tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Making of a Slave Ch. 2

The Making of a Slave Ch. 2


Niko sat in his study, reclining in his chair, surveying the ruin of his desk. He smiled at his success thus far. He knew that it would take more than an ass fuck and a paddling to break her. Lighting a cigar, he clicked on the VCR and watched the tape he secretly recorded. He loved the look of distress on India's face as he reamed her virgin ass. Expelling a stream of smoke, he clicked the tape off and turned on the monitor to the camera in India's room. She had fallen asleep with the dildo dangling between her lips. Niko laughed at the sight of her, taking another long pull of his cigar. He was going to break her and relish every moment of it.

India drifted in and out of sleep. She couldn't truly get comfortable shackled to the bed with a anal plug imbedded in her sore ass. No matter how much pleasure it gave her in combination with the dildo in her pussy. Now that all the pleasure inflicted on her body had finally subsided, her mind had taken over again, the bitch was back. Spitting out the dildo, she realized that her hand was free. After several attempts, she was able to reach in the nightstand drawer. The master key was still there. She remembered that Niko had put the key there. Struggling, she managed to free herself from the cuffs. Carefully, she pulled the plug from her ass, gingerly sitting back on the bed. Spreading her legs, she felt the slippery base of the dildo. Her pussy had gotten wetter throughout the night. Not one to deny herself, she fucked herself with the dildo, until her legs trembled. Moaning softly as she pulled the dildo out, flashes of Niko came to mind.

'God, he really fucked me! He has got the biggest cock that I ever had. Even when he took my ass, it was good.' she thought to herself, feeling moisture seeping from her pussy. She couldn't believe that she was getting hot again just from thinking about Niko. But then she realized something that threw cold water on her fire. That bastard kidnapped me and raped me. He did the one thing to her that no man has ever been able to do, he had taken her control. A small voice taunted her in the back of her mind..'You let him take control and you liked it.' India shook her head, clearing out the cobwebs. Tiptoing to the door, she tested the knob.

"Fuck, it's locked." she hissed. Running over to the window, she swore again as she realized the windows were locked. After banging on the glass, she saw that it wasn't really glass but a hard, unbreakable plastic.

"Shit!" she cried, sliding down to the floor, "One way or the other, I am getting out of here!" she cried. Noticing the closet, she hid inside and waited.

Niko watched the screen and laughed out loud. This was going to be so much fun.

The next morning, Niko walked into the room, without a care in the world. He was amazed at his self control.

"India? India? Where are you? There is no escape from here. Come out, come out wherever you are?" he sang, as he stood in front of the closet door. Just as the door was being thrust opened, Niko pushed back, hearing her forehead hitting the door. He quickly locked the door, laughing.

"You are really one stupid bitch. For all your knowledge, you are one dumb cunt. You wanna hide in closets, then stay the fuck in the closet. I was going to be so easy on you today, but once again, I see that I am going to have to be strict. I really hope you went to the bathroom before you hid in there."

"Niko! Niko! You can't leave me in here!" she shouted, kicking the door."Please Niko! I need to go to the bathroom and I'm hungry! Open the fucking door!" she screamed, silently cursing herself.

"Too bad. If you have to go, then go. As far as food goes, you can go without for a few days. Stay in there and think about what you've done. If the rumble in your stomach doesn't get you, I'm quite sure the stench of your own waste will. Bye India."

India listened as the door close. She couldn't keep herself from screaming hysterically. There was no light fixture in the closet, making the tiny space pitch black.

"Somebody help me! Please..God...Somebody help me! I'm afraid of the dark!" she wailed.

Niko watched the tape and smiled.

"So you're afraid of the dark..."

India remained in the closet for almost four days. Her throat was like sandpaper, dry and scratchy. Her hunger had gotten so fierce that she was trembling. The stench of urine had become overwhelming. She had become so dehydrated that she couldn't even cry tears anymore. Eventually, she passed out, her body slumped over, leaning against the door. Niko opened the door, barely catching her limp body. Dragging her out, he quickly shut the door, in efforts of keeping the stench trapped inside. He carried her body into the bathroom, placing her in the tub of lukewarm water. He washed her body thoroughly. India finally came to when he started to wash her hair.

"N-Niko?" Her voice barely a whisper.

"Quiet, don't speak." he gently said as he rinsed her hair. She was too weak to fight him. Gathering her wet body, he carried her back to the bed. Drying her off, he brushed the kinks out of her hair, letting the wet strands cling to her face and back. India sat there, letting him take care of her, drifting in and out of sleep. Niko watched her, a devious smile creeping on his face.

Ten minutes later, Niko stood beside the bed, his hands folded across his chest.

"India! Get up!" he shouted. India jumped up at the sound of his voice.

"Look at yourself."

India looked down and gasped. Around her neck was a silver studded dog collar with a hoop in front for the leash. She was wearing a leather cut out bra, with matching crotchless panties. Her damp hair clung to the back of her neck as she sat up. Walking over to her, she watched in horror as Niko attached a leash to her collar.

"Follow me." he said, tugging the leash. India stood up and started to walk behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, seeing her standing, he tugged hard on the leash, jerking her body forward.

"Get on all fours, bitch! I told you that you haven't earned the right to walk!" She cried softly as she was lead through the house. Feeling the sun shining on her body, she looked over her shoulder. Gasping in utter humilation, she saw that the blinds on the windows were drawn wide open and that the groundspeople were outside. She could hear their gasps and claps of approval through the open windows. Niko felt her lagging behind and looked down at her to see what the problem was. Seeing her embarrassment, he walked over to the window, dragging her behind. She let her head drop, making her hair fall over her face, concealing her identity.

"Good morning Simon, how are you?" Niko said to the gardener.

"Um, good morning Mr. Frost." Simon said, obviously distrubed by what he saw.

"Simon, do you like my pet?" Niko asked.

"Um, she's sure is nice Mr. Frost."

"No she's not, she's a bitch. But she's learning how to be nice." he said, rubbing her hair like she was a dog. "Care for a better look?"

"Sure Mr. Frost."

"Kneel up bitch!" he hissed, jerking the leash. India kneeled up, keeping her head covered by her hair. Her body trembled from her sobs.

"Wow, she does have a nice pair tits on her." Simon whistled.

"That she does. Look at her pussy. Open bitch!"

Shamefully, she spread her legs.

"Goddamn." Simon sighed.

"Go finish your work Simon. I have to feed my pet. If you're still here, maybe I'll let you play with her." India's head shot up when she heard what he said.

"You must be out of your fucking mind if you think I'm going to fuck the hired help!" she hissed.

"Shut up bitch!" he said, smacking her face, "You're a bitch, a female dog, you have no speech. If you wanna speak, I suggest you bark or else! Understand?" India glared at him, refusing to say anything.

"One way or the other, you will obey." he hissed through clenched teeth, "I see you are in need of another lesson." He smiled at the spark of fear in her eyes.

"Simon, come on in...."

"Oh god, no..." India cried.

Simon dropped his gear and ran to the door. When he walked in, India's heart dropped. He was about 6'9", 300 pounds of pure midnight muscle. His bald head shone from pespiration. Niko relished the look on her face as her eyes bounced back from him to Simon. Height wise, Niko was smaller than Simon, standing only 6' even, weighing in at 275, but he was equally muscular. Not as dark as Simon, Niko was a nice shade of chocolate, with close cut wavy hair.

"Simon, do you wanna play with my pet? I tell you she is very good, very tight. Care for a sample?"

"Hell Mr. Frost, when have you ever known me to turn down pussy?" Simon laughed, stripping his clothes off. His semi-erect dick sprang from his clothes. India's eyes nearly popped out. Simon was an easy 13 inches semi erect! India screamed as she scurried across the floor, dragging the leash behind her. Niko laughed as Simon chased after her, grabbing her by the waist, tossing her over his massive shoulders.

"She's a feisty one Simon. Be as rough as you need be." Niko said, sitting on the sofa, lighting another cigar. Simon smiled as he descending upon India. Forcefully, he kissed her, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. His thick fingers twisting her nipples, pulling hard on them, making her squeal out in pain. He cupped both her breasts, spitting on her tits, smacking them hard with his palms. India cried out as his hard smacks rained down on her breasts. Pushing her down on her back, Simon spread her legs wide, positioning himself between her flailing legs. He shoved three thick fingers inside her pussy. Much to her surprise, she was soaking wet.

"Damn Frost, this bitch is in heat!" Simon laughed, as his fingers pumped in and out her pussy. Dipping his head down, he flicked his tongue against her stiff clit. India was in pure agony. As much as she hated what was being done to her, she couldn't help but to respond to the intense waves of pleasure rushing over her body. Simon sucked on her clit, adding another finger inside, stretching her hole even wider. India had closed her eyes from the sheer delight of his pussy eating skills. Soon she felt a familar touch on her lips. Niko was kneeling next to her head, tapping the head of his cock on her lips. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth, letting Niko thrust in and out. She cried around his cock as Simon shoved his thick 15inches inside of her. She had never been filled this much. She felt his swollen head invade her womb. Niko pulled his cock out of her mouth, as Simon leaned back, pulling India on top of him. Simon ground her hips against his, plunging his cock deeper inside of her, bouncing her body up and down. India screamed out as the onslaught of orgasms hit her. Niko positioned his head at the entrance of her ass, making her tense up.

"Oh please no, Niko! Don't do this! I can't take both of you!" India cried.

"You can and you wil bitch!" he snarled, thrusting into her tight hole. India shrieked as she was impaled from both ends.

"God you just made her tighter Frost!" Simon gasped, "But can you please shut her up, I mean damn!" he laughed, pulling her down harder on his cock.

"Allow me." a voice answered. India looked up and saw Elsie standing there.

"Oh god, Niko said you were in Paris!" India cried.

"Oh silly me, she won't be leaving until today." Niko said between thrusts.

"Yes and I do thank you for the trip." Elsie giggled. She walked over the threesome, hiking her skirt up around her waist, baring her naked cunt.

"Lap it up bitch!" Niko hissed in India's ear, pressing his cock deeper in her ass.

"No, no, no, no!" India chanted shaking her head.

"One way or another!" he hissed, "Simon fuck her in the ass!" he snarled, pulling out.

"Gladly!" Simon laughed, moving behind her.

"Oh no! You'll split me in two!"

"Guess you should have just ate her pussy." Simon said, pressing his head against her ass.

"OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" she howled as Simon shoved his slick cock in her ass, stretching it wider. He pushed her forward, keeping his hand on her small back as he punished her ass with his thick cock. India closed her eyes as the pain devoured her. Suddenly her eyes flew open as Elsie's cunt pushed against her face.

"Lap it bitch!" Niko ordered, "Make her cum or Simon is really gonna hurt you!"

India slowly began to lick at Elsie's pussy, crying hysterically. Unsure what to do, she zoned in on her clit, knowing that it would make her come faster. Licking and sucking, stabbing at the hard flesh, making Elsie buck her hips against her mouth. Wondering why she wasn't making any noise, India looked up and saw why. Elsie was sucking Niko's cock. Something clicked inside of India. She was getting turned on incredibly. Watching Niko's cock disappear down Elsie's talented throat, tasting her musky juices in her mouth, Simon sawing in and out of her ass, while playing with her clit was more than she could handle.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Elsie moaned, pulling India's mouth deeper into her pussy. India began to suck harder, intent on making her cum. Elsie's bucked her hips against her mouth, flooding her face with her cum.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Elsie screamed as Niko shot thick streams of cum down her throat, triggering a second orgasm.

"Eat it up Elsie!" Niko moaned, looking at India, "That's right India, suck it up, suck all of her cum!" India slurped her juices, swallowing every drop.

"Goddamn! Goddamn! I'm gonna shoot!" Simon grunted, pumping harder in her ass, squeezing her clit hard. It was her undoing. India started bucking her ass against him, driving him deeper, clutching his fingers with her muscles.

"Beg bitch! Beg to cum!" Niko hissed, adding his own fingers inside her pussy.

"OHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD! PLEASE PLEASE LET ME CUM!!!" she begged, shaking her head wildly.

"Please what?"

"M-MASTER!!!" she howled.

"Cum bitch! Matter-of-fact, bark! Bark bitch!"

India barked frantically as she came harder than she ever thought possible.

"DAMMIT!!!" Simon shouted, spraying cum deep in her bowels, making her bark even louder.

India's spent body collapsed on the floor. Simon pulled his cock out her ass with a wet plop sound, making her shiver.

"Get up bitch and clean his cock off!" Niko ordered. Her eyes looked in horror at Simon's slimy dick. Fearfully she looked at Niko, tears welling in her eyes. She knew from the look in his eyes there was no bargaining. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth, feeling the bile burn the back of her throat at the taste of her ass and his cum. Simon moaned softly as she cleaned his cock. She was quickly rewarded with another spray of cum down her throat as Simon emptied his balls. Satisfied, he pulled out, rubbing his softy cock on her face.

"You have got a good pet there Frost." Simon joked as he got dressed.

"Yes Niko, she is a good little cunt lapper." Elsie laughed, ruffling India's hair.

"Yes, but she still has a lot to learn. Let yourselves out, I have to feed her." Niko said, picking up the leash, leading her into the kitchen. India crawled after him, her used body exhausted. He lead her in front of two dog bowls in the middle of the floor. One bowl had scrambled eggs and sausages, the other had cold spring water. She looked up at Niko as he waited for her to say something. She was so starved and the food looked utterly delicious even if it was in a dog bowl. She crawled forward, lapping greedily at the cold water before turning to the food. Niko sat down and watched her, occassionally stroking her body. Desperate to make him happy, she would wiggle her body at his touch, barking softly.

"Good girl." he whispered. Licking the bowls clean, she kneeled up, her hair wet from the water, food clinging to her nose and face. She was blinded by the flash of the camera.

"To savor the moment." he smiled, picking the leash up. She crawled after him as he led her back to her room. Elsie and Simon was nowhere to be seen.

"Get on the bed. You need the rest." he said, taking the leash off. She barked her response as she crawled on the bed. Laying on her back, she looked up at him.

"Speak. You may use words."

"Master before I rest, can you...can you..." she trailed off.

"Can I what?" he asked impatiently.

"Please fuck me." she whispered.

He didn't need to be asked twice. He roughly fucked her pussy before flipping her over on her stomach and ramming into her sore ass. India cried and shook in pleasure, knowing that this is what she needed. She needed him to be rough, to order her, to be unyielding. Niko pulled his cock out, flipping her back onto her back. He straddled her breasts, fisting his cock, spraying her face with his hot cum. The first blast sent her over the edge as she came hard. Niko took another picture of India's cum covered face. He wiped the cum from her eyes and nose and fed it to her.

"May I have a towel please?" she asked.

"No. This will teach you your place. Let my cum dry and hardend on your face. marking you as my property. You are my cum slave, nothing more, nothing less. Get some rest, I have something planned for you." he said, walking out the room.

India laid on the bed, covered in cum and sweat. Before she knew it, she had reached in the nightstand drawer and pulled out the dildos and butt plug. She pushed the plug deep in her sore ass, followed by the dildo in her pussy. She then nursed the other dildo until she drifted off to sleep.

Niko clicked the monitor off and smiled.

To be continued...

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