as if they were liquid to puddle at her feet. Her naked form is a delight to my eyes; as is her smile now that she is free of that weak and insipid fool.

Chastity is my lover and my companion. My pretty baby face is a very competent personal secretary and a key asset to my business by charming our clients; including being in charge of company morale and good will with the little events and parties she organizes; my staff to a person adores her.

Chastity makes me complete with or without the Community for in my heart of hearts....I love her as I've never loved a woman before....Chastity is the most precious thing in the world to me...."

"I want you to lie on the desk, my pretty slut....that's right on your back to expose your sex to me....good now lift you head."

Matthew pulled my long blonde hair from underneath my head and fanned it out like a glowing blonde halo on and over the edge of the desktop.

"You have beautiful hair pretty slut and have learned how to use it well to entice and stimulate. The hint of your intoxicating perfume in your hair is my delight. Close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you to open them."

I heard his desk drawer open and close. I then felt the cool soothing oily lubricant as he rubbed it lavishly between my labia with his fingers.

"This is from Janet" he exclaimed "it is almond oil infused with rare herbs to stimulate a woman's vagina and enhance her orgasm" and he leaned over and kissed my lips long and deep before he removed the beads from my captive bead ring, commenting "I do like that perfume on you."

My body tingling with pleasure he slowly and methodically worked two fingers into my soft fleshy inside. Matthew pushed his fingers in and out several times, and then he pushed up hard on my pubic mound making me gasp.

He continued to massage and work on my clitoris until my body started to secrete its own natural wetness to mingle with the cool and stimulating soothing oil.

My Master brought his other hand to my flat stomach, rubbing and lingering, eliciting a soft moan and a smile as he kissed my belly button most familiarly.

Matthew's hand roamed up my flat belly to the bottom of my breasts. He softly caressed them while playing with my clitoris.

His fingertips rubbing very lightly over my nipples forcing them to become erect and hard; my breathing became deeper as he massaged and caressed my entire chest.

I could feel my clitoris swelling at his masterful touch and I could feel sharp little tingles turn to pleasurable pulsating throbs.

My Master pressed lightly as he slid his hand in between my breasts and down my sternum to my stomach until fingers arrived at the crease of my left leg.

He pressed his thumb firmly into my pubic bone before he parted my pussy lips and started to encircle my wet clit. I flexed my thighs, raising my hips as my orgasm started to rise

"Come for me Chastity... give in and let your body have what it desires. You've traveled so far in discovering who you really are. I know you can do it" Matthew whispered softly.

"Let me see and feel your naughty pleasure; moan for me my horny slut" He rubbed my clit faster and harder.

My head was turning from side to the side. I couldn't take any more of this stimulation.

I trembled unable to control myself against his now harshly thrusting fingers as my hips thrashed from side to side.

My pussy was contracting in spasms of pleasure around his fingers as the loud moans of my orgasm escaped my lips, not caring who heard them or who might walk in on us.....I am such a slut.

"Again Chastity, come again; you want to, I know you have it in you. Surrender yourself to me. Your body is so beautiful in this state of arousal.

Do it and come harder this time" My Master voice was soft and commanding "You must learn to orgasm on demand."

Matthew leaned forward and kissed my lips thrusting his tongue into my mouth, kissing me long and deep our tongues intertwining and caressing.

I felt my Master's mouth on my nipples sucking and biting them lightly as he continued assaulting my swollen clitoris with his fingers.

"Come... you horny slut... you know you want to come."

My pussy was dripping and the desk covered with my sex juices and oil as my engorged clitoris throbbed against my Master's thumb; as he rubbed harder up and down, teasing my nipples with his lips, mouth and tongue...biting them lightly.

I was moaning and gasping... I was giving in to him totally as my insatiable pussy hungrily devoured his fingers. My clit felt like it was ready to explode like a sun going nova. I was breathing so hard, my mouth was starting to get dry.

"Oh... oh my god, Master; I'm such a slut!"

My second orgasm was more intense as it burned through me and his fingers were forced out of me violently as I bucked and twisted and squirmed.

Matthew forced them back in at my orgasms' zenith making me clutch the edge of the desk while I screamed uncontrollably with sated unbridled satisfied lust before finally going limp, breathing heavily and feeling somewhat lightheaded.

I was thinking about my birthday two days before and the quiet and intimate candlelight dinner at home; just Matthew and I. Mary hosted a little party for me at the office.

Matthew served me the identical meal the first time I ate with him. The day we swam with the swans. I'll never forget that day and neither did he; including the menu.

As before, we started with a vegetable platter. There was a nice cheese platter. We had his outstanding six bean salad marinated in an olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and lemon juice containing various spices.

Matthew served me freshly baked multigrain bread. We had ice cold milk, and of course the pitcher of ice water we have with all our meals.

Dessert was an ice cold fruit salad with just about every kind of fruit in it including strawberries.

The unique and expected final finish to this thoughtfully planned repast from the past were two small pieces of dark chocolate centered on a bed of fresh mint leaves bordered by fresh strawberries dipped in rich dark chocolate.

We shared our chocolate confections cuddled together on the couch listening to soft music and the very faint sound of the howling wind outside.

Matthew put the dark chocolate pieces or the dark chocolate covered strawberry in my mouth to bite lightly and hold in my teeth.

We bit it together and kissed sharing the taste on our tongues and lips with marvelous strawberry-chocolate kisses.

At around Midnight, I assumed we would be making love when Matthew took my hand and brought me upstairs to our bedroom.

"Wait here, Chastity, there is something I need to do. You may put on your red lace nightgown and panties. Please fix your hair in a ponytail and apply your makeup. I want a sexy and sultry look this evening and red lipstick. Be sure to put the tangling beads on your captive bead ring.

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