tagBDSMThe Making of Mary Ch. 01

The Making of Mary Ch. 01


Until the last three months, his life had been rather mundane and he had wondered if things would always be run-of-the-mill for the rest of his natural days. He had a secure, comfortable life with all the familiar trappings…marriage, mortgage, car payments, etc. He’d been married several years to a nice, uncomplicated woman. But their life was routine and average and he had to admit he was bored.

In his restless moments he recalled his life before marriage. It had been vastly different. College days had been busy but fun. At that time he enjoyed a very stimulating relationship with a co-ed. What had started out as sexual experimentation had turned into something hot and torrid and together they discovered the world of BDSM. She had turned out to be a natural submissive and he soon found his niche as a Dom. She was such a willing partner as he practiced various disciplines on her. However, after they graduated he’d become a bit obsessive about it and did not want her to get a job but just stay home and be his slave. She gave it an honest try and was very obedient and satisfying. But she felt she was missing out on life, she had desires and interests that she could not explore beyond serving her Master. After a couple of years she began to feel resentful and she broke off the relationship and moved on with her life.

At first he felt angry and betrayed. Had he not provided her with everything she needed? Then his feelings changed to hurt and self-doubt. He had a difficult time dealing with the doubt, a feeling so alien to him. After a few months he met another woman who was a bit reserved and conventional. She was kind and sweet and he enjoyed being with her, but she did not share his interest in BDSM. After they had dated for a year he had grown very fond of her and opted to repress his Dom nature to keep the relationship they had created.

Now and then he felt he had merely settled for what he had now. He’d sold out and was not being true to himself. This was very frustrating. He in no way wanted to hurt his wife. Yet his feelings and thoughts were growing turbulent and he had no release. That is, until he became acquainted with a woman in an adult chat room. Over time they just shared bits of daily life, books they enjoyed, music they preferred. One day it suddenly changed when she asked him what his reason was for visiting the chat room. He decided to make things interesting and just be open by answering her with a question, “What are your sexual desires?” He noticed a couple of minutes passed by before her response “I want to learn about BDSM.” A smile crept across his face and he decided to engage her in play, albeit only online.

He became her teacher, and she, his enthralled student. They had started out just writing about various ways people practiced BDSM, to what intensities, different fetishes, acceptable types of discipline, and expectations. She had never been sexually dominated, only experiencing conventional intimacy. He knew by her responses and questions that her interest in the BDSM lifestyle was more than mere curiosity. She was gaining an understanding without letting stereotypical impressions negatively influence her perception. He could also discern that she was very aroused by the thought of letting go, allowing a Dom to control her.

He had become strangely intrigued by her; he liked her intelligence and openness. Although he’d not seen a picture of her, she was not someone he’d usually be attracted to by the way she described herself, perhaps a little heavier than he liked a sub to be. But there was something about her, just through written word that appealed to him. Thus, he was patient and took his time before he started practicing online domination with her. Of her own volition, she had started writing of things she wanted to feel and experience in such a descriptive fashion it was incentive for him to continue, if only just to enjoy her letters. It seemed as if she were offering her unspoken desires, perhaps inviting him to contribute. It turned him on as he read what she wanted to do and have done to her. He would write scenarios back to her, and soon he had control of what was happening and she would respond to his suggestions or commands and write back to him of how she felt while doing what he wanted.

She was not allowed to touch herself unless he gave his permission. When she was granted permission she was always to write to him, in explicit detail, exactly what she did and how she felt. He might tell her to think about a certain act or things being done to her, at specific times of the day or night. He might send her links to specific erotic stories as he began to discover what turned her on; but sometimes he’d make her read things that he knew would disturb her and then make sure she’d truly read them by asking her specific questions. If she was wrong or didn’t know, he’d disappear for a day or more, as her punishment. Sometimes he would not respond to her emails for two or three days, not as punishment but just for the hell of it, to taunt her. By the time he finally wrote back to her, her emails were begging him to answer. At one point, he’d told her he expected her to dress sans panties for work the following day. She was given the option of a dress or pants, either one would work for him. With the dress she’d feel her nakedness as the air caressed her pussy and ass. With pants, she’d feel the back seam ride up between her ass cheeks when she walked and also know anyone behind her could see the outline of her backside; she’d be constantly wanting to pull her pants out of her ass.

She balked at this. She wasn’t comfortable doing such things in public. She wrote that she would not embarrass herself at her office. He responded that if she did not obey him he would leave her and not come back again. He was generous and gave her a week from the date of his email to fulfill the command. Then he stopped writing to her. But everyday she wrote to him, pleading with him not to expect this of her. She was mortified to think of going out in public like some cheap slut. Even if no one noticed she had no panties, she would know and feel so self-conscious and completely distracted from work. She feared every time anyone looked at her she’d probably blush, just knowing they could tell. This wasn’t how she perceived BDSM, to her this was just being mean and petty, like some schoolboy seeing how far he could go with a naughty joke. She felt angry at him, but also fearful he really would permanently stop writing with her. This had become almost an addiction for her, their daily missives to each other. Their words had become very explicit and she felt almost as deeply involved with him as if she were in a ”flesh and blood” relationship with him versus a cyber one. Because they had shared other aspects of their lives, such as personal interests, music, books, etc., this had made things more real for her, helped her to relate to him as a person, not just a Dom. She enjoyed his letters and felt a fondness for him, and she always became so anxious when he ignored her.

She struggled with wanting to obey him and overcoming her anxiety of being found out. In her mind only nasty women did such things in public. It was different in the privacy of one’s home. There was no chance of being thought badly of when one fulfilled one’s naughty fantasies behind closed doors. What he told her to do, alone in her bedroom, thrilled her as she would imagine him there, watching her, and participating in his use of her. She wrote to him every night asking him not to make her do this. Her heart sank as each night she found no response from him and he would not join her in IM. Finally, she convinced herself that it was such a minor request, to go one day without panties. Why had she fought it? Would her co-workers really notice? And surely it was no worse than some women who wore a thong to avoid panty lines showing beneath pants or skirts that clung to one’s ass. On the night before the deadline she resolved to obey him for fear of never hearing from him again.

One week after his command he found her letter of complete submission for him:

my Dear Master,

The idea of serving a Master has consumed my thoughts these last few months. You have opened up a wondrous, thrilling world that i never knew existed in reality.

Today i went to work with no panties on, as You instructed. i wore a dress, very business-like, and just knowing my ass and pussy were naked underneath was very disturbing, yet exciting. i felt so nervous that any wetness from my pussy would show on the back of my dress that I pulled the hemline up so my ass and cunt were pressed against the fabric of the seat of my chair. i could feel the texture against my naked skin, and i liked the way it felt. Thankfully, not many people stopped by my cubicle who might have wondered why my dress was bunched up at my backside, with my legs exposed.

Whenever i had to leave my desk i could feel my dress swaying against my naked ass. i was even aware of it brushing against the backs of my thighs. The material of my dress caressed my skin, softly tickling me, and i could feel my pussy become moist. A gentleman with whom i work stopped by my desk to ask me about a contract. He is very nice and loves to give hugs, bear hugs! He gives all the women hugs, and i have even joked with him that he might get into trouble with that. But his hugs seem so platonic that he is in no way offensive. Anyway, he gave me a hug and i was so rigid, worried he could tell i had no panties on. i felt so silly, how could he know? But i felt the length of his body pressed against me, and i’d swear i felt him pull me in tighter, against his groin. i immediately wished he would kiss me and touch my breasts. i felt myself blush, and his eyes just sparkled as he smiled down at me. Did he know?

Yes, he did. Because as he released me i felt his hand caress my ass. i was so embarrassed. my face felt as if it was on fire! And he looked at me in such a strange way…he knew. When he left my cubicle i was so relieved but also incredibly aroused. i imagined following him to his office. He would then tell me to close the door and the blinds on his window for privacy. Then he would tell me he knew what a slut i was and wondered if i enjoyed teasing him. i feel so ashamed and try to tell him i’m not a slut but he would interrupt me and demand that i come around the desk. He would pull me down to my knees and tell me to take his swelling cock out of his pants and suck it. i could imagine him grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulling my face to his crotch. i pictured his cock to be so hard, pressing up in the fabric of his pants. He’s very tall, large hands…i’ll bet his cock is big. i fantasized opening his pants, pulling out his dick and sucking on his long, thick shaft.

i envisioned that he would pull me up and push me face down over his desk. As he pulled up my dress he would make the happy discovery that, indeed, i had no panties on. He would caress my thighs and ass. i could feel his hands kneading my flesh, then his fingers teasing my pussy. i sat in my cubicle lusting for him. i imagined his cock poised at the mouth of my pussy, then driving into me! i even grunted right there at my desk, thinking of his cock forcing its way into me! God help me if anyone came into his office!

i felt my face flush and quickly glanced around to see if anyone was looking at me. my pussy ached and twitched. i felt so embarrassed, sitting at work, having this sexual fantasy that was so vivid my pussy was dripping. i got up to go to the restroom to compose myself but as i got out of my chair i was horrified to see a sizable wet spot! i felt humiliated by my lack of control over my body. i pulled my sweater down on the seat to hide it. In the restroom i wanted so badly to go into a stall and stroke my hot cunt, ease the tension that had built up. But i just washed my hands in cold water and hurried back to my desk. i couldn’t even make myself look anyone in the eye as i passed folks in the hallway.

When i got home this evening i tried to distract myself from what i had felt today. But my thoughts kept on and i wondered about other things. Such as, how it would be if You were hiding under my desk and licking my pussy as i tried to remain calm and do my work. Wondering what would happen if someone saw You there. i can’t believe i’m thinking these things and wishing they would happen! i’m so horny now, i hope to meet you in IM tonight, oh please be there! Please release me to have an orgasm! It’s been over a week and i need it so badly! Please?!

After today i realize that i want to give myself to You. i’m shocked at myself for wanting to give in and be controlled by someone else in this way. But what i felt was so thrilling. And i have to admit i was proud that i was able to overcome my anxiety and obey Your command. i am humbled by this admission and ask that you please continue to guide me, to teach me.

i am respectfully, willingly Yours,


While reading her email he couldn’t help but smile. His cock became hard and he absentmindedly stroked it as he imagined watching her being forced across a desk and fucked by some horny co-worker. But there was another reason he was so turned on by her letter. Until recently, it had all been anonymous. However, one afternoon he’d stopped by a female co-workers cubicle at work to ask a question about a client’s invoice but she wasn’t there. He decided to wait a few moments to see if she’d be right back and spotted her CD book on her desk. It was unzipped, but not open, and he was curious as to what kind of music she listened to so he flipped it open. He went through the sleeves of disks and suddenly found a folded paper towards the back. He opened it to find an erotic poem that looked to be in the middle of being edited as there were a few words crossed out and revised. It was quite sensuous. Then he glanced up at the name plate on the opening to her cubicle and read “Mary Wright”. He almost burst out laughing at the coincidence. Could Mary Wright be the same Mary he was Dominating online? He folded the paper and placed it back exactly as he found it and returned to his own desk to think about this new turn of events.

The next night as he was signed on to his PC at home and read her letter, he felt his suspicions had to be correct. Now that he thought of the description his online sub had given of herself and the Mary at his office, she was a perfect match. She was heavy, but had lovely hazel eyes, a pretty smile, softly wavy hair, and very large breasts. What he especially liked was the sound of her voice, soothing yet sensuous. He wondered what she would sound like as she cried out in ecstasy. He signed into IM and found her waiting.

“Good evening, pet. I enjoyed your letter.”

“Master, thank you so much for signing on tonight! i have missed you! i hope i pleased You.”

“you did well. I was beginning to think you would chicken out and not do as you were told. My only problem was that your nasty fantasy was with some other man, not Me. What were you thinking?”

“i don’t know. It’s just that he happened to come by and i was so embarrassed that he felt my ass like that. Then my thoughts got carried away! i couldn’t help it. i’m sorry. Please know that i would only do those things for You.”

“Well, you’ve proven that you are a slut in the making, if nothing else. If I desired it you will suck any man’s cock or let him fuck your little pussy. But you are My slut and will only do what I want, when I want. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master. i am only here to serve You.”

“Good. you have the right attitude. What are you wearing right now?”

“Nothing. i am naked for You.”

“As is expected. you did fairly well yesterday. however, it took you too long to accomplish it. I don’t appreciate your resistance. your will means nothing. It’s for Me to decide what you want or don’t want. But I’m going to be lenient, since you are still in training. Tonight you may play with yourself, using your biggest vibrator. I want you to thoroughly fuck that poor cunt and tease that clit into submission.”

“Oh thank You, Master! You are so kind!”

“However, you may not come. This is what you will do. you will put your nipple clamps on tighter than you have worn them before and hold the chain in your mouth so you can pull on it, and pull it hard. Then you will bring yourself as close to orgasm as possible without letting go. I want you to do this over and over, until you are exhausted. I want you to go as many hours as you can, without letting go. you will keep reminding yourself that you are My nasty little slut. I want your pussy sopping wet and aching so badly you might think you will go crazy unless you are relieved. But you will not be relieved. you will be reminded that your focus should be on Me, not some loose prick in your office. Do you understand?”

His question remained unanswered for several minutes.

“Yes, i understand. But please, i’m begging you to let me come!”

“Do you want this to continue? Shall we call the whole thing off? I can find any bitch who will do as she is told without question. Don’t waste my time with your pitiful resistance.”

“forgive me, i’m sorry. i will do as You say. i appreciate being allowed to make it up to You for fantasizing about another man.”

“you are not making anything up to me. you really deserve to be tied up and whipped. One day that will happen. I’m watching you. Now get busy and go fuck yourself.”

The next words on the screen announced he had signed off. She stared at the cryptic statement about watching her. She felt disturbed by that. For a few moments Mary just sat there and stewed in her frustration. She turned off her computer and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. It was only 9:00 but she had no desire to watch TV or read. She felt so disappointed, thinking she’d done so well, but wasn’t good enough for her Master. She went back to her bedroom and pulled her nipple clamps from her jewelry box. She pinched her nipples into erection causing a pleasant tingling in her hardening buds as well as her clit. Then she adjusted the clamps lightly on each nipple. She peeked in the dresser mirror at herself. Each clamp had two ceramic beads dangling, painted with tiny flowers. She thought of them as body jewelry and wondered if her Master would admire how they adorned her breasts. With trembling fingers Mary tightened the clamps and she gasped as the pain lanced through her delicate flesh. But her pussy twitched in excitement; her body’s reactions belied her reluctance at what she was instructed to do. Crawling into bed she brought out her biggest vibrator from under the pillow. It was eight inches long and very thick, realistically shaped like an erect cock. She pulled the clamp chain into her mouth and reached her fingers to her pussy, surprised to find how wet it was. Yet, in her mind, she was not looking forward to teasing and fucking herself without being able to come. It had been so long and she was so desperate to feel the relief of a climax.

It didn’t take long for Mary to be whipped up into hot arousal. The head of the pseudo-cock stroked the inside of her pussy as she pumped it in and out. The wet noises from her tight hole sounded as if her cunt was sucking the rubber phallus. She thought of her Master, thrusting into her with great urgency, as if he was about to come inside her. Then she slid the rod up to her clit and turned it on, full speed. She squirmed and rolled her hips, rubbing her hard nub and quickly felt the tension mounting within her womb, her pussy, and her swollen labia. Her juices ran from her cunt down to her anus and were smeared on the inside of her thighs. As soon as she’d jerked up on the chain in her mouth she was sorry and yanked the vibrator away to avoid the climax welling up within her. She forcefully pushed down on her mound with the heel of her hand as if to stuff the orgasm back inside of her. At least, in interrupting it, she managed to stop it altogether. She lay there panting, every nerve was tingling - from the insides of her thighs, along her slit, and up her torso to her breasts.

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